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Sirius XM Radio complaints 206

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sirius XM Radio - Phone line for customer service/care

I have tried on several evenings/late afternoons/mid day (different times) to get through on XM's satellite radio customer service line/customer care phone number provided in their literature I...

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Sirius XM Radio - Refusal to honor free installation promotion

after purchase of a vehicle without satellite radio capability, a representative of XM radio offered a promotional radio for $20 with free installation at any Best Buy installation center. I accepted...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sirius XM Radio - Unethical practices

Despite repeated requests, Sirius Radio continues to call via its telemarketing vendor trying to get me to subscribe to their service(s). I have, on at least four occasions, told the person calling that I was not interested, that they should not call again, that they should remove me from their call list, that the phone number they are calling is on the National Do Not Call List. On the last and most recent call of this date I asked the caller if he was an employee of Sirius Radio, he stated that he was. Upon further questioning he admitted that he worked for a third party marketing firm. I asked if he was paid directly by Sirius Radio, he answered affirmatively. Upon further questioning he then said he was paid by the telemarketer. I asked for his name and i.d. number, he hung up. I have sent two emails to the President of Sirius Radio at Michael Langford mel.[protected] He has not responded.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sirius XM Radio - Billing and customer service

I received several emails from Sirius that they couldn’t bill my credit card because it was expired. I didn’t have an auto-renewal on the account and when I purchased the service, I paid for 3 years. Two years into the service they are saying they need to bill me to renew it, which was what the auto-renewal bill was for. I repeat I did not have an auto-renewal on the plan, I never agree to those terms.

Since I paid for three years and they were billing me at the two year mark I decided to cancel my service since I don’t want to work with such a disreputable company. I called them to make sure they understood to cancel my service. The representative I got barely understood English but I tried to explain I wanted to cancel my service. Instead he insisted that he would give me 5 months for some price, I told him I had no interest in continuing the service. After quite an ordeal I thought he understood what I was saying. This was Feb 15th.

On March 19, after receiving several emails saying they were still trying to charge my credit card, I called them back to see why they haven’t canceled my service. I waited 20 minute for a representative to answer. They said they were trying to bill me for the service and did I want to cancel the service. By this time I didn’t even own the vehicle anymore and told them so. After the conversation they asked me what I wanted to do. Again trying to explain I didn’t have the vehicle (and I wanted to active a new vehicle) and cancelled the service back in Feb they still were asking what I wanted to do. I couldn’t seem to get it across to the representative (again didn’t understand English) that I didn’t want the service, was not going to pay for the service on that vehicle and I didn’t own the vehicle anymore. The representative then asked if I wanted to speak to a supervisor to cancel my service and I told them I definitely wanted to speak to them.

The supervisor got on the phone (after a 10 minute wait) and asked what they could do for me. I went through the whole scenario again and she asked me what I wanted to do. So I went through the whole thing again and still never seemed to get it across to her (she did not understand English any better than the others). The supervisor finally said let me transfer you to a supervisor to cancel your service and put me back on hold without even trying to understand what I was trying to say and that I wanted to activate a different vehicle. I waited on hold for another 20 minutes with no answer I finally hung up.

I still don’t have resolution on the ordeal. I was actually calling to activate my new car as well as figure out what was going on with the vehicle that I no longer owned, but ended up with no resolution on the issue and no service on the new car.

From my perspective Sirius is the worst ran company and the worst customer service I have ever had the unfortunate dealings with. Even trying to give them business they weren’t able to understand what I was asking for or trying to explain.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sirius XM Radio - Unable or unwilling to process new subscribers

Even though this company has an an active website which invites new accounts, I have found it impossible to subscribe as a new customer. My experience would sound humorous were it part of a Monty Python sketch, but in reality is a waste of time and very frustrating. Before I tried another attempt maybe next month, I started to wonder if they were that bad to deal with when they had not got my credit card number, what might it be like if I became successful at signing on as a customer. With that in mind my research led me to this board and saved me from becoming another victim thanks it's contributors.
My experience was that over the last year or so I have visited their website in an attempt to subscribe, but each time there has been a statement that none of the radios were available. I recently checked it again and the site at last stated an in stock condition, so I started the order procedure only to be foiled at the shopping cart stage with a new "out of stock" notation. I then phoned XM and tried to find out when and if they would be in stock and even though I had explained that I wanted to subscribe I wanted to order both subscription and radio at the same time. they stated that they had to have the serial no in order to activate the radio. I reiterated my request and reasoned with them that a subscription was no good to me without a radio, and when might they be available. The person was very difficult to understand as English was not his native language, but did not want to listen when I kept asking him when the radio would be available as this seemed irrelevant to him. We just kept going in circles, so I hung up. Thinking that maybe he was the janitor I tried calling back about half hour later, but just prior to this opened their web page, and this time it did state "unavailable' on the product page. Bottom line was that although I got through to a different person I had very much a similar experience to the first one, but in the end did tell me that the radios would be available the following morning. I told him in that case I will place an order the next day through their website once I verified availability there.

The next day sure enough the website again stated "unavailable". I thought I would call one last time and it was answered by a woman who acted just as stupid as the other two men. I asked to speak to a supervisor and after another five minutes on hold another man came on the line, who again had difficulty with the language and once again asked be for the number on the radio, so we went through the whole thing another time. He then said that the radio was available and then changed his mind saying it was not but they had another model. I asked what was different about it to the one I had been trying to order and he told me he did not know. I asked him if I would be able to connect it with my home stereo receiver without having to buy and extras like powersupplies or antenna. He replied that it would work ok. However the price was nearly double that of the one that was still unavailable, so I again asked him what made it worth the extra. I then started to realize that by continuing with this I was more of a fool than he was.

Mar 15, 2011

Sirius XM Radio - Dishonest: won't cancel our service & uses collection agency to harass us!

My advice is to never try to do business with Sirius Radio. These people are not just incompetent but utterly dishonest. We cancelled our service with them five months ago, telling them to let it expire at the end of the year. Instead, they tried to renew it, and when we refused the charge, they turned our account over to a collection agency.

Now we get nasty harassing calls every week. The collection agency tells us we have to call Sirius. We have called Sirius to no avail. Dealing with these people is a nightmare. Do yourself a favor and stay away at all costs!

Sirius XM Radio - Cancellation nightmare!

My advice is to NEVER try to do business with Sirius Radio. These people are not just incompetent but dishonest. We cancelled our service with them five months ago, letting it expire by the end of the year. Instead, they tried to renew it, and when we refused the charge, they turned our account over to a collection agency.

Now we get nasty harassing calls every week. The collection agency tells us we have to call Sirius. We have called many times Sirius to no avail. Dealing with these people is a nightmare. Do yourself a favor and stay away at all costs!

Every single time I call sirius to pay my bill they say they cannot run my credit card and I end up on the phone with them for over an hour trying to explain that this happens every time I call in and use the same credit card. Finally, after over an hour they figure it out (although sometimes I get too frustrated and just hang up on them). Well this last payment was the same long process as usual and they were supposed to charge me $30.00. I looked at my credit card statement a few weeks later and saw that they charged me $30.00 six times in a row. I was already dreading calling them about this when I receive a interruption notice in the mail stating I had not paid and my service was about to be turned off if I didn't pay. Not only did they want me to pay the regular monthly fee, but also claim that I have 2 months past due payments. I am going to call them in the morning and try to get them to comprehend the situation. Although based on all past contact with them I am not counting on any resolution whatsoever. I have never in my life come across a company so inept and frankly full of just the most ###ic people on the face of the planet. Their stupidity is truly mind blowing.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sirius XM Radio - Bait and switch billing and pricing

02/09/11 I have been a Sirius radio listener since its inception but I must say your auto renew policy is the worst policy I have ever had to deal with. I own my own software company and lease car...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sirius XM Radio - Unethical billing

Very simply stated - I had an Acura TSX that I was paying $75/quarter for radio and traffic. Let's ignore for a moment that this is a completely redicuous amount of money for crappy radio quality and traffic for the Navigation that wasn't even close to being accurate.

Long story short - I sold the Acura, and received a bill for the renewal. I ignored it, and was happy not to be paying it anymore.

So, do you think that XM called me to tell me that I needed to pay it? Nope, they auto renewed and when I didn't pay they sent me to EOCC for collection. WTF?

Oh well ... I paid the collection agency. Then I promptly called XM/Sirius and cancelled my other two radios. I hope that $75 was worth it.

Feb 08, 2011

Sirius XM Radio - Impossible to cancel an xm sirius radio account + being severely punished and insulted

I have been a loyal XM radio listener for years. Now, I am mad as *** and will do all that I can punish XM Radio for treating me this way. Here is my horror situation in a capsule.

Considering the new economic realities, my XM Satellite Radio yearly subscription was on the list of things to cancel. My renewal date was 12/06/2010 - Fees of approximately $160 are collected in advance/charged to your credit card. On 10/04/2010 I called XM at [protected] and talked to xxx, one of their representatives. Explained to him why I was calling and asked him to do two things for me. 1) To remove my credit card # from their database (had been set up for automatic updates); and, (2) to cancel my account immediately. I told him I did not plan to renew my subscription for the foreseeable future due to economic hardship. He was polite and complied with my requests. We ended the call by giving me confirmation # for the cancellation (which I still have in my records). As expected, early in December 2010 my XM Radio service became unavailable.

Surprisingly, on January 24, 2011, I received an email from XM Radio stating I had till February 2011 to take care of the balance in my account (fees for an additional year of subscription). I immediately called XM customer service again at [protected] and this time was connected to yyy. I explained the content of their email and the reason for my surprise. I gave her my cancellation confirmation number from the previous conversation in November 2010. She could not find the number. I explained that as far as I was concerned my account had been closed. If not, would she please close it now? yyy gave me confirmation # for the cancellation and our conversation ended. I was happy that the matter was finally taken care off.

Much to my surprise, on the evening of 01/28/2011, I got a call from XM radio (XYZ this time) wanting to know when I would take care of the balance in my account. I expressed my surprise and asked I could review the background with him. He said, did I mind if our conversation was recorded -- so that he could play it back for his managers - he suggested that the reason for my out of ordinary experience was that I had not gone through the right channels for the cancellation. I agreed and proceeded to review the background - albeit that I was getting very angry having to spend so much time with this simple request. XYZ said for me to stay on line while he had his manager listen to the recording of our conversation. Then the manager will come on the line to resolve the issue. Five to ten minutes later a women's voice came on to ask me if I was ready to settle my balance! Does anyone to know how to cancel an XM radio account? I am mad as *** and will do all that I can punish XM Radio for treating me this way.

Last September I traded in my car which had XM radio. My three year subscription was about to run out at the end of the month. I called XM on October 6 after getting a bill from my credit card company with a $462.87 charge for a new 3 year subscription. I immediately called XM and told them I'd sold the car last month and wanted the service cancelled. They agreed to issue a credit for the full amout.
When my November credit card bill arrived, no credit was on it. I once again called XM, they said they had a record of my call but didn't know why the credit hadn't been processed but they would do in now. Come December, no credit on my card bill.
Time to call my card company. I opened a dispute and thought things were going alright until March 3 when I received a letter from the card company ruling in favor of XM which claimed I'd never contacted them to cancel my service.
Called XM again and they said they had no record of me calling before but would cancel my service and give me a pro-rated refund charging me for the past six months.
This company is not worthy of getting business from anyone in my opinion. My new car has a Sirius radio in it, when the free six months expires, I won't be adding a new subscription. Their loss due to poor business practices because I was originally planning on subscribing until I dealt with all of their abuse.

i tried to cancel last year and i had to go through 2 people to cancel - the second person offered me a year of full service for $77 bucks so i took it. this year, it expired and i no longer wanted it. i called to cancel, they tried to resell me, i said no and havent had any problems. i still get flyers from them once a month saying please come back for just $63 annually.

sounds like lazy CS reps (which most are anymore).

Sorry, that was meant to read "miscommunications" not "telecommunications."

Why do you want to "punish them" for what appears to be a series of telecommunications?
Contacted XM's US headquarters and explain your problem.
Also, if you feel that you are being defrauded, call your local BBB and your state's attorney general's office.
Finally, contact your credit card company and inform them of your issues.

Sirius XM Radio - Added radio that wasn't mine

I got a Siriux radio for Xmas. I got it installed the next month in my Toyota and set up my subscription online. I paid for the year in full, around $200 on Jan 15th. Feb 4th rolls along and I see a new charge of $300. I call up and they said I called on Feb 3rd and added another radio for a "Subaru". I don't own a Subaru. Someone called and verified my name, address and phone number, and added the "Subaru" radio. No idea how this happened. After about an hour on the phone, I convinced them to refund the $300 and cancel the "Subaru" radio. I then added a password, so everytime I call (or someone else tries to), they have to verify my name, address, phone number and the password. Scary that I don't know how this person got my info, but it seems to be cleared up. I'd like to hear any stories out there that are similar to mine.
JD. Boston, MA

Sirius XM Radio - Too difficult to cancel

XM promised me free on-line listening when I signed up & they re-neged on that promise.
I have been trying to cancel my subscription for almost TWO WEEKS now. You can sign-up
on-line & activate a radio on-line. They maintain your credit card info online (which you
don't authorize & can't delete) They refuse to cancel subscriptions on-line so I guess refunds
for un-used time is out of the question. Now it's how to stop them from automatically re-newing
and ANOTHER hassle. They have absolutely useless people in customer service and nobody
answers the phone they tell you to call.

DO NOT GET XM / Sirus Radio or you will regret it sooner or later.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sirius XM Radio - Auto billed with no service and no authorization

I was billed $177.33 after my complimentary service ran out after purchase of a new car. I was not notified or given any choices as to services and have not had any service from the time of billing. I only notice now because I am going over year end receipts for taxes. The charge was made 05/18/2010 and was unnoticed until now. I spoke to sirius "listener care rep", I asked for service to include the 10 months I was not connected and they refused saying it is my fault for not noticing.
I spoke to my mastercard rep and they said it happens all the time but cannot help me because of long period that has passed. Buyer be ware ... I will never deal with any company that has rigid inflexible consumer policies

Sirius XM Radio - The worst customer support

I have been a customer with XM Radio (now Sirius XM) for almost 5 years. In that five year period I have had to contact customer service at least once per year due to billing issues. Although the...

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Jan 13, 2011

Sirius XM Radio - Rip off

Wanted to cancell xm Radio. Called and was offered a half price fee. Received bill and it was wrong.Returned call and spoke to another person.Told again same price. Told by two different people what my rate would be. Recieved two bills with different rate. Called a third time and spent another hour on phone given a totally different amount. So sick of these people not getting things right. I will definitely be cancelling my contract at the end of it, ...oh and make sure it is not a day late or you get stuck with another huge bill. Too bad they have such a monopoly! XM YOU SUCK ON CONSUMER CARE!

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sirius XM Radio - Unauthorized billing/deceptive marketing

My complaint is pretty much the same as everyone else's. These people refuse to let anyone cancel their service. As long as they have a valid credit card number, they keep charging you over and over again, and there is NO way to get a refund from them. the only way that I finally got away was that my Amex was lost and my number was changed from the one they had; when they tried to renew without my permission, the card was denied and they began a calling campaign to "update my customer profile"...this is what they tell you and then they casually mention that your credit card number seems to have changed and "why don't I take care of that for you now". Then, when I finally told the guy NO, I wasn't giving him a credit card because I didn't want the service any longer, he said that my service had been renewed on 12/21/10 (about 10 days prior to the call) and I had a balance of $159 and some odd cents. These people are prohibited from telling the truth, that they couldn't care less what your "customer profile" is...they only want to get credit card numbers so that they can continue their scams. And get's January's only been two weeks since my "account renewed", but I had to go through 5 different levels of Gestapo high pressure sales people before they would allow me to only pay for one month...of something I never bought in the first place. While I was going through the loop of knee-busters, I was searching online for their corporate office. Their office is on Avenue of the Americas in NYC and their President, Mel Karmazin, made more than $43 MILLION in 2009...the 2010 annual report is not out yet, but I'll bet he made more in 2010! And his assistant, Dana Altman, made in excess of $2.3 million in 2009. I called her, but she hasn't called back...why would she? I'm just a customer...I'm all for free markets and capitalism, etc, but these people are making their $43 million salaries off the backs of people who did NOT BUY THE SERVICE...they need to be in prison! If Sirius stole from you, also, call Mel or Dana at [protected] or show up at the office at 1221 Avenue of the Americas, 36th Floor, New York city. This behavior must stop!

I am absolutely appalled by Sirius right now that I am ready to jump out a window. So here goes my issue. I initially contacted Sirius about 3 weeks ago to have a replacement (reburshished) radio sent out to me since my current radio had died on me. After a constant run around with Sirius I finally was connected with someone who took my order and sent me a radio to my work address. I paid for the shipping of this radio. I was very specific about my work address which included a suite number and company name. Well after a few weeks went by, I finally checked the UPS delivery info to try and find out where my radio was, with the airbill that was initially emailed to me, just to find out the person did not add my company name nor suite number. The security guard would not sign for the package and it was sent back to sirius. And that wasnt even a big issue if you can believe it. The really bad stuff comes next.

So tonight I contacted sirius to have them send me back out the refurbished radio and this is where everything went from bad (not having my radio) to worse if you can believe it. So here goes.

I contacted Sirius this evening to see about having another radio sent out to me. Well i was soarly wrong in thinking this task could be handled. Not because Sirius refused, but no one could transfer me to the proper department. I was literally transferred SIX times and I kid you not, SIX times. I kept telling my story, over and over to all six people and no one could help me.

I have no choice but to cancel my subscription since no one is capable of handling my problem. All I wanted, was the replacement radio that was initially sent to me, resent. I dont mean any disrespect by that statement, but come on, SIX times being transferred around in your phone queue.

I am currently on hold once again, waiting for the cancellation department, which is the SEVENTH transfer. I am not confident, I will even be transferred to the proper department.

So I just spoke to a Sirius rep who could not complete my order of a new radio, since the old one, according to your system, was in transit, which it is not, and it turns out he is not able to process the re order of the unit.

Now I am on hold waiting for another rep who I am now told can correct the shipping information. This is number EIGHT and I am now at 3 hours or not having my issue resolved.

I am so disappointed in Sirius and feel like my money that I pay each month, has been taken right out of my pocket. Its really not fair that Sirius puts their customers through all this aggravation and headache.

I have no choice but to cancel my service, since no one is capable of handling my problem in your entire company. I've been a customer for quite a long time and its sad to leave you guys, but I have no choice.

So sad that a company like this can do such a thing to its customers.

Agree. Got Sirius complementary with our Volvo. I called to cancel first week of May since we never used it and kept on getting this spam on "give us your credit card so your service will not be interrupted". Agent said "we're just like a cell phone company - we can charge even if you dont use us" (yes, like a cell phone i could totally use them in emergencencies like calling 911). I was told we have an "outstanding balance" of 20 odd dollars for a service we never used - they agreed to waive it. Our saving grace - we never gave them a credit card number. Checked car radio - happy to report it was disconnected... then today (2-3 weeks later), I get a bill in the mail PLUS a late fee. I called their "Listener Care" line which refused to give me confirmation of my cancellation UNLESS I GIVE THEM A CREDIT CARD NUMBER! To add insult to injury, we also got a Market Research survey asking what we dont like - options include "Dont use service" and "Automated billing practices". Obviously they are managing the odds that their deceptive marketing practices pay off with their "automated renewal" as the consumer is trapped to pay for services they dont use, even if they cancel in time. Right now, we - who's has clean credit are still trapped with a bill.

Thanks for that phone number. I will call them and harass them everyday like they did with me to get me to sign up for a 6 month service. I called to cancel prior to the service expiration date and they still charged me. Waiting for my refund and believe me I will be calling back if I don't see it soon.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sirius XM Radio - Fraudulent billing

When Sirius rep could not find a credit that was supposed to apply to the cost of my upcoming year subscription, I repeatedly said, "do not bill; cancel. I don't want the service."

I was billed anyway and have no service.
To have the charge removed, my credit card issuer requires me to make a police report and fill out other forms.
I cancelled that card and am awaiting another. Plus I filed a complaint on-line with the FTC.

My cell phone registers over 60 minutes trying to talk to Sirius customer"care." I really like the music & news in my car, especially the Met opera, but I have never had to deal with such negligent, yes, malignent, vendor.

lin in Boulder

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sirius XM Radio - Billing after cancellation

We've had XM radio service in my wife's car since March 2005. She liked the service so much that she set up automatic renewal on a credit card each year. We never really paid any attention to the billing statement until this past June (2010) when the statement indicated that they could not bill the credit card on file because it had expired. We decided to scrutinize the bill closely and realized XM had begun charging a "music royalty fee", something we hadn't noticed in the past...of course, this was our fault. I contacted XM's listener care dept about the charge and was told it could not be waived. My wife decided she no longer wanted XM service so we politely canceled.

Within a week we received another bill from XM, which we disregarded because we had canceled the service earlier and determined that this bill may have been generated before the cancellation could take affect or maybe XM was giving us another chance to change our minds. In the meantime XM still had not turned off service to our radio. A third bill arrived about a month later showing an adjustment (credit) on our account but also an outstanding balance of $69.09. I contacted XM again and explained to the foriegn accented person that we had canceled the service in June. The person explained that service to our radio was still being provided and that we were responsible for paying for that service. I told them I was not paying for something I had canceled and that I had no control over when THEY turned off that service. The foreign XM rep indicated agreement and said they would dismiss the outstanding balance. Service to the XM radio finally quit in late august.

Sept 15, 2010 - A fourth bill arrived with the same $69.09 balance. We again contacted XM listener care dept and spoke to "Marie" who passed us on to "Monica" in the retention dept. Monica was very understanding and apologetic and promptly agreed to dismiss the 69.09 balance and told us to disregard any further bills.

Dec 23, 2010 (Today) - I received a call from a person indicating that they worked for a collection agency which had been hired by XM to collect the $73.49 outstanding balance I owed (not sure were the extra $4.40 came from). I explained to the caller that this had been resolved several months ago and that XM had agreed to dismiss the remaining balance. She indicated that the balance had NOT been dismissed and expected payment NOW. I had no details handy of the conversations we'd had with XM previously but explained that the service had been canceled in June and that I was not paying her or XM anything.

I, AGAIN, contacted XM listener care and spoke to "Angel", another person with a thick foreign accent. I explained everything once again and after being placed on hold for 20 minutes while she "looked up my account" was told that there was nothing she could do. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was placed on hold for another 15-20 minutes. When "Angel" came back on the phone I was told that the supervisor was not available to speak but said there was nothing they could do. Again, I insisted on speaking to someone who could resolve this issue and again I sat on hold for 15-20 minutes. Miraculously, when "Angel" came back on the phone she indicated that they had resolved everything; the outstanding balance, the collection calls, etc...

Based on what I've read on this site while sitting on hold waiting for her to get back to me...I have no doubt that "Angel" told me everything has been taken care of just to get rid of me and I'll continue to receive calls collectors and/or bills until I finally pay...maybe even after!

The truth is...we like satellite radio and have had no complaints about what we received for our subscription. Driving coast-to-coast knowing you don't have to search for something to listen to is great! But after the way XM handled this simple cancellation I'll never go back to them. BTW...I have Sirius service in my other vehicle and when it's subscription is up I will cancel it as well! Hopefully I wont have the same problems then...but I'm not counting on it!

Sirius bill went from 160.00$ for a year service on 3 vehicles, and they automatically renewed the next year when it came due for everything they could add to the account, of $551.00!. I called and canceled the contract, and, rather than refunding the charge to the credit card co. they put a credit of $551.00 on my account. over the next 5 months of contesting the credit card charges, I was able to call and get one vehicle for a year coverage of $74.00 paid out of the credit, and a 6 mo. for another vehicle at $34.75 out of the credit balance. after numerous calls to sirius, and someone in the philippine islands, I was advised they had issued a check for a $444.00 refund — there never was one issued, and each time I called afterward to get it, I was finally told 6 months after the cancellation, they never got the $555.00, so they could not refund it — even when I pointed out there would have been no credit balance unless they received the money. somewhere, someone with this co. wrote a $444.00 check and stuck it in their pocket — I am trying to locate the government branch that I can report the embezzlement too, but let it be known: deal with this company using a credit card and risk going to the cleaners. since I have the paperwork to proof all of the above, this is not slander< but it is fact.


I got my bill sent to collections but XM never bothered to send the bill to me first. XM claims that they sent me the bill. Now my credit is going to be ruined over $32.27 which I don't owe. I will lodge complaints with the BBB and the FTC.

I received an XM Radio a number of years ago as a gift at Christmas. I enjoyed the choice of music, and even put one in to my wifes csar, and put it on my computer as well. My COMPLAINT is not with the content, but with the administrative problems caused by totally inept staff at XM Radio Once they, (and others) began helping themselves to my credit card, I stiopped using the card, and e xpected to be contacted properly by them, when money was due. These fools stopped the usage of their service in my car, and when I phoned, was told top send them $158.75. I did so, they did not renew my vehicle service, but instead cut the service to my wifes car, and the compuiter. No proper phone calls...nothing...I phoned thgem, and wasd told that they had not received m, y check and it woulfd cost $400 (thats right $400 to re-store services. At that point, IO told the gentleman with whom I was speaking, to STOP ALL SERVICES. CANCEL iT ALL.. It gets better...Today, they cashed my check for $158.75, I phojned and was told that they would start MY VEHICLE service again, . at which time I explained very slowly so he wouldm understand, that they were tol;d to CANCEL all service, due to theior collection practices and price and wasn told thatm my checkl would be refunded in between SIX TO EIGHT WEEKS. I am prepared to take these jokerds to court.. DO NOT DEAL WITH XM RADIO .

This complaint sounds somewhat familiar. We had XM with our new Chevy vehicle at an introductory rate for three months. Prior to the expiration of service, a representative from XM contacted my wife to extend our service at the regular price. We did occassionally use XM service but we were not interested in renewing it. The service representative offered a 6 month contract for $4.99 a month. My wife agreed that this was pretty reasonable but she still didn't want to be bothered with the hassle of cancelling the service in 6 months. The customer representative assured her that we would not have to do anything if we no longer wanted the service after 6 months. The service expired and we received notices to renew it but did nothing because we no longer wanted the service at a much higher cost. XM continued to provide the service for about another month before shutting it off and then sent us a bill for the additional month. I called to contest the bill saying that we no longer wanted the service but I was told by the second service representative that I spoke to that XM policy requires customers to cancel service directly after the service contract is up. The reason she provided is that they do not want to shut off service to people who merely submit bills late. I told her that I didn't want the service and would not pay for it. She said that she was not authorized to remove the charge. Her supervisor was put on after a short wait. He said that a customer service representative would not have told my wife to allow the contract to lapse without calling to cancel because it is against XM policy and could lead to termination, as calls are tape recorded. In his words, "Its not that I am accussing you of lying"...(he was). He also could not understand why I wouldn't want to pay the bill at 6 times the rate of our previous contract after XM continued to provide us service. I asked why he would assume that I still wanted service if I didn't renew it. He then compared XM to utilities such as phone service and power, which are not immediately cut off if customers do not submit payments on time. This was a bit arrogant and I told him XM service hardly compared to utility service in regards to providing heat, power for medical devices, or ability to contact emergency responders. He continually became more belligerent and I asked him to review the taped call between my wife and the customer service representative that contacted her. He said a ticket would be submitted. However, I have very little doubt that I will not hear back if and when the tape confirms my wife's version of what was said and the bill will probably be submitted to collections. Of all the subscriber services I have used over the years, I have never dealt with one so rude or unwilling to wave an unauthorized service charge. If you use XM, document all phone conversations and be very wary...

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sirius XM Radio - Unable to cancel service

I subscribed to sirius radio for a promotional deal of 5 months for 19.99. The day I subscribed I told the service representative to cancel my subscription when the offer ended. They confirmed my request and told me it will be canceled when it was over. Well, 5 months later, I received a phone call from sirius satellite asking me if I wanted to continue my subscription, and again, I replied "no". They were supposed to cancel it but never did! Well, it's two months later, and they're calling me asking for payment of my continued services. I spoke with a customer rep, and he told me they can't cancel my subscription until I pay them. I then spoke with a supervisor named george davis, id # 8364i, and he argued me down saying there's nothing in the computer about me cancelling my subscription, and that I need to pay or they won't cancel it. I'm so tired of the harassments from this company, calling my phone everyday, all day. I refuse to pay for a service that I cancelled several times. This company is a rip off, and I would never refer them to anyone! Can someone please help me with this matter.

cant cancel my service because I cant get through to these arab mother f ers on hold for two hours to cancel but if you want to subscribe then you get right through. cant cancel online have to call so says jhorem from bfe, at least say your name is jo.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Sirius XM Radio - Rip off

Sirius is a RIP OFF! Their customer service passes you around like a hot fir cracker. They have a strict strategic sales pitch, Lifetime subscription 1st. Which makes no sense if you are smart. They want you to pay 499.99 + a music royality fee of 76.50. But a lifetime subscription doesn't transfer to another vehicle if you sell your car and if your radio breaks you have to pay to replace it. They bill your credit card automatically after you complete your intial subscription hoping that you will forget to cancel. The use homebased agents to handle their calls, that are not trained, that send you in a complete circles. No supervisors will have come to the phone because their really aren't any. The best strategy to handle their customer service, is to threaten to cancel your service, they will transfer you to a department that will bargin with you on a cheaper price. Now is it fair that some customers pay 142.45 for an annual subscription then others who state they want to cancel can get an annual subscription for 77.70. or 5 months for 20 dollars. All of the customer service representatives will tell you something different everytime you call. They make false deals to sign you up and then bill you something that you didn't agree to later. They call you while you are at work, and they use agents with strong accents so you can't understand what they are saying.

I generally let it lapse and wait for a deal offer. I called last year for a 6 month renewal - for $30. I paid per credit card and made it expressly clear to destroy my card # after the charges went through. I was told no problem.
Being trusting, I forgot about the issue and moved on.
I just called after a letter re: renewal. It turns out I was charged $188 for a year and they kept my credit card number on file and would have renewed had I not called!
I am furious with them! They had the gaul to say it would be a $2 fee to delete my card number, but they would be kind and waive it. They offered me many deals. I offered them mine: free for a year to make up for the cheat they pulled on me. They said no, so I offered to post the truth on the internet. If I cost them a few customers, then I have done my job, and I have spared a few souls the pain I went through.
If you can get it for $5 a month, sure. Any more = NO.

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