Sears Autorefusal to honor warranty, lied to about necessary repairs


I brought my 2007 Saturn Relay (minivan) in for wheel alignment and wheel balance (both covered under policies) and to diagnose the "check engine" light. During intake, the serviceman tried convincing me that since the car was front wheel drive, only the 2 front wheels needed to be balanced. I told him that was not true, and to please balance all 4 as the car was handling poorly. When I was finally notified that my car was finished 3 hours later, I was charged $79.99 for the diagnostic but was not informed of this charge when I brought my car in. The work summary showed that only 2 wheels had been balanced, that the alignment check showed that the alignment was out, and their check-sheet further attention is required (orange box was marked) but the alignment was not done. A special note was made that there was uneven tire wear. The list of suggested additional repairs included some relevant work (new spark plugs and wires, air filter and 4-part fuel system cleaning), but also included expensive repairs including a new serpentine belt, upper and lower hoses, and shocks that an independent GM mechanic later stated to be unnecessary. Before leaving Sears, one of their mechanics reviewed the repair suggestions with me but was unable to show me any signs of glazing or cracking in the belt. When I picked up my car and was asked to pay the $79.99, I asked to speak with the shop manager, Harry, who did remove the charge. So, after giving up a half day of my work the only repair that was completed was the balancing of 2 out of the 4 wheels and a diagnosis of a check enging light. The Sears Auto printout shows my check-in time as 11:38am and also check-out time as 11:38am, with promised time of 10:00am. I arrived at 8:20am that day. Sears Auto is failing to make requested repairs that are documented as necessary, and lying to customers about work that is necessary (that rear wheels do not need to be balanced, only when they are rotated around to the front). An independent GM mechanic reviewed Sears' suggestions and stated that the hoses were fine, serpentine belt was in good condition, and that the shocks are gas shocks and look in excellent condition.


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    hammond customer Sep 12, 2012

    Sears auto in Hammond did over $500 of body damage to my vehicle during an oil change. They refuse to pay for the repairs. They ignore my correspondence and calls. I am now forced to file a small claims suit.

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