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Bought a washer (06/09/2018). Filled out a credit card to get free delivery & $60 credit. Big mistake.
1. Deliver guy pickup dryer by lid. Told him that was not good for my dryer. He told me he does this for a living & if I had a problem & wouldn't install the new washer.
2. Washer did not work. Called & spend 2 hours on the phone trying to get a service repairman. He can look at washer & said it was a lemon.
3. Told to physically go to Sears & ask for a new one. That took another 2 hours.
4. New washer arrived. The installer was extremely nice & told me that there was nothing wrong with the washer, but the first installer installed it wrong.
5. NEVER RECEIVED A BILL NOR CREDIT CARD. Received a call from the bank & Sears. They sent the bill to our address, but in another state.
6. On the phone for several hours & days with the fraud department trying to get this straighten out.
7. Today I received the bill along with finance charges & late fees. I WAS TOLD THAT I MUST PAY THEM. But, it was not my fault you send my bill to another state. I was told that I either give them another credit card or go to Sears to pay today & they will take off the finance & late payment fees.
8. Went to Sears to pay the bill & was not that I did not have an account. THEY REFUSED MY PAYMENT. We were at Sears for 1 1/2 hours trying to get them to take out payment. Finally, someone gave the cashier permission to take our payment.PAID IN FULL EXCEPT LATE FEES (07/24/2018).
10. Today (08/14/2018), I called to confirm that we have a zero balance and the late fees were taken off. NO, we owe $11.64 for late fees.
11. Still have NEVER received a bill/statement/documentation/credit card from SEARS.
This cluster [censored] was not worth the free delivery & $60 credit. If and when I do receive a credit card & will be closing this account. NEVER AGAIN!


  • Km
    Kmart 9459 Aug 16, 2018

    Okay sounds like you are telling a few lies here. 1st they don't mail bills, only thing I ever received in the mail was the credit card itself, everything else is email. 2nd if the dryer wasn't damaged which picking it up by the door has no internal effects on how it works at most may bend the door, but unlikely why mention it. 3rd. They don't install the washers unless you pay the $74.99 for delivery and set up, not the simply $59.99 for delivery only. 4th If you installed it wrong how did the technician misdiagnose it as a lemon, it would be obvious if it was installed wrong. 5th you knew you bought a washer and dryer on credit the constant calls to sears about repairs should have reminded you that you still have to pay for it. 6th they wouldn't have any reason to refuse your payment likely the issue was since you didn't have the credit card with you, then you couldn't make a payment cause they didn't have your account number to apply the payment too. 7th, why would you r bank call you about your credit card debt they know nothing about. I would go on but now I'm bored with this just too many lies in your complaint, most likely you tried to ignore your debt and when they started to turn it over to collections department you decided to make stuff up.

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