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I had a one day rental from Sixt that I picked up at the Frankfurt main train station at 9:30. It was a 1-day flat rate, all mileage included for a total of 39euro. The next day I filled up the car and returned it to the Frankfurt train station at 8:00 before I took a 9:00am train out of the country. I returned the keys directly to the Sixt agent at the station and provided her with the gas receipt.

Later when I checked my credit card, I saw a charge from them of $124 eur0-- more than quadruple the amount that I PHYSICALLY signed for. When I pressed Sixt for more information, they sent me an invoice showing that I returned the car late and in addition charged me to refuel the car. Amazing that the car was logged in LONG AFTER I left the country... nevermind that I filled the tank and dealt directly with the corrupt agent in Frankfurt.

Turns out this is a classic fraudulent billing scam leaving the consumer no recourse with disputing it with your credit card. The very least I could have done was stand there and watch the agent log the car in an get a final confirmation receipt... but with these [censored]ers, I'm not sure that would have made much of a difference.


  • Ga
    Garrett Mutz Aug 15, 2019

    These guys are horrible and I would stay away if possible. I blew out a tire on the highway and hour after I rented the car. Clearly not my fault, I called the national hotline and they told me to get it replaced. After I went out of my way to do so (and cost me $300), they refused to reimburse me. They left me with a faulty tire and they kept the new one. Not only that but they were rude about it as well. STAAAAAAY AWAY! They are a POS!

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  • Ma
    Marsel34 Jul 01, 2019

    Dear friends! I need your help. 05/06/2019 to 10/06/2019 in Italy at Bergamo airport, I and my family rented a car from the rental office of the Sixt. made a full franchise, but did not additionally insurance on the glass. As soon as we rented a car, I saw a little damage on the windshield. Photo made from inside the car. After depositing the car, the deposit was returned completely, but after 2 weeks I receive a message and a bill from the Sixt for 950 euros for replacing the windshield. help please, who rented a fiat 500 L blue color state number FT938GE at Bergamo airport at the end of May 2019 and beginning of June 2019. It is necessary to prove to Sixt that before my lease there was already slight damage on the windshield. I am ready to go to the end and sue the company Sixt, since this is a real fraud on their part.

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  • Be
    Benhargaden Jun 01, 2019

    Hello. I rented a car from Sixt whilst on holiday in Marrakesh. I had to pay a £400 deposit before they would let me take the car. I returned the car undamaged but have not been reimbursed the deposit. can you please let me help me get my deposit.

    [email protected]

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  • Ig
    igor prosin Oct 31, 2018

    Rented a car in croatia, osijek for two days.
    Paid when returning the car. It is over 30 days still waiting for my deposit of $765. It is fraud, have already notified my bank.
    I will never ever rent a car from sixt rather pay more to a more honest company.

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  • Ar
    A.rhman Saud Oct 21, 2018

    They add one extra day for 30 mints late but, they give the car late for more than one an hour !!!
    And still the add one day extra after I leave without any information, at least, they inform me, so I can use the car that day, not just 30 mints

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  • Mo
    Mohammad Alsamhan Oct 21, 2018

    i didn't get my deposit back frome 2/8/2018 till now this is the first time and this not the first time you didn't get my deposit back
    i hope i get the deposit back ASAP

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  • Ma
    Marco Hevia Sep 19, 2018

    I pre paid a car in the XCAR group and I was force to get their insurance even tho my credit card already gave me even more coverage.

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  • Md
    mdawson83 Sep 05, 2018

    No one to talk to. No security code to cancel on there website

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  • Me
    Metehan Sep 05, 2018

    When i rent a car, Mr. Jashua (Fort Lauderdale employee) told me if you bring empty tank you'll pay 53 dolar. And i brought empty tank, they charged to me 151 dolar. If i knew this price, i wasn't bring it empty. Don't rent a car from sixt. Budget is better than sixt

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  • Jo
    John Dominick Sep 03, 2018

    What type of scam was I faced with? Well I had a reservation to pick up a Mercedes CLA in Atlanta GA airport. I had a flat rate that I was charged. I was on a long holiday in Atlanta so the rate I received with my confirmation was ideal. I approached the front desk and was greeted, showed my confirmation number, gave my credit card and license. I asked will I still get the Mercedes. The lady who was helping said she did not see a Mercedes there since Tuesday. We just don’t have them right now... they are all rented (strike 1). She says, we have a Volvo station wagon for you. I asked, well, what else do you have? So, she called down to see what cars were returned. Then said.. there is a small Mercedes suv (GL) that was returned and should be ready soon. I asked, well will I get if for the same price? She said it will be just a little more but not much more. So I asked.. how much more? So she quoted to me $350 more than what my reservation cost was AND a $200 deposit. So, the deposit wasn’t an issue as I already knew I’d pay a deposit but I wasn’t going to pay $350 more for a Mercedes small suv (STRIKE 2) I told her “ You know what?” I don’t want to spend that much money for a rental. What else do you have? She gave me a list of other cars I didn’t want so I said “ Let’s Just go with the Volvo that you mentioned earlier. She said ok... I asked, that will be the cost in my confirmation, right? She says yes. But you’ll have to pay a $500 deposit.

    I said I’m sorry . But I’m not paying a $500 deposit for a Volvo wagon when you wanted to have me pay a $200 for a Mercedes SUV. (STRIKE 3). So I took my license and cc and went right next door to Enterprise. It was quick, easy, and they only charged me $100 deposit. AND THIS WAS AT ATLANTA AIRPORT. THANK YOU ENTERPRISE!!!


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  • Re
    Rent a Car Club Aug 25, 2018

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  • Dh
    D.Hansen Jul 25, 2018

    We rented a car at the Amsterdam car rental Sixt. One week. We had a very early flight and returned the car without checking in but we followed directions for doing this. They later claimed we had a dent in the back bumper. This was a 750 euro charge. We didn't have any incidents of course. We're experienced travelers and have dropped off cars in the past. Our credit company took care of the disputed. Fast forward to 2018 and a collection email arrives for a 200 plus euro charge from a German collection company with all our information. This is a robbery in our opinion. Tell all your friends and business partners overseas to get rid of this bandit car company!

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  • Si
    Sixtscam Jul 16, 2018

    So, just another warning about Sixt at Belfast International airport. They told me in the office the car was new so no marks on it . I noticed on the paperwork it had been driven 1500 miles so i checked the car and found obvious scuffs and scratches. The man told me he didnt need to mark any of them down as they were too small / in the wrong place/ didnt go down to the metal etc, and promised i wouldn’t be liable for them. I wanted to take pictures but he seemed nice and i didn’t want to be rude. Stupid me. On return, another man checked the car, found the scratches, and said he would have to put in an insurance claim. He didn’t listen to me explaining what his colleague had promised. This is just a scam. I will take them to court if they try and charge me - fortunately i have a witness to the first conversation. Do not go anywhere near this company.

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  • Fe
    Fernanda Pilatti Jul 02, 2018

    Several reasons bring me here to expose my experience with Sixt and affirm that I WILL NEVER RENT A CAR WITH THIS COMPANY ANYMORE!
    It was the WORST company I have ever rented cars in my entire life!

    To begin my experience, we were sent the wrong address for pick up from the car in Münster in Germany.
    When I arrived at the right store with my father, a very nice boy answered me and told me that we would have to take the insurance with them obligatorily. So far so good.
    My dad and I chosed the insurance that covered everything without a deductible. My God! What an ABUSIVE price of that insurance.
    We asked to close the deal because we had a scheduled trip. It took 2 hours to get us out of there and we CAN NOT make the payment because they claimed to have failed the system. Now the account for the payment will go to Brazil with all the currency exchange rates and interest for the international payment that I would not have to pay because I would pay the rent of the car with my card from a German bank.

     During these two hours we stayed on Sixt waiting for the car, another woman came to meet us, EVIL EDUCATED and GROSS. I would like the company to have a minimal notion that customers are HIRING A COMPANY SERVICE and that at the very least, you should treat everyone very well!
    I felt embarrassed by the company, it seemed that Sixt was doing me the favor of renting the car. The company should know that there are several companies that rent cars and that you should captivate the customers and not scare them as they amazed me.

    When we finally got the car, I noticed that the fuel tank was not full, so I asked the attendant if I would not have to return the tank completely full, as they were not handing me the car like that.
    The anthreader went inside the store, asked about their superiors and they had the CAPACITY to tell me that the FORD cars were having trouble at the pointer, and that this, was not marking the full tank, but that the tank WAS COMPLETELY FULL (I FIND OUT THAT THAT WAS A LIE !!).
    I was innocent enough to believe in the company. I should have asked them to write this on the survey, but I believed in the honesty of the company.

    I traveled, I came back to the city, I filled the tank COMPLETELY because I am honest enough for this ... and guess what? THE FUEL POINER DID NOT HAVE THE PROBLEM OF MARKING THE FULL TANK !!! I WAS FOUND BY THE COMPANY WHEN I GOT THE CAR !!! Because they preferred to invent a problem in FORD cars, instead of admitting that they were not handing me the car with the full gas tank.
     The next day, to finish, I left my house to return the car with the COMPLETE tank and when I arrived at the store to make the return, they made me REPLACE AND COMPLETE the tank with that small amount that was spent of the fuel to leave my home and get to Sixt.
    To complete, they found a FAILURE TO CAR PAINT (a paint ink bubble, more specifically) and noted that it was a risk posed by us!

    - I was not allowed to make the payment at the moment of picking up the car and now I will have to pay the value of the insurance by Brazil with all exchange rates and international payment;
    - I was deceived by the company when I believed that the pointer that marked the fuel was damaged;
    - I was added by a second attendant, EVIL EDUCATED;
    - I paid an abusive price for the insurance;
    - They put a PAINT FAILURE on the survey as a risk I caused when using the car.

    I was lucky to choose the insurance which we would not have to pay a deductible for any failure or beat, otherwise I would be charged with 900 euros for a FAILURE TO PAINT.

    Unfortunate! They could have won a client.

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  • Ch
    Chema Kamacho Jun 19, 2018

    DONT RENT WITH SIXT it is not a reputable brand anymore. They charged me 500€ for two little scratches in the wheels. They took advantage that I had to return the car early in the morning in Catania, and I had to leave the keys in the mailbox, cause nobody showed up at opening time. After 8 years renting with them, it is my last time. AVOID SIXT.

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  • La
    Laura Bradford Jun 02, 2017

    All of this sounds familiar. Rented a vehicle from Sixt last August in Santa Monica, CA. From out of state and got the insurance. Had the car 3 days when I turned it in and a rep and I inspected the vehicle, with no problems noted by either party and paid my final bill. 8 MONTHS! later I am notified of a scratch on the passenger side door, that they have been "trying to get in touch with me" and want to hold me responsible, although they obviously had no problem getting me THEN and had my phone and email. I sent them a list of demands of what I wanted to see as proof. AND sent it return receipt. Haven't heard a thing yet. I am a retired police officer and have filled out several of the "accident reports" that they wanted me to fill out and sign and send back. Yeah RIGHT?! We got the deal off Priceline. Trust, me, it's no deal. AVOID SIXT AT ALL COSTS!!! Just see all of the other complaints posted here! They have an "F" with the Better Business Bureau. Do your homework, folks!!!

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  • Be
    Bernard Marty Oct 25, 2016

    I rented a car (Opel karl) from Sixt via Autoescape (France) with whom I contracted an insurance premium to cover potential risks. Arriving at Zadar Airport (Croatia), Sixt personal would not take into account the voucher issued by Autoescape, claiming they had no connection with this intermediary. So they forced me additional insurance 106 €. When I protested supporting evidence from Autoescape and Sixt, they refused to consider my arguments. Sixt went to claim that this resulted from the inability to take security on my credit card even after I sent them a copy of the corresponding credit card slip. Sixt then kicked into touch, claiming they had no authority over the agency from Zadar. In sum, Sixt claims not control its subsidiaries ... As for Autoescape they bravely marches on the grounds of their impotence.
    Morality, do not rent a car from Sixt and do not use the services of Autoescape ... two scams to avoid!

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  • Iv
    Ivan Alicea Oct 10, 2016

    I have the same problem. When I rented the car I checked the outside of the car with their staff to make sure there were no damages. We found some damages/scratches. When I verified my reservation at Sixt mobile app I saw that all the damages had already been reported and were visible in the mobile app with photos.

    However, some days later I receive an invoice for $600 for damage that occured during the rental period according to Sixt. Now I found that this is a common practice for them. After searching the internet, I found that there is a lot of people with the same problem. Clearly this is a scam.

    Apparently, they don't repair the cars and when another person rent the car, they want to continue charging for the same damages once and over again to everybody who rent the same car.

    I think that is time to start filling a Class Action lawsuit against Sixt. What do you think?

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  • Iv
    Ivan Alicea Oct 10, 2016

    I have the same problem. When I rent the car I checked the outside of the car with their staff to make sure there were no damages. We found some damages/scratches. When I verified my reservation at Sixt mobile app I saw that all the damages had already been reported and were visible in the mobile app with photos.

    However, some days later I receive an invoice for $600 for damage that occurred during the rental period according to Sixt. Now I found that this is a common practice for them. After searching the internet, I found that there is a lot of people with the same problem. Clearly this is a scam.

    Apparently, they don't repair the cars and when another person rent the car, they want to continue charging for the same damages once and over again to everybody who rent the same car.

    I think that is time to start filling a Class Action lawsuit against Sixt. What do you think?

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  • Ch
    chrisw1704 Sep 27, 2016

    I regularly hire cars from Sixt with work and therefore opted to hire from the Dublin City Centre office on my honeymoon. On return of the car we noticed a minor scuff on the front bumper that we had no recollection of causing. The office assured us that the damage was superficial would not come anywhere near the 300 euro excess and we would just be charged for a minor repair. 6 weeks later with no prior correspondence we were charged 300 euros. I contacted the office and they sent and invoice stating they replaced the whole bumper. I discuessed the repair cost with an independent garage and they come nowhere near replacing the whole bumper, precisely because it's only a cosmetic touch up.

    The costs being claimed by Sixt are completely out of proportion, and the lack of communication before charging me the full excess leads me to believe Sixt were hoping I would just pay the bill without questioning it's amount.

    As it stands, being over charged for cosmetic damage and not receiving appropriate correspondence will ensure I will never return to Sixt, and I will advise my friends and collegues to do the same.

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  • Ti
    Titok Nemmondommeg Sep 21, 2016

    Congratulations to lex and sixt panama! I am platinum member, booked it via sixt, and did not have any cars!!! Told me to go elsewhere!!! Nicely done! I had to go back the next day to get my car incurring extra fees and they did not match the price for the other car i had to rent (For a lot more money). I contacted corporate over the phone and they promised a call back and they never called! I contacted the website and facebook staff (Called lex) and sixt panama reached out to me with a free day of rental in panama. (I am not going back so the value = $0. I asked for partial refund). In exchange they sent me a scanned postcard that will allow me to get a free upgrade on my next rental (I am platinum, i can get all the upgrades i want). I told them again i want partial refund at the very minimum. At which point they just decided not to message me anymore. I gave you 1 month (30 days) to settle this and you did not even put any effort!!! Good job sixt! I have already canceled my future rentals with you and i will make sure this story will get everywhere!!! You should be ashamed!!! Another certified letter will follow to corporate!!!

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  • Pe
    Peter Johanson Aug 26, 2016

    Dont go back to Europcar. Unless you want to be scammed even further? Check their rating on Trustpilot and other sites. I have used many Carehire companies and the place I got the worst service and got ripped off was Europcar. Check them out on the net if you dont trust my comment. They are the worst!

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  • Br
    brezicki61 Aug 05, 2016

    Agree - I have the impression SixT are thieves. Charged for 10 litres of fuel even though I returned it full. Final invoice almost twice what I booked for. First time I've hired from SixT and the last. My business will be returning to Europcar

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  • Ro
    Ron Donna Mueller Mar 17, 2016

    similar situation happened to us renting from Portugal, but it was tire damage. They wouldn't show us the damage and took photos after we had left. Charged us 200Euros for 2 tires though 1 was damaged. This company is very deceptive. I hope the word will get out before more of us are taken advantage of.

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  • Re
    Rene K. Feb 12, 2016

    I rented a 5 series BMW from SIXT in MUnich. AT the airport they informed that they do not have the vehicle and that tehy only can give me a huge Mercedes SUV, which I did not like. I tried for 1 week to exchange the car and after 3 days somebody scratched the car in the parking lot (not surprising because of the vehicel size). After more than a week I finally managed to get a smaller vehicle. On my return I received a bill for 7000Euro payable myself within 2 weeks for the repairs of the scratches. In my opinion this is a huge scram: SIXT tells you that they do not have your vehicle and try to sell you a more expensive bigger one with additional insurance. I will never rent from them again and for sure will fight the invoice.
    Disappointing! Beware!

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