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The manager Nancy has very little customer service skills. She usually appears grumpy unless it involves someone elses misfortune. I had a lottery ticket that I was concerned about because it got wet. She told me that there was nothing she could do while holding back a laugh. But she didn't try either. The next day I took the ticket some where else (not sheetz) and they were able to cash it quickly on the first attempt. Because they actually tried. Then today I stopped at the store again(even though I am fed up with the bad service, especially from nancy) and of course Nancy couldn't be bothered from a random task to ring up my order. I walked out without my purchase. Im not interested in going back to this store. It's a shame because it's close to my house, but I feel like a 2nd rate customer there. I do realize that this store is pretty busy. Maybe more employees would help the situation? But I've been to other busy Sheetz stores and have been met with employees who at least try to help customers. Nancy does not seem up to that task.