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I rented a car from SIXT and when I went to pick it up at the location that was given to me, that location was closed down and out of business. Thank god I had a phone to call them and they told me to go to a different location and when I got there, they didn't have a car that I registered for. So they gave me a different car and when I left, my GPS broke in the middle of France, so I got lost in the foreign country, so I had to find a store and buy a new gps. After I returned back to my country, I saw that they charged me a cancellation fee for no show, when in fact I did show, it's only because I didn't get a car from the location that I had originally, when that location was closed down. I also got charged another 2300 for charges that are not explained. I'm trying to contact customer service in France for the past two weeks and no one returns my phone calls or e-mails. I called british customer service and they said they could not help me, only french ###s could, who do not return my messages. So I'm out over 2500 in additional charges, and the car was returned in perfect condition. And also when I picked up a car from french location, the tank was not filled up, it was in fact almost empty, so I had to fill up on my own account. PLEASE NEVER RENT FROM THEM, THEY ARE SCAMMERS.


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      Nov 05, 2010
    Sixt - insurance
    Sixt Car Rental

    We rented a car for 6 days from Sixt in Ireland some 6 weeks ago that had been prepaid through our travel agent. When the car was picked up the collison and theft insurance had already been accepted (not by us) the Sixt representative explained it was included and that all I had to do is initial, no explaination was given on charges (as they were included) and no other insurances were accepted.
    By the way the car was rubbish, scratched, dented, on route we were worried we wouldn'r get back to Dublin.
    Low and behold 1 week later we note that $750 had been debited from our credit card, no invoice was sent, the money just taken out.
    Consequently, after 5 weeks of investigating we finally find out that this debit was for insurances accepted.
    Our chances of recouping this money are minmal so please beware with the Sixt car rental company where ever you may be, never accpet what they say and read the fine print...better still never rent from them, ever!
    As a footnote we rented a car from Hertz for 3 weeks in Germany, went to Chezch Rep, Poland and never had a problem...what you pay for is what you get.

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      Aug 13, 2011
    Sixt - fraud

    I had rented four seater a convertible in Nice airport two months before arrival. My wife picked up the car at night, the staff said everything was in order. When I saw the car I realized it was a two seater convertible of a much lower class than we had rented, with the contract for the premium priced car!! When questioning the staff on this, we have not received a response after one week of calling every day. The manager is on holidays... None of the staff gives a damn about the customers.

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      Aug 16, 2011


    My name is Marie and I am part of the UK customer service deparment for Sixt.

    Please can you provide me some further details such as your reservation or if you do not have this information the date of rental an the main drivers full name to enable me to locate your hire and look into this further for you.

    My e-mail address is marie.[protected]

    Kind Regards,

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      May 23, 2014
    Sixt - pricing model
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom

    When booking online, I was asked if I was going to take the car out of the UK (yes) and where (France). I was given an estimate of £450. When I went to pick up the car, I was asked for a surcharge of 80% so the fee was now over £800 - foreign use surcharge. I asked why I was asked about foreign usage during the booking process if it was to be ignored in the quotation. Only answer I got was 'we advise you to read the T&C where the surcharge are outlined'. If I am asked the question and the surcharge is outlined in the T&C then why not outlining the cost in the estimate provided? I have since been in touch with Sixt and they have now changed their story to not being able to estimate the surcharge at the time of booking as they depend on the model being allocated. But the surcharges are pretty well detailed in the T&C and surely I would prefer to see an quote with an estimate for the surcharge than no surcharge at all - when they know there will be one?
    Additionally the quotation was presented as a lump sum and some parts of the documents were not written in English (think it was in Hungarian)

    Their booking algorythm is totally flawed and I dont know if this is by design or by default.

    Other things - they have since then sent us a loyalty card - although we have a dispute with them?

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