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Sears complaint number:5863372

2 years ago we had an a.c./ Heat pump installed by a Sears installer. Just recently we had to get our property inspected. The inspector told us we needed to level our heat pump. Because we had no idea that a heat pump was not suppost to be angled, we called Sears to send a technician to level the pump. The technician refused to level the system. I called Sears and was told that even though Sears had installed the pump wrong they would not come and fix it

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  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Aug 02, 2018

    Well, you should have had it inspected 2 years ago when it was installed, but I guess you never even got a permit to have the heat pump installed in the 1st place. I'm surprised the inspector didn't fine you for having work done without a permit. Installers install on site as is, they don't do site prep or submit and pay for permit that is your responsibility. Plus this is two years later how are they to know settling didn't occur, only now has its position changed.

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