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J Aug 04, 2018

Good morning!

I live within walking distance to the Save A Lot at 115 W. McArthur St in Corunna, MI so I do most of my shopping there. The meat manager Chris and Assistant Manager Bonnie were sweet as they could be and I have nothing but good things to say about them. They are always very attentive, kind and a pleasure to have small conversation with while I do my weekly grocery shopping.

This morning I went about my business as normal and I am shocked and appalled at the treatment and flat out abuse I witnessed first hand these employees had to endure by their store manager Tammy.

I checked out on register 1 at roughly 9am this morning, Saturday, August 4th, 2018 when a woman came up next in line quite obviously in a horrible mood. I noticed she had a small purchase but also her overwhelming mood and perfume. I kept to myself and couldn't help but notice the mood change when she had approached. Tammy had told Bonnie something about needing to count her till and I realized she was in management. I had never seen her before and quite honestly, I would be completely fine never seeing her again.

I could only hear bits and pieces of this interaction between her and Bonnie as I walked to start packing up my groceries for my walk home. While I was bagging my items, I saw Chris come up and there was a brief interaction where Tammy kept LOUDLY repeating "It's my day off! Have a good day. Have a good day. Have a good day." Interrupting Chris repeatedly as she tried asking Tammy questions. It looked like it was rather important but she kept getting cut off by Tammy's exclamations of how it's not her problem because "It's my day off! I'm not on the clock!"

You could see not only the defeat, but also the tears in Chris' eyes as she slumped her shoulders and left without another word.

Tammy rang up a customer on register two because there was another customer that needed help and a line was forming. As Tammy was leaving, Bonnie went outside and I could not hear that interaction but I witnessed Tammy in what I can only describe as hurling her empty cart towards Bonnie. There was anger behind it and if that were me, I would consider that battery because it was threatening and could possibly have caused injury if Bonnie were any closer.

When she came back in, I patiently waited for her to finish up with another customer and I told her she didn't deserve to be treated in such a manner. I told her I'm in customer service myself and how she was treated was completely unacceptable and that I will be emailing whomever I have to because that's how upset this situation had made me. I told her we are all people, no matter what our job title is and I hoped she had a much better rest of the day. She was almost in tears when I said as much.

I don't care if Tammy is the store manager, she was mean, threatening and flat out bullying her coworkers "on her day off". I'm a Forensic Psychology major with an Associates in Criminal Justice and I do feel as if I've witnessed several misdemeanors within the span of about 10 minutes. She worked off the clock, she could've hurt someone with that cart - using it in a threatening manner (battery, by the way), and even though bullying isn't considered a legal crime (yet), the psychological and emotional abuse I witnessed in this short span of time is just a fraction of what I'm sure these poor people have to deal with daily.

Please fire her and put someone else that is more deserving and frankly, more HUMAN in charge. I'm sure you will have a smaller turnover rate and employees might actually be happy to come to work.

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