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OroGold Cosmetics — Elastique Energy Masque ID-588

Oct 30, 2019 at 1:49 p.m. I was physically forced into there store. Demanding me to try there miracle eye...

OroGold Cosmetics — oro gold anti aging

Orogold? No no no! Run for your life! This company is a total scam! Location: northeast mall, hurst, texa...

OroGold Cosmetics — orogold 24k 60 second eye solution

On Sept. 27th, 2019 I purchased the above product at Orogold Amsterdam, in a city I was visiting for several...

OroGold Cosmetics — high pressure lies

I had an appt in a nearby building and there were two employees out in front on sidewalk as usual trying to...

OroGold Cosmetics — toning face machine apparently approved by nasa???

I went into this store while on holiday and they pressurised and pressurised - so I bought a couple of...

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OroGold Cosmeticsthey lie to me a lots to make me to sign the contract

758 Market St. san Francisco CA 94102

I am writing this letter that I am not satisfied of the service what happen
On November 2018 I being invited to try their products, They said try it if you didn't like it you will get the full refund and I was thinking its only trial product on the begging

They made me sign their contract and give me certificates they said that I have to make appointment or drop off if they do have space that's
What happen I wasn't aware of about the full service?
I went to the second treatment was on December 2018 or January 2019 on the 3rd one I went with my sister to get the trial they tried to convince her to sign but she didn't want it and than I hard the guy telling my sister those equipment's its belong to your sister and the cream everything,
I was shock it because I didn't know about it and they didn't ask me my permission to use my stuff on my sister, I wasn't aware of anything than on the 4th time I want to understand the service more around mid of February 2019 I called numerous times every month until now and leaving voice mail but no respond the [protected] at that time on the end of February I called no one respond than I call to the number they have it on yelp [protected] line its close And I called [protected] in this line that time no answer begging of march 2019 I went to their location on market st SF around 11 am and than my son went on Sunday and than on Monday morning than we ask their neighbor stores they told me they have bad reputation and I should not work with them I got more scared than I pay attention on yelp review I got more scared than I went to wells Fargo to get help while I being trying to reach the business by phone no respond the begging April I went to the location since they respond to wells Fargo and I saw them open I tried it was around 12 pm trying to speak to their manger I spoke to the front lady she said hold let me see if he is time to talk to me and I gave her my name than she is back saying the manger that since I am involving the bank they wont be able to speak to me and I have to go throw the bank I couldn't understand the reason why but I am really tired of trying to get my money back anyway I being trying to hold of the owner throw the 1800 number if I could get the customer service around may I called [protected] Nicole she said that she one of manger and they have more than store in use and she work in Miami branch and I told her about my problem she said I am sorry for that service and she took my number and she said she will work on this matter and get back to me and its being while I haven't get no respond from her I tried to call [protected] more than once no answer the leaving more than once time voice mail, Tell me what kind of service they do have while have website and no respond
What kind of service they do offer without explain to their customer,
What kind of business trick the customer and making them to sign contract what they care only getting the customer sign with out thinking of them if they are happy or not my feeling I am not happy at all

I am requesting the full amount due to refuse to talk me and mistreating me and not responding to my request or not allow me to access to their location

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    OroGold Cosmetics24k collagen eye renewal mask

    This orogold cosmetics 24K COLLAGEN EYE RENEWAL MASK does not work. I took it out of the package & the whole gold mask was dry, had no serum and it falls off your skin because it does not stick on the eye as its dry. Does not work as explained it would. No way it reduces puffiness nor moisturizes. Attached is a picture. Waste of money & time. Horrible customer service! I do not reccomend this company nor their products

    24k collagen eye renewal mask

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      Orogold — unethical behavior not issuing a refund for products not wanted

      I was on vacation in Hawaii in February 2019 and happened to come across an Orogold store at the Hilton...

      OroGold Cosmeticsskin care products

      All 24 k products from them gave me very bad reaction on my skin.. The price us too high, and didn't let me know that I couldn't return them.. They charged me 2000 $, and didn't give me refund even I asked for it.. When I called their customer service, they didn't want to talk about it.. Im stressed now because I paid alot of money for a bunch of trash that I cannot use..

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        OroGold Cosmetics — refunds

        I would like to know how this company gets away with this. They tell you what you want to here to get you to...

        OroGold Cosmetics — unethical behavior, miss representation

        On 10-22-2018 while walking through the Roseville Galleria, I was approached and practically apprehended by...

        OroGold Cosmetics — unethical behavior and miss representation.

        While walking thru the galleria/roseville ca, I was approached and practically apprehended by an individual...

        OroGold Cosmetics — the facial products

        Hi, I would like to inform you that I bought a bunch of your products from a distributor store inside the...

        OroGold Cosmetics — unethical behavior

        On 11/23/2018, I went Black Friday shopping at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco with my daughter and her boyfriend...

        OroGold Cosmetics — orogold honolulu hilton village store salesperson lied about full refund policy

        Buyers, consumers and shoppers be aware Stay away from Orogold stores and productss as many of you have been...

        OroGold Cosmetics — several of their products I purchased - run away! liars & cheats! will not refund!

        RUN AWAY! Liars & Cheats! Will Not Refund! I purchased $537 of Orogold products in Key West, FL, and Orogold...

        OroGold Cosmetics — lack of customer service and scam type operation

        Here are the facts as it transpired. Overview: We got pushed and pressured to purchase products from thi...

        Oro Gold — cosmetics

        The sales person lied to me and made false promises to get me to make a purchase. When I told him I cannot...

        OroGold Cosmetics — sales practice

        At the Oro Gold store, at the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, I purchased Caviar Cream for $500.00 and...

        OroGold Cosmetics — aggressive promotion

        September 10, 2017 around 5pm Manhattan around 57th street location The promoter aggressively tried to...