Singapore Airlines / scalded by hot coffee on board sq 106 on 24 april 2019


Hi, I would like to make a complaint on my trip to Kl from singapore on 24 April 2019 onboard SQ106. I had an horrible experience for the first time after flying with SQ for a Long time. During drink service, I asked for hot coffee and water. My tray table was slightly slunted and Stewardess should be more vigilant during service time. She left my coffee on the table without waiting for me to receive it and turn to talk to other passenger. Hence it slides down and spilled on my pant and was soaked with hot coffee, wet and stinky. Both my inner thigh was scalded and painful with redness.
I was scheduled for business meeting the moment I land. Unfortunately I have to get new attire to change and get the pant for dryclean. Went to see doc n get my skin treated. The pain lasted throughout the whole day and I have to be on painkiller.
I was terribly disappointed with such carelessness and their service onboard. My whole seat was soaked with coffee too and all I was offered is putting a blanket over for me to sat on. After the whole incident, I have to even ask for a glass of water myself because I didn't even get to have my coffee. I even had to ask for some burn cream from their first aid kit coz the crew didn't even offer thinking it was no big deal. My skin was terribly painful scalded when I went to plane toilet to check.
Before I left they gave me a pack of ice.
It ruined my entire day, my meetings schedules and causes discomfort of pain.
I do hope SQ will provide action and advice on the loss and pain I'm going through ruining my business trip. I do seek for compensation for all the losses. This case should not be taken lightly. Hope to hear from you soonest.

You can reach me at+[protected]

Thank you

Apr 25, 2019

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