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A Oct 28, 2018
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SDM was contracted to run a flu clinic this past Thurs Oct 25, 2018 at the Sinclair Bldg (Van, BC) for the FNHA on the 5th floor in the first aid room.
There was a man and a young woman from SDM facilitating this clinic. The young woman administered my shot. Only later when I spoke with some of my colleagues did I find out that she was a student, and not a pharmacist.

1- She should have identified herself as a student and ask if I was okay to proceed.
2- Both individuals should have been wearing name tags to identify themselves.
3- I turned my head as she was pressing the plunger only to notice a large air bubble. This was not one of those little "champagne like" bubbles, but a very large one that should have been expelled.
4- She did not don gloves to administer my shot. It is best practice to wear gloves to protect oneself.
5- She did not landmark the inject site, but eyeballed it. This is not acceptable practice (especially for a student who has little if any practical experience).
6- She took the cotton ball (contaminated with blood that was used to apply pressure) in her bare hands.
7- I assume the man who was present was a pharmacist. However, he never spoke with me nor to the young woman. He also should have identified himself.
8- I noticed 3 or 4 filled syringes drawn up lying on the first aid bed with a started vial of Influenza vaccine. There was only one person after me filling out his paperwork in the conference room. The vial should have been stored in a proper cooler.
9- I was never offered a vaccination card nor proof of influenza vaccination.

I am horrified at the lack of safety and professionalism by SDM. Every person deserves the same level of optimal care, but not every person is aware of what that care should be. Consider that we are a Health Authority and a large number of the people who attended are nurses/ medical professionals.

I will wait one week for a satisfactory response . If I am not satisfied, I intend to bring this complaint to HR of the FNHA and will advocate for one of our nurses to to step in place of SDM to insure the safety of our staff.

Thank you

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