Skout Complaints & Reviews

Skout / Someone set up a fake account of me

Jun 18, 2019

Hi my ex girlfriend has set up a fake account of me on SKOUT. She uses my name graham MacLellan has photos of me and my new girlfriend. The name of the person who do this is Nidaporn Noinin. I find this very evasive to my private life, please take it down as not account. My email [email protected] please can you delete this account. Regards Graham

Skout / product

Jun 14, 2019

Hi I had an account with your Webiste I cashed out Twice. I haven't recieve my Payments through my PayPal so u guys owe me 400$ And After I cashed out my payments They blocked my account [email protected] @MzBankz That was my username Not cool for busniess. I need my money it said it...

Skout / harassment and insults

Jun 11, 2019

I'm a member on SKOUT . I just had a bad experience on live. I dropped in on someone's live stream and that person immediately began to harass me and insult me verbally because I'm Gay. Instead of being polite I was subjected to vile abuse. This mans profile is under the name of JORDAN...

Skout / creation of fake account

Jun 09, 2019

Hi, Someone has created fake account with my number and with another name. I got lot of calls. Kindly sort out this issue ASAP. I am totally hopeless that what to do and I have already send u mails but did not get any response from your side. I know that particular person who created my fake...

Skout / comment boxes and check out notifications

Jun 07, 2019

To whom it may concern, I am writing to you because I've encountered some problems with my account on Skout. My user name is "Just Browsing." My concerns are about comment boxes and the check out notifications. Every time I comment on a buzz I experience having problems posting my comment...

Skout / my skout is not working well

Jun 02, 2019

Why my skout is not open well.when I open my skout everything on My skout is blank not show the images of people why please realive my issue as soon as possible. It happened since from last 4 days why?? Why you not make a blog in app of FAQ in skout.p please add FAQ and help support in...

Skout / unauthorized use my phone number

May 31, 2019

Dear team, Under nearby app Lisa name profile has send me verfication code in number i.e. +918125962549 by mistakely I have share the verification code, request your support for removing my number under skout if anyone has open fake account with my number. Please get back me as soon...

Skout / being blocked

May 20, 2019

I tried to log into my account but my email was blocked. I don't know why I got blocked either. I've been doing everything right and I've been following the rules. I have a lot of good friends on here that I don't want to lose contact with and I've even tried to delete my account but...

Skout / fake id created by my mobile number

May 14, 2019

Hello I am from India I got a two messages on my phone about two different verification codes from SKOUT. I didn't create any email using my phone number on SKOUT. So I want to deactivate any account on SKOUT using the below given phone number(+918489444111). You can email me on thi...

Skout / profiles

May 02, 2019

Please delete all accounts associated with the phone number 505 206 3036, I only want all info for Skout ID 505Baked google acc, [email protected] I'am contacting support because I didn't understand, that you at skout would not allow a person to change they're proflie pic, and if...

Skout / internal function not available

Apr 30, 2019

Dear All using Skout since several months All was ok up to now. Îm traveling this week in Asia and I have two issues with the internal function on Skout Application : 1/ My localisation is not recognise while this parameter is activated ? 2/ on « meeting » part the function « travel » to...

Skout / Pictures

Apr 30, 2019

I have been a user since 2016 or so and i love the app. The only thing is that i deactivated my account about a year or two ago and this year i activated it again only to find pictures that i did not approve to post in the app and account. I tried to delete them, but they wont go away...

Skout / sign up

Apr 29, 2019

When I'm in the "action needed" page of signing with a new email it says my number is invalid. I have signed up with other email so without going to to "action needed" page so I am very confused about signing up. I tried using multiple emails & same thing, but for a few emails I did not...

Skout / charges

Apr 23, 2019

I purchased $49.99 worth of points to my account and did not receive any on April 23, 2019 what do I need to do? I have contacted my bank for this matter and at this time the amount is pending. If I do not receive the points I will let the bank take over. I have rebooted my app and still...

Skout / about my disuse of phone number

Apr 14, 2019

Hello I am from India suddenly I got two messages on my phone about two different verification codes from SKOUT. I didn't create any email using my phone number on SKOUT. So I want to deactivate any account on SKOUT using the below given phone number. You can email me on this addre...

Skout / an individual a person keeps sending verification codes to my phone

Apr 10, 2019

An individual by the name of Jennifer Williams at that's what she claim her name was. Using Google Voice phone number 810 510 0267 also using 803 number keep sending Verification codes to my cell phone my cell phone is 706-504-6245 this is b******* and needs to stop whoever this individual...

Skout / skout +snapchat

Apr 10, 2019

Someone is giving out my snapchat account and could possible be using my name and image on Skout ( which I have never heard of before. I don't know if they're doing this on other social media platforms, which is a huge concern for me as I would like my identity to be protected and not used...

Skout / scam/fraud

Apr 09, 2019

Asking money for private shows and video calls through skout and when they get the money they will blocked you, new way of robbing people is taking advantage their lustful desires, please be alarmed that many americans had become a victim of this incident, using skout and asking private...

Skout / dating app

Apr 05, 2019

I created an account and now somebody has hacked my account now I can't log back in or delete my account. The person that hacked my account has people messaging him and has completely changed my account. I need this fixed so I can log back in and delete what he has created while using...

Skout / my profile was permanently closed

Mar 28, 2019

I have been a Skout member for several years.I haven't used it for awhile though.I tried to login to my account and I got a message saying login failed You have been blocked for using this service for breaking our terms of service.Appeal by emailing [email protected] emailed...

Skout / someone used my mobile number for verification and got verified

Mar 28, 2019

Someone registered their profile with my number please remove my number from your user who are using my number. I am not responsible for any actions taken by him/her +917901091494 this is my mobile number using in your system. Again I am telling you that I am not responsible for any...

Skout / skout and meetme

Mar 08, 2019

Hello, I'm from Kerala, India. Someone created a fake account with my name, added my phone number in this app and I got so many calls and messages from unknown numbers. I think that account was created on 05-03-2019 Tuesday around 6pm indian time. Next day, I received messages from people...

Skout / my account

Jan 15, 2019

Hi I really enjoy the application, but am facing a big problem I had to open new email account to sign up Every time I sign up and buy premium travel I spend 24 or less on the app my account suddenly gets disconnected and unable to log in It say account does not exist this happen to me 3...

Skout / live

Dec 30, 2018

This is the third time I've been blocked off of SKOUT and I haven't done anything wrong I shut my phone off last night and I turned it back on in my email was blocked I had one point million diamonds are like and I turned in the 200 do I still get the 200 or do they look at it and if it'...

Skout / revoked account for no reason and hasn't been no help

Dec 14, 2018

My account runfattyass was taken from me along with 70, 000 diamonds. I was NOT inappropriate on my live. I hosted a radio talk show called runfattyass radio. There was no violence or anything wrong with me show. Aly from the meetme group even came across my show and put me on trending. My...

Skout / my account

Dec 10, 2018

I was blocked twice and dont know. This app is great I would really like to be back on. I'm also blocked from my meetme account. There been alot of things going on in that app. I might banned from there too. I want to go back on there. I hope my diamonds is not deleted. My account cant...

Skout / fraud

Nov 25, 2018

I was using skout and searching for people suddenly a message came and in that she asked i have to check whether your r having rral skout id or not and she asked for my number and as soon as i provide number an otp came she asked for otp and then suddenly she could not reply my number in...

Skout / Why am I being blocked from my account?

Nov 03, 2018

My name is shayla, I just got blocked from accessing my skout account. I didn't know nudity was not allowed and now I'm 100% clear that is forbidden. I apologize. How can I get my account unblocked? I really enjoyed the app. Email me at your convenience please at [email protected] I would appreciate it so very much Thank you very much... Shayla

Skout / lost my account twice

Oct 29, 2018

first was classyarboristlady second starling and I am so fed up bc I had a lot of diamonds and can not get into either account someone said they was security early and said I stole bought a pepsi and a donut for work and know no account after my friend sent me a castle are you all...

Skout / google login : 404

Oct 24, 2018

Hi.. I'm trying to log into my Skout account online using the Google+ Authentication, but it keeps on coming up with the following error on Google's side :: 400. That's an error. Error: redirect_uri_mismatch The JavaScript origin in the request,, does not match the one...

Skout / hello one skout user misusing my contact no we create skout account link with my no..

Oct 20, 2018

Hello what the hell skout there is not proper support for user I m continusly reporting against one user I m not getting a single feedback what u all doing ..these things should be improve from your side one bloody bastard create account with my no +919038588##0 What the hell happening who...

Skout / being blocked

Oct 19, 2018

I been on for a while and all of sudden now I can't get on, I think someone report me because I reported him. He tried call me a catfish and saying I was a loser. I didn't even know what I did wrong. I think it sad that u are blocking people when someone get there feeling get hurt. I think...

Skout / a user

Oct 14, 2018

Hello I am complaining about a guy who's name is "AJ" from billingham. He's been harassing me 24/7 he keeps sending me inappropriate pictures and I keep blocking him, but he keeps on making fake accounts just to bother me. I do apologize if I don't have any proof I forgot to take a...

Skout / an abusive user by the name of dark nebulla

Oct 10, 2018

Hi my name is Skye i have been using skout for four years and i have never ever had a problem with any of skout user until recently there is a user on skout which choose to contact me via chat request and proceeded to verbally abuse me over chat and the user stated to me to [censored] and...

Skout / auto detect amout in my amount without permission

Oct 05, 2018

Dear sir Here i inform you that in my account detected Rs.638.94 to skout was spent on ur HDFCBank CREDIT Card ending 9876 on 2018-10-06:08:31:22 at GOOGLE *Skout I am requesting to you please return amount of Rs.638.94 to my account as soon as possible and if this facility is start to my account.please STOP this. Without permision do not dedect amount

Skout / misuse of my contact number without my permission

Sep 23, 2018

There is a person name sukanya who mention my contact number in her profile and all the people those who using that application is calling on my contact number and abusing me for no reason kindly deactivate that account or I'm complaint in the cyber cell how could any one can use other...

Skout / blocked account

Sep 12, 2018

I'm trying to figure out why you guys keep deleting my account when I haven't violated any rules. I'm tired of making new accounts and adding my favorites and my favorites re-adding me. I don't know if you have a hacker problem I keep hearing about this Catherine person. I need you guys to...

Skout / identity theft / fake account

Sep 11, 2018

There's a person named Sonia cheeks on skout dating app with my pictures. And created a fake profile of me with the name Sonia cheeks and I wrote to the person saying that they took my pictures and made a fake account and to take the profile down and still has it up writing to ppl thi...

Skout / account block

Sep 09, 2018

This is the stupid things skout even u never do nudity or violation when stupid people reported u . This cud be happen to me lastday and skout permanently delete my id even u cant show me the proof .. this is unfair to all skouter its hard to start begnning and wasting money this shit...

Skout / fake id

Aug 21, 2018

I m using app frm few months someone made a fake account in my name with abusive words wriiten on it i want u to.remove that id, i m a live streamer on ur app n this id was created to bully n make me quit the app, it has been going live too and is promoting vulgar content on that live, a...