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I had a one year subscription and they don't tell you they autorenew and continue to charge you. I called to cancel it three months early and was told I could not get a refund (lie). Instead they sold me another radio ($20) to finish out my contract. At the end of that, they auto renewed it. I called again and complained and was told "sorry for the mistake, you owe us nothing and you account has been cancelled." Then I got a bill from them for $20. They charged me for an extra month. When I called yet again, they said it was part of the contract and I owed it. I told them I was told by their person I did not owe it they said that couldn't possibly be true. So Iasked to have a copy of the audio tape (for "quality purposes") I was told I could not have it for legal reasons. Now they are turning me over to collections. Lies and scams!


Since XM Radio became a monopoly by purchasing Sirius radio they have been raping customers. They combined...

Fraudulent Billing, Cancellation

Complaint #1: When my first XM plan expired, the credit card I used was billed without my consent or...

lack of concern for customer care

On or around 12/18/2008 I called xm radio to renew my subscription (I purchased in 2006). I wanted to upgrade my subscription to the plus package in order to get Howard Sterns. I was informed there was a lifetime membership for $499. I purchased that package. I was then informed about a special. A free xm radio with the purchase of 3 months prepaid service and to continue for 1 year. I agreed and signed up. Everything seemed to be great.
I kept looking for the HS show and the NBA channel and could not find them. I called customer service. They said that they needed to reboot my radio (why wasn't this done at the time I purchased the lifetime membership.) I then updated my e-mail address with your company and had my online password reset. I received and e-mail confirming that the radio had been shipped on 12/19/2008. I was excited, it was to be for my wife car.
I was waiting for the radio and figured due to high mail traffic during the holidays that it was taking longer than normal(Whatever normal is). On or around 1/11/2009 I called xm and informed you that I didn't receive my radio(this was after 10 minutes of waiting on the phone to speak to a person and another 10 or 15 minutes talking to someone in order to be transferred). I was then transferred to another department where I waited 25 minutes to speak to someone and another 10 or 15 minutes with that person. I was told that I (I emphasize I) needed to call UPS and find out the tracking status.
I call UPS who I speak to immediately and they inform me the package has been shipped and received. I have not received the package. UPS said they delivered it to 230 east 7th avenue. I live at 203 east 7th avenue(I received my original invoice at 203 east 7th avenue for my main service in November-It is funny that when people want to be paid they know where to send the bill). They told me I needed to contact the sender and they needed to file a claim.
I'm on my 4th phone call to xm (another 5 or 10 minutes waiting to speak to someone only for them to transfer me to another department again). This time I only waited 40 minutes to speak to a live person. This person told me they send out another radio. They corrected my address and e-mail in there system, they said. I was very patient having spent 2 hours on the phone. I was confident it would be taken care of promptly.
On or around the end of January, beginning of February I placed another call to xm satelite radio listener care(what a crock) to let them know that I hadn't got my radio yet. Listener care told me that they were going to transfer me to a different dept(here we go again). They asked if my address was 230 east 7th avenue(wrong address again), It is 203 east 7th avenue. They also ask me if my e-mail is [protected]@cox.net(this had been updated 2 calls ago) it is [protected]@cox.net. I then inform them that I will not sit on the phone and wait any longer and to have someone call me as soon as it is taken care of. I was told that within 72 hours I will receive a call updating me on the situation. I did receive a call and was given the shipping dept. # and told to call in order to check on my order(customer service at its best). I inform this person I'm not going to spend another minute on the phone(free radio means free radio, My time is precious and I don't have time to sit on the phone for another 2 hours) that was the end of that conversation. On 2/24/2009 I call xm again!!! )= to be given the same run around that I had received twice before with no results what so ever. I was told again that I had to speak to a different dept. I once again told this person that was not going to happen and that I wanted a manager, supervisor (anyone that could get something done). I was told I would receive a call from someone in 24 hours. Today is 3/3/2009 and I haven't spoke to anybody until I called them today. By this time I just want to cancel the radio and get a full refund. I'm told that I have to be transferred to shipping at which point I tell that person all that has happened since December 2008 at which point I'm told that I will receive a refund of service and shipping for that radio. I'm told that I will receive confirmation by way of e-mail(you still had the wrong e-mail) I won't hold my breath for that one.
We really would've liked to received that radio, but after the customer service that we received I wanted to be done with it. Being that you have a monopoly on the market I guess you figure customer service isn't that important. You can bet if and when there is another satellite radio company I will be pulling my business from xm radio and I will let anyone that will listen know of the service I've received.


Mark Bergvall
ACCT. # 1-[protected]
Address: 203 east 7th avenue (not 230)
Escondido, CA 92025
Phone #: 619.244.8703

Extremely poor customer service

The reports of horrible customer service at XM are not an exaggeration. All I wanted to do is cancel ONE of my radios. After being put on queue for 45 minutes, I was finally able to cancel the radio. Here is the kicker: The lady tried to sell me a "replacement" radio, which I told her several times I did not need. Why would I call to cancel a radio just to get another? It then occurred to me that she was trying to sell me this to make more money for XM. Not only did the radio cost money (ok, not THAT much) I found out they get a commission for every account they sell. She then tried to sell me the "lifetime" plan which I never asked for. I mean, XM is trading at penny stock level and now you want me to buy $400 for a service that may not be here in a few years? XM will try their very best to sell you a POS radio and then charge you for it. I also believe that the call center is in Jamaica or somewhere outside the USA, but can not confirm that.

  • Do
    Don Wanner Feb 15, 2010

    I sent in a complaint on 2/7/09 about having very bad intermittent reception and got a man in thew Philipines who spoke poor english did not address the problem at all and tried to sell me a radio. THe complaint was answered very nicely by a manager who called me back on 2/10/10. He apologized and said he thought the problem was cured but if not to call 1-877-224-8720. I asked him about the $15+ dollars refund I was supposed to get for cancelling two radios in two cars I had disposed of on 12-27-09(the contract ran until 3/9/10). I had been told that the new contract starting on 3/9/10 would reflect this. He told me the people responding to the call at the above phone number would be happy to answer my questions. I call today ad talked to Heidi in Manila this time. She wasn't too sharp and finally told me the $15+ was not a refund but an additional charge for transferring my contract to the xm radio in my new car??? What happened to my refund?? I asked her to cancel my auto pay arrangement and send me a bill for march for another year. I will decide then if we want to continue enjoing XM radio in our car.

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  • Al
    AlexH123456 Dec 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    XM Radio has HORRRIBLE non English speaking customer service who know squat. I found the number of Quest Communications and worked it out through them. Quest Communications: 1-212-584-5100

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  • Bo
    BostonJew.com Mar 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I just had a terrible experience with XM customer service. I just watched my mother trying to cancel her membership over the phone and was transferred from representative to representative for an hour and a half. By the end of it, she couldn't bear it anymore and hung up the phone. And what's worse, she asked me to take care of the cancellation the next day.

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refund of being double billed

2 months ago I signed up for Sirius satellite radio with the basic plan. Once I hit the website to register...

unauthorized charges

Cancelled service 11/20/2008 with XM and my card as well.Recieved no charges for 3 months ; then this month we recieved a bill. I called my card company but they told me I had to contact XM to get my money back.
Tried to call XM ; but the number I have for them no longer works. Need a number or someway of getting my $13.95 back as I'm not paying for something I don't recieve.


  • Ge
    Genaria Langevin Feb 23, 2009

    I said no as the post is new and too soon to answer yes or no! As soon as I hear something agreeable I'll let you know if it helped.
    Thanking you in advance.


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  • Ge
    Genaria Langevin Feb 23, 2009

    Thanks for your time in considering my complaint.


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  • Ge
    Genaria Langevin Feb 23, 2009

    Please enough already as I've sent my complaint just want to see if I can get some results.


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  • Cd
    CDBenander May 26, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been billed fpr services not received, and cannot get through the telephone loop to have my complaint heard by somebody who could do something about it.

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  • Ja
    Jane Wiley Jul 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Our subscription expired, we did not renew, big price jump Now they want to charge us? When did companies get the right to renew things without ones agreement???? I am furious and will never do business with them again and I will not pay these ripoff artist another dime

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  • No
    nook Aug 09, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    5 hours on and off phone and internet and they cannot activate my satellite radio !

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SIRIUS sold me on 11/04/07 three lifetime memberships. On 1/16/09 I traded a vehicle and attempted to...

unethical behavior

First, let me define what, in my opinion, constitutes unethical behavior. My opinion is advertising specific attributes of a product and refusing to deliver that attribute.

I never got a chance to "enjoy" the programming. I checked out their website and wanted the "a la carte" programming for $6.99 per month. I bought the Starmate 5 (more radio than I needed/wanted) as the website said it supported "a la carte" packages as well as did the box the radio came in (I bought directly from Sirius). After receiving it I went on line to set up an account and activate it. When I came to the package options all the 'a la carte' programming was greyed out saying my radio did not support 'a la carte'. There were no monthly pay programs, the only two that were available were the full packages for a one year period.

I contacted Customer Service to try and ascertain the problem. After 8 reps and 1 1/2 hours on the phone the issue never go resolved. Two reps acknowledged this radio supported 'a la carte'. Every rep "hung up"--sending me to another rep who asked all the same information as previously--name, address, radio SID number, etc. I was completely disconnected once. One rep tried to "upsell" me to a life time plan. After getting all the info, one rep put me on hold and when he came back had no idea who he was talking to and asked for all the same info again. One rep said he didn't want to take the call and sent me some department who had no involvement in activation. Each time I spoke to a rep I told them that all I wanted was "a la carte" on a monthly plan; that's when they "hung up". Finally, one rep's supervisor told her to tell me to send the radio back, and transferred me to the returns department who gave me an RMA. Yeah, customer service sucked big time!!! The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing and none seem to be conversant with the product (they all said my radio didn't support 'a la carte'.

I agree with all the complaints filed here, and am rather surprised at the handful of positive comments. I'll not deal with Sirius again and will be recommending to anyone considering the service not to buy it.

  • Pa
    Patric Feb 16, 2009

    I am having the same issue with my radio. I had a simple Stratus that worked fine and recently bought the Starmate 5 with the intention of using the $6.99 A La Carte package. I activated it over the phone, thinking that talking to a live rep would cause less hiccups WRONG! I have been using the standard $12.99 package with the promise that the issue is being fixed. Supposedly it has been escalated to Corporate (whatever that means). If this issue is not resolved soon, I am going to take back my radio and cancel my Sirius account. This is ridiculous. The worst part about it is: I don't have any other satellite radio options. SiriusXM is my only choice.

    Please, anyone with this issue, post a comment. Maybe we can band together and get this issue resolved once and for all.

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  • Te
    Telesites Feb 28, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Headquarters: 1221 Avenue of the Americas - New York, NY 10020
    Phone: (212) 584-5100
    CEO: Mel Karmazin

    Call and ask for Mel!

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  • Sb
    SB AB Jun 18, 2009

    Same issues...The Worst customer service on the planet.
    Ordered renewal of service with the same music channels as I had with the free demo which came with the car. Agent renued and charged me for entire year and the package was not as explained. Called back to correct. After 2 hours 47 minutes on the phone with three different agents and a supevisor which I hgad to explain the issue to each time I was transferred we corrected the issue with paying additional dollars for a different package. Obviously the original agent requires coaching and education on packages and procedures. All was well for one day and then the service changed back to the undesired package. No communication...No explaination.
    So I am back on the phone again currently on hold for 1hour 27minutes and have not spoken to a person.
    Do yourself a favor and find a different radio provider or better yet plug in your Ipod. Tell your neighbors Sirius (XM) SERIOUSLY SUCKS!

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customer service

It conforts me to know that it's not just me (not personal) who has fallen into that enpty void in which XM Radio likes to call customer servise. For me, it started about two years ago when I replaced permenant type XM Radio with one of those Delphi XM 2 GO's. I thought it would be nice to be able to play XM in my house and my truck. I really liked the radio until it died, I replaced it (my cost) and it didn't make it as long as the first one. I will back up and say that this is going back almost 2 years since the 2nd radio died and I phoned XM and canceled it but continued with an XM radio in my wifes Jeep. A few days before Christmas (2008), I looked into buying anouther radio to stay in my truck. I got looking at my account on line and my profile still showed my XM 2 GO but had the radio i.d. removed. I called XM to see if we were still paying for it and found out I was and they could only pay me back for 30 days worth. That was not good enough for me so the woman from XM told me that her superviser would have to call me back and it would be 2 or 3 days. After over 3 weeks (past holiday, I will give them that) and I never heard a word. I sent 3 e-mails, 2 more times of calling and on the third call, I read them the riot act. The woman told me, once again, I was told someone would call in 2-3 days and I came un-glued. I was actually patched through to that womans superviser and I explained the situation and you will love their reason. I was told that I was offered a deal on a new radio and I said I would have to get back to them. I was then told that since I never called back that I must be happy with my service but also it was noted that the radio was cancelled because it didn't work. How can I be happy with a radio (an expensive one at that) that would not work. I asked to speak with her superviser but instead she did credit back part of what I spent so I finally just said screw it. I love the commercial free radio but be carefull with the provider. Check your bill very closely as I should have if I could. I never see the actual bill, if you are like most of us, your credit cards keep a ballance. I'm sure I'm not the only one, my wife pays the bills and assumes the add on toy's (XM is a toy for most of us) have the correct billing amount and has no idea of what they really cost.

  • Do
    donna Sep 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had XM Radio for the free trial and agreed to a 3 month special billing rate. I had to contact them about the charges.

    3 months later, when the time came for this to expire I called to cancel and they offered me another 3 month special. I was billed incorrectly and had to call again. After a 10 minute wait they agreed to credit me the difference but the woman was very condensending. I had a really bad day and her attitude just touched me the wrong way. I mentioned that the length of this call was beginning to aggravate me and I was thinking about canceling my service - she laughed. At that point I asked to speak with a manager and she said 'yes, we will credit your account'. I asked again to speak to a manager and was put on hold for 8 minutes. I hung up, called back and canceled. The funny part - even after asking what they could do to keep me, they pro-rated the cancelation for 3 days. I asked him to make sure my reason for canceling was recorded. Perhaps the CSR was new and needs additional training but they should learn from it.

    I have had it with inept customer service. I am the most patient person in the world if someone is working on it but I won't tolerate poor customer service any more. I would rather transfer my business.

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  • Da
    Daved Nov 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have contacted XM Radio on many occasions. They are always courteous and apologize profusely, but never are able to help me. I am beyond apologies and want my problem (which they acknowledge) corrected.

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  • Cm
    cm 200 Jul 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I know how you feel. XM sucks!

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  • Ea
    eagle1976 Dec 28, 2010

    I have been a long time subscriber to XM radio and recently negotiated a renewal with them that included on-line access. The on-line access did not work as promised and I have been on the phone for over an hour with various areas of their customer support. Each time I could not reach someone from one of their call centers who could understand this simple issue... on the billing side, they said that I was paid up and that I needed to talk to Tech Support. When I talked with Tech Supt, they said that they could not find the problem and that I needed to talk with billing. I have never dealt with such incompetence... I strongly recommend that you do NOT do business with this organization based upon my experience with them.

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unauthorized charges

I had XM service from October of 2004 until 1/12/09. I received a statement in the mail indicating that I...

stealing my $50 pre-paid gift card

I am a first time user of the Sirius satellite radio because it was given to me as a gift from my wife. She purchased the radio along with a $50 pre-paid gift card that was supposed to be applied to the first year contract price. I went online, created my account, activated the radio, and provided my credit card to pay the difference of the 1 yr contract. I check my account on the Sirius website and I see that the entire year contract was billed to my credit card, but the $50 pre-paid gift card is sitting in the account as a "credit" or negative balance.

I call customer service (obviously sub-contracted out of India) and ask for the $50 to be refunded back to my credit card. They told me the were unable to do this and that the $50 would be available if I wanted to purchase any other services or renew my contract next year.

This is unacceptable... I don't want any other products and I am not sure I would want another year of service. I called again. And same thing. I asked for a supervisor and I get disconnected.

I will keep trying to get my money back, but I see this as petty theift. The company obviously needs the $50 more than I do... I also contacted the Radio Shack where the radio and gift card were purchased and the manager said he would bring the issue up with his account manager from Siri.

My advice to everyone is don't bother with the pre-paid gift card. It really doesn't provide any value and just gives Sirius an easy way to unjustifiably KEEP you money.

A new frustrated customer, but not for long...

  • Wo
    woef Mar 15, 2009

    I have many Complaints on Sirius and still never got connected. But this is out of the scope of this topic.

    Back on Topic:

    I too Had a $55 dollar Gift card from Best Buy for Sirius, I come to find out my hundreds of Dollars invested, that you can not sign up with Gift Cards or SHall we call them Pre Paid cards, they still want a credit card.

    Smooth Talking Jim tells me I understand your concern and I can Promise you that we wont charge your credit card, we will put it in lock.

    I said why ? He said for Auto Renewal Purposes, I said I do not want Auto Renewal, I also said I am not sure I want your Product.

    I said if my Pre paid card pays for 3 months worth why not just cut me off If i not add more time after the three months are up ?

    Jim said we cant do that when you sign up for under 1 yr plan does the credit card serve other then Scamming me into AUTO One Year Plan? No Comment, except to tell me thanks for my paitents and his supervisor told him to give me 3 months free in addition to my prepaid 3 months, then asked for my credit card.

    I said Jim if my card is in lock, until I say you can charge on it, then my Prepaid Card Covers 3 months right ? He said yes, I said then
    Why does Sirius need collateral of my credit card? I said you have month to month plans, so what possible service does this credit card serve other then not letting me cut loose from sirius if I decide I not like it?

    I said this is a scam, I said Jim if you can guarantee you won't charge my card, and I not have to have Auto Renew, then what purpose does my card serve ? Other then Scamming me into 1 year?

    He said Wayne They will not charge your card without asking. I said Ok' Jimbo, Use your card and put this so called lock on it. ...Pause, he began to laugh and quite frankly had no idea what to say.

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Unethical billing - unauthorized continuation of service

After the trial period for XM Radio in a new car expired I opted to pre-pay for one year of service. That service ended in Oct. 2008. In December I received an invoice for service post-dating that period. I called to let them know that I had not renewed my service and to have the bill canceled (the radio had already stopped receiving XM service). The three individuals I spoke with, including a "manager" stated that XM service automatically renewed. When I had originally signed up for the one year service plan over the phone I was not asked if I would want the service automatically renewed, nor was I notified that it would be. In addition, in the invoice I received covering the aut0-renewal, the monthly rate was increased 36%.

To top it off, when I called to complain about both the unauthorized auto-renewal and the increase in the fee, the people I spoke with were very uncooperative and boarder line combative. When I said that I had not seen anywhere in writing that the yearly plan I had pre-paid for would auto-renew, the manager challenged me to read to him over the phone every word of the billing and account information documents I had received from XM. The "manager" was not able to address either my questions or offer any solution other than for me to pay the disputed bill in question. He told me that someone who would be able to address the problem would call me back. It was by far the worst customer phone support experience I've had.

  • Ca
    cantwait2b Feb 13, 2009

    I just recieved a collection letter on behalf of XM radio. I had paid for a 4 month service and thought it would end when my pre-paid time was up. Turns out that's not the case, they auto renew withouth you knowing then send you to collections. I've tried speaking to 3 people with XM already and not only could I not understand them because they don't speak well but they were also uncooperative and combative and argumentative. Terrible customer service. I don't understand giving me service I didn't ask for or pay for and then bill me later. This is rediculous. There needs to be a class action lawsuit against this company for this crooked way of doing business and scamming people out of money. contact me if anyone knows of such a lawsuit. [email protected]

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  • St
    stuart May 02, 2009

    Now I have to start out by explaining that I work for Xm Radio. Now Im not agreeing with xm nor am I disagreeing with them. First off, people need to start learning that all companys are the same. U need to read ur customer agreements, even if the rep forgets to explain to you about the auto renewal, it clearly states in your cust. agreements that xm service is auto renewal. Even if you pay by the month or with Annual Plans. Now even though I work for them I dont agree with the off shore call centers. If your only going to offer service in the US and Canada then they do not need to go cheap and pay other countries to take calls. I was told by my Quality that even if the other call center rep kept offering to upsell the subscription plan or to sell the customer a radio and the customer hung up because they got tired of telling the rep no, it is still my job to sell the radios or be fired. I have worked in call centers b4 but the way Xm runs there business isnt right. All they are worried about is money and they dont know how to manage their money. We are suppose to offer radios on all calls even if sometime in the conversation that the customer says they do not wont anymore radios.

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  • Eq
    equism/m Oct 03, 2010

    My advice for anyone signing up for XM/Sirrius is to immediately after signing up calling their customer service department and request that the subscription not be renewed. Here is the most important part...Ask for a ticket number and write it down because they will still auto-renew your subscription and if you no longer want the service you can call them up with the ticket number and they will be forced to credit you. I like their programming but the auto-renewal policy of theirs upset me enough to label them as an unethical company.

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  • Eq
    equism/m Oct 03, 2010

    My advice for anyone signing up for xm is to immediately after signing up calling their customer service department and request that the subscription not be renewed. Here is the most important part...Ask for a ticket number and write it down because they will still auto-renew your subscription and if you no longer want the service you can call them up with the ticket number and they will be forced to credit you. I like their programming but the auto-renewal policy of theirs upset me enough to label them as an unethical company.

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I submitted the rebate form two weeks ago but Sirius claims they have not received it. It still have not shown up on their tracking web site . Sirius just keeps giving me the run around but won't help me get the issue. They told me to resubmit the claim but the original UPC code was mailed in the initial rebate request. Don't expect Sirius will honor a rebate.

cancellation refund

Paid for 3 years service in July. Wanted to cancel remaining contract. They said my $233.00 credit was submitted to billing for processing 10-01-2008. I did not receive the funds. I contacted on-line 5 times over two months and made 7 phone calls during same period. I am told that I will receive a phone call with 24-72 hours. No one ever contacts me.

I have not received the funds and I am left totally frustrated.


  • Ly
    Lynca Wilson May 03, 2009

    I am in the same situation - have you ever recieved a refund? What a scam they have going on

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  • Ch
    Chuckt Apr 01, 2011

    I called XM Radio to cancel. I asked for a refund. I called back and they said I never called to cancel.

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Unethical Billing-Need Class Action

Have been a customer for about 6 years. Had three receivers in three cars. Cancelled two because I no longer...

Violates contract

I have 2 radios with XM, which were signed up 16 months ago. One was on a 3 year pre-paid contract, the other is on a 12 months pre-paid. The 12 month pre-paid ended, and was no longer needed. Apparently, somewhere in the fine print, I had to call and wait on hold, only to cancel a contract that I didn't want to go past the 12 month mark in the first place.

XM called me with some pre-canned Voicemails, stating that I might end up "Missing my great service" if I don't renew. Nothing stated that it was more than a Marketing ploy.

Imagine my amazement when they turn off my first radio, the one that I pre-paid 36 months for! Their reason is that since I did not call in to cancel, I owe them $175!! And, they will not turn back on the radio that I paid for, until I pay...

This one is going to court, so I will let you know. Don't be stupid, just buy and iPod or use the normal radio. XM has bad service, and bad reception in many areas...

  • Sh
    shane rahko May 13, 2009

    i do not like them at all we had a number of run in with them over one contract that we canceled 1 month before the contract ran out and now they sent us a bill from the collection agent our contract was paid in full they tried to renew without our go ahead they called us several times we told them every time that we did not want to renew the deal we are finished then they said we owed them money and got the collection agent after us we are still fighting with them they will not take our calls i think somebody in the higher up power should cancel there permit we have a tough enough time with out company like that by for now

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Billing horrors

I have been a Sirius subscriber since everyone thought it would be a failure. I clearly remember hearing DJ...

unethical billing practices

Now that I have received a notice from collection agency, I find there was an assumed agreement with XM Radio...

Harassing Phone Calls

In late August, I was sent a letter in the mail that let me know my credit card had been declined during the renewal process.

I called to verify that they had the right information and they listed the last 4 digits of the card - but did not confirm the date.

It did not bill, so I called back. This time, we confirmed the date, but, I didn't want to risk a double-billing, so told them to wait and I went ahead and paid the due amount online. They agreed not to charge me.

At this point I began receiving automated phone calls once a day (Sept. 3, 2008) asking me to call them back to prevent a service interruption.

I did and informed them I had already paid. While I was waiting to get through, I noticed that my card had gone through on the automated system as well, even though I had told them previously that I wanted to pay online.

Now I was speaking with someone and had two requests... stop calling and refund one of my payments. I was told they would.

When I continued to receive phone calls, I got frustrated and asked for them to cancel my service. Rather than listening to me, the operator (who was obviously overseas), told me that he was going to discount my service to $5 each month. I begrudgingly agreed - if only they would stop the automated phone calls.

Several days went by and STILL - the calls kept coming. I finally decided to call the heaquarters in D.C. and after being first redirected (automatically) to the overseas center, I hung up called back and dialed the operator to demand a stateside location.

I was put through to Malora who refunded the remainder of the $5 discount and supposedly took me off the call lists. After doing this, she took a long pause and I asked about the cancellation and refund of the second payment because of the harassment. She quickly said, "Oh yeah, we'll do that... call back if you still get calls."

Two days went by and I was still getting calls, so I called her back and she told me to wait a couple more days for the system to clear out my data.

Roiled - but helpless - I agreed. Still, more calls came. I'm now waiting to hear back from Darryl Peete, her supervisor, who tells me that he is going to get confirmation on whether my name is still in the system.

In all, this process has gone on for about three weeks. He offered me 3 free months of service, but I refuse to deal with a company (as I told him) who can not control their own computer systems.

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    Hank Sep 18, 2008
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    I did receive a phone call back and was informed that it can take several weeks for the calls to stop because they have to "batch process" the names on their "do not call" lists.

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    Crazybecauseofxm Oct 20, 2010
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    My name is Cindy and I was a customer with XM radio.
    My renewal came up and after many attempts to go online to renew I called xm as the online account does not work.
    I at this time spoke to a person telling me I could go online to update but still online does not work.
    I call xm again and speak to Kathy who was very pleasant and very good a sales as I by this time no longer want the service as I am wasting to much time trying to get it. Kathy convinces me to stay as I do love the radio and charges my visa and we are good to go... so I think.
    I continue to get a call EARLY in the morning and through out the days from a Dave and Brad 676-030 whom have harassed me to no end saying I haven't paid. They tell me to stop the harrasment I need to call another number get the person I speak to employee ID and then call them back with the information. Instead of them checking into their records to find out the correct account information.
    I have called xm radio many times...
    Kathy, convinced me to continue with the service and that I would have no more harassment. Silly me I didn't get anything but a charge to my Visa.
    Katelynn, very sympathetic to my situation. I asked her to remove anything I have to do with XM so that maybe the harassment will stop. She assures me that she has closed my account, given me a credit back on my card and have put me on a do not call list. But the harassing calls continue I try not to answer them now as its become ridiculous.
    Brad 676-030 calls at which I am at my breaking point and he tells me that he will continue to harass me.
    I again call and get employee #0872, she tells she is a supervisor and again is very polite and sympathetic. She does not know how to make the harassment stop but said she will send a email to the Head Office. There is no phone number to the corporate office as I would love to talk to them.
    So after all said and done... I no longer have xm radio which is a service I loved but because the company running it is so inadequate. I will be sure to warn anyone who is thinking about getting xm radio Canada the nightmare I have experienced. I have spent an unbelievable amount of hours on hold, been woken by harassing calls who don't believe that there must be an error on their part as my account it taken care of and actually now cancelled. I have been promised on every call that an manager would call me and discuss how I can make this stop. Never have I gotten a call.
    Unbeilable that a company can act in this way. I would appreciate if some has any suggestions on how to make this nightmare end!!

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