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Cdate cancellation

I signed up to their website and paid a monthly subscription. I realised it was a scam and they charged more than was advertised. I contacted my bank to stop payments to them in case they tied to take more. I have recieved threatening emails to send more money. They have made it impossible to cancel the subscription and there is no way to do it. If I pay what they are asking then they will still not cancel the subscription.

[Resolved] Dating site

I have cancelled all future payments with my bank as I have tried to fax you the cancellation form and it wont work. I want my subscription cancelled or I shall be taking legal action. I have emailed you repeatedly without reply. I have no interest in your dating site as it is full of fake profiles.
I have converted cancellation form to a jpeg, signed it and emailed it (as stated in there terms & conditions). I am now waiting for confirmation that c-date has cancelled my subscription and closed my account.
If needed I can attach cancellation form on here to show you.


So I took a picture of the complaint form and signed and dated it. Emailed it to [email protected] 3 days later, I got an email back from a Jennifer Wilson at customer care, confirming my subscription has been cancelled. Still waiting for my account to be closed as the link disappears from the settings tab. My bank knows not to accept any bills from Interdate or c-date in the future. Hopefully thats the last I'll hear from them.

  • Updated by TeaseMe · Jul 25, 2020

    I signed up by clicking the "no strings attached, free registration button. Then a few weeks later £119.70 came out of my account.
    I contacted you by email 7 or 8 times only to receive 2 automated responses.
    So I downloaded the cancellation form and tried to fax it but your fax number doesn't work. You've made it extremely hard to cancel.
    I have stopped future payments with my bank and they have told me to report it to the Fraud and cyber crime website, which i have.

    I don't like the service you provide or condone any future action you take. Therefore i won't be using your site again.
    Your terms and conditions are so confusing and the site is full of fake profiles wanting money from me.
    Unless my name and data is taken off your records and my subscription cancelled immediately, I will be forced to take further legal action against Interdate SA.

  • Du
    Duncan468 Jul 31, 2020
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    Verified customer

    Can I have the form?

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I can't stop my membership at c-date. I have sent several requests to stop my membership and delete my account

I have treied to end my membership in c-date several times before but i couldnt. Now recently I traied again. I sent several messages asking to cancel c-date membership and delete my account and all personal data but did not get anny ansver. As well on my profile I can't change the membership option. It has ben long time and even tho I asked and sent notifications to the service before I did not gen anny answer besides, you wil be contacted. And J had to pay for the membership again. And now I just cant do anything about my profile.

Subscription fee

Date of incident: 15/07/2020
Client number: GB-2020-07-04-[protected]-CDATE-DN

I signed up to a 1-time subscription of £11.96 on 5th June 2020. Upon using the site, I realised it was not providing the service I expected, so I decided to cancel my account. I could not immediately deactivate; I had to wait a week to cancel the subscription. I waited the allotted time and cancelled my subscription and deactivated my account. I did not receive any emails confirming my account deactivation, this was provided on the website.

I have now had an email stating I owe c-date £119.00 for a 3-month subscription that I did not sign up for. I am not paying this and my bank rejected the payment as fraudulent. They are threatening me with debt recovery action from a 3rd party company:

"To stop the automated collection process you must pay the amount in full before the deadline below. If you do not pay the outstanding amount in full or you exceed the payment deadline, we will pass your case to an external debt collection agency. This would, unfortunately, lead to further costs and these would be passed on to you."

The email also states: "Upon receipt of payment this case will be closed and no further charges will arise.
The automatic renewal of your subscription has already been cancelled. You can either use your Premium Membership until the end of the subscription period or delete your account." I am not sure whether this means a one-time payment will end the services altogether, or whether they will attempt to take payment again in the future, so I will not be paying.

I expect the request for payment to be rescinded, my account to be confirmed as deactivated and my details removed from the site. I expect that no further requests for payment will be made to me.

Cancelation impossible

Dear sir/madam

Your are committing fraud and been for a while. I have now reported this to the luxemburg police, and to the European Antifraud Office,

Other people saying the same,

I made your well aware that I wanted to cancel the subscription and made it impossible to do so. I even got some other fraudulent transactions committed on my card at the same time.

I'm not sure what kind of business you running.

Kind Regards

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Premium membership

I am being asked to pay money which I do not owe. I tried cancelling the trial subscription which I paid £9 for. I couldnt. I have read how this has been setup to scam people.
I therefore went ahead and cancel by Paypal so that you are also not able to take money from my account if you have also made it difficult for me to cancel the subscription.

  • Updated by NanaKay18 · Jul 13, 2020

    They are now threatening me with a legal action to claim money £129 i did not sign up for or couldn't cancel.

All likes that I got were absolutely fake, but I discovered this only after I had paid for their overpriced membership

Normally I use
for setting up dates with beautiful women, but because of this travel ban nowadays I wanted to find a women in my area. All my matches on C-date were located at distant places, moreover, neither of them replied to my message. What's the point of C-date? I have a feeling that it's dead (except of bots). It's absolutely worthless. I got no results for the money I paid.

Unauthorized payment

On 17/6/20 a payment of £119.70 came out of my account. I did not authorize this payment and wasn't part of any subscription service.
It seems that others have had the same experience so what are my chances of resolving this. I've cancelled my card to avoid any more payments but wonder if it's at all possible that my money can be returned. Obviously this is quite distressing

Being charged for services I didn't authorise


I signed up to C-Date. and when i released it was a scam tried to cancel, I was unable to even after sending them emails to the customer support. no answer. my account has been locked out so I cannot email customer support any more

11th July I now have received a letter if I do not pay by the 15/07/2020. They will take further action.

I cancelled my payment so not to get scammed out of any more money, and I fell like I should not have to pay this amount of money of 187 Eur.

How can i stop this. #

Duncan James

  • Na
    NanaKay18 Jul 13, 2020

    Hi Duncan,

    I am having the same issue as you. I cancelled my paypal when i realized they are scam and was not able to cancel my subscription. I am going to ignore them for now.

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  • Pe
    peace24 Jul 15, 2020
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    Verified customer

    @NanaKay18 Hi, I have the same issue, my bank rejected the payment now they are threatening me with debt recovery if i dont pay by 21st July. I am thinking of ignoring them as the amount of £119 is such a small amount that surely it would cost a debt recovery agent much more than this to try to recover the money, especially as they arent based in the UK.

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  • Du
    Duncan468 Jul 23, 2020
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi there what’s the latest?

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Subscription unlinked to membership

C-date is owned by
Interdate S.A. - 13 rue du Commerce - L-1351 Luxembourg
Company Registration: B158 155
Director: Laetitia Pateau

Downloadable in Playstore and offers a trial to access their singles network . While i crazily paid for trial it took me less than five mins to see all the profiles were fake. I cancelled and that was that i thought.
I then forgot all about it until my credit card company contacted me to verify a rejected unauthorised payment for £120.

I rejected as fraud and replaced my card. Investigation online showed a large number of people going through the same predicament most not succeeding in cancelling and lost money.
Deep in T&Cs it turns out deleting your profile does not terminate the financial obligation. To do that you need to fax or post it to them min ten days before 3 month payment is due. You could go their offices but thats not practical and funnily enough they wont let anyone from Luxembourg join to prevent such things. I wrote emails to as many as I could find connected to confirm my cancellation and cease chasing me.m

I then received an automated email claiming i do need to pay and continued non payment will result in use of a collection agent and cost increases.
Let alone deferring me to credit agencies. I have responded to their contact emails rejecting their claim.

The whole operation is a subscription trap with this hidden autorenew clause likely being the main source of income.
I have registered them with Action for Fraud but they are also breaking several European laws around subscription operations. Chasing s
meone for money who doesnt owe is also a criminal offense in the UK.

As Im one of likely several thousand people, this operation needs shutting down or the cancellation process being edited to be clearer.

The sheer volume of complaints on the web and even on here is begging for action. Its truly appalling.

Cancellation of subscription

I have signed up to a paid subscription which im only 7 days in so i'm still in the 14 day cancellation period... I do not want to continue my subscription but I cannot find how to cancel so after looking online in finding appalling stories from people... I need help with this as soon as possible as i'm going to cancel it from my bank tomorrow and I don't want any problems after the 14 day period which gives me 7 days to sort it

Double charge

Hi, I purchased a one month subscription to be charged £19.96. And then charged again for the 30+ . I've emailed to cancel my subscription with no outcome. My email address is [protected] I want to cancel my membership and I also want my details out of your data base as soon as possible as I don't want to be charged anymore money.

Please get back to me I haven't got the money and will be reporting it to the bank as fraud if not cancelled.
Thank you.

Premium membership

After looking at your site on 21/06/2020 I decided to join at the offer of £2.99 for one months membership. After I joined I received an email saying price is £11.96 for one months membership and £119.70 for an automatic 3 month membership. At this point I have decided to use my right to a 14 day cooling off period as per Consumer Contracts (Information Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013. l sent an email on 21/06/2020 to [protected] requesting the cancellation of my premium membership as per your requirement. I have also requested a letter from you to confirm my cancellation from c-date premium membership. I await your response.
Mark Hossack

Cancelling my subscription

I setup my account about a month ago and decided it wasnt for me do I thought I had cancelled my membership. However I recently found out they hadnt cancelled my membership and instead charged me £119.70!! This is so unacceptable and I now have attemtped to cancel my membership through the fax number which does not work? I need this membership to be completely cancelled as well as my account I cannot afford to be charged anymore. Please get in contact as to how I can cancel this memebership for good.

  • Updated by Binsmondo · Jun 21, 2020

    I tried to cancell my subscription to this and thought i had suceeded only to find thwy have charged me £119.70 ??? I want to cancell my memebership straight away !

  • Updated by Binsmondo · Jun 21, 2020

    I had signed up to this dating site and didjt like it so i then decided to cancel my memvbership as i cannot afford to pay for it anymore. Only to find out that i had been charged £119.70 !!! I need this memebership to be cancelled as sokn as possible i do not wish to be a premium member any longer i cant gave anymore money taken from my account. Please help me to cancel my subscription so i dont lay this amount of money again

Can’t delete my account

Joined c-date on 3june for £12 found it was not what I expected. Tried to cancel but told to write a letter

To cancel which I did then found that they will take £119 from my account as I am a pensioner I only get

£137 week I have sent email no reply please help. If they take this money I will have no money for essentials. I thought it was a cite for mature ladies I could talk to

Cancellation of membership and payments

Hi, I have not signed up to this service yet I have received a letter saying if I don't pay my subscription I will be charged and debt recovery will start.

I have emailed the company on numerous occasions without a reply. I am looking to cancel this, my information is my own and somehow you have managed to use it for your personal gain, not acceptable.

Please delete my account and attempt to make no further payments

Unexpected premium charges

I never signed up for premium with this site, I bought credits once, they've put me on there premium membership, taken £119.70 without warning and want me to print out a form to cancel my premium membership and mail it to them instead of being able to do it online. I would like a full refund and to cancel the premium membership I never signed up for immediately

  • Du
    Duncan468 Jul 31, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Any update?

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Request for termination of subscription

I received an email saying I have an overdue payment for the next 6-month of service. I was also notified that I am unable to cancel until payment is made. I have thus made full payment. In my account settings however, I am not able to cancel. It says the option will be visible only after payment is processed but it has been over 2 weeks since I made payment and still I cannot cancel. I also wrote email to cs but no reply for 2 weeks. The auto-reply says if I try to email again, my email will be delayed further. This is obviously a scam. I am reporting the matter to the police deceitful information.

I am complaining about unsubscribed money deducted from my account by cdate

I am Mawanda Mzazi, Cdate sent an email to subcribe for R60 with a 20% discount which made me subscribe for this site, but instead got a message saying it has deducted R1434.00 for just a dating site! So I'm complaining because I did not sign up for R1434, to that is false advertisement, so I'm demanding a refund for this. I don't mind the R60 but not R1434 so can you please give me a refund for this and I want a month premium subscription.


They took more money then they should have and are now saying for me to cancel my membership I need to fax a letter to them stating my reason why I want to cancel. The fax machine number is fake I dont want this service anymore and want it cancelled. Email address [protected]