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My perscription for Blood Pressure medication in June was shorted on the first submission. The pharmacy advised a week or so later that the remainder of the script was available. When I picked up the remainder allotment the pharmacist advised not to use the medication past August as it would be expired.

On Tuesday, September 3rd I called in to the store's automated service to request the next refill. The automated system advised the prescription would be available Wednesday September 4th at 8:00 am.
This evening, Friday, September 6th at 9:00 pm I went to pick it up the new order only to be told that it had not been filled, the pharmacy was out of the BP medication. The pharmacist on duty indicated that a request 'probably' had been sent to my GP for an alternate script. I was told someone had 'probably' called me to advise. This was not the case I was not contacted.

My complaints:
1. The pharmacy dispensed medication charging me and/or my insurance company for drugs knowing that the expiry date would surpass the end of the supply provided. 21 days to be exact.
2. The pharmacy did NOT call to advise me that the refill requested the Tuesday prior would not be filled. I now need to follow up with doctor myself next week
3. This is the second time in a row wherein the BP meds were not available to fill my script even though I made the brequest days in advance
4. I get to spend the weekend monitoring my BP hoping the expired medication does the trick.

In conclusion I have been going to this location for decades. Not sure what is happening in the store but this is one if several incidents in the last few years that has prompted my, my family, and neighbours to go elsewhere.

Thank you
Paul Anderson

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    Not worth the effort to complain any further.

Sep 06, 2019

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