Sears Kenmore Refrigeratorall broken shelves!


I bought a new Kenmore refrigerator-side by side silver and black for $1027.99 on 9/30/06. In Jan 07 I mailed a letter to Sears advising that a shelf has broken and fallen off. No response. 2 more shelves broke and fell and now all the shelves on the door are breaking and falling down.



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    none Aug 26, 2010

    I bought mine in Ottawa Canada (Same YEAR)! Same thing happen... The first shelf was repaired under warranty. The repairman said it was my fault and to be more gentle!?! When I looked closely (after the warranty expired) All the shelves were fractured at the same place. I believe the quality of the plastic is really poor. I am extremely disappointed with the company so far.
    Ann Karine De Grace

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    mamapasta08 Nov 05, 2010

    I've had 3 sears refrigerators and all of them now have had broken crispers and door shelves. After the door handle on one kept breaking, I called in for repair and without me knowing about it, the repairman wrote in that I was not eligible for renewing my warranty. Three years later is when I find out trying to renew. I would have had them serviced before it ran out. But I guess they figured that. I now buy nothing from them.

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    formersearsshopper Jan 21, 2013

    I purchased a Kenmore side-by-side 3 years ago. About 1 year later I noticed the top shelf was cracked along the edge on the plastic. I tried to put only light things on the shelf, but it broke and I tried to super glue it. That did not work. I now notice that the plastic around all of the rest of the shelves are cracked. I took the broken shelf into Sears and was told that there was nothing they could/would do for me except order another shelf for $150. If I replace all of the broken/cracked shelves will be $450 plus tax.

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    Annoyed already Jun 25, 2014

    These shelves are designed to fail. We have the technology and space-age polymers to avoid problems like's ridiculous. "Be careful", they say? That's BS.

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    Marc Palud Jan 06, 2016

    We also have a Kenmore fridge and all of the shelve/bins cracked at the same place. Definitely a defective design or crappy plastic.

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