A Jul 28, 2019

I'm come in the same store multiple times a day with an online order. Tonight the same guy that rings me up 99% of the time for juul pods and my online order wanted to be ignorant.
First off the online order wouldn't go through, I'm contracting as I'm 8 months pregnant, so I would have had to stand there while they slowly make my chicken ceaser salad wrap, which I wasn't to upset about. But then he wants to Id me knowing I come in there and spend tons of money on food and juul pods. I didn't have my purse with it being 11pm at night and I live right behind the store. My boyfriend came back in to get me my pods and he said no I need her Id. they don't even id us anymore due to how much we come in. They know us by first name basis. First off, hee was rude as [censored], and second off we come in multiple times a day to buy the same thing.
You all will not receive any more of our money as we will drive the extra 15 minutes to another Sheetz. Also, you have given my boyfriend food poison a week ago and we didn't say anything but now we will surely be contacting the health department since or tacos we're bad.
Good for him for actually doing his job and id someone but we are regulars that he never ids any other time.

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