Anago Cleaning Systems Complaints & Reviews

Anago Cleaning Systems / Trinity United Methodist Church

Apr 27, 2016

We hired Anago to clean our Christian School, Pre-School and Church. The first crew came to do the "deep cleaning" we paid extra to have done and they never completed the job. We talked to the area supervisor who came out and agreed they hadn't finished the job and they still...

Anago Cleaning Systems / Company did not deliver promised service, overcharged for unsatisfactory work


James Giovanni, franchise owner, appraised the extent of work to be done in my home. Workers did not arrive at agreed-upon time; workers did not bring cleaning supplies and equipment as promised; workers were not experienced house cleaners, spent an inordinately long time doing simple...

Anago Cleaning Systems / First Priority Pay


The owner of Anago formerly owned First Priority Pay, and Priority Pay Payroll. This company had many customers on a limb becaus it opted to file for banrupcy after the owner sold the company to ADP Caution should be taken.

Anago Cleaning Systems / Poor Investment


I thought my family and I were making a great move by purchasing into Anago not true. This is the worst experience I have ever gone throug they promise cleaning contracts never fulfill their mission. We invested $9, 000 into this company guess how many contracts we recieved 2 that'...