Sephorahuda beauty lipstick bullet

H Aug 02, 2019


Firstly I would like to start of by saying that I believe the lack of service that I received is unbelievable it makes me never want to shop at Sephora again. I went on holiday to NYC in April and purchased $400 worth of make up from Sephora. On the day I landed, I noticed that my lipstick was broken, so I made contact via Twitter on the 29/04/19 and until today nothing has been resolved. I've exchanged so many messages via twitter and emails . I was told I would get an email from the manager of the meatpacking store, after weeks of chasing I finally got a response. When Vanessa made contact she asked for a picture of my receipt which I showed her. She barely communicated with me, in fact it was always me chasing up for an answer. After months of asking, she says she will send me a lipstick, not only was the lipstick broken it was also the wrong colour picked out by one of the sales assistance which is my fault I should have checked. I told Vanessa about this and she didn't confirm whether they would send the correct colour. I also told her that when sending a package to another country you'll get charged for it and she assured me that I didn't have to pay anything. I received a letter from customs last week to say I need to pay £27.36 in order to get my package, I was beyond furious as I told her and of course I emailed Vanessa on the 20th of July and no response, as always. Now I'm beyond upset, I don't know if this is a cultural thing but in the uk that would never happen, the customer is always treated fairly as they want to ensure customer satisfaction and for them to return to buy some more. It shouldn't have to take this long to rectify a simple mistake from your end and the lack of care and understanding from the few people I have spoken to is shocking. I want this issue to be resolved, I know it's just a lipstick but it's not fair to have to purchase something and for it to be faulty especially when you spent hundreds of dollars on other products. I believe for all my trouble and time that I've wasted I deserve more than that lipstick, I want a gift card to make up for this. I'm sure I've wasted even more time to be completely honest because if the service has been this poor so far, I doubt this will get a response.

Kind regards,

Hodan Jama

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