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Melanie (Fulk) Miller is using co time and property to engage in an extramarital affair w/ a married man. This unprofessional, unethical, and morally reprehensible behavior is a reflection upon the co. A co employing people lacking in moral character demonstrates a lack of professionalism and honesty. Employees should be held to a code of ethics.


My dad called Orkin to spray. The inspector came out and had my dad write a check out to him not to the company for six hundred dollars . I got my dad a hotel, but he has really...

a driver

I love in Waldorf Maryland and I was in Pinefield going the posted speed at 4:40 pm October 30, 2019 and one of your vehicle (license plate 6DX9757, Maryland Tags) was SPEEDING behind me and proceeded to almost back end me all because he was impatient! This is ridiculous. The speed limit is the speed limit! in a hurry to go no where!!! I'm just trying to get to work and not get hit !!!

unfriendly, rude, uncaring, not addressing the problems, inconsiderate

I called for there service because I saw 2 cockroach inside and just wanted to make sure that we were not having bugs. We'll 1st visit they put out them sticky roach hotel...


7615 I live in a Hud apartment complex. Since I have been living here we have had a pest control company spray our apartment monthly. Never had any type of bug problems. New manager...

services/ billing when I cancelled services

I signed up for Orkin April 2018. In April 2019 I cancelled service because I had two appointment schedule and no one showed up and no one called. I then called and cancelled my...

pest control/customer service

Where to begin! First dont use Orkin. Problems from beginning to end. We had a crack and with construction being done next door mice ended up getting into our home (we didnt know about the crack). Either way, I decided to pay for Orkin as they got into the crawl space which there isnt much room to get into. There was a price, and I told them I wanted to pay the whole amt up front and they said there is a discount. So they came out and luckily I noticed the charge only came through as a months service. So I called and they had issues correcting to give the discount. It was fixed but ever should have been an issue. The main reason for calling and hiring them was the crawl space which they NEVER did they put a single trap in there which was he WHOLE reason for service, I already had traps in our home, which caused them to put even less traps down. Even after asking again and calling and someone coming out again they never put the traps in the craw space, not one! Then I didnt want emails except for the reports as the service was to be called and appts made when someone could be home. They agreed it would ONLY be reminders for appts already agreed on and the reports. So they would email a report but never show us what they did when we were there and most were vague making us wonder where certain services took place. Then the emails and or texts came advising of appts or change in appts with never speaking to us. I complained multiple times about both the traps not being done and the text/emails. I called and email the branch manager with no response. Even told them to not let their service man come without calling and making an appt with us being there and they would still show up, and never call. I have replied to the surveys and even requested a refund with no response. Which I was told if we weren't happy with the service they would refund at least a portion of the fee. We have a different service that comes to treat for a bee problem we get in our area and because he came when he wasnt supposed to he showed up when they were here for the bees and then told my mother in law they didnt treat because someone else was there. I called and left a message to have them set up an appt to return which never happened. I have email, responded to the survey and called more than once advising that one the yr date they are not to charge my card for another service. I have it in my calendar to cancel the service at the very beginning of August but I have been telling them this for months with no acknowledgement. I finally reached a person a month or so ago and she added a note that they have to mail me a letter if Id like to continue service. Also at the beginning they have indication that cancellation needs to be in writing 30 days prior, I asked about it at the beginning in person and on the phone and they both said I could just call the office to cancel (not that any one acknowledges the calls nor emails). So yesterday (mind you its prior to the 1 yr mark), I received a bill saying I owed money. Recap, it was paid in full. So I called and left a message last night about this. What a headache and a ripoff. They don't speak to someone and make appts and even when you call and complain they do nothing about it. They dint do what they were hired for which was to put traps in the crawl space, due to its location we needed help in that area. Very frustrated at the service as a whole from beginning to end. I feel we didnt get what we paid for and I requested a refund months ago. If they weren't going to treat the area I hired them for what the heck did I pay them for to begin with!!! UGH- Find someone else to give your business to. Dont waste your money cause you sure as heck wont get a response. let me tell you if I end up with a charge on my card for anything from them at the year mark everyone will know what a piss poor company Orkin truly is.


7615 I was traveling on route 39 in Sherman act today and one of your drivers tailgated so bad he was over yellow line. He then proceeded to pass in a no pass zone (way over speed...

spraying for ants

Poisoned that is what Orkin did to me and they washed their hands of me. They left me homeless and I have 2 young sons. Orkin came in and sprayed for ants. The result was their...

bed bug extermination

My mother in law owns our house so the man told us that my mother in law could make payments where she owned the house and it would be no more than 1, 200 because we were not infested. We had our mother in law call him back and he said because she was paying it in full he would give her a discount. So it would only be about 800-1, 000. They charged us 1, 500 for it and they were supposed to come back even after the bed bugs were gone to spray once a month!!! That's why it was so much is because they made sure they would be gone. They only sprayed 3 times and every single time the person who was supposed to be there every time (Tristan Hopkins) in order for them to spray was never there. They didn't tell us he had to be there until the last time they sprayed. Also was supposed to put down stuff in our cracks and crevices to kill bugs that had lived through the spray and they didn't. One time they came to our house and I don't even think the guy sprayed he only was I our house for 5 minutes and then stood around and said his gps on his work phone would tell them if he went and set out in the truck. I can't remember the guys name that sprayed but the manager I'm assuming Travis is very rude. I called and complained everytime they left and NOT to get my money back but I was still being ATE alive by bugs. I have a video of bugs still ALIVE after they had sprayed 3 times and I had to throw my bedframe outside. I didn't want our money back I asked for them to come back and spray again because they had done a lousy job. Every single time the manager was VERY rude. They are still trying to charge us more and we have not seen them in MONTHS. I called and told them about it going against our collections when after I had called repeatedly to complain someone from the office had called my mother in law and offered to refund her money because of how much trouble we had out of them. She never received any of the money back and never even complained about how they told her they would and she didn't ask for the money back again we just wanted something done about the bugs and rude behavior. After not receiving our money back, being talked to like we're money hungry by the manager, told we were lying about the behavior it is just ridiculous and I have asked the manager Travis to speak to his boss many of time or the number for the national orkin people because this man is rude!!! He should not work with customer service at all.

a aggressive driver scared my kids

We drove on butts station and Kempsville in Chesapeake Va. Orkin guy cut me off and was smoking at the same time. He than brakes hard and stuck out his middle finger to me and my three small children. He was an older tan man and was the rudest representation of an employee in a company vechicle I have ever see . He could have kit the driver in from of him and almost make me hit him. Beyond scary and made my kids shake and cry.

a aggressive driver scared my kids

rkin man truck number 57184 grabbed his penis and told me to suck it [censored] in front of 4 minor children

7615 Orkin man with truck number 57184 parked his truck in front of my house while his driveway is empty. I accidentally hit with a football while playing with my 3, 4, 5, and 12 year...

vehicle blocking my house

Good morning,
Would like to make a complaint against one of your vehicles Toyota corolla License plate #8EGA724, vehicle 56259, vehicle drivers was asked not to park in front of house for reasons of blocking in the car in the driveway, and also he was in front of the fire hydrant. would like to see if you can contact the driver and make sure he can respect the request. Next time vehicle will be towed away, we leave to work early in the morning and don't have time to be looking for the driver.

Thank you for taking the time to read my complaint I will be expecting an email regarding the matter.
danny. [protected]

pest control especially spiders, and moisture barrier

We contracted with Orkin ptobably a month or so ago to do a moisture barrier and spray for spiders. Long story short neither were done correctly, the moisture barrier was only...


On 11/7/2018 truck #56213 plate #1586823 entered my private property ignoring my multiple 30x30" signs stating private property. He proceeded to stop in my lane, got out to take a...

cancelling of services

My father has a policy with Orkin since 1970. He has dementia and failed to make a payment on his house last year. Instead he made two on another home he rented. When he died a...

pest control treatment

I have been having nothing but trouble with this company since we have been using the services. First my appointments never stayed like I asked then they would show up when we...

orkin driver

Have seen this same truck a few times. Today the man pulled out in front of me, made me slam on breaks, just to wait on another car to get in the lane beside us to swerve in front...

service technician

How is the service tech this year for about so much was physically ready by one of the service managers so I should get over it. Or is it to hear his services nothing was done...


Truck number 45667 approximately 750 am 8/17/18. I have service you guys by the way Iam driving a garbage truck down Mansell Road and a white Orkin pickup truck cut me off causing me to lock up my brakes and I'm trying to avoid hitting y'alls pick up truck that cut me off. I cant stop on a Dime for your guy to cut me off could of gotten sombody killed! this guy is a careless driver and a reckless driver



On the website it says, "GET A FREE ESTIMATE" so was I charged $95? I was told about the charge before the inspector came on 8/15/18, but this is not okay. If the website say...

pest control

Hello, I am sending this to express how discontent I am with the service provided at our home in Leesville. We have two homes and a business with them and no one reach out to u...

tap / gutter dome

That is all that is written on the services to be provided line. Followed by a hefty price tag of $9593.00. And that is not the worst of it. Craig tatum approached my 85 year old...

poor customer service

An orkin tech came out for an Unscheduled service b/c, per his voicemail, he was going out of town the following week, but he left the voicemail at 7pm the previous night & showed up the next day at 2pm, without a confirmation call from me, and while I was at work. He opened my backyard gate and sparyed my backyard (per my security camera) & charged me the $100.00 fee (per my bank account) He gave Less than 24 notice & my previous service was on the 11th of the month and this was the 3rd, which means he was early. I was a 3 year customer—no more. I had to call twice to get a Manager to speak to me and was rude to me! He told me sounds like this was the first problem and he would talk to "J". I called back an hour later because I wanted to know if a refund would be taking place, and if not, I wanted to cancel my contract b/c I felt the manager should have offered me a refund or for "J" or someone to come spay the inside of my house to make things right, and the woman told me the manager canceled my contract!!! Really?! Wow!! How rude! He didn't even tell me. He acted like he would talk to the person who had been servicing my house for 3 years; the manager never said he was canceling my contract and I never asked when I was talking to him. Very disappointing after I have been a loyal customer for 3 years to Orkin. I will NOT recommend them.

field dispatch

I called Orkin and was given a dispatch window on noon to 2pm, I had to rearrange my schedule 2:30 there was no technician or even a call. I called Orkin and they said I was wrong the dispatch was for 4pm. I said no it was noon to 2pm so they get a manger from the field and couldn't tell where the technician was or what time he would arrive...acted like I was putting him out, I called him stupid for his attitude and couldn't care less about customers...he really went off on me...bottom line, don't do business with Orkin

been bug service

Paid $1012 for Orkin to exterminate bed bugs from my home. I was told how to prepare and to expect 5ish hours to be gone so they could flip furniture and spray thoroughly while...

not complaining

Reading the other posts just blow my mind. I make over $60k/ year. I have no issues with management. I work 7-8 hours per day no Saturdays unless I'm running behind. If you can...

pest control

I have Orkin coming on a regular schedule at my residence, I had been receiving some fairly decent service but lately it has been very bad, in fact so bad that I called to have...

unethical behavior

I suspended my services because of unfair treatment and I was not satisfied with services. In September of 2015 I do not know what was going on with my regular Orkin man. But I began getting calls from someone else. He kept trying to come to my house after hours. However, my kids have daily after school activities. Not to mention my husband works evenings and I am not comfortable with a man I don't know in my house that time of evening. He stated something about doing the outside. I explained to him I wasn't concerned about the outside. I need the inside taken care of. He informed me that my regular guy would come do it. I never heard anything from anyone until someone called for me to pay the bill. Which I explained then I was not paying anything because I didn't receive the services I requested. I was informed someone would call me. No one called. I called when I received a bill but by then I was in Cali for a family emergency. No one attempted to come out to my house until November and even then I explained to them would need to only do my inside that wasn't done in September and I was charged for. They were supposed to come November 30th. My husband was at home all day. No one showed up. I was home for an 1 4:00-5:00 again my kids have activities. I received another bill for 2 months of services. I called the office they informed me he showed up and sprayed the outside and that no one was home. I never received a call stating he was on his way or no one was home. You know why? Because, he didn't show up, someone was there. I was then told I they would have a manager call me, instead I get a call from my regular tech 2 weeks later. This is not the way to run a business. I still have the same issues i had when you guys started coming to my home. There was not much improvement. This was the biggest waist of my time and money. Now I am in a collection services although I was supposed to have a money back guarantee if not satisfied with services and I am not. The only way you will see a dime of my money is to take me to court. But guess what I didn't sign or authorize for you to spray only the outside of my home. thats not even why i requested services. there were no issues outside the home other then ants and they were under control

horrible service

I manage a 140 unit building in Miami Beach, every year we pay thousands of dollars for termite insurance policy. Which is supposed to cover us for yearly inspections and...

not complaining

I had a good experience working at Orkin other then 1 particular salesman who regularly unsold work. All but one of the supervisors I had were great and I highly respect them. I...

planting bugs

Hello so if you think orkin is on the up and up think again.. There own area supervisor is lower then low. He was contacted about one of his employees who was not doing his job...

Orkin Pest Control — did not perform inspectionsper their contract

Orkin did not perform the yearly inspections that we had paid for over 5 years. I found termites when preparing my house for sale. Orkin played a delay game and finally came to my...

The Orkin — service

I have a complaint about the orkin in doraville terrible customer service and terrible work when we first had the company come out for a few times they did great! But now the...

unproffestional service don't return phone calls or emails

I left voicemails and serveal email messages and did not receive a call back.

The service is not professional

Orkin Pest Control — awful service

The Orkin wanna be douche bag tech came out, didn't do ### but talk about his jail time and how all he ever wanted to be was a piece of ### in life. We coached him in never...

Orkin Pest Controlnot recommended

I came to Orkin Pest Control in distress after realizing that I had a bug problem. The representative Konae met with me and inspected my home on October 6, 2011. After a very thorough inspection she confirmed that I had bed bugs in my home. She encouraged me to understand that because I work in the public schools this is a likely problem.I was extremely bothered by this information, that I scheduled Orkin to come and exterminate my home on October 10, 2011. I was given a detail list of items that had to be moved, washed and bagged. I followed the list exactly. Since I live alone, I spent many nights gathering and bagging items until 2am or later at which time I would leave my home to stay with friends since I definitely was not going to sleep in a home with bed bugs.
On October 10, 2011 the technician “Justin”, came to my home to exterminate. He told me that all the bagged items should have been moved into a bathroom or kitchen for a proper extermination to occur. I was in tears and very tired at this point. Justin assured me that he would do the perimeter of each room/closets and dust the outlets and light switches (which he would remove). Justin also told me that I would need to re-wash and bag at least 30 large trash bags of clothing and other items and place them in the kitchen and/or bathrooms for the 2nd treatment.

Konae originally told me that the extermination of my home would take 2.5 to 3 hours. However, Justin who seemed to have another appointment told me it would only take 1.5 hours. Although, this seemed odd to me, I “trusted the professionals.” I returned to my home when Justin was leaving and he told me I couldn’t re-enter my home for 4 hours because of the toxins in the chemicals. I returned to my home 4.5 hours later to find:

• The outlet plates all over my house; on the floor, carpeting and even in my shoe box covers.

• My love seat and chair was upside down (which was expected). However, the lining under the chair had been almost shredded in such away that I could never repair it.

• The outlet and light switch covers were Justin “saw activity” had never been unplugged or removed.

• The closet next to the same area (that I spent many hours emptying) had never been exterminated.

I immediately called Orkin at about 9pm as stated in the written agreement (which stated that should Orkin before 12 midnight if my home was not treated to my satisfaction). They never returned my call. I called back the next day 10/11/11 at about 3:30pm. I was assured that a technician would come to my home on Wednesday, October 12, 2011. After making this arrangement, Orkin calls me the afternoon of 10/12/11 to cancel due to over booking. I made another appointment with Orkin for Thursday, 10/13/11 between 3:30 and 5:30pm. I receive a message from the technician that he was waiting at my home before 3pm. I also have a written statement that he was at my home between 2:50pm and 3:20 (Again I arrived at 3:30pm as agreed). I rescheduled again with Orkin for Friday, 10/14/11. I receive a call stating that the manager, Robert Martinez, would like to come and inspect my home which translates to another cancelled appointment by Orkin. I protested and after many conversations with Mr. Martinez, he sends a technician to my home after 5pm. I asked Mr. Martinez if the technician was going to have the time to go over the trouble areas properly. He assured me that the technician was well informed and able to handle the situation with great detail and professionalism. At this point I am very leery, but just want to be able to sleep in my home and get things back to normal.

The technician arrived “Erik.” I go over the details with him. Erik was very surprised to see how Justin had ripped through the lining on my loveseat and chair and again assured me that he would take care of this problem. I told Erik that I had another appointment and that I would be leaving. I lingered to gather some of my things, while Erik was upstairs. I heard talking and as I listen Erik (who was talking to Mr. Martinez) said, “SHE WAS GOING ON AND ON AND I AM TRYING TO GET OUT OF HERE. WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE I DID SOMETHING? DO YOU WANT ME TO TURN OVER SOME OF THE CARPETS AND LEAVE?

While on the phone he walked down the stairs where I was standing, I asked him if he was talking to Robert Martinez the manager and he said “yes”. After explaining exactly how I felt about the abusive treatment received by Orkin and after going outside to calm down, I ask Erik to leave my home. I would like a full refund by Orkin, I will never recommend anyone to this company and will be reporting this incident to the better business bureau. I have been out of my home since October 10th.

poor service

I startted a contract with Orkin for pest control in Dec 2010. we have not received good service from the beginning. I have had to call every month to have our service taken care...

Orkin And David Bridgethe worst

I contracted with Orkin and they sent out this really *** manager guy named David Bridge. He was the worst. Almost seemed ###ed. Made totally *** comments about the problem and wanted money under the table to do the job for less. After I told him no and that I was going to call his supervisor is got mad and left. What a ###!!! I will never use Orkin again. They don't seem to screen there people and if someone is asking to rip off there own company by asking for money under the table. Well...what the ***??? What a peice of work Orkin sent out to me...

Orkin Pest Controlterrible service

Set up appointment... they never showed up!!! terrible I dont know about every one else out there but my time is very valuable! I have very little free time... really none! I spend a lot of time rearranging my schedule and the *** jerks dont even bother to show up! i keep my son home from soccer practice, avoid getting my child hair cut so I can run home and meet the people for our appointment and low and behold... they stand me up!!! WTF is wrong with people??? Do not ever waste your time scheduling an appointment with them! they will not show up !!!