Sheetzmini hashbrowns

Did not receive my mini hashbrowns. I only ordered 2 frys and chicken strips, obviously the hashbrowns too, and upon taking the food out when I finally came home they were not in there but the dipping I purchased was in there. There was only 2 elderly woman working in the kitchen while the young ones were socializing on the floor and register, i know from experience that it's ridiculous to be the only one working while certain ones "hang out" if there was one other person checking over or asking who prepares the food if they made everything this issue would of not be caused. I appreciate Sheetz food and out of that whole store I appreciate only 1 gentleman who has excellent customer service and actually cares about the store when it comes to a security issue. Next time i see him there ill make sure to remember his name to make sure somebody gives him the rightfully appreciation he works for.
My email is: [protected]


  • Updated by Connor Robey, Oct 07, 2019

    Actually I do remember the employee name who always does more than a great job and makes sure everyone is happy and his name is Kahlil

Oct 07, 2019

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