Sears Brandsrefrigerator - master service protection plan - service repairs waiting times

M Sep 08, 2018

Problem started on 8/11/18. Took sears tech chris until aug 30th before he could come out. Originally I was told 9/4/18!! He "guessed" that the problem with the frig. Might be the pcb (power control board). Ordered the part. He said to call as soon as it arrives to schedule repair date. I received it in 3 days. I called sears scheduling department and was told I would have to wait until oct 16th...……. No no no!!!

On 9/5/18 I called the scheduling department and told them that is not acceptable. They in turn forwarded me to shirley, in the sears protection agreement benefits administration ofc., whom stated that she was the "case mgr." I discussed in length the issues I have been faced with since 8/11/18 when my 3yr. Old, $2000 refrigerator, with a $579 master protection agreement, stopped cooling properly. She in turn reached out to the scheduling department, and got them to change my scheduled appt. From oct 16, 18 till the very next day, 9/6/18. This time a second sears tech, bruce, was sent out. He was not a very pleasant person. Unsympathetic, argumentive, boarder line rude!!. I was in the process of trying to explain everything that went down with the frig. And what the previous tech chris said, and he kept interjecting during my conversation making me feel as if he was giving me the 3rd degree and trying to see if he could trip me up or something with my words. I finally had had enough of his demeanor and let him have it.

Bruce said it is not the pcb. Took back wall in top of frig. Apart and said it's the duct assembly multi (damper door) that is broken. Ordered the part. Should take 3 days. The rescheduling would be the issue as to when he could get back here. I told him that is not ok. He in turn called,??, and then said he'd be back here on thurs. 9/13/18. He did not even leave me a sears home services ticket indicating his tech# or service order# along with his tech comments on it!!! The 1st tech sent out, chris, did leave me one.

Today, sat. 9/8/18, I received a msg left on my answering machine stating to call the scheduling dept. At [protected] to reschedule. Spoke with bethany. Said service call wouldn't be until 10/2/18. I told her no!! The tech, bruce, said he'd be back on thurs 9/13/18. She said they must have had to reschedule. I asked for the supervisor. She in turn transferred me to von, id# 102855, whom identified herself as one of the supervisors in the scheduling department. She said she'd try to reach out to the (tech?) scheduling dept. To see if anything could be done. I asked to speak with the case mgr., shirley, in the sears protection agreement benefits admin. Ofc. She said there is no case their building. Didn't know where shirley was located at!! However, she did see in the computer system where (shirley) I was issued two checks (which were indicated to me by shirley that I would be receiving, for food lost and towards purchasing a mini frig. I guess they don't have any signatures associated with such things, or addresses associated with the authorizations of such things... Go figure). I asked for the top person over scheduling department. I spoke with shantee, whom identified herself as an agent. She said they don't have any control over the scheduling of technicians. I would have to talk with the scheduling dept. I told her I just did, which is why I requested them to forward me to the case mgr. Of the sears protection agreement benefits admin. Ofc, shirley, which they obviously couldn't, so they transferred me to you!

This has been a very disappointing, exhausting, sickening experience!!! I have not slept well in over a week now due to all the stress and havoc this has created for me. This is no way to treat your customer. The shame of it all is that I used to swear by sears appliances. The technicians that used to come out to service their customers went above and beyond to please you. And were very professional and courteous. Not any more!!!. Which leads me to believe that I will never purchase another appliance, nor anything else from sears in the future. I have far too many other things going on in my life to have an absolutely horrendous experience like this has been affecting my well being. Just so sad. You might think about this real hard sears. Given the situation you are in already in today's market.
Ps. By the way, since I have began typing this, I now have received another email from the scheduling dept. That now indicates my repair date has been pushed back by another day. Instead of oct 2 between 8am-12pm it's now oct 3 10am-2pm!!! Are you kidding me.

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