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+420 800 200 111 (Czech Republic)
+45 89 872 340 (Denmark)
+351 707 500 009 (Portugal)
+40 314 328 880 (Romania)
+852 58 085 441 (Hong Kong)
+62 217 263 002 (Indonesia)
+60 162 991 444 (Malaysia)
+63 26 263 336 (Philippines)
+65 31 631 032 (Singapore)
+66 22 690 692 (Thailand)
41 rue Ybry, PO Box: 92200
Neuilly-sur-seine, California
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First Market Tower, 525 Market Street, 32nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105-2708

Czech Republic
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Via Winckelman 1, 20146 Milano, Italy

Al. Jerozolimskie 92, 00-807 Warszawa, Poland

Rua Ivens, 42, Pisos 4 e 5, 1200-227 Lisboa

Bucuresti, sector 3, Splaiul Unirii, № 165, TN2 Offices

Calle Alfonso XII, 34 BJ Izq., 28014 Madrid

3F, Sephora Flagship Store, № 993 Nanjing West Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai

Jebel Ali Free Zone, PO Box 18536, Dubai, U.A.E

Avenida das Américas, 700 block 8 - 317 C - Rio de Janeiro - RJ - CEP 22640-100

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Nov 10, 2019

Sephora — sales person discrimination

I went to Bevery center Sephora 11/812019 and bought some make up product and some of item I need to exchange...

Sephora ole henriksen vitamin c serum

Hi there,

I purchased the vitamin c serum from Sephora in NYC - the store opposite Macy's - whilst there on business and upon arriving home to the UK I realised that the push mechanism is broken. If I were very heavy-handed I would understand it braking, however I am as gentle with my products as I am applying them, and so I believe this was genuinely faulty. I wouldn't have minded, but I'm concerned that the rest of the product is exposed to oxygen and also this has lead to a lot of wastage when I do use it as can be seen in the pictures. Based on this I would like to request a replacement or a refund.

Kind regards,

Kiran Judge

ole henriksen vitamin c serum
ole henriksen vitamin c serum
ole henriksen vitamin c serum

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    Sephora bad customer service - online order

    I would like to make a formal complaint on a bad customer service for my online order. The deliveryman came TWICE to deliver the product. However, due to an error on Sephora's shipping request, I was not able to receive my product.

    I was told to make a cash payment of $89 to receive my product. This is incorrect. The correct cash to be paid should only be $9. I paid $80 online with a gift card. These details are stated clearly on the order form.

    Communications via email have been going back and forth and the customer service personnel fail to check on the reason for the failed deliveries. At one point, they mention that no one was home - which is totally ridiculous, untrue and a false accusation. I was there, eager to receive my item and left disappointed, Twice, when the delivery man told me they were instructed to collect $89 -Twice.

    When the customer service finally sorted out the order, I was told the item was out of stock and they could only refund the credit note to me. I am extremely upset and disappointed by this. The entire process was no fault of mine and I lost the product I had purchased online. The item came twice to my doorstep BUT due to the shipping order mistake made by Sephora, I am not able to receive my item. This is very Bad experience for me, as a customer of Sephora.
    6 Sep 19 : Purchase was made online. Paid $80 by giftcard and to be paid $9 cash on delivery.
    12 Sep: Ninjavan delivery came but I am not able to receive my item. Was told to pay $89 instead of $9.
    16 Sep: 2nd Ninjavan delivery came and I am not able to receive my item as well. Spoke to the delivery man about the order and showed my order details and my item was sent back. very disappointed.
    17 Sep: Received an email from Sephora that the item was returned to warehouse and they will issue a credit note to me to re-purchase the item online again.
    17 Sep: Customer service personnel said Ninjavan delivery could not reach me (not true, an accusation). I explain my situation again via email.
    17 Sep: Sephora customer service realised their mistake. Sephora informed me that they can only refund the gift voucher or a credit note, the item is OOS now and they can't deliver another one to me.

    Extremely Upset with bad service.
    2 weeks from purchase order and I did not get my item at all.

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      Aug 12, 2019

      Sephora — floor employees

      Its really frustrating going into a store on my down day. Every girl should be able to have one. With my...

      Aug 02, 2019

      Sephora — huda beauty lipstick bullet

      Hello, Firstly I would like to start of by saying that I believe the lack of service that I received i...

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      Sephora afterpay order

      I ordered over $150 worth of products I have not been able to track my items for 11 days numerous waste of time emails with a worker named Alex who would rather issue a refund than be a proper worker and help a customer find out where the hell and why the hell my products are so late and have heard nothing from anyone in Sephora every time I call it says staff are busy it's been 11 days with nothing but yet you take my money I'm contacting the ombudsman someone better contact me asap

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Sephora dior 3 colours trio blique [protected]

        Dear Sirs

        I bought your product on 04.07.2019 in Zielone Arkady Bydgoszcz. This product has a defect. It is rolling on my eyes after 3 hours and I have pictures of this behavior. I wish I could use your product but it is inpossible. I would like to return Dior 3 colours trio blique.
        I made a compliant number 33/1935/2019 but it was automatically rejected. Sephora does not even want photos of your product behavior.

        May I ask you to help me, please?

        Best regards

        mob. +[protected]

        dior 3 colours trio blique [protected]
        dior 3 colours trio blique [protected]

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          Please delete this compliant becouse I have no option to delete it in comoliantsboard.com.

          • Updated by Zby · Jul 29, 2019

            Why I do not have an option for edit or delete my compiant?

          Sephora dior fahrenheit deodorant at your istanbul store


          I want to complain firstly about 2 things, you Dior Fahrenheit deodorant in you Istanbul which are not sealed only have a security tag on them.

          I thought they were a tester I opened it and tried it on, I was then ambushed by your staff and security to say this is not a tester.

          My answer was you bottles should then be sealed, every person was trying them on.

          I didn't appreciate the arrogance and none English speaking worker telling me to calm down like I was going to steal a deodorant.

          This is unacceptable, which means if every person is trying on deodorant which are not testers then your store is selling bottles which will already used and second hand.

          You either completely seal the bottles or label them to say these are not testers to avoid the same mistake again.

          You can contact me [protected] or [protected]@gmail.com to give men an update on this issue.

          Me and my partner spend nearly £300 in the store and didn't appreciate the staff speaking to us in manner which was aggressive.

          Thank you
          I look forward to hearing from you

          dior fahrenheit deodorant at your istanbul store

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            Sephora customer service

            Sephora (Makkah) customer service is the worst. The staff is arrogant, rude and unprofessional.
            The cashier acted like the customers are there for freebies. The manger was equally unaffected by her behavior. The cashier bit off a cutomer's head off on opening a bronzer. Interestingly the tester of the product and many other products were not available.
            The worst shopping experience ever!

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              Sephora customer service terrible

              I shop at both Sephora and Ulta and I have to tell you that Sephora needs to take some lessons from Ulta -
              Sephora employees in a nutshell, RUDE, UNHELPFUL, SELF-ABSORBED
              If there is more then one girl one the floor she is always GOSSIPING
              with all the other employees
              when you ask for help - they kind of huff like you are bothering there conversation.
              WALDEN GALLERIA CHEEKTOWAGA NY is one of the worst

              example -
              i have many
              but I had to ask 2 different employees or should i say bother them to see if they carried DONNA KAREN DEODORANT - because the one inside the JCPenny did not and said I needed to go to the "big" sephora -
              One girl said IDk then asked the manager - who told me "NO WE DON'T CARRY THAT ANYMORE" - RUDELY
              So I got some other things and LOW AND BEHOLD in the check out line there was the DONNA KAREN DEODORANT

              you need to TRAIN THESE CONCEITED RUDE SELF ABSORBED YOUNG WOMEN THAT PEOPLE are really tired of watching them play makeup dress up amonst themselves and neglecting customers - ULTA employees look you in the eye at least -
              Im glad you are closing for a day to get ahold of yourselves - maybe they should not be allowed to gather in gossip circles and leave customers to themselves
              how DISAPPOINTING - many of my friends call it the "sephora Click" of Mean Girls -

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                Sephora complaining about jennifer

                Hi there, I'm writing this email to comment about an experience I had at the Sephora in Jc Penny in Solano Town center 1350 Travis Blvd, Fairfield, CA 94533. i don't know wherr to make this complaint and i usually dont make complains because I've worked in retail before and have had bad customers before and hated it when i was mistreated as a worker. but on May 23 I went into spehora to get a gift. An employee was fixing the foundation on the display and I asked her, "Excuse me, I was wondering if you knew or had any recommendations for a foundation for dry skin" and she responded, "I would have to swatch you and there are two other people ahead of you so you have to wait." and I replied, " oh its not for me its for someone else, i havr their shade numbers but i was just wondering if you had a foundation you would recommend". She explained, " you can't buy a foundation just baaed on dry skin and that person has to be here to have it swatched because you cant base a foundation on dry skin" and gave me a look as if I was stupid and walked away. As I was still shopping in the store she was swatching foundation for another customer ad discussing about me with the customer. Saying "people these days are just ridiculous. How can they come in and just ask for a foundation. I told her she can't just ask for one we have to swatch her" and describing me and giving negative comments about me while I was shopping, referring to me as stupid Asian. After my purchase as I was walking out I peeked at her name tag and she gave me a dirty look. Her name was Jennifer. In all my years of shopping at Sephora I've never had such a bad experience. I've always had people ask me if I needed assistance or had any questions. They even ask me what my skin type was to give me the best recommendations but this lady didn't give me any of that. I don't appreciate it and don't think that I deserve that kind of service. I'm not asking for an apology but I want this to be brought o Sephora's attention that there are ethics that should be upheld and customers shouldn't e treated as such.

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                  Sephora order#[protected]

                  They refused to give me a store credit refund to my Sephora beauty account but instead refunded to a credit card that no longer exists. I lost my points as well as the money spent on the product. Staff was not helpful, considering I've been a rouge member and spending a lot of money at this business. Will consider getting my skin care and makeup products from other stores from now on

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                    Sephora my entire order

                    I placed an order of 9 items at the value of $170 on the 16/02. After multiple emails trying to track my order and customer service telling me its ready to go and then to say its cancelled over a month later is a joke. How can you guys advertise things you cannot pick and pack? I don't want to hear from joevelyn again, clearly there's a language barrier as she makes no sense at all. The excuse that you guys are in the middle of a migration is also a joke. I work in freight forwarding and logistics and also went through a migration and we were still able to pick and pack orders to customers.

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                      Jan 22, 2019

                      Sephora — sephora inside jcpenney, redding, california

                      Dear Customer Service: I would like to apprise you of a situation that happened at the Sephora in the JC...

                      Jan 08, 2019

                      Sephora — delivery of online order (or lack of)

                      Let me preface this by stating that between my 2 daughters and myself, we have spent thousands of dollars at...

                      Oct 19, 2018

                      Sephora — associate in store

                      I just received the most disgusting customer service from your store in Hingham MA at the derby st store...

                      Sephora eye liner

                      I bought an eye liner from Sephora in El court ingles while on holiday in marbella. I used the eye liner yesterday (I am now back in the UK) and it eye liner made my eye lids stick together!! I am now scared to use the product and cannot return to store as do not live in spain and there is no sephora in the UK. Please help

                      My UK number is [protected]

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                        Sephora customer service

                        So I made an online account in 2014. After some time using the site I couldn't purchase online anymore. So a couple years later a made a new account due to having a new email and not having access to old one. So after using the new account for a little over a year I called customer service to see if they could transfer my points from my old account to my new one. I was put on hold for 20 mins for them to tell me they are banning me from shopping online. When I asked why they said due to multiple charge backs from my bank. I advised them I have never contacted my bank to authorize a charge back because I always have received all my orders. They then told me it was a "business decision" and continued to apologize. I told them well if I never called then I would still have my account. They then told me it's a rare case that my account wasn't shut down sooner. I asked to speak with a supervisor. Was put on hold for another 20 mins. I explained the same thing to the representative I was speaking to and they did not help me at all. They said they emailed me stating my account was banned I then told them I have no access to the old email. And told them they have my phone number and could of got ahold of me that way. They continued to tell me there is nothing they can do then sent it over to support to see if they could change anything. Again support said the same thing. They said I can still shop in store but not online. I don't get their procedures at all like if you don't trust me because of these supposed charge backs that they couldn't find. Why is going in store any different. They lost a valued customer but I know they don't care.
                        I was rouge on old account and almost VIB new account

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                          Aug 19, 2018

                          Sephora — customer service

                          I usually never have anyone approach me to help me in a Sephora store because I'm young (19) and I'm sure...

                          Jul 24, 2018

                          Sephora — security and staff

                          Every time I go into the Sephora in San Francisco I'm guessing it's because I dress more grinch then preppy...

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