Singapore Airlinesunethical behaviour

N Jul 16, 2019

Flight SQ335 Paris to Phnom-Penh on the 15th of July:
Because of little late from Paris my seat was ccnceled and change but without the condition required, aile seat against aile seat, the minimum is to ptovide me the same seat condition but SIA desk at SGP did not have that simple attention by luck the gentle, ent at connection desk was professional and calm me down, but afetr 11 hours travelling then rushy to gate you discover your seat has changed in bad condition..My flight on April the same problem with late arrival from Paris at SGP with 3 delay to Phnom-Penh...I trust in SIA but from my lats experience I should revised my position...I am waiting from your feed back to status,
Pascal NUT
Krysflier: [protected]

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