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M Aug 05, 2018

less than 8 year old washer would not run. called sears for service. serviceman shows up and diagnoses problem and orders part, set another appointment and says if part comes in earlier call and they will reschedule ASAP. tech shows up and installs part. still wont run. tech goes for a different part, returns and installs part, washer still doesn't run. tech says 1st part is defective and orders a 2nd part with same instructions for next appointment. different tech this trip, installs part washer still doesn't start. investigates more and tells us the 1st tech MISDIAGNOSED and it needs a different part, calls to order part to find out that the part is NO LONGER AVAILABLE ! THAT WE WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A NEW WASHER
go to sears store on 7/28/18. after 2.5 hours at sears Northgate store wife chose a Kenmore Elite 31633 6.2 top load washer. appointment set for delivery on 7/31/18, conformation email comes 7/28/2018 confirming delivery. 7/31/2018 new email for delivery date to 8/1/2018. then new email for delivery moved to 8/10/2018, now another email stating new date is 8/17/2018.
after each email I returned calls as instructed by phone messages and was getting agitated by taking to people not even in this Country, they cant talk plain enough to understand what they saying. also called the store rep who sold this to us and he tried to help, said he found one because of a cancellation and it would be on 8/1 only to get an email moving it to the 8/10 date, went to the store on 8/4 to talk to store manager about this and the fact that on 7/29/ 2018 washer price dropped from $1149.99 to $995.95 which he took care of and credited back to my card, ( not confirmed yet on credit card web site) then said he would call delivery to see if he could help .
so this whole transaction with sears has been a cluster #### from the start of the service call to present day.
sears has signs stating TAKE HOME TODAY false advertisement sears should have told me at the purchase that this washer wasn't available . when at the store on 8/1 I asked about floor model and was told they couldn't sell floor model due to not being able to sell more of this model
this ordeal in now in the 5 th week and I see no help coming soon.
I have never been so disappointed with Sears in the 44 years I have been buying from sears until now. the inconvenience caused by this has caused 3 trips each week to the laundry mat since the start, along with the added cost to use the laundry mat, fuel and wasted time using the laundry mat!
resolution is to get washer here and installed as agreed upon when purchased! along with compensation for the aggravation caused since the start with the repairs that didn't happen to all the delays for the delivery
I will call corporate tomorrow 8/5 2018 as a follow up to this email
sales check # [protected] account # M3789
you can see emails sent to me using sales check #
feel free to call me @ [protected]
Marty T Morehead Cincinnati Ohio 45238

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