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I purchased a new Kenmore Refrigerator and it is under warranty. Our tenant only moved in 4 weeks ago so it has only been running for 4 weeks. The internal temperature of refrigerator is 70 degrees! I called to schedule a repair on August 1st. The first available date for a repair is August 17th! That is unacceptable!

I called again today requesting an earlier date and when I spoke to the Sears Customer Solutions department the woman asked me how I got the number and then put me on permanent hold. I hung up after 10 minutes. When I called back to the repair scheduling department asking to be connected to the Customer Solutions department again, the gentlemen told me only he could assist me. However, he couldn't provide an earlier date either. I went on-line and requested help from the Sears Home Repair to schedule the repair sooner. They responded that Sears is having higher than normal requests for service and August 17th is the soonest date available. I was placed on a list to be called should someone cancel. There is no way I can ask a tenant with a family to wait two weeks for a refrigerator! I contacted an independent appliance repair company to resolve this problem, and they will repair it tomorrow!

Even though it is under warranty, I will have to pay for the repair out of pocket. I have been a life-long customer of Sears. I have purchased all appliances for both my own home as well as all of our apartments from Sears. I cannot expect my tenants to wait weeks for an appliance to be repaired. Therefore, I will not purchase any future appliances from Sears.


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      Aug 04, 2018

    I can understand your issue not wanting to wait 2 weeks, but 2 weeks in reasonable. I know it often takes a long time for repairmen to become available, and you must have been the luckiest person in the city that could have a repairman who could come next day. I never call a repairman, cause I train myself to be a repairman. I have not come across a problem I couldn't fix myself with a little research.

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