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Aramark Uniform Services Complaints & Reviews

Aramark Uniform Services / alfredo pasta and other dishes

prees002 on Nov 28, 2017
I order Alfredo Pasta from the sautéed station in the Cafeteria. The food wasn't the hottest for it being sautéed and was extremely too much sauce, I barely had any noodles. I asked a girl working there could she give me more noodles free of charge, since it was heaping amout of sauce left...

Aramark Uniform Services / food/cafe at chase call center springfield, mo

No Email on Oct 31, 2017
I get food at this cafe often, recently I was served by a girl named Amber. I get that people have bad days but she was VERY unprofessional. She treated me as if I was annoying her instead of like a paying customer should be treated. I ordered food, and she made me repeat myself several...

Aramark Uniform Services / employee

Aerriol on Sep 14, 2017
I work with grifolds through aramark and there is an employee that has some one clock her out so she could go to her parenting class she would leave at 630 or 645 and have someone clock her out at 730 and she has clocked in and went hom andhas stayed on the clock until its time to clock...

Aramark Uniform Services / unsafe driving

Sara.Klein on Jul 14, 2017
Today, June 14th, at approximately 4:00-4:10, I was behind a driver going north on 75 around Plano, Texas, for about ten miles. The driver constantly swayed to the right almost hitting the barricade repeatedly, then would correct and within seconds was drifting severely to the right again...

Aramark Uniform Services / bad driver

Louis Mendez (bigdlb12) on Jul 5, 2017
To Whom It May Concern, on the date of June 30th of 2017 at approximately 11:30am the driver of unit 25044 or license plate # FLL 0985 (James) came very close to hitting me 2 times while I was on my motorcycle. The first time was around 11:28am as we were exiting the galleria mall turning...

Aramark Uniform Services / aramark uniform services

Tom Raden on Jun 23, 2017
Aramark has provide adequate service for about 4 years for us. However they are very sneaky and shady about their price increases and practices. They will gladly charge you for extended periods of time for services you don't need and are not using. They will also increase your prices about...

Aramark Uniform Services / customer servie

macitas restaurant on Jun 2, 2017
We have been a customer for about 5 years, we stared getting all of our kitchen staff uniforms, aprons, and towels with your company, however, due to many problems with the uniforms and how unsatisfied our employees were they decided not to continue paying for them, and once we tried to...

Aramark Uniform Services / one of your cafes overcharged me.

Kelsey12 on May 22, 2017
I went to your cafe that is at chichester college west Sussex it is a very small cafe which I get a drink or coffee from and they have charged me £25.50 for a transaction which I usually only spend£2.50. They ladies her work there don't give receipts and will take your card to do contact le...

Aramark Uniform Services / plant manager

Nope25 on May 9, 2017
A chemical was released into the air. They finally got the people out. When the police arrived they demanded that everyone remain outside until which time the professionals deemed it safe again. The general manager norm asked for volunteers to return into the building by 10 bc, and I quote...

Aramark Uniform Services / aramark driver spraying peoples cars with...

George4585 on Apr 11, 2017
Some sort of device he had set up on his truck, as cars would drive by he would spray them and laugh about it. Called customer service and they didn't seem to care that one of their drivers displays such childish and dangerous behavior to other drivers on the road. Completely soaked my car...

Aramark Uniform Services / food contamination, allergy, ruined my finals!

Kevin Charles Mandilag on Dec 7, 2016
Today December 7, 2016 at California State University East Bay, for lunch I ordered orange chicken chow main and honey walnut shrimp at panda express. I have finals this week so I am studying while eating food. their soda was watery and perhaps that was what made my tongue feel tingly. So...

Aramark / discrimination

Bogus Rap on Nov 30, 2016
I'm wrote up for allegedly swearing, but when other employees do it im front management their is npt write ups. Doublestandard became management swears right in front of you. Talk to humam resource department, but jason braun listen my complaint amd never returned my request for a...

Aramark / management

Iwasanemployee on Nov 28, 2016
I called in because I had a migraine and was told by a manager that I had to come into work unless I could get someone to cover for me because a migraine did not constitute a call out. Clearly Aramark is interested in a law suit because if I had been dumb enough to drive with a severe...

Aramark / school luch cafeteria manager

Jazzyass on Nov 10, 2016
I want to file a complaint against Harriet Pipkin at McKenzie middle school in Lubbock she is rude to the employees and she gossips she is always talking about the students personal lives and the employees lives as well you all have had several workers to quit because of her attitude it...

Aramark / lake powell bull frog boat rentals and marina

Barbara Lucia McDonough on Oct 17, 2016
I just got back from a trip in a houseboat that we rented from Lake Powell Bullfrog Marina. We managed to have a great time but I will never deal with anything that Aramark has anything to do with. It was the worse service and boat. They would not let us use a four wheeler that had cart...

Aramark Uniform Service / contract cancellation and unfair business practices

lorzo on Sep 13, 2016
This is the sleaziest company I have ever dealt with! Per the Aramark contract, we provided +60 advance written notice to cancel services. When I contacted them to pick up the old uniforms, the District Manager (in a smug tone) told me the contract automatically renewed. I explained a...

Aramark / management

Sara Nieves on Sep 6, 2016
My mother worked at a hospital in the cafeteria and she had a terrible experience. Management did not do their job. They took the sides of the individuals who were trouble makers. My mom is 60 years old working to pay her bills. She didn't bother anyone but yet there were some individual...

Aramark / food service

Michael Eiskamp on Sep 3, 2016
Worst job and worst head management I ever had to work with. I am a retired property manager after 32 years and was looking for a part time job to keep me busy. Went to work on a Wednesday morning at Mahomet Seymour high school to take a Certified food service worker and everyone wa...

Aramark / unfair evaluation based on speculation not improvements

forgiving on Aug 21, 2016
I recently given an evaluation based on the speculation of my co-workers. Supposedly, how I talk to customers was rude and down right mean. I have never been rude to a customer, no matter what form of public service I was in. How can you base someone's evaluation on what people say, not...

Aramark / unfair treatment of an employment/breaking the law

descriminate on Aug 13, 2016
I sustained a severe work injury on July 27, 2016 and an incident report was not filed, which by law has to be filed and I have to sign it. I have yet to see a copy of it. I was terminated for something for something I did not do. I want Trish Hunt, Rochelle Weaver, and Athena Petro all...

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