Sears Brandskenmore washer

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I bought a washer i have service smart agreement.I have been going for about a month back and forth with the technicians.They keep replacing parts &coming out saying my washer is fixed you should not be having any further problems.Well now we are back to square one my washer is still not fixed!!! i'm so darn frustrated with the techs&also the terrible customer service i have received from the reps &supervisors not being respectful to my needs. I keep getting the run around about ordering partsand i the customer have to wait for 2 weeks without a washer thats inconvenient on my end.Why does the customer have to be the one suffering because the tech can't find out or diagnose the problem!!! at this point i'm beyond words.I don't understand why they just don't replace my washer .


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      Oct 13, 2017

    Unfortunately a service agreement only guarantees that the product will be serviced without cost to you. You might want to check their conditions for calling the product a 'lemon' and then replacing it.

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