Sam's Club / Sam's Westtire center

C Sep 15, 2018

I ordered tires online on September 4, 2018 thinking I would save time by having them shipping to my local Sam's Club (Lone Tree, CO Sam's Club
7817 Park Meadows Dr. Lone Tree, CO 80124, Customer number is 101 34220 [protected]). My online order turned into a two day ordeal. To begin, the tires came in on September 7 but I never got a phone confirmation, just an email confirmation which I missed in the massive amounts of emails that I get everyday. So I finally called on September 12 for a status. The tire rep told me he would have his manager call me back that day? I did not receive a callback that day. I called the next day, September 13 and provided the order number and my last name to the tire rep. The tire rep confirmed that he could not look up my online order by name or order number and that I needed the tire number. Floored that they need the tire number I checked the email confirmation that I received and the information was not on the email so I had to hang up the phone and search for the information. I finally found it by logging into my account online and called back with the information. I provided the requested number Michelin Defender LTX M/S 265/70R17 115T and called back. The tire rep confirmed that they had the tires and that I could come in to have them installed. I made it in the next day and the tire rep in the store could not locate the tires again so I had to call my wife at home and have her provide the tire number to me ( Michelin Defender LTX M/S 265/70R17 115T). I find this incredible that it can't be located via name or order number. They finally found the tires and informed me that it would be two hours to have them installed since they had other customers. Ok I can do that since I have some shopping at the Club to do. I also confirmed that I wanted them to reset the tire pressure monitor (as part of the tire install package), restore the spare tire since it was on the car in replacement of a blown tire, and put the old tire with least amount of wear in my trunk. Three hours later the new tire are indeed on and look great but the spare tire isn't stowed back under the car. So I speak to the store manager about the issues I have had and he offers a $50 gift card which I accepted. I pay and hope in my car to go home and five miles down the road I notice that the tire pressure gauge hasn't been reset. So I called the same manager when I get home and he says to bring it in the next day. They will reset the sensor and replace it for free if it needs to be replaced which I can go with but then again, I have to go back to the store again the second day. So next day I show up and it is a five hour wait. So I leave the car at Sam's go home until they call since I have to be there to complete a service order before the car can go back in when it is time. I go home and get the call to go back three hours later at which I am told a service order wasn't necessary to begin with. Ok whatever at this point I just want to get this process done. Tire pressure gets fixed in about an hour. On the way home again thinking that I am finally done and get another call from Sam's saying, hey we forgot to stow your spare tire, please come back to the store to get it and we will stow it. Another trip back, another hour and tire process is finally done. I wasted about 10 plus hours, paid $863 dollars for four tires and got a $50 gift card for my time.

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