Sears Brandssears kenmore elite refrigerator - failure of product and service

B Nov 26, 2018

We purchased a Kenmore Elite Refrigerator directly from Sears several years ago. This is a LG unit branded to Kenmore Elite (model [protected]) This is a french door bottom freezer and we purchased top of the line and from Sears based on past experience with quality of product and service. We even spent the money (foolishly) on the extended service plan. Boy were we WRONG.

The unit has completely failed 3 separate times - first one with in 6 months of purchase, second in the year after that - that time they replaced the complete processor board/brain of the unit due to known issues. The unit has failed again now kindly out of warranty. Sears service has been terrible, they are challenging to get service scheduled, (first time it broke was 1 week before christmas and they told me they could see me in mid Jan for diagnostic!). They are quick to charge for service and diagnostics but slow to respond with resolutions. It took months to get parts and have them installed the last time.

Now we are out of warranty, the appliance has been marked by Sears/LG as recalled. DOE has filed against the energy star but I can't get answers or resolution - only offers to do another extended service contact for 50$ per month and initiation of 100$. One customer service rep said we might be eligible for replacement if Tech confirms. But then tech didn't seem at all like that was going to a chance in hell that would happen. Sears provided Tech came today - had no service history on the unit and then proceeded to say he couldn't even do the diagnostic with out it being plugged in for at least 24 hrs. No one at sears stated this was required! with the unit not working it is leaking water when running so we had un plugged it, Plus who the heck would keep a dead machine plugged in? Just begging for the motor to seize or something and burn down the house?! really Sears?

Being without the fridge is a terrible burden on our family - it costs us more in the food we had to throw away, the eating out we have to do since we can't keep any perishable foods and the added costs we will likely to have to pay to fix it.

A fridge is not a disposable purchase. You don't spend 3000$ to have this headache and to turn around and need to spend that in a year!

I get it shame on me for being foolish enough to buy from you!

WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T buy this fridge OR any appliances from Sears unless you like to stress yourself out and have money to burn.


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