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Dear Sir/ mdm,

I recently took a long haul flight from HK Sin Ldn and Ldn sin HK. The flight from HK to Sin was pleasant but the flight from UK to Sin, Sin to HK on 29 Sep was not very pleasant.

From UK to Sin, I sat at seat 61K, SQ319
1)The folding cup tray was stuff with trash from the previous passenger and whoever that was supposed to clean the seat did not clear the trash!. The seat next to me also had the same problem. It was not very hygienic.

2)To make things worse, I went to the bathroom before take-off and when I lifted the toilet seat to use it, I noticed a lot of toilet paper stuff into the toilet bowl. It was obvious the previous person did not flush! I thought there would be someone to make sure that the toilets are properly cleaned before the next batch of passengers board the plane. That was disappointing and disgusting. I immediately told a male flight attendant who went in to take a look but I have already poured water into the toilet bowl and flushed it out.

3)Thirdly, it was a long flight, and the crew taking care of my section were very noisy, especially the female flight attendant, ever so excited, laughing and chatting away. I really hope SQ could remind the flight attendants that with long haul flights, they need to be careful to keep their voice level down because we were all trying to catch sleep and adjust the time in Europe and Asia. She was very inconsiderate.

Flight from Sin to Hk, SQ002.
I sat at 51A. The flight attendant seemed to be very new. When i told her that I wanted the indian food from the menu, she gave me the "rolling eye look" as if I was asking for a business class meal and said no indian food. I told her it;s ok and I'll take chicken but wondered as I saw it on the menu. After a while, she came back and said yes, they do have indian selection on the menu???? How was it that the attendant did not know what food was on the menu when she was supposed to ask passengers what they want for their meal?

As a whole, this was my most unpleasant flight as I felt that the attendants were very inconsiderate and unprofessional. Though I sat at the economy seat, I do deserve some rest.


Oct 04, 2019

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