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ServPro IndustriesWater restoration

Hurricane Sally hit Alabama 9/15/20. My home has lots of roof damage, 2nd floor window blew in and allowed lots of water damage throughout home. ServPro of Pike, Floyd & Knott County, Kentucky. ServPro started on our home on 9/23/2020. The first crew started on 1 upstairs room, ripped my window screen and quit. On 9/26/20 a new crew started with the owner, Nathan Ratliff. This crew worked a day and a half. They scratched my refrigerator, broke large vanity mirror in bathroom & tore up the stairs (carpet treads and large holes on wood tops). They never brought in their dehumidify equipment or any equipment. Nathan Ratliff met with my insurance adjuster on 9/29. Adjuster showed him all the moisture that they left. He said he had personal problems and had to go back to Kentucky. My home is filled with molded insulation and ServPro never returned but Im told by Chasity they are giving me my final bill. I paid them $4500 so far.

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    ServPro IndustriesPaper work

    Servpro refuse to give me copies of my signed paper work after the job was finished. I need the copies for my insurance. This work was done 5/28/20 to 6/3/20 thats when the checked was cashed the check was made out to servpro but when it was cashed it was cashed under the name of mitnor corp. I am not sure if servpro is a real company please help. Irene fowler irene. [protected]

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      May 09, 2020

      ServPro Industries — Damages done to my property during ceiling and wall demolition

      I had water damage done in my home on March 7, 2020. I contacted servpro that same day. They responded very...

      Jan 13, 2020

      ServPro Industries — service at days inn in el campo

      Anthony, Greg and Lawrence are terrible Lawrence and Greg lets Anthony call the shots who is jus milking the...

      Aug 13, 2019

      ServPro — response or lack of, to telephone calls and/or emails

      We live in coastal North Carolina, in Morehead City. As you may remember, Hurricane Florence devastated our...

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      ServPro Industriesflooring removal from water damage

      I want to share my terrible experience with this company. The initial call in was a fiasco and the call taker struggled taking my info. I seriously thought she was under the influence. The response was very good by the crew. Josh was a nice polite crew leader. My fridge water line leaked and the water went under about 60 SF of Coretec vinyl planking flooring. Coretec is 100% waterproof and is a floating floor so I was not worried about damage to it, more so mold and water damage to the drywall and cabinets. I instructed Josh to unsnap the flooring and stack it up to be re-installed later. I had already started, unsnapping the first 4 pieces. It comes up easily. The crew instead ripped out the flooring and dumped it. I can understand a couple of pieces being unusable (actually no I can't) but all of the flooring? I contacted the vendor and the flooring installer stopped by today. All questioned why the flooring was thrown away, the beauty of the product is that it's waterproof and can be easily taken up and reinstalled again. BTW, the flooring was just over 1 year old. The installer advised that Servpro took no care in removing the floor properly. So here's the thing, maybe this crew just didn't have the training to know better. But how about making it right Servpro? It was great customer service to receive daily updates from Audra the Team Manager as to how the work was progressing; she was very quick to respond to my emails UNTIL I sent an email complaining that the crew had messed up with the flooring dismantled and it was my intention to back out the flooring cost from the final invoice. Audra did not return my email or call me. So I sent another email the next day and she finally responded. She suggested I run the cost of the flooring through my insurance, taking no accountability. She knew up front, I was self pay unless the claim got too big which at this point even if I had to pay for flooring I would have to avoid an insurance claim. I called her and she admitted she had no knowledge of flooring install (she's the manager!) but admitted that all the flooring was damaged upon removal. Unless they handled the the flooring like gorillas, there was no need for it to be damage. She then said that they had another similar situation the same week and now the company was using it as a training opportunity. Hey but I should pay for their mishandling or just file a claim? During our conversation, I could hear her typing away instead of being engaged and finding a resolution. How rude. In a snarky tone Audra asked me if I was just relaying this for informational purposes. Really? It was like talking to a brick. So I informed her that I was backing the cost of the flooring out of the invoice and she responded as she typed, "so you will be backing the cost of the flooring - OK have a great 4th (of july)" and hung up. All I can say is WOW! I'm an insurance agent and deal with folks having water or fire crisis every week. Now I know what it feels like to be on the other side. In the future, this will not be the company I will use-ever!

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        ServPro Industriesunethical behavior

        On Wed., May 22nd I experienced a back up in my downstairs half bathroom due to a clogged pipe at my neighbor's. ServPro was one of the referral my insurance company gave me. ServPro came out on Wed., May 22nd to do the water mitigation. When they thought my insurance company was involved, they promptly sent an estimate on Thur., May 23rd. Once I told them that my insurance company stated they will not cover my loss in full...due to the cause of damages Josh stated they need to do an asbestos testing. The asbestos testing was done on Wed., May 29th at 7AM by Mike. On Thurs., May 30th at 10:46AM Dylan Haygood left me a voicemail stating that the results of the asbestos test were received. I called Dylan back at 11:29AM on Thur., May 30th and he said the asbestos test showed less than 1% asbestos on the sheet rock and it would need to be treated. I asked him for a written copy of the asbestos test findings AND an estimate on the cost to treat it. He stated that I would receive both the asbestos test report AND estimate later on that afternoon. I did not receive anything so I called Dylan back on Fri, . May 31st 4:41PM and asked again for the the asbestos report and estimate. He then said again it would be sent later that day. I still have not received it. I told him to come and get his equipment consists of the air scrubber and dehumidifiers which have been here since Wed., May 22nd. I feel that this a scrupulous attempt to get more money than necessary from this hardship I am currently facing. You can not treat people this way and I will not be a victim for this. I want your equipment out of my home immediately.

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          Jan 25, 2018

          ServPro Industries — removal of personal items after fire

          NEVER USE!!! This is my and my daughter's experience after a fire at her townhome: We last communicated...

          Servpro — servpro representative

          My wife and I live in Ellicott City, MD where saturday July 30th we suffered a major flood in our basement...

          ServPro — damaged furniture & padded their bill!

          Like it never even happened? Yeah, you'll wish it never even happened if you use Servpro of West Jordan! I...

          ServPro — mold remediation

          We feel that Servpro has completely failed in their own quality assurance process to assist in resolving the...

          ServPro — A lady named Michelle. That works in office.

          The lady from this office called me and told me never to call servpro again. And that shewas not going to get...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          ServPro — fraud - poor workmanship - scam

          We have had enough, no homeowner deserves this kind of business practice and fraudulent intentions. This is a...

          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Servpro Of Southwest Mobile — ripoff, theifs, fraud, untrained

          Did not follow industry standards in a sewer overflow clean up. Theft and destruction of personal items, mold...

          Servpro Of BellinghamI need refund as soon as possible.

          I just purchased a voucher from for carpet cleaning. But when I booked the appointment they said they are not accepting voucher. Then I sent an email to get a refund and I got auto response that my mail reached and they will get back to me in 2 days and there is no single mail from them till now eventhough I sent lot of mails again and again. I need refund as soon as possible.

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            ServPro — very dissatisfied with servpro

            We had a house fire in August 2011. ServPro of Bethlehem was supposed to take care of the cleaning of our...

            ServProwork was substandard, rude personnel and etc.

            ServPro solicited water damage remediation work in my home. Salesman induced my wife to sign contract without disclosing any price, any unit prices, any labor rates - simply mandated that we pay whatever was billed. Work was substandard, rude personnel, carpets were left dirty, and billing was arbitrary.

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              • Pa
                Pat Driscoll Nov 10, 2013

                Springdale/Fayetteville, Arkansas Servpro was the WORST experience I have had on the remediation and restoration ever! They represent themselves as restoration experts. My cat could have done better job! They are sloppy and their work is beyond substandard. I spent 2 months repeatedly showing them the poor work they had done and additional damage they caused hauling their equipment in and out of my house. Despite walking the manager through my house showing him the poor workmanship three different times, he brought his guys out and asked me what it was I wanted redone. If you ask me what I need and I walk you through my house, why wouldn't you take notes or take photos yourself? I finally put sticky notes on all the areas of my house that needed to be redone just so I wouldn't have to repeat myself. That didn't work. You have to talk to these guys in crayon! After the third time he I walked him through, I took the time myself to take photos of everything and texted him photos of the work they did wrong with specific instructions. Seriously? They had to come back and back and back to redothe work. How does a business make a profit margin working like that? They make in on the front end charging $30 a day for each drying machine for 6 days x 17 machines each of which costs them $200 to purchase new! They were polite and
                Yes ma'am'd me to death. Their work just was visibly poor! Even non professionals can go to a paint story and match trim color, right? Not the geniuses at Servpro Fayetteville/Springdale, AR! I think a first semesnter high school shop student could have done a better job. I remained calm until one of the last times they came out and the guy actually asked me what I wanted to do with a broken tile they didn't replace! Really? Well, I had to explain to him that the right thing to do would be to replace it with one of the extra tiles I had in my garage. He actually then said that he could replace the door frame around my front door but it wouldn't look the same! He was right. I had to have him come out and redo that. Caulking seams before you paint a door frame seems like less than brain surgery to me but apparently at Servpro in Fayetteville/Springdale, "Whatever we can get away with" is their true intent. I think they thought they would wear me down and I'd take whatever they gave me. Who wants to work with people like that? It has been exhausting and that is why I am going to the trouble to put this out to others. My advice to anyone consideringusing Servpro in Fayetteville, Arkansas is DON'T DO IT. Do not trust their promise in their literature that they will "Make it like it never happened." Had I known then what I know now, I would have never hired them and certainly would not have had them td the repairs afer the remediation. I have oriental carpets which they ran a steam cleaner over and called that clean. I finally had to have professional carpet cleaners to the work. Now, they have sent me a confusing bill and have not even finalized the work! Bad business to put your trust in. Look at alternatives if you have a flood or other home crisis. Their approach each time I pointed out the shoddy work was to say, "We aren't done yet." What I realized is that I had to keep a close eye on everything, document the shoddy work and continue to have them back to redo the work. It was exhausting and I truly believe that since I am a woman, they thought I didn't know enough about remodeling to catch the nonsense. I am grateful to my insurance adjuster for his support and advice to not pay them until the work was done to my satisfacton. Buyer beware when enlisting Servpro in Fayetteville, AR is my best advice. Pat Driscoll

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              • Ma
                MAAVerba Dec 17, 2013

                We have had so many problems with ServPro so I started a facebook page with pictures and documentation. Please feel free to check it out, share, and post your experience on this page as well. I don't want anyone else to have to go through what my family is still going through because of them.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              ServPro — deceptive billing practices

              Company placed faulty dehumidifiers in basement after water backup to dry basement. Humidifier was faulty...

              ServPro — be careful

              If your town ever has a major catastrophe like a flood, and these guys have to come in you better go buy a...

              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Servpro Of Birmingham — fraud and overcharging

              Because of water damage from Hurricane Irene we called SERVPRO for service, Their Marketing Representative...