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F Jul 17, 2019 Review updated:

Why do I have to beg for my PC Optimum points? I have to watch my account like a hawk because there are points missing every transaction. Then I get extra points if I use my PC Optimum mastercard but when they aren't applied, Shoppers says to contact my credit card company, and my credit card company says its Shoppers who needs to add them. Its absolutely ridiculous. All I get it robo-replies. No personal service. I was even told an offer was expired and thats why I didn't get the points. It was still on my app and I had to do a screen cap just to prove it to them. The points were added but no further emails received.


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    Melissa Bolam Jul 29, 2019

    the points thing is a joke as I am always begging for my points. I think its time for me to switch companies to shop at.

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