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i was just terminated from Sam's Club in freehold nj, because a customer made an complaint about a comment i made about my son. Coach Johnny then ask me did i think that what i said was appropriate. he also address me about the customer complaining about i work to slow. how fast do they expect you to move when they ask the cashier to shifrt and move everything. check for items in boxes, and make sure for ex. there are no dvd's or cd's in or ander them. supposebly $7000.00 worth of items was stolen from my store and the customer was caught at the door. I do not believe this. one minute they was telling me not to talk to the customers, next they was telling me they want me to talk to the customers. we have a code to request use of the bathroom. i was also fired for that. instead it was put on my report i was argueing about a break which was not true. the COS's are never around yet the cashiers have to be held responsable for their slow pace and apoligize to the customers for that.i feel that my job was tough for the fact that i was put on one year probation for a D - day after being cursed out and called names by a member and then harrassed by another for scanning an item that i thought was 2 items. the coaches are never around to give the cashiers support. yet they always was calling me into the office for stupiddity. never an complaint for harrassing or disrespecting a customer. when helping an customer i would still get a complaint when trying to complete the task that was needed or send them to customer service if i could not. being fire for counting fingers, asking to go to the ladies room, and saying my son is handsom is not a reason to be terminated from an job.i have seen customers complain about service done by managers and Cos's yet you do not see them lose their Johnny has purpsely search out to find a way to fire me . the email came in according to him, 4/8 /2011. yet he called me into the office 4/9 2011. he also saw how fast i was getting the customers out this night. he also know as well as i do that when he had put me on probation for one year, that within that time period that a customer was going to complain and that there would be no way iwould survive. when doing a cashier job they are half ### at telling you evrything you need to know to sell promotion. i found out what ever i needed to know by asking oyher associates. if Sam's Club is going to fire people everytime a customer complains they may as well shut the store out of business cause no one will have a job as an cashier. by the way another cashier was complaining about a break and was not called to the office, i also feel that there is neglegience when it comes to race, they just choose which black person they are going to pick on.i also believe i was a subject for unfair treatment because of a relative who once worked for sams club. this complaint is written in detail of what happened and why it may have happened. Coach Johnny, was not fair and will never be fair to anyone, and was not even my front end manager. not once was i called to the office by my front end manager, so how do that work? ... Wanda Dekle... p.s. if $7000.00 worth of items has been stolen from store #6671, maybe Sam'S need to find out why the managers are just sitting around promotin instubornation and sitting around gossiping with other associates how they can prevent this from happening again. every time there was an complaint about me. i found a way to make the situation better. there are too many negative peoples working at tis store.


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Nov 13, 2021 12:29 pm EST
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These managers are fully corrupt, i have covid 19 and i just got fired because i was not on loa even though i was.
Then when i went to go se the "events" for my firing i was appalled to see made up stuff thrown in there

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If you think you have been abused or wrongly terminated proceed and file a complaint with your State employment board, and Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) This is how you get even with corrupt management and the cooperate [censored].


I say, Unionized enough is enough with the cooperate [censored]!


Sam's Club employees/associated work in a very abusive environment. The local managers do not support their team members. Everyone in management is for themselves. Interestingly cooperate culture is profit over associates wellbeing and mental health.
Cooperate suits lean heavily on local management whenever abusive customers file frivolous complaint. Employees or associates are never given an opportunity to present their side of the false allegations made against them.
Sam's Club can be best describe as a modern day slave factory were hard working people are always guilty as charge without due process.

Jul 12, 2013 9:56 am EDT

Dont worry I just got fired without getting put on a D Day which mean they didn't fire me right they didn't follow there policy

IT isnt just at that one sam's club! It's rampant ALL OVER. If you arent in a teamlead position or higher, you get treated like crap, made to do work that was NOT explained to you when you were hired, example I work in Photo why do I have to sell damn televisions in electronics? All the complaints on here about poor customer service, well I wonder why! When an employer treats it's employee's like sam's club does, why would the employee's give a crap about the customer? We just want you out of the store and to quit bothering us because we have other crap to do while the managers hide in their office sitting on their ### dishing out orders! At our club you can't even get a manager to come to the dang phone for at least 30 minutes, or drive a forklift if needed, they all stand around looking at each other to see who's gonna give in first and finally do it...all of them claiming to be "busy". I put in for a vacation week 3 months ahead of time and it got "approved" the DAY they did the schedule for that week which was 2 weks before I left to actually go on the vacation. How's that for trying to plan to do something with your family...They preach about respect for the individual yet show NONE...

Jan 17, 2012 3:36 pm EST

I am curious if this work atmosphere is possibly true? If so, does this happen in all departments at this location? What about the pharmacy, or optical department? They never seem to keep anyone too long in these departments. In fact, I have inquired about a couple of people that used to work there, wondering if they transferred. I was told flat out that they were fired! Just curious if anyone has any TRUE comments about this store?


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