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1800 093 3458(Canada) 1 0
+1 877 554 1777(United States) 2 0
+1 786 587 1965(International) 1 0
+44 203 598 6408(United Kingdom) 2 0
+39 669 797 681(Italy) 1 1
+31 207 370 564(Netherlands) 1 0
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OroGold Cosmetics Complaints & Reviews

OroGold Cosmetics / they lie to me a lots to make me to sign the contract

Jun 20, 2019

RF: OROGOLD COSMETICS SAN FRANCSCO 758 Market St. san Francisco CA 94102 I am writing this letter that I am not satisfied of the service what happen On November 2018 I being invited to try their products, They said try it if you didn't like it you will get the full refund and I wa...

OroGold Cosmetics / 24k collagen eye renewal mask

Jun 11, 2019

This orogold cosmetics 24K COLLAGEN EYE RENEWAL MASK does not work. I took it out of the package & the whole gold mask was dry, had no serum and it falls off your skin because it does not stick on the eye as its dry. Does not work as explained it would. No way it reduces puffiness nor...

Orogold / unethical behavior not issuing a refund for products not wanted

Apr 09, 2019

I was on vacation in Hawaii in February 2019 and happened to come across an Orogold store at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The greeter at the store was handling out chocolates and the next thing I knew I was being propositioned to a free facial only to find out that the free facial wa...

OroGold Cosmetics / skin care products

Mar 24, 2019

All 24 k products from them gave me very bad reaction on my skin.. The price us too high, and didn't let me know that I couldn't return them.. They charged me 2000 $, and didn't give me refund even I asked for it.. When I called their customer service, they didn't want...

OroGold Cosmetics / refunds

Feb 15, 2019

I would like to know how this company gets away with this. They tell you what you want to here to get you to buy . We also were told we would get a refund so I called them 3 days later and told them I didn't want the Jupiter facial machine. they said it had already been shipped that not to...

OroGold Cosmetics / unethical behavior, miss representation

Jan 29, 2019

On 10-22-2018 while walking through the Roseville Galleria, I was approached and practically apprehended by an individual named Giovanni of the Orogold kiosk. He grabbed my hand and sat me in a chair and started talking to me about the dark circles under my eyes while applying a serum to...

OroGold Cosmetics / unethical behavior and miss representation.

Jan 16, 2019

While walking thru the galleria/roseville ca, I was approached and practically apprehended by an individual of the ora gold kiosk. He grabbed my hand and sat me in a chair and started talking to me about the dark circles under my eyes while applying a serum to the back of my hand. Having...

OroGold Cosmetics / the facial products

Nov 27, 2018

Hi, I would like to inform you that I bought a bunch of your products from a distributor store inside the Valencia Town Center in Valencia California. Now, the person who sold me these Products persuaded me to by them, saying that eventually it will help me with any wrinkles I may have...

OroGold Cosmetics / unethical behavior

Nov 26, 2018

On 11/23/2018, I went Black Friday shopping at Stonebriar Mall in Frisco with my daughter and her boyfriend. I was approached by a girl at a kiosks who wanted to show me some eye cream. The eye cream worked and she told me it normally costs $1, 000, but she would sell it to me for $400 and...

OroGold Cosmetics / orogold honolulu hilton village store salesperson lied about full refund policy

Oct 17, 2018

Buyers, consumers and shoppers be aware Stay away from Orogold stores and productss as many of you have been reporting and been taking advantage of these scan artists. We are a victim of fraud, just like many have reported here and especially the Orogold in Hawaii stores while on...

OroGold Cosmetics / several of their products I purchased - run away! liars & cheats! will not refund!

Sep 17, 2018

RUN AWAY! Liars & Cheats! Will Not Refund! I purchased $537 of Orogold products in Key West, FL, and Orogold has refused to refund my products, which I will gladly return, and I am issuing this statement. I believe that the Store salesperson made false claims about the products I...

OroGold Cosmetics / lack of customer service and scam type operation

Aug 14, 2018

Here are the facts as it transpired. Overview: We got pushed and pressured to purchase products from this company which we did not know at the time their business "MO". As a consumer, and from what the "salesperson" had advised and their receipt indicated, we could get 100% money back...

Oro Gold / cosmetics

Aug 13, 2018

The sales person lied to me and made false promises to get me to make a purchase. When I told him I cannot afford it, he said he would help me by sending me referrals for my business, which was a total lie. I'm now out $5, 000 for cosmetis that I do not need. I didn't end get a list of...

OroGold Cosmetics / sales practice

Apr 30, 2018

At the Oro Gold store, at the Garden State Plaza Mall in Paramus, I purchased Caviar Cream for $500.00 and the sales person told me that if I purchased another cream she would give it to me for 1/2 price. I did tell the sales person that I had allergies and most of the products I use are...

OroGold Cosmetics / aggressive promotion

Sep 10, 2017

September 10, 2017 around 5pm Manhattan around 57th street location The promoter aggressively tried to persuade me to buy their products (3 for 600$-ish) and when I said categorically "NO" the promoter insulted me of my abilities whether I can count since if I could then I already...

OroGold Cosmetics / warning : beware: pretty darned shady sales tactics

Jul 20, 2017

July of 2017 I went into an OroGold store to sample products. The salesman, clearly not a professional actor or salesperson, proceeded with lie after lie. Yes, it was that obvious but i wanted to try at least one product. Fake accent, up close and personal darling after darling "i tell you...

Oro Gold / skin care products

Jun 05, 2017

April 19 2017 I was shopping on the Lynnhaven Mall in Virginia Beach VA. I was stopped and offered a free sample of one of the products. I was then pulled in the store to sample other products. The sales person was polite and chatty. I purchased the products and returned to the hotel. I...

Oro Gold / sales person scammed my 80 year old mother out of more than $5500

Feb 22, 2017

On 2/9/2017 my mom went to the mall in Northern California and was pulled into the kiosk by Steve who proceeded to compliment her, telling her that she reminded him of his mother, said that she would be getting 10 spa treatments at a different mall about 30 minutes away. When she told him...

OroGold Cosmetics / unethical behavior

Feb 18, 2016

On Feb. 17th, I was shopping in Arrowhead Mall in Peoria, AZ, when I was approached by a man with a free cosmetic gift. He said he had a product that he wanted to try on my eye area to reduce the darkness. So began an hour long ordeal. He showed me the product, gave me the price ($400) and...

OroGold Cosmetics / sales behavior

Jan 27, 2016

At the North County Fair Westfield shopping center in Escondido California. Date and time- January 27th, 6 PM The sales people always stand outside their store trying to sell their product. As I walked by the sales person he came over to me and asked if I wanted a sample, I smiled and...

OroGold Cosmetics / problem with refund and terribly unethical behaviour

Jan 20, 2016

On January 19th I was in the Bay underground concourse in Toronto when a woman tried to approach me to tell me about a "free" offer...I kept saying no that I didn't want anything and wouldn't buy anything. She kept repeating "I won't charge you anything" and...

Orogold / products 1200 dollars worth

Oct 13, 2015

Went to mall.was asked to come inside to try product. Did try. purchased 300. Dollars with of product. Said I couldn't afford the next level for 1600. dollars. He offered me a great deal 900. For the upper level product. I bought it. On way home, my face started to itch terribly. Went... / I didn't get money for the previous order and multivitamins didn't fit me

Oct 01, 2015

I have purchased multivitamins and masks from the website I got the multivitamins, but after a week I had an allergy and decided to return the multivitamins back. The seller agreed and told me that I could change these vitamins for any other. However, when I...

Orogold / high pressure, bait and switch

Sep 16, 2015

9-9-15. Atlantic City, Harrah's Resort & Casino. I was as big a fool as many others who have written. I had just arrived (c. 1:15 pm, after having had only two hours of sleep the night before and getting off a plane) was accosted by one sales person as I walked by the shop who wanted to...

Orogold / unethical practices

Sep 12, 2015

They offer a free facial and give you free water. She said she was applying a 1000.00 mask on me, . Tried to get me to pay more money. Tried to get me to buy the whole store. I am careful what I spend. After the facial they rushed me out of the store. Couldn't get money back, when I...

Oro Gold / skin products

Sep 09, 2015

I was waiting for my car to be fixed in Arden mall when a woman outside of the oro gold store complemented my cheap walmart purse. Before I knew it, I was pulled into their store. Everytime she showed me a product, I told her that I couldnt afford it. She kept insisting that I needed their...

Orogold Serum / product did not last like they said it would!

Jun 07, 2015

i purchased several items from Orogold on March 23, 2015. The sales person expressed how long each product would last! The Serum she said was enough to use daily for 1 year! Other products are supposed to last 1 1/2 years. Today is June 7, 2015! That's just over 2 months and it ran...

OroGold Cosmetics / never explained return policy

May 05, 2015

I passed by the Orogold store and the sales lady named Carla lured me in by saying she can help me with my facial blemishes. I was interested so after about 40 minutes of being introduced to several facial products she asked me how I plan to make my payment before I commited to buy...

Orogold Sf / phone text harrassment

Mar 27, 2015

After an allergic reaction to their cosmetics, returned merchandise. After a prolonged battle, received a credit card refund, even though the SF outlet initially refused. Today I received an attepted virus attack on my phone, from Orogold SF, with the return phone number (323) 275-1189...

Oro Gold Cosmetics Multi-vitamin Peeling, Eye Serum and Cream / product causes allergic reaction-no refund

Jan 21, 2015

I purchased $690 worth of cosmetics after a highly pressured sales pitch on many of their products. I was just going to get the 24K multi-vitamin peeling after it was demonstrated on my skin. After using it on and off over next several months I developed an excoriated area on my face where...

Oro Gold / unethical practice

Oct 27, 2014

Shopping with my boyfriend in Garden State Plaza in NJ. He leaves me to go shop as I catch a 10 minute massage. On my way out, I pass Oro Gold. A heavy accented man approaches me and grabs my hand and tells me he has something to show me. As I have worked in a mall before, I am accustomed...

Oro Gold / boston store - unethical business practices

Dec 08, 2013

The Oro Gold store in the Copley mall uses unethical business tactics to make sales, plus the phone number listed on the receipt is a non working number (at least it was when I had my awful experience there several years ago). Several other people have submitted complaints about the same...

Oro Gold / oro gold cream

Oct 28, 2013

I was approached by Oro Gold sales reps on Bond Street. They have a very aggressive marketing strategy and told me that if I use the oro gold exfoliator my 'dead-looking skin' would actually brighten up in a matter of days. I told them that I did not want to try the product but...

Orogold Carosel Cannington / rude and discriminating staff

Aug 26, 2013

Lady came up to me a few months ago and said to me omg why is your skin so horrible and red, I explained I just had me eyebrows waxed, and walked away as she was so rude, I retured to carosel westfields cannington in western australia 5 weeks later for her to only approch me again and I...

Ya Ya Beauty - Oro Gold / high pressure sales and physical intimidation

Aug 07, 2013

The salesmen at Ya Ya Beauty/Oro Gold in the Mall of America used high pressure sales and physical intimidation techniques to get me to accept a sample of one of their products. When reaching for the sample, another salesman came over and both insisted that I physically come into the store...

Oro gold Spa / bullied into purchase

Dec 31, 2012

I was pressured/bullied/fooled into buying two beauty products at a total cost of $74.36. The man, Matteo Bono, touched me, shoved the bag of product into my hand and said it was free but then said he would sell it at a discount for me. He made it extremely hard to say no and wouldn't let me leave for 20 minutes.

Orogold Day Cream / pushy sales people

Oct 13, 2012

was pushed in to buying the day cream after i said i wouldn't i was in las vegas for a wedding & didn't bring much cash with me and the sales people wouldn't take no for an answer. I won't be buying this produst in the future. thank you for your time if you would like to e-mail me my email is [email protected]

Oro Gold / dishonest business practices

Oct 02, 2012

I too purchased these products but felt I had spent to much money. I tried to return them and the owner or manager of the story told me they were not returnable. He failed to tell me this when I purchased them. He was very slick and did most of the things that were in other complaints. I have...

Mazal Vivo Per Lei Cleopatraschoice / fraud racism harassment sales tactics theft over charging poor service aggressive abuse bad reviews stealing over charged card deceptive dishonest

Sep 03, 2012

Retail stores and Websites of deceit. This company is truly a web of lies. The "store" at Westfield Horton Plaza is not a kiosk is a permanent, full time location . Horton Plaza should feel shame for allowing this horrible company to lease in it's mall. I trusted a major mall to have...

Westfield Orogold Oro Gold / fraud racism harassment sales tactics theft over charging poor service aggressive abuse bad reviews stealing over charged card deceptive dishonest

Sep 03, 2012

The "store" at Westfield Horton Plaza is not a kiosk is a permanent, full time location . Horton Plaza should feel shame for allowing this horrible company to lease in it's mall. I trusted a major mall to have respectible clients, well i was wrong. Hundreds of Better Business, FCC...