Save-A-Lotstore at 234-250 mcmechen st. baltimore md


This store has the worst customer service that I have ever experienced in my life. Everyone in the store is rude including the management. They are mean to customers and do not answer questions when asked. No one at the register greets customers and there are always signs telling you the services that are not available cash back. The store rarely opens on time and (it is closed now at 8:15 AM) I have heard the employees openly ridiculing the customers for patronizing the store. One of the managers, a tall thin male, is so unfriendly that he exudes open hostility towards the customers. I could go on and on. The store borders one of the city's most affluent areas, Bolton Hill, and frankly given the tax revenue which this neighborhood provides to the city, we deserve a higher level of service from a store patronized by rich and poor alike.

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