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Complaints & Reviews

Over billing for services

Do not give them your credit card number. They will promise you the world to resubscribe then when you see your credit card bill it's way over what you authorized and the charges keep getting added to your card. You do not have any proof of what you agreed to and there is nothing you can do to stop it except cancele your card. Tell them to send you a statement and you will pay with a check then you have a copy of your agreement. They put you on hold till you give up and the custome service people are professional scam artist. I feel like I bought into the mob!! I was a member of xm for 3 years and my problems started when it came time to renew.

  • Valerie Oct 13, 2008

    Never ever buy Sirius Radio's life time membership. Once bought you don't exist. I payed $594 and have never received any service from them. For some reason my password will not access their internet radio - and they don't care - because they have my money. I have spoken several times to their customer no service and it's always "we will get back with you" but they never do. The unit is in a motorhome so it is only available when traveling and right now we are stuck at home. We were looking forward to using the internet radio but they won't turn it on for us. Never ever pay up front. They really don't care.

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  • Ga
    Gary Hamby Mar 30, 2009

    Words fail me to describe the horrible experience I have had with Sirius Radio. The consistency of inept customer service reps cannot be by coincidence only. The amazing pattern of taking a call, hearing the customer state the nature of the call, apologize for the problem, and then putting the customer on hold, never to come back to them, is beyond belief. I have called, spoken to a service rep, then put on hold, talked to another service rep, and put on hold again, four times in a row. Each service rep started over as if they were the first to take my call. This is a consistent pattern I have experienced several times. This must be a company sanctioned procedure intended to cause customers to hang up the phone and not cause Sirius to have to respond to customer calls. I would gladly participate in a class-action suit against Sirius for fraudulent warranty claims.

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  • Lo
    lolaone Oct 09, 2009

    My husband purchased Sirius radio for me 3 years ago. In the beginning I loved it however, NOW the radio stations have these irriating "radio personalities".. talking while songs are beginning OR giving their "take" on the songs they are going to play! WTF!!! I wanted Sirius because there were no bull ### 'disc jockeys' yacking in my ear. I'm tired of it, and even though I love Howard Stern his show is nothing but re hashing old conversation..from YEARS AGO (I listened to him since 1983) Plus Howard Stern show is slowly becoming a love fest.
    I just purchased an I-Pod and when December comes along I'll be stopping my Sirius sub. - times are tough and Sirius is not worth it - there is NOTHING Unique about it ANYMORE.

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  • harry_palm69 Dec 27, 2009

    WGAS / WGAF ... log on sternfannetwork and tell everyone about your problems. they will love to hear from you...
    one more thing :


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  • Ri
    Richard Yale Mar 03, 2010

    I hear you. I have been doing battle with these ridiculous people for two years, just again today. I suggest you go on line, and file a complaints with your State's Atty. General's Office. That office usually has a consumer complaints division. That is a good place to start. They are usually able to get the attention of these companies who lace brain cells! I just made a complaint on this website today about Sirius, and while on hold with them for over an hour, this time, did the on line complaint to the State. I really think someone out there needs to initiate a class action lawsuit against Sirius and put an end to their arbitrary and incorrect billings and refusal to deal with their internal problems. It is all at our expense!!! They have billed me incorrectly many, many times, changed my subscription date, several times. separated my multiple radios into separate bills at full price, then when they finally fix the problem and issue a credit, they changed my renewal date to the day I called to get them straightened out... How can they still be in business????? One last comment. I was offered a "free" radio, which ended up costing me $74.00 plus another subscription. I think their stupidity is a scam and they are in the business of ripping consumers off...

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  • Lu
    Lukoviane Mar 02, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sirius may have decent music selection, but their customer service is beyond horrible.

    They have you on hold on average of 40 minutes with horrendous elevator music.

    When someone finally answered my call, I asked if they were short staffed. She said "No. A 40 to 60 minute wait time is acceptable to them".

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Before you consider signing up with satellite radio, please read this.

When Sirius and XM merged, they increased their rates by 40%. They did this by passing on their royalties tax on to the customers.

We had fulfilled our commitment, and we decided to cancel. Let me tell you how difficult it is to cancel your radio service.

I called their 800 number, waited on hold for 15 minutes, they hung up on me.

I called them again, waited 12 minute on hold, and finally talked to a customer rep. I explained that I wanted to cancel. I thought after some discussion that I had cancelled my service. Two weeeks later I received a bill for 1, year service in the mail.

I wrote "please cancel my service" and sent it back to XM. Two weeks later I received a second bill. I wrote "please cancell my service" on the bill and sent it in. One month later I received another bill for 1, year of service. I called the 800 number to have the problem taken care of. I waited on hold for 15 minutes and they hung up on me. I tried again and after several minutes I reached a customer rep. She told me that I owed the a bill for 6, months but she would cancel my service. For all of these months I did not have a receiver connected so I was not using the service. They turned the bill in to a collection agency stating that I did not attempt to cancell the service.

XM / Sirius Probabily adopted the Hotel California song as there own. (You can check out any time you like, but you cannot ever leave.

Consider this before you subscribe to satellite radio, "Do I have the time to cancel my service when my comittment is up?"

  • Dr
    DrTXBubba Aug 01, 2010

    Similar experience except they chose to charge our credit card again for 1 year service after we canceled our service and did not inform us. Three phone calls of 15+ minutes apiece, two hangups when I was not mollified by "let me give you $30 off your service (which I did not want) for your trouble" and finally "the problem is we cannot charge your credit card (and then they charged it twice for more than $200.

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Resolved Customer Service

I've been a subscriber to Sirius for 2 years. The programming has gotten progressively worse. So bad that I end up turning Sirius off and resorting to free commerical radio!!! HOW BAD IS THAT???

The problem is Sirius doesn't care about the customer. Everytime I call to ask for a customer satisfaction survey they say "it's on the way" and I never, ever get one!!

I'm not planning to renew my subscription when it comes due at the end of the year. This is definately a company that will only respond when the $$$ goes away!!!

  • An
    andy Mar 23, 2009

    The customer service at Sirius sucks. Although i have had little trouble over my 2 yr subscription, this mornings 1 1/2 hr call (so far) is a nightmare.
    - sirius site opens ok, player wont launch however
    -called rep who promtly told me to reboot (what a crock)
    -on hold 15min
    -asked for a supervisor
    -on hold 20 min, then Laura in billing dept picks up my call...huh? wtf?
    -called back, got Rafeal..how lucky am i?
    -told the server is slow do to customer line quality upgrades, how come the first guy didn't know that? (it was probably the same guy anyway)
    -asked again for a supervisor on hold again forever, been 25 minutes already.
    -ACD on hold timer just keeps getting reset by someone..another 15 min
    -called back main help line ..another 15min or more, i've lost track..now i'm just waiting.
    -got Judith this time, how lucky am i? i finally get Frances the supervisor, who promptly apologizes and gives me a $3.00 credit. It has now been over 2 hrs

    -the people chiming in who say theres no customer service issue at Sirius need to stop playing on the adult sites, and go back to "my space"

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stay away

In December of 2007 I bought 2 Sirius Radios and a 1 year subscription for each. One of the radios was never used or installed. The other I used in my home and car and loved the programming.

Shortly before the year was up, I received what appeared to be a programming guide. It was slick print with pictures of Howard and Martha on the front. Somewhere in the middle of the programming guide was some fine print. Fine print always aroused my curiosity. It was so small I had to get a magnifying glass to read it. What it said was that the brochure was notice that if I did not cancel, my subscription would be renewed automatically for another year.

Obviously I did not want to renew both subscriptions, but I thought that hiding a formal notice inside of a program guide was un-ethical. So I called and cancelled both subscriptions. I would have renewed one of the radios if they had simply sent me a regular letter saying what the brocure said in microscopic print.

The following month I was charged about $300 for renewing both of the subscriptions. I spent hours and days trying to get someone to correct the billing. Finally, I gave up and disputed the charge with my credit card company.

Fast forward to May 2010. I received a letter for Sirius XM offering 5 months for $20 to re-activate my old radio. I was hesitant after the last experience, but I liked the programming and I thought it would be nice to have Sirius out by the pool. After all, XM merged with them, things must have been straightened out by now.

On June 7th, I called to take them up on the offer. The connection was so bad they hung up on me. I called again, but the operator told me that I could only have semi-annual billing, not quarterly as was described in bold faced microscopic print at the bottom of the letter I received. He transferred me to customer service, but after 20 minutes they never answered. So I decided to give it one more try. That was a regrettable mistake.

Charles was very co-operative and said that it would be a quarterly charge of $38.85 and that the other operator didn't know what he was talking about. He told me that there was a message on my receiver channel 184 that would go away sometime between 5 and 20 minutes.

About 45 minutes later I called customer service and waited and waited only to be told that Charles didn't know what he was talking about. Supposedly, that message is there all the time so you always know what number to call for customer service.

A few days later I logged into my on-line account and discovered that Charles had signed me up for semi-annual billing, which I emphatically told him I did not want.

So I went to my Sirius radio and tuned to channel 184 expecting to see a customer service phone number, but it wasn't there.

I attempted several times to reach customer service, but they just don't answer the phone. I sent two emails that received no reply. By then, I was determined to cancel the service and eat the $23.05 I had just paid. I would gladly pay $23.05 to be rid of this company.

I was determined to cancel, so I went through the robotic operator that can't understand anything that I said and after about 30 minutes an operator came on the line and told me she could not accept my cancellation because she is in the activation department. She assured me that she would personally talk to customer service and personally send me a confirmation of my cancellation. In fact, all she did was transfer me to customer service and they knew nothing about why I was calling. When I asked if the previous operator had explained why I was calling, she said, "no" and hung up on me. That was another 38 minutes!

So now I have given up on calling and emails. I am first going to file a complaint with the FTC and then send a letter to both customer service and the legal department requesting cancellation. If I am billed again, I will simply dispute the charges with the credit card company.

I don't understand why a company with such an outstanding product is so hell-bent on turning happy customers into unhappy customers through what I believe are sleazy and underhanded billing practices and unbelievably poor customer service.

Mission accomplished: after just 10 days I want to cancel a good product and forfeit the money I paid for 5 months of service. WTF? Woe be the day I ever got involved with this company.

refuse to correct their own error

I had an annual subscription to Sirius from March 2009 through Feb 2010. On Feb. 6th, 2010 I called Sirius and cancelled my renewal so I would not be billed for another year. This part was sucessful. However, the phone clerk put a wrong date or something into their system and they charged me a $75 cancellation fee. I was never notified of this charge until I received a collection notice from EOS CCA saying I now owed them $80 as Sirius had assigned the debt to them. I immediately called Sirius to figure out what was wrong. The call center worker explained that their system showed I had indeed called on the above date and that they had made an entry error that resulted in an early termination fee. He then went on to say that he couldn't do anything about it and I had to call the collection agency to correct their error. Fine, I have now tried several times, spending over three hours on the phone, to contact EOS CCA to find out how they can correct Sirius' error and remove the negative credit report from my credit score. I cannot get anyone on the phone. I tried to then e-mail Sirius customer service, surely if I explained all of the situation and they could check the computer records they could resolve the issue. I received a response back that was more of the same "sorry, our fault, but we aren't going to do anything more because it is in collections, too bad" How can a company function like this, do they not have a single person working there that can think that maybe they should correct this issue instead of continuing to make me be further inconvenienced. Never, Never, Never have any dealings with this company, they have zero customer service.

  • Su
    SueJohnson Jun 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Why hasn't there been a class action lawsuit against this company yet? I too have been overcharged by XM. Of course their retention department suckered me into another 6 months trial. They quoted me a decent price only to find out 2 days later that the charge was almost double what they quoted me. The best part is...they agreed they overcharged me. I told them to refund the difference. They put a credit on my XM account. 3 phone calls and 2 emails later, after them telling me they would apply that credit back to my credit card...I finally get a supervisor (so she said)...and she tells me that the charge is non-refundable and that she would have to send the information to their outside company that handles refunds to consumers credit cards and see if they could help. And of course that would take another 7 to 10 days. I have no intention of continuing any service with XM. And I will get my money back. Their error, they admitted it, a refund is due me, not my XM account. If their "outside company" doesn't fix the problem, I'll have my credit card company handle the situation for me. They'll get it back from them for sure. Never, never use a debit card. You have no recourse. A major credit card however, you have a fighting chance. Beware of XM's unlawfull practices. A class action should be brought against them.

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they just lost out a potential customer along w/ leaving a horrible impression on an already active user

I had a horrible experience with sirius - it started last friday when I was on hold to speak with a representative for 30 minutes. I tried calling again today and was put on hold by a representative for 20+ minutes - I was surprised when the phone rang and I got a new rep who had no idea why I was calling. Needless to say I was not happy. I was calling to activate a free radio subcription for my mom that was activated w/o her knowledge by the dealership she bought it from and she lost out on the free 6 month trial. I wanted to actually get the free trial, but was told by sirius that was not an option. I have been a long time sirius subscriber and they just lost out on a potential customer along w/ leaving a horrible impression on an already active user.

At this moment - I loathe sirius's call center and customer service.

  • Au
    audrey.synn Jan 12, 2011

    if we dont make any sense on the phones its because
    A: We are sooooo tired of explaining the SAME thing to 500 pissed off people who just argue with us and expect us to bend company policies. As if we have an "erase bill" or "refund all the money" button we can just click to make all your problems magically go away.

    B: We are all REALLY high. or drunk. or tweaked the ### out. some of us havn't slept in 2 or 3 days. We may place you on hold to go snort some crystal meth in the bathrooms.

    C: You people are RUDE. You call cussing and hollering. as if thats going to get you anywhere. AHAHA. We just hang up on you or transfer you to the spanish department. We sooo do not have to put up with your ###.

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I called Sirius to see about getting our subscription fees reduced due to the fact that they were beyond unreasonable. The CSR talked me into getting a Lifetime subscription, which would lower the annual fee based on the numbers he gave me. We have two radios, one primary and one secondary. He told me that we could do 5 monthly installments to pay for the subscription. The primary radio was to be $84.00 and the secondary was to be $65.00 which would total $149.00 per month for the next five months. I thought I got all the details. He said that included all "taxes and fees". The subscription was non cancellable and non refundable which was fine. He also said it was non transferrable, and went on to explain that if we sold the car to someone the buyer wouldn't be able to take the subscription. Made sense. So, I agreed and gave them my debit card number. The first charge came in about 5 minutes later at $255.00! I immediately called and tried to get a resolution but of course was sent to a different CSR that said there were taxes and fees involved. I told her that the call was recorded by them and that she could go back and listen to what I was told. She said they could do a reverse debit, which would take 7-10 business days and the account would be closed, blah blah blah. I said nevermind, just tell me what my fees will be from here on out. The answer was $149, that the initial payment included all the fees. The next month I get hit with $174.00, and the three subsequent months were $194.00. I knew that there was nothing I could do after the second month so I just let it go. However, I am warning everyone to GET IT IN WRITING if you deal with Sirius. Also, back to the non transferrable thing, if you get a new vehicle (which everyone does eventually) the "non transferrable" thing doesn't apply to the buyer of your car. It applies to YOU! You cannot continue service with your existing radio without having to pay for another lifetime subscription if you trade or sell your car.


If you can avoid XM Radio- do it. find something online, find something streaming, find something anywhere...

Resolved ripped me off

I have a 2005 Mercedes Benz that I purchased on 6/1/2006 and it came with one year of free Sirius radio everything. On 6/1 2007 I became a paying customer for this service. On May 28, 2009 I decided to go to mostly music on my radio which I did with a CS person over the phone and paid 1 year for my service which ran 6/1/2009 through 5/31/2010. In November of 2009 I looked at my account online and it was screwed up with my service dates so I called to get it straightened out. After talking to 3 CS people I finally asked for a supervisor. He apologized and told me he would fix the problem. In doing that he gave me a credit because I was so angry at the poor quality of their CS people. In April 2010 I started receiving emails and phone calls telling me my free service was ending on 5/15/2010. After numerous calls and about 3 frustrating hours over several weeks talking to their poor English speaking and understanding CS people and their supervisors my radio was cut off. I called the day the radio was cut off and again talked to 3 different CS people and 2 supervisors who tried to reactivate my radio to no success. The last supervisor still did not get it that I was a paying customer with a service paid through the end of May of 2010 with a Credit of $58.69 on my account that I could see online. About an hour after I told the last person I spoke with and had been on the phone with for 2 hours, my radio was activated again. I told the last person I spoke with that since she could not get the service activated then they had lost me forever and I would make sure as many people as possible knew what a nightmare they are to deal with. I even asked one young lady on the phone if she talked to a lot of angry customers and she said yes, every day. I called their corporate HQ in New York and a very rude operator answered the phone and told me repeatedly that I needed to call CS and refused to put me through to anyone in their corporate HQ. Obviously they know they have a problem and do everything to avoid dealing with it.

I now have a radio back but who knows when they will cut it off again. I am left with a credit on my account of $58.69 but do not trust them to give them a credit card number and work out the numbers so I am not going to renew with Sirius after spending 7 months trying to get my service dates and their screw up fixed.

  • Au
    audrey.synn Jan 12, 2011

    if we dont make any sense on the phones its because
    A: We are sooooo tired of explaining the SAME thing to 500 pissed off people who just argue with us and expect us to bend company policies. As if we have an "erase bill" or "refund all the money" button we can just click to make all your problems magically go away.

    B: We are all REALLY high. or drunk. or tweaked the ### out. some of us havn't slept in 2 or 3 days. We may place you on hold to go snort some crystal meth in the bathrooms.

    C: You people are RUDE. You call cussing and hollering. as if thats going to get you anywhere. AHAHA. We just hang up on you or transfer you to the spanish department. We sooo do not have to put up with your ###.

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Resolved wrongful assignment to collections

I had an annual subscription to Sirius spanning from March 09 to Feb 10. On February 6th, 2010 I called Sirius to cancel my subscription, which they sucessfully did. However, they also charged me an early termination fee of $75 because the phone clerk didn't put the correct cancellation effective date. During this time I switched my cable provider and internet carrier to AT&T. I didn't receive any further notices until I was notified by EOS CCA (a collection agency) that Sirius had turned my unpaid account over to them and I now owed $80. I have tried to call Sirius, they said even though it was their error, they cannot do anything and I have to deal with the collection agency. I have tried for over three hours (on hold) to contact someone at the collection agency that can correct this, to no avail. This is what you have to look forward to with your dealings with Sirius. I thought maybe an e-mail to their customer service department that explained all of the situation, with the details, that they could correct their error without further wasted time being necessary on my part. Their reply back was the same "don't bother us, we don't want to deal with it, you aren't a customer" response that their phone center gave me. How can a company expect to stay in business treating people this way? Completely inexcusable.

if they ruin my perfect credit, I will do my best to ruin them

In the years I’ve subscribed to Sirius, paying in advance for service was always the standard. In 2008 I started having difficulty with my signal. It would cut in and out just a bit at first, then over several months it happened constantly. I made multiple calls to Sirius who would generate a “signal boost” in my zip code area. This would help somewhat, but eventually it would get so bad again I just shut my radio off. Even after spending $90.00 on a Sirius signal booster from Circuit City, the improvement was minimal at best. Sirius eventually said my radio was out of date and I needed to purchase new equipment. Since the last part of 2008, I quit using my Sirius all together, even though I had paid in advance for the service I was no longer using! When I received renewal information in 2009, I did not respond because I was not going to invest money in another year of poor service and excuses.

I spoke with a Sirius representative 4-5 weeks ago, explained my situation and he thanked me for my years of service. To my horror, last week I received a COLLECTION NOTICE in the mail for $31.12! The customer service rep didn’t bother to say anything about what they were doing on my account; he only wanted me to renew service!

I called Sirius and spoke with 2 customer service reps and a supervisor who would not escalate my call any further saying “managers above me don’t talk with customers”. They refused to do anything to correct the outstanding balance saying it was my fault that I did not call them to discontinue service; therefore I was charged for 2 additional months of service after my account expired. When I did not pay for the additional 2 months of service, they turned me over to a collection agency.

They said they didn’t need my approval to continue my service since this was “their policy” and I should have called to cancel. I asked them to either remove the charges or provided me with a copy of a binding contract under my signature that allowed an automatic continuation of service. Once again, they said they didn’t need a signed contract to continue my service.

I refuse to pay for extortion! If they ruin my perfect credit, I will do my best to ruin them! Maybe they will stop defrauding people if we slap them with a class action suit! If you know of one that has been initiated, please post it on this site.

  • Kh
    khsjeepr Apr 20, 2010

    EXACT thing just happened to me. I just received a collection notice in the mail for two months of service that I didn't want nor pay for. I was given the runaround by two Sirius employees when I called to dispute the charges. After asking to speak to a supervisor, they transfer me to another department. Completely outrageous... How do you intend to dispute the charges? Of course, it's in the collection agency's hands now so Sirius tells me to call them. I'm sure that will be a complete waste of time and effort too...

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  • Mh
    mhafer Jun 26, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm now having the exact same issue. Wondering whatever happened in the above cases

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Resolved terrible service

I bought a new vehicle in Colorado and I live in Kansas. The new vehicle came with a Sirius radio component. I called this company at the above phone number 4 times to see if the previous owner still had an account and/or if I could start up an account in my name. The first 3 times I called, I couldn't hear the rep with all the loud noise in the background. The rep obviously couldn't hear me either as they kept saying things that I had not even said myself. The 4th call, I requested a manager and got "Adam" if that was his real name. When I attempted again to share the problems I'd been having and ask the questions I needed to ask, there was such terrible loud noise in the background, I once again couldn't hear. Finally, I asked if the call center I was connected to was in the United States and was told no, it was in Cairo, Eqypt. This is terrible service. Adam too started stating things to me that I had not even said. Sirius Radio, what is wrong with you?

Resolved automatic subscription renewal

I made a startling discovery as I was checking one of my credit card accounts this morning. A $767 charge from Sirius XM Radio. I started an account with them in 2003 after the trial period was up in a new vehicle I had purchased. I liked it enough that I eventually purchased a second tuner, which was billed on a month to month basis, and even purchased a 5 year subscription for the first radio. As time went on the subscription rate on the second radio kept increasing, but I continued the subscription anyway. This morning was the last straw, however, when they (Sirius XM) took it upon themselves to hit me with a charge for another 5 year subscription without even asking if I wanted it. Consequently, I decided to sever ties with Sirius XM completely, and I immediately called and canceled both subscriptions. Sirius XM has had a real problem with increased rates primarily because they insist on paying millions of dollars to broadcast inane programming from the likes of Howard stern Oprah, Martha Stewart, and the like. bottom line is, they spend money like a bunch of drunken sailors and then expect everyone else to pay for it. Well, I'm not gonna any more!

incessant telemarketing calls

I've been getting a couple calls a day every day from [protected]. I got Sirius satellite radio free for six months in my new Volkswagen Eos. In February they started calling to remind me that my free subscription was going to run out. Now in March they keep calling but do not leave any messages. I created a custom voicemail for [protected] that asks them to remove me from their caller list and to stop calling me. So far it has not worked.

Googling [protected], I see that I'm not the only person that Sirius XM hounds with incessant phone calls. I blogged about this issue yesterday at http://www.davidlauri.com/blog/tag-Sirius.

I tried using the E-mail Customer Care form on http://www.sirius.com to let them know about this issue, but the e-mail address to which their web form is connected doesn't even work, e-mailing me this bounce message:
550 5.4.1 [protected]@siriusxm.com: Recipient address rejected: Access Denied

Resolved subsequent insufficient funds charges

I have spent several hours on the phone since June 13, 2009 talking to customer service reps, supervisors, billing reps, supervisors trying to get to the bottom of and recieve a refund for illicit removal of funds from my checking acct. and subsequent insufficient funds charges. My bank will reverse the charges when sirius refunds my money. Thus far in the past several weeks I have spent more than five hours on the phone and spoken to more than a dozen Sirius Sattelite radio people who have all assured me that the money would be refunded but the money has not been returned to my acct. The trouble they have caused me and the subsequent domino effect is of no concern to them. They have not offered anything in the way of compensation at all. They only keep saying they are sorry and that it is fixed, except there is no money appearing in my acct. so obviously it is not fixed.

  • Au
    audrey.synn Jan 12, 2011

    if we dont make any sense on the phones its because
    A: We are sooooo tired of explaining the SAME thing to 500 pissed off people who just argue with us and expect us to bend company policies. As if we have an "erase bill" or "refund all the money" button we can just click to make all your problems magically go away.

    B: We are all REALLY high. or drunk. or tweaked the [censor] out. some of us havn't slept in 2 or 3 days. We may place you on hold to go snort some crystal meth in the bathrooms.

    C: You people are RUDE. You call cussing and hollering. as if thats going to get you anywhere. AHAHA. We just hang up on you or transfer you to the spanish department. We sooo do not have to put up with your [censor].

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Resolved Complete rip off

XM - My radio hasn't worked in 4 years. They continued to charge me and say they didn't receive my cancellation. They have the worst customer service (unless we're talking credit card companies).They say they know I haven't used my radio but still kept my money. I asked to talk to someone who could resolve the issue, and I was told they don't have anyone like that. (apparently the CEO is useless as well). XM isn't worth the $100+ for the 5 channels you listen to. Let' put them out of business. They promised to call me back several times and didn't. They say they left messages and didn't. From my experience, they are cheats and liars.

  • Ga
    Gator21 Apr 17, 2010

    I am with you. How about I paid for my year of service, cancelled it, they shut-off my service/signal and say they have no record of the request to cancel and starting billing me again and if I want to turn it back on, I have a balance. I owe them money. R u kidding me...Screw them...Stern, Oprah, MadDog and everyone on satellite are sell-out rip-off artists. Oh yeah and when they tried to send me a bill for the balance, they add a Franchise Music Fee now because NAPSTER is cutting into the record company's profits.

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  • Na
    NASHDRIFTER May 06, 2010

    Same problems as above. I called to cancel and stupid me let them talk me into 3 FREE months of service (which I didnt even use)I then turned around and cancelled the service after that. I am bad about keeping up with my auto debits somewhat and noticed about 8 months after my free 3 months I was still being charged. I called and was told they knew I hadnt been using the service ( I had thrown out my XM rado) and I could cancel but still owed them something like 70 some odd dollars. Also they had no record of my cancellation. I replied then if I hadnt tried to cancel why would you have offered me 3 free months. So I paid for a years worth of service I never received . Buyer BEWARE of XM.

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Resolved billing errors

I have just gotten off the phone with Sirius Radio for the SIXTH time to address their billing errors. I bought two cars the same day, both of which came with one year "Free" Sirius radio. When my 1st year was up, I received two separate bills, each for full price. I called Sirius and asked why they did not bill both together, since I took delivery on both, the exact same day. They told me I was correct and that the "second" radio would be 1/2 price. I finally got a corrected bill, paid it in full and thought I would be ok for another year. Since then, Sirius has split the radios, THREE times, took off the GPS traffic feature on one of the units and changed my due date three times. I have called each time to get the incorrect billing corrected and just get a run-around! After two calls in the past two weeks, TWO supervisors later, I have been given three different due dates, received a corrected invoice/statement which is back dated two weeks ago, stating that it is past due, with an orange notice in huge letters saying I am past due and my service is about to be discontinued. I called again today and was told to ignore the "past due" comment and the orange notice, as their billing dept., made so many errors. The invoice says I am due Feb 18th, that was over two weeks ago. The Sirius "automated customer service line" says I am due on 4/02, and the Customer Svc., Rep and the Supvr tell me I am due on 3/18... They keep telling me that each time I call it changes my due date... .The ONLY reason I call these ###s is to attempt to correct their bogus bills and arbitrary due dates. When I do so, they take the day I call and make that the anniversary date for my subscription. I have just made a complaint to our State Attorney General's Office, Consumer Complaints Division and hope to get this straightened out once and for all. They employ idiots in Cust. Svc., who when called, begin to out-shout you, insist that "their records say" and leave you no option but to ask for a Supervisor, who is about as useless as the whole process. My advice to EVERYONE is to steer clear of Sirius, they send out bogus bills, shut off notices that they tell you to ignore because they are sent in error, and then change your renewal dates at random... .I have read many other complaints about their billling. It seems to me that a class-action is about the only thing that will get anyones attention at this ridiculous excuse for an entertainment company. Even the Supervisors are full of attitude and lack training!!! BEWARE. Would like to hear from anyone else who shares similar problems with these people...

Resolved double thumbs down for sirius sat. radio

Sirius has been the worst company I have ever dealt with for customer service calls. They make your cable company seem like a walk in the park. I would rather call the Dell Computers Tech Support line in India than deal with these people.

Their call center is staffed with people that dont know how to do anything, they have to ask, everytime they have to ask, its 15 minutes hold every time they have to do this. So this is my second day on the phone with them. I decided to just wait it out as a project and see how long this really takes. 4 hours yesterday and 1hr. 27min. today. This is how long it takes to have your service switched to your new truck.
It wouldnt be so bad if they didnt constantly over the last 5 years of my service (pre-paid lifetime) make mistakes on my account that resulted in it being turned off and requiring me to call and have them fix. You would think that if you had enough faith in the company to purchase a lifetime subscription with them, you would be treated as a priority. The opposite is true for Sirius, since you already paid and your money cant be refunded, you are put on the back burner so they can handle the problems of the people whos money they still stand to loose.

Double thumbs down for Sirius Sat. Radio!!

  • Au
    audrey.synn Jan 12, 2011

    if we dont make any sense on the phones its because
    A: We are sooooo tired of explaining the SAME thing to 500 pissed off people who just argue with us and expect us to bend company policies. As if we have an "erase bill" or "refund all the money" button we can just click to make all your problems magically go away.

    B: We are all REALLY high. or drunk. or tweaked the [censor] out. some of us havn't slept in 2 or 3 days. We may place you on hold to go snort some crystal meth in the bathrooms.

    C: You people are RUDE. You call cussing and hollering. as if thats going to get you anywhere. AHAHA. We just hang up on you or transfer you to the spanish department. We sooo do not have to put up with your [censor].

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  • Pa
    paige617 Feb 11, 2011

    I'm not sure what the hell is up with the last person who posted on here, but i work for sirius. Yes, being on hold takes a long time. But we're not stupid. If you paid attention to anything they said when you called in, we never cut the service off on a lifetime subscription, YOU LOST YOUR SIGNAL. Why the [censor] would we cut your service off so another one of us has to talk to you, you arrogant [censor].

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Resolved Refund

I cancelled my XM Radio on one of my vehicles about 2 months after I originally renewed it because I ended up selling that vehicle. This was on November 10th, I called and spoke with Frank (yah, right) in the West center, Texas I think he said. He told me my refund would be credited in 2 weeks. Well, I was patient and waited until after Christmas and then called again.

This time I was told they do not see a refund on my account!! We're talking about $149.40, not the end of the world but I want my money!! So I go round and round with a guy named Omar, he won't send me to a manager!!! He said he'll submit the refund request again and gave me a reference #, so I wait another month.

I called again on January 20, 2010 and they said my refund is still pending!!! WTH!?? So at this time they tell me there's nothing they can do because it's in the system. I finally get to a "manager" and he tells me that he can't do anything about it because it's "Pending" in the system and tells me billing will call me in 24 hours. Guess what, they never called!!

So fast forward to today, 2/25/2010, still nothing. No call, no refund, nada. So I call twice this morning, as soon as someone answers and says this is so and so from XM radio the line drops dead, (I'm on a land line) so basically the reps are seeing my account and saying, "Screw this i'm not dealing with this..." or I'm sure something like that.

So now I'm on the phone with Jean A. and she is telling me that I have a credit on my account for $149.40, so I guess Omar and Frank lied to me that I had a refund pending.

She says my credit will be good for next renewal and she's going to give me $50 credit to cover my year renewal and my premium online. I asked for this in writing and she said 7-10 days, so we'll see.

Good luck to anyone who needs a refund. We're kinda screwed here because XM and Sirius radio are merged now, so there's no choice but to stick with it. Keep at it, eventually someone will try and help. We'll see if Jean A. made a difference or not.

  • An
    anrk Mar 12, 2010

    I'm having the exact same problem. I canceled three months ago, and am owed about $150. I have called six times, and keep being told the refund is being "processed." Like the first poster, I have been given a reference number and told that someone will call me. (Of course, no one ever does).

    Sounds like we might have a good class action lawsuit here if XM has a policy of not paying refunds.

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Resolved Overcharged Account For Years

After buying and returning one of their radios (which was the worst purchase I’d ever made but...