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Air China Customer Service Contacts

800 8610 0999 (Europe & Asia)
1800 860 999 (Australia)
+1 800 882 8122 (Americas)
+852 39 709 000 (Hong Kong)
+86 400 610 0666 (Members Hotline)
+27 110 814 102 (South Africa)
Suite 4004, 4th Floor, № 16 Tianzhu West Road, Tianzhu Airport Economic Development Zone
China - 101312

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Mar 03, 2020

Air China — Excess Luggage Fee

On February 7th I flew from Hangzhou to Beijing using Air China. My luggage had an access fee, Air China...

Air Chinaticket

Dear Sir/Madam,

I was traveling from ISB to NYC on Oct 20, I had layover in Beijing but I missed my connecting flight as I was sick and couldn't reach the gate on time and so I missed my flight and there were no announcement made at Beijing airport even though I was in the Terminal 3 departing area and looking for gate number.
Therefore, I would like to get refund for the amount I was charged to buy new tickets $1415.36 or my prepaid purchased tickets $1165. 2 passengers.

Flight/tickets are attached.
thank you.

Arooj Khan


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    • Updated by Arooj Kausar · Nov 05, 2019

      Air China didn't acknowledge the negeligance on PEK Airport part since there was no annoucement. Also Boarding pass only starts 40 mins before departure time indicating there would be enough time to board but gate was closed 15 mins before leaving only 30 mins to board and made to the gate... Due to sickness and huge airport with lack of proper guidance to follow the gate, I took the long route and missed the flight.


    Nov 02, 2019

    Air China — luggage/baggage damage

    After my long flight from HND Tokyo 08:30 Friday 1st of November to PEK Beijing 11:40 and transfer flight PEK...

    Nov 02, 2019

    Air China — extra baggage fees for 360 euros

    Hi, I had a return flight from Paris to Auckland yesterday and I have not been allowed to board the flight...

    Air Chinaitems were stolen

    My transfer flight from Hong Kong to Beijing was delayed and allowed less than 10 minutes to get to my transfer flight from Beijing to Washington DC. As we were rushing through the security gate, through the scanning process the security guard had stolen a Coach purse with tag, a souvenir mug (Starbucks), a brand new vast with tag, and an Apple back up the battery charger. Because we did not allow enough time to go through security and everything was done in a rush, we had allowed the Beijing Airport guard to steal our belonging without realizing until we landed in DC. For this instance, I believe Air China should take some responsibility for reimbursement or credit to the next travel at the minimum.

    Date: October 18, 2019
    Itinerary Number: [protected]
    Flight number: CA118
    email address: [protected]@aol.com

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      Air Chinamooney was stolen out of my luggage and my bags were illegally searched

      I recently took a trip to Beijing where I took an Air China flight (ca-976) on Wed 10/16 from Singapore to Beijjing in which i had $300 in my luggage. Upon my Beijing arrival, I noticed the contents of my bags were tampered with. The airline went through my luggage, did not leave any sort of notification that they in fact did search my bags but then to realize the money i had tucked away in my bags was gone. I reached out to the airline that same day to make a complaint an was given the run around. I would like to file a formal complaint and get my hard earned money back. Very dishonest, rude and nasty staff. It is completely unprofessional and disgusting to treat your paying customers this way.

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        Air Chinaairline flight #7422 (september 22, 2019) and flight 981 (october 13, 2019) confirm # nt180j

        On the flight from EWR TO PEK (Sept 22) I was assigned to a seat which did not have a working entertainment system. No other seat was available. I was very unhappy.

        On the return flight on October 13 from PEK TO JFK I was asked to move to another seat due to a passenger who had a medical problem and needed an aisle seat. I did move. Then I was asked again to move to another different seat due to a passenger who had a headache! I then asked if I could sit at the very rear which had an unoccupied seat.They said that that was for crew. Later I saw a passenger sitting in that last seat. I asked if he was crew. He said that he was just a passenger.
        I was very unhappy with the disrespectful treatment and lack of concern for myself. I am 75 years old and have severe arthritis.

        I would appreciate appropriate compensation for the terrible experiences on the flights. In view of the facts, I request a 50% return compensation for the cost of the flights. Thank you.

        Tel 321.751.0847

        Email: [protected]@yahoo.com

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          Air Chinano confirmation from air china

          My flight locator is MHVS43. I am flying from Los Angeles to Beijing on October 11. My flight no is CA888. My economy class ticket was confirmed.
          I requested for a upgrade to business class two weeks ago.
          No information was received from the airlines so far. I see that I have changed for $ 800.00 already on October 7 th. Called Air China several time and after every time waiting for more than an hour got hold of some customer service who couldn't help me. This is not the way to do business.
          Please find and inform me by today what's going on.
          Geetimala Mukherjee
          Phone [protected]

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            Air Chinawrong information about the reimbursement.

            On 25th September at 16.09H (Madrid time) I called to the Air China Call Centre to change my flight (Madrid-Pekin-Madrid). The agent proposed me different flight options which were all inconvenient. Alternatively, the agent proposed me to cancel my ticket and request for reimbursement. The agent checked in the system and she confirmed that by cancelling the ticket I would get 520 EUR back. I agreed with this so I claimed reimbursement through the website of Air China. As soon as I cancelled my ticket and request for reimbursement, I bought a new ticket with different airline, bearing in mind that I will receive 520 eur back from Air China. However, today I have received an email from Air China saying the reimbursement is only 66.39 EUR.
            I have contacted the customer service and they have listened the call recording. They confirmed that the agent provided a wrong information. However, Air China doesn't compensate or provide a new ticket.

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              Oct 06, 2019

              Air China — about refund after cancellation

              We booked two two way tickets through sawera travels Vanshika Mahajan and ritvik Mahajan dated 24.10.19 from...

              Oct 01, 2019

              Air China — unauthorized baggage check and removal of stuff

              Request to re-fund/return of my stuff Dear, my name is muhammad aamir khan. I was traveling from beijing to...

              Sep 20, 2019

              Air China — non issuance of boarding pass as result could not board the flight from islamabad to beijing

              Reference GHANI/CHOUDHRY SAAD:ticket #999-[protected]  china flight CA-946 from islamabad to beijing to...

              Air Chinaticket refund

              Good morning,

              I bought two tickets online, and I send the request to cancel the reservation and refund my money, but it has been three months and I haven't received response.

              I need to have an answer because I need my money back and also I need you to change the credit card number, because the one that I made the pay was cancel yesterday.

              So I need that the money be refund to my new credit card:

              # [protected]
              Julian Arango A
              GOOD THRU 07/24
              Credit card

              Im sending my credit card support for you to see that the money of my ticket was charged to my old credit card.
              Im also sending the screenshot of the message, when I asked to the refund online, three month ago.
              And im also sending the tickets reservation were you can see the confirmation number and the online refund reference.

              Confirmation number: PV3DPF
              Online refund number: UMHUGV

              Please im waiting for a timely response.


              Julian Arango
              Cellphone number: [protected]

              ticket refund
              ticket refund
              ticket refund
              ticket refund

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                Air Chinalost baggage

                I am trying to track my son's bag 'he flew from Lusaka, Zambia on Ethiopian airline on September 2, 2019 on flight Et 873 to Addis Ababa from where he connected to Guangzhou on Ethiopian airline flight 0606.
                In Guangzhou he was supposed to board air chine ca 1722 to Hangzhou but this flight was cancelled and was instead put on flight CA1726 to Hangzhou.
                The bag was checked in in Lusaka to Hangzhou but it could not be traced when he arrived at Hangzhou. He said the boarding passes were collected at Guangzhou and issued with new ones but he was not advised to collect the bag and check in afresh.
                He is student and first time visitor to china, all his clothes are in the bag.
                It looks like it remained at Guangzhou.
                How can you help. This was September 3, 2019.
                His name is Kachinga Ngónga c
                Reservation code jtxvxp
                Airline service code nxqocb(ca)_

                My email address is [protected]@gmail.com

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                  Aug 27, 2019

                  Air China — Request for refund in rebooking my flight

                  To Whom It May Concern, The Air China Limited (CA) 0179 on July [protected] - Beijing to Manila was delayed...

                  Air Chinadid not let me check in

                  My name is Archa Neelakandan Girija. I booked a flight with Airchina (through flighthub) from Vancouver to Delhi and Delhi to Vancouver (via Beijing). On 12th August, the Air China officials in the Delhi Airport refused to check me in due to the reason that they could not find my reservation. I find it strange that, I flew with the same confirmation number and same airlines the outboard journey. The Delhi Airport officials were highly unhelpful and I missed that flight. I had to book another ticket for the next day as I had to be back in Vancouver. That costed more money than the round trip ticket and I was stranded in Delhi. I tried to contact Air China for refund but they were not responding.

                  I want to file compensation for the last minute ticket and my stay in Delhi and the mental stress I faced. I had a very very bad experience with Air China and I would never want to travel with them again.

                  The Air China confirmation number PBTD5M

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                    Aug 08, 2019

                    Air China — service/ staff

                    A bad experience about this air plane. I had around trip from Vietnam to Newark airport and back. The...

                    Air Chinaflight canceled


                    this is Emanuele Contini. I was supposed to fly from Nanjing to Madrid on July 6th, 2019 via Beijing, but the flight CA1504 from NJ to BJ was canceled. Air China tried to
                    put me on another flight (an earlier one in the same day) but it was canceled as well
                    and I didn't have enough time to reach Beijing with train or other transports. They
                    provided me a solution which made me lose a lot of money. I flew 2 days later and arrived in Madrid on July 9th (instead of 7th). This made me lose around 450 euro because I was supposed to go to Tenerife for a conference, but I lost the flights, the hotel, and more importantly I lost the conference! I would like to have some refund, at least for the flights and hotel, if possible.
                    My email is: emanuele.[protected]@gmail.com

                    Emanuele Contini

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                      Air Chinaflight delay, lack of information and baggage damage

                      Hello, I returned home from China yesterday on flight CA855 however my flight was delayed by 3 hours. I understand this was due to a mechanical error however I believe the situation should have been resolved faster and there definitely should have been more information available as we were not told anything that was happening other than there was no time estimate. Only occasional announcements were in English and those were quiet and difficult to understand so we kept having to go to the desk to find out what was happening to be told nothing but to wait.

                      There was also a lack of information about how to request a vegetarian meal. I assumed if I needed to ask for a special meal it would have been made clear when I checked in online but it was not and therefore I could not eat on the flight.

                      To make matters worse once we eventually arrived back in the UK I found my suitcase lined up not on the conveyor belt and the wheel was badly damaged to the point where the bottom of the case was actually smashed. It was a sturdy case and cost me £60, the case was fine when I dropped it off and it is only the second time I have used it abroad so you can understand I am extremely upset about it as I could barely even get the case out of the airport and now need to buy a new one unnecessarily.

                      Kiera Smith

                      flight delay, lack of information and baggage damage

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                        Jul 28, 2019

                        Air China — missing items from our baggage

                        Dear Madam/Sir Please refer to our Issue regarding missing items from our Baggage. I have travelled...

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