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Jani-King International Complaints & Reviews

Jani King / Richard Coleman / sexual assault / no pay

Jun 29, 2018

Richard Coleman with Jani King was told of an sexual assualt to an employee and did nothing of it. An empolyee stop working for him and did not receive his last pay check. Richard Coleman laughed and said ok and hangs up on ex employee. They don't clean with state approved chemical...

Jani-King International / cleaners

Dec 12, 2017

We were hired on as cleaners in Florida at a Plant...we had 8 buildings among the 2 of us...the so-called supervisor was suppose to be there on a daily bases. When she did show she had heels on the other lady I worked with told the guy who gave the contract to the supervisor that we needed...

janiking / Misrepresentation

Mar 21, 2011

Everything " the truth about cleaning franchises" has said is true however you won't find the franchisor to be forthcoming in terms of the manpower required nor the amount that is charged to service said accounts. Once the billing rate is revealed you will realize it is impossible to...

Jani King / Extortion Attempt

Feb 14, 2011

Thanks to this Consumer Complaint site Jani-King has returned property that does not belong to them and all disagreements have been settled. I would still not recommend hiring or working for this company to anyone. It is unfortunate that heavy handed tactics had to be employed to by both...



Jani King is a FRAUDLENT COMPANY!! they have no integrity. My Father worked for this company for only one month, he also replaced a salesman that only worked there for one month. They hire well qualified, experienced and eager Salesman to go out and market the companies all over town, get...

JaniKing Commercial Cleaning / Scam


Thanks to all who failed a Jani King Franchise because you did not fulfill your contracts like u promised. u think anyone can clean "NOT" u need to be experienced to run a good business. Thanks u law suit happy failed a business lack of knowledge u gave JK current Franchises a bad Rap and...

Jani King / Do not buy from them


Hi there i bought a Jani King cleaning franchise 6 yrs ago, the pus side of this is that you can chose your own hours, the bad side is that i have not had a contract where i do not have to work at 200% speed to finish a clean that as been priced 50% below what i would call a normal working...

Jani King / No response


I worked for jani king in Sint Jseph M and it was the worse experience in my life. In a matter of 2 mths my hours changed 7 times was short on several paychecks and not to mention the we got paid cash and then on our next check we got taxed twice. I had to take two day off due to heart...

Jani-King / Franchise is a Scam


I purchased a Jani-King Commercial Cleaning Franchise after reading they were a great franchise opportunity in several franchise magazines. During my initial meeting with the regional director I expressed concern over the 40% they take off the top of what clients are billed. He told me not...