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I experience the most dreadful time in visiting this salon. I was already much delayed in cutting my hair and was making me look ugly, due to the load of work it was very difficult to remove time. It was on Thursday when my friend informed me that there was a seminar on our product and delegates from many other companies would be visiting our office, I had to cut my hair to look presentable. Before going to the office the next day I decided to go quite early. I went for a hair cut arriving at 8:45 being the first one there I insisted the Manager, to cut my hair. Imagine my surprise when several women came in after me but got served first. I demanded the explanation and she very coolly says that they are my regular customers and therefore they need to be done first. I made her realize that I too was an old customer who was dedicated to this salon from past 3 years, but she said that their dedication is thrice more than my. This was awful. Now I know it is a policy to hire stylists that can bring clients with them, but they should follow the same sign-in policy the rest of us have to. I was totally humiliated after this verbal abuse in front of many customers. The up side is I had to do my hair with another employee who was still a trainer. I was in a fix as I was getting late for office and at the same time it was very important to have a hair cut. I had to give up and get it done. The essence of my complaint is that the importance of your customers is generated from how long its been that they are their customers. I think its enough now I better hunt for another salon.


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      Jan 28, 2010

    I have worked for this company for almost 2 years and if the regional manager knew about how you were treated something would have been done. I personal want to apologize for what they did to you. But i do want to correct you on something. when you are hired you are state licensed so there was no one in "training" as you have said. maybe new to the salon but she was not in training..

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