C-Date Complaints & Reviews

C-Date / Premium membership cancellation

Jul 18, 2019

Hello my name is Callum, I've signed up for C-date on the 16/7/2019 and paid a 1 month subscription at £12 and my contact ID is: ADEPBE63. After I've joined I've read the reviews of the site and I cannot believe on what I saw, people having trouble on cancelling their membership and getting...

C-Date / Premium membership cancellation.

Jul 18, 2019

Hi I'm Callum, I've signed up for C-date on the 16/7/2019, paid for a 1 month subscription for premium membership for £12, My contact ID is: ADEPBE63. I read the reviews after I've joined and I cannot believe on what I've seen on the reviews. People having trouble on cancelling their membership...

C-Date / debt collection!!! scam

Jul 10, 2019

Didn't sign up for more than Month but now CMS global collection services demanding €188.35!!! I never ticked any boxes to say continued membership or anything. I cannot contact them or even log in!!!. I cancelled bank payments as a complete scam. All of these dating sites need to be...

C-Date / c-date

Jul 05, 2019

Sent two emails to cancel subscription..2 days after joining now nearly a week and not one reply back saying it's cancelled...!!! I want it cancelled.. 🤬 This site should be banned ..just a money spinner !!! I want to inform my bank in case they try taking more money out etc .. I'm...

C-Date / final payment reminder???

Jul 04, 2019

Is the attached a scam e-mail or for real? I have had an e-mail stating I have outstanding debt but have no knowledge of the service or site. I have certainly never given any details to this site. Any advice or contact details would be very much appreciated ? Thank you, J FINAL PAYMENT...

C-Date / unauthorised excessive payment

Jul 04, 2019

04/07/2019 I was charged an amount of $239.76 after selecting a 6 month subscription of $9.99 AUD clearly stated on the page. I did not authorise any purchase amount above $9.99 AUD. Further, after attempting to contact their company on every email related to the website I could find...

C-Date / c-date uk website

Jun 27, 2019

Hello, I am making a complaint because my account hasn't been activated although you received cash from me in the post on Tuesday 25 June. Details below: Please activate the account associated with this email address: ope[email protected] Contact ID: 6C2FGA17 As I said before I've...

C-Date / dating site subscription

Jun 20, 2019

Having paid £12 trial I cancelled straight away after the amount of fake profiles. Firstly I tried by email, then I had to fax Luxembourg which I duly did!! Since then a transaction of £119 has been taken out of my bank account which I have reported. Suprise suprise I've not heard from thi...

[Resolved] C-Date / I want a refund with my subscription.

Jun 14, 2019

I wanted to subscribe for about a month on the C-date site in English on June 13th. And I purchased a product with a lower price than I thought. I bought it for 6 months, I paid around 180, 000 won and I did not want this payment, so I would like to refund my money on c-date. And please...

[Resolved] C-Date / membership scam

Jun 02, 2019

I made a subscription on C-date for 150 kr (15 EUR) but i have been charged 3, 576 KR!!! That's 350 EUR!!! Who the hell is responsible for this?? I want my money back NOW before i get the court in Germany and Luxemburg involved!! I have never agreed to this ammount I have never agreed to...

[Resolved] C-Date / recurring subscription

May 30, 2019

I've wasn't informed clearly at the time of signing up to this site that it was a reoccurring charge of over £100 this is a disgraceful way to operate a dating site. More so all the profiles seem to be fake! I will be contacting my bank to request a stop to this payment and report you for take...

[Resolved] C-Date / amount deducted from my danske bank

May 26, 2019

Hi Team, I am Harikrishna Sabat.I am not using the C-Date website but amount of 1794DKK has been deducted from my Danske Bank Account mentioned below. This deduction has happened on 16-May-2019. I have attached a bank screen shot for your reference. Kindly help in this regard to return...

C-Date / membership without my consent

May 22, 2019

Hello as many reviewers, I have been charged without my consent of an amount of 239 AUD. I never subscribed to this dating app and would like to cancel the account linked to my main mail adress further I ask you to refund me directly the amount on my bank account. I am about to prosecute...

C-Date / c - date website fraudulent payment online card purchase

May 01, 2019

Thank you Lionel Mbombela this is a doggy website I just did a visa card payment from fnb today 1st of May 2019 to join premium membership and they took about 1890rands when instead on their website they had highlighted the 70rand somewher to be paid. Im also shattered im gona shortly...

[Resolved] C-Date / payment error

Apr 21, 2019

Dear Sir /Madame, I would like to know what is going on the site as I did complete my registration and even paid the fees but on my supprise the amount that was taken to my account is above the one displayed on the screen. You took R1800 instead of R79 as mentioned. May you please explain to...

[Resolved] C-Date / unknown

Apr 20, 2019

I have recieved a debt outstanding letter however I have no knowledge of the site or the service provided. If you could provide me with some details to contact around this. It would be great. I don't see why I should pay this as I have no knowledge of registering. Could this please be investigated. For me. Many thanks for your future support and help.

[Resolved] C-Date / c-date

Apr 20, 2019

Can I ask why I have received a debt collector letter.. For a service you provided for a week, when I tried to cancel my membership I had to send a fax??? Or letter I cancelled any payments after not receiving any acknowledgement from you from a letter sent to confirm my wish to withdraw...

C-Date / money taken without authorisation

Apr 14, 2019

Over £100 taken from my account and I didn't sign up for any repeat subscription, unable to cancel due to lack of contact info and no fax machine, total sham of a service. The website tempts you in to a premium membership with a £3 fee then automatically takes money after submitting your card...

[Resolved] C-Date / about payment

Apr 05, 2019

My name is Henry Nwosu I do not understand why I have to pay 299.76€.That was not what I selected I only wanted using your site for one month.I can't invest this much for dating.Please am no more interested take away the one month I may have used and return back my balance.I would have preferred...

[Resolved] C-Date / membership fee charge

Apr 05, 2019

To whom it may concern: My name is AMOS MUVONA, and my email address for the account in question is ([email protected]) . The account registered on the 04/04/2019 in SouthAfrica I chose a one month subscription premium which was shown to be costing ZAR 129.00 AND TO MY SURPRISE i wa...

[Resolved] C-Date / membership fee

Apr 05, 2019

I registered with and chose the third option of membership on the extreme right which is a one month subscription, I chose a one month subscription which costed ZAR 129 AM suprised you deducted ZAR 516may you please explain why and how did yu do such. How did the 129 change to ZAR...

[Resolved] C-Date / cant cancel membership

Feb 13, 2019

I signed up for what I thought was a week membership. Only for them to take out a month. And I can't cancel they have taken over £100 twice I've tried cancelling through my bank but still worried about getting debt letters. The number isnt working and tried emailing the address I found. Ive...

[Resolved] C-Date / I want to cancel my subscription because I never asked for a recurring subscription

Feb 01, 2019

I have been charged over £100 for a subscription I don't want nor need and I can't cancel because I don't have access to a fax machine so what the hell am I supposed to do with this problem because there is no other contact info except email which takes up to two days apparently. I have no...

[Resolved] C-Date / not getting the access to the site having paid via cc

Dec 17, 2018

I paid the requested Premium Fee which appears on my bank statement as having been paid. Service was activated and subsequently became inaccessible other than for general use and no premium features accessible. Having read other posts on this site I am of the opinion that this is a scam...

C-Date / dating website

Oct 19, 2018

I subscribed to this site in Aug 2018, it was advertised for £3 per month, then a £ 12 pound payment was taken from my account, so I assumed I had paid for 4 months. I started to use the site and quickly realised that it preys on men, nothing but fake profiles trying to scam me, cdate...

C-Date / I wish to cancel membership

Sep 06, 2018

The website informs me that I cannot change my membership (I want to cancel) as my payment hasn't been processed! Looking at my bank statement the payment has clearly been made! I don't wish to use the site, it is full of fake profiles, with scammers looking to lure people away to other...

C-Date / I don't like the website and service you provided

Aug 14, 2018

my name is Anton Ovcarov, email: [email protected], i paid yesterday 9.90 pounds from my card ending ...1015 . i need my money back, because i am not happy with you service and website. i need my money back please and cancel any transaction from my card in the future. I didnt use your...

C-Date / sex dating page

Jul 28, 2018

C-date is a scammer compilation page... I got scammed by the third girl (diviine). First she drag me on to emails then to skype then she wanted to see naked parts. And when I showed her just a bit, instantly I get msg that it's a rip and the video bill be sent to my relatives... Etc Of course I...

C-Date / everything

Jul 09, 2018

I wont to cancel my membrship immediately and my money back! You tricked me with advertising! Immediately canceled my membership! You never told me that just send message will cost so much! You are not professional and I will go public whit all avaiable media. Immediatelt cancel...

C-Date / my membership fee deduction

Jun 16, 2018

Hi, I have signed in with c-date this month with a 9.99$ per month paige for 06 months. But when I checked my account, 239$ were deducted from my account. I believe it was an unauthorised deduction with out my concent and agreement. I want to resolve this issue as soon as possible...

C-Date / complain about activity on my personal account

Oct 10, 2017

Dear Sir/Madam I am writing to you again because you charged me without my approval €117.32 for something that I did not want it and I did not allow you to do so, your website it is just a [censor], so now I would like to know when you are going to give that money back, I just hope...

Interdate Luxembourg, Cdate / overcharged

Sep 28, 2017

I sign up for a month and after a month They charged me again for six months subscription. using my pay pal account, PayPal is still investigating and I send their form to cancel my membership by post using registered post. because they dont have any customer service, The thing the problem...

Interdate SA / dating site

Sep 27, 2017

The site appears to scammers all contacts are abroad some even asking for money or directing you to porn sites where they are models. The last woman I was in contact with was in Ghana, she wanted money to get s medical for s visa to uk, money for s new phone and money for flights to uk...

[Resolved] Cdate / money withdrawn from account 1159281767 - r2388.00

Oct 31, 2016

Dear Sir / Madame RE: Case / Ref number:28456913 I have went/ registered into a website CDATE which I suspect I must have accidentally given my card number and the above was withdrawn, I received a sms notification informing me of the withdrawal which i tried to reverse on my APP but wasn't...

[Resolved] C-Date / scam

Jan 26, 2012

Texts like these, and including those promising large quantities of money are fake. Whenever they ask for your account information via email it's fake and insecure. If you really did win something, they'd call you or at least mail you physically to settle a meeting to receive the... / internet dating scam

Apr 04, 2011

I have been using this website to date women online, i believed they were beutiful women coming from UK, and USA and other European Countries, but i have know learned they are all young teenage guys living in Nigeria Africa who do this scamming for a living, they uses this website...