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+86 105 928 1588(China) 2 0
+1 800 882 8122(Americas) 10 32
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Air China Complaints & Reviews

Air China / no confirmation from air china

Oct 10, 2019

My flight locator is MHVS43. I am flying from Los Angeles to Beijing on October 11. My flight no is CA888. My economy class ticket was confirmed. I requested for a upgrade to business class two weeks ago. No information was received from the airlines so far. I see that I have changed for $...

Air China / wrong information about the reimbursement.

Oct 09, 2019

On 25th September at 16.09H (Madrid time) I called to the Air China Call Centre to change my flight (Madrid-Pekin-Madrid). The agent proposed me different flight options which were all inconvenient. Alternatively, the agent proposed me to cancel my ticket and request for reimbursement. The...

Air China / about refund after cancellation

Oct 06, 2019

We booked two two way tickets through sawera travels Vanshika Mahajan and ritvik Mahajan dated 24.10.19 from Saskatchewan to New Delhi.Agent told us that flight is cancelled and you can travel on 23.10.19. we agreed. But due to some unavoidable circumstances we have to cancel tickets of...

Air China / unauthorized baggage check and removal of stuff

Oct 01, 2019

Air ChinaRequest to re-fund/return of my stuff Dear, my name is muhammad aamir khan. I was traveling from beijing to islamabad on 11th september, via air china flight number ca945, etkt [protected]/1101. At airport my baggage was opened without my presence and few things were removed which were not...

Air China / non issuance of boarding pass as result could not board the flight from islamabad to beijing

Sep 20, 2019

Reference GHANI/CHOUDHRY SAAD:ticket #999-[protected]  china flight CA-946 from islamabad to beijing to depart at 8 30pm yesternight On arrival at boarding counter 7 25pm the counter was closed and told boarding closed half hour ago . asked to wait by the crew but after wasting 45 min...

Air China / ticket refund

Sep 17, 2019

Air ChinaGood morning, I bought two tickets online, and I send the request to cancel the reservation and refund my money, but it has been three months and I haven't received response. I need to have an answer because I need my money back and also I need you to change the credit card number, because...

Air China / lost baggage

Sep 03, 2019

I am trying to track my son's bag 'he flew from Lusaka, Zambia on Ethiopian airline on September 2, 2019 on flight Et 873 to Addis Ababa from where he connected to Guangzhou on Ethiopian airline flight 0606. In Guangzhou he was supposed to board air chine ca 1722 to Hangzhou but this flight wa...

Air China / Request for refund in rebooking my flight

Aug 27, 2019

Air ChinaTo Whom It May Concern, The Air China Limited (CA) 0179 on July [protected] - Beijing to Manila was delayed from Beijing for 4 hours. The reasons I missed my connecting flight to Cagayan de Oro City. The Air China should be responsible for the payment in re-booking my plane ticket to...

Air China / did not let me check in

Aug 19, 2019

My name is Archa Neelakandan Girija. I booked a flight with Airchina (through flighthub) from Vancouver to Delhi and Delhi to Vancouver (via Beijing). On 12th August, the Air China officials in the Delhi Airport refused to check me in due to the reason that they could not find my...

Air China / service/ staff

Aug 08, 2019

A bad experience about this air plane. I had around trip from Vietnam to Newark airport and back. The problems was happened when I came back 8/04/2019 at 12;40 pm.ticket;ca/etkt 999 [protected]-82 and they refused us (I and my kid) because our name in their system was incorrect, first name...

Air China / flight canceled

Aug 07, 2019

Hi, this is Emanuele Contini. I was supposed to fly from Nanjing to Madrid on July 6th, 2019 via Beijing, but the flight CA1504 from NJ to BJ was canceled. Air China tried to put me on another flight (an earlier one in the same day) but it was canceled as well and I didn't have enough...

Air China / flight delay, lack of information and baggage damage

Jul 28, 2019

Air ChinaHello, I returned home from China yesterday on flight CA855 however my flight was delayed by 3 hours. I understand this was due to a mechanical error however I believe the situation should have been resolved faster and there definitely should have been more information available as we were...

Air China / missing items from our baggage

Jul 28, 2019

Dear Madam/Sir Please refer to our Issue regarding missing items from our Baggage. I have travelled Vancouver to Delhi on 30th June vide flight no CA992 Vancouver to Beijing & CA947 Beijing to Delhi(India) on 2 July, 2019. Received one baggage short when reached Delhi Airport on 2nd July ...

Air China / flight cancellation. loss of baggage. broken suitcase

Jul 25, 2019

Air ChinaMy name is Aida Maratova, i'm citizen of Kazakhstan. Currently studying in China. My first flight by Air China airlines was last year on 22nd of January in 2019. I had a flight Nanjing-Beijing-Astana. in Astana i've taken the broken suitcase! i was so tired, that's why i kept calm about...

Air China Singapore / delayed baggage (sin-pek-cdg)

Jul 22, 2019

First of all, let me present to you my case. I don't really expect you would understand me completely, but please try to imagine my situation. If this unfortunate event has happened to you. What would you do/feel about it. Reading your email and saying that $60 as compensation? I don't...

Air China / flight delayed and no help to transition

Jul 10, 2019

您好! 我在北美为我的父母买了两张呼和浩特到旧金山的往返机票。而且父母也是凤凰知音会员。昨天飞机应该是中国时间7月10日11:15从呼市起飞,12:35到北京,然后下午3:40从北京飞旧金山。考虑到父母快70岁了,特意选了这趟航班,因为中转时间比较充裕。结果呼市飞北京的飞机晚点2小时12分,当时想飞行就1个多小时,应该能赶得上飞旧金山的航班,这也就算了,飞机飞到北京后,不让出飞机,那时都3点多了。害得两个快70的老人求着机场工作人员放他们进去,他们一路飞奔,虽然勉强赶上了飞机,但人已经精疲力尽,身心俱疲。我得知后,非常气愤!国航飞机票不便宜,当时选择你们,就是冲着服务和便利,结果把两个老人累得赶飞机,你们飞机晚点,没有任何措施帮助乘客专程国际航班,实在太让人失望。而且你们在网站更新的飞机信息不符合实际,真的太离谱了!

Air China / one alphabet wrong in surname

Jul 04, 2019

With refrence to above said booking number that one mistake in this booking one passenger i.e.Ravi Chawla mentioned his name wrongly Ravi Chawka. You are requested to pls correct this mistake Name Ticket number 1. RAVI CHAWKA 999-[protected] 2. SAKSHI CHAWLA 999-[protected] 3. PARAS CHAWLA...

Air China / delayed baggage

Jun 28, 2019

Air ChinaMy name is Annisa Tisa Ramadhany and I would like to file a complain regarding my 2 missing baggages. I was flying to air China and supposed to have direct flight from Beijing to Fukuoka with flight number CA953 . Turned out the flight is from Beijing-Dalian-fukuoka. I was confused at...

Air China / denied boarding

Jun 09, 2019

On the 31st of May 2019, at the Airport of Narita, Tokyo, flight number : CA930, going to Shanghai and Shanghai - Paris CA833. I, Michael Laur and Stephane Mazzoli, were supposed to board the flight with Air China, going to Shanghai and catch our connection for Paris. As we arrived to the...

Air China / unfair luggage charges

Jun 04, 2019

Air ChinaI am very disappointed customer of airchina. I booked my ticket for first time with airchina. I am never going to come back to you guys and will never recommend anyone to book their flights with airchina. My Mother travelled from Delhi India to Winnipeg Canada on May-11 2019. She is an old...

Air China / cancelled flight and no response from cleartrip

Jun 02, 2019

Our trip id is [protected] Two passaengers Upendra shrotri Utpala shrotri Flight booked from vancouver to mumbai via beijing Received an e mail from clear trip that flight from beijing to mumbai is cancelled by air china Since last 5 days we contacted clear trip md spoken to revati...

Air China / inconveniences during travel from manila to london (26 may until 28 may 2019)

May 31, 2019

To Whom This May Concern: We would like to make complaints regarding the services of air China: 1. We travelled on May 26, 2019 (Sunday) from Manila to Beijing at 6:25 am (flight CA180) but it was diverted to Tianjin airport due to severe weather condition, we arrived there at 11 am and wa...

Air China / customer service

May 22, 2019

I have been trying to cancel a ticket on medical grounds. I had to call US customer service number 6 times, and each time received different information. I was also told they will call me back with more information and I never got a call back. Once I submitted the cancellation request via email...

Air China / flight delayed and ridiculous service

May 11, 2019

Hello, I Dimitar Tsonev and my friend Desislava Stratieva booked a flight on 4/12/2018 London to Manila with Air China. Tickets number [protected] and [protected]. On 24/01/2019 we have received an email that our connecting flight CA179 from Beijing to Manila was changed from 18:40 to...

Air China / baggage delayed

May 07, 2019

Air ChinaDear China Airlines Luggage controller, With all due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you about the services of your airline. I complaint about our lugagge that has been delayed, We had a flight last saturday April 27, 2019 at 1125pm CA-970 SG-PEK at 8:25am connecting flight...

Air China / broken luggage

May 03, 2019

My luggage was broken during transport flight from YUL to Beijing the 31march/01 OF APRIL 2019 !!! the flight was CA880 -CA137 !!! I have made a report at Beijing airport the same day, and no one emailed me back or phone me back !!! the report reference is CA/MM-GH-R18 ...bagage tag number...

Air China / flight delay was ridiculous

Apr 28, 2019

Air ChinaMy name is Husain Fayad Fadi Habhab and I booked a flight (booking reference: PLGNKQ) Each flight except for the first one from Nanjing to Beijing CA1820 was delayed. CA911 was a slight one hour delay which did not bother me but the others were unacceptable! CA912 was delayed from 7:10...

Air China / changing of timing

Apr 24, 2019

Air ChinaI have booked with air China for a trip to China from Houston, I have received 3 changes in total, the last one is on 24th Apr morning while my flight is at 25th April morning 1am, changing is from 1am to 3am which made my connecting flight from Beijing to chongqing does not have enough...

Air China / I am complaining about a flight delay and its consequences

Apr 15, 2019

Air ChinaDate of incident: 04.13.2019 Flight number: ca183 from beijung to tokyo The plain was supposed to take off at 5.10 pm, but there was more than two hours delay. The departure was postponed to 7.30 pm, but there was even more delay around 30 minutes. So, we landed at 11.54 pm instead of 9.30...

Air China / delay with my luggage

Apr 01, 2019

Dear Sirs, My name is Otilia AMorim and I travelled from Porto to Xiamen on the 18th of march 2019 - reservation number: 6BPP4A. I arrived in Xiamen without luggage, which has only arrived 30 hours after. I travelled to Xiamen to participate in a Leather workshop with the other ECCO...

Air China / bad dealing even nothing

Jan 31, 2019

My name is aman inder singh and I am flying with my wife and son aviraj singh yesterday 29 january 2019 on flight air china 948 from delhi to beijing. Mu son got seizure attack after 2 hours of take off. Suddenly I shouted help help help somebody call the doctor bt no body will come. After...

Air China / refused to let on board

Jan 14, 2019

Dear Sir or Madam, My name is Andrea Polakova, the ticket number for my flight was [protected]. The reason why I complain is that on 7.1.2019 I wasn't allow to get on the plane from budapest to Frankfurt(final destination Sydney). This was the worst experience that has ever happened to...

Air China / sats lounge terminal 1 changi airport singapore

Jan 05, 2019

Please review your contract with SATS Permier Lounge Terminal 1. Just a disappointment overall. Food quality is poor and so is the choice. Could not have a decent breakfast. Hot and cold food looks really unappetizing. The salad bar is also poor with only watermelon cubes, beans, potatoe...

Air China / wheelchair and missing baggage

Dec 25, 2018

I travelled on November 28th 2018 from LAX to BOM via PEK, flight: CA 0988(LAX to PEK and Flight CA0889(PEK to BOM) I didn't get wheel chair at BOM, i had to fight and got it at last point at baggage arrival. So i got late in picking up my baggage, my prepaid was already there, wheel chair...

Air China / rebooking a ticket

Oct 31, 2018

Air ChinaI was given a flight by Air China from Beijing to Vancouver that was supposed to leave at 15:20 to arrive at 11:00 am Vancouver time. The ticket I was given by an Air China staff member was departing at 17:20 and when I confronted the information desk to ask how to fix this because I would...

Air China / my luggage bag was damaged

Sep 26, 2018

Air ChinaMy name is Pratibha singh and I was travelling from edmonton to Indian on 4th september 2018. My flight was air china 992 and 997 from Vancouver to India. When I got my bags in india, one bag was totally damaged. I was unable to claim at airport because there is no1 at the counter. Now I...

Air China / complaint: driver failed to turn on the air conditioner in the shuttle coach when outside temperature was 87 degree

Sep 26, 2018

Air ChinaOn 9/18/2018, we travelled from Shanghai to Taipei via CA 195, (picture of the boarding pass is attached), in order to get on the plane, the airline chose to use shuttle coach to take us to board the plane. The passengers (more than 60) were enclosed in the coach for more than 20 minute...

Air China / service

Sep 20, 2018

Air ChinaComplaint Letter To whom it may concern, I am writing you to you today about how badly my cancelled flight (because of bad weather in South Korea, I understand that perfectly) on August 28th from Beijing to Seoul (OZ 6846/CA 137) was handled. I am not the type of person who writes a...

Air China / delayed luggage

Sep 14, 2018

I am writing in regards my luggage lost. We flew with Air China from Vancuver to Dubai through Beijing. My luggage appeared to be lost when we arrived to Dubai and we have made report at the airport on arrival which take us a few hours to complete the process. We have not had any clothe...

Air China / baggage problem

Sep 11, 2018

Air ChinaI am Parul Bali I was traveled threw air China on 06 sep 2018 Delhi to Montreal.i have two complaints one I was recived my luggage after three days my hole tour was only for ten days & due to cloths problem me & my family suffers a lot second when I received my luggage is damaged & it i...