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This is the WORST Company in the world to work for. They do not care about their employees-"we can be replaced" Their words. The pay is the absoloute worst. The Co always brags about how much money THEIR making but pay the employees who make that money for them crap, which is why they have a constant turnover in employees. You can't get all your vacation pay when you FINALLY do get to take a vacation. your job is threatened everyday if you can't sell their stupid items of the month. which by the way are the same tired crap every month, or their beauty club cards which are not worth the money the customer has to pay cuz they can only save UP to 10%. They expect you to freeze in the winter-thermostat not above 68 and sweat in the summer-thermostat not below 78. You can't get sick-it's not allowed, you're expected to be at their beck & call even on your days off and heaven help you if you already have plans, or are not at home when they call. The district manager is a ### who never does anything but cause problems, i sure have never seen her solve any. The VP is Rude and talks to associates like they are peices of crap beneath his feet. Employees are constantly accused of stealing with no proof. As far as raises, forget it, you will NEVER get a decent raise in this Company-maybe if you're lucky you might get 10 cent. And you get all this for $7.25 an hr-starting pay. It will take you yrs to ever reach $8.00. They say they offer great benefits-another lie-they only hire pt and you get NO benefits. If you work over your allotted hrs for the week the manager will go into payroll & change your time, which is illegal but is done all the time. Their products are 2nd rate knockoffs and they are constantly upping their prices because they feel the customer has no other beauty supply store to frequent. They put used products back on the shelf to be resold. they offer you scratch off cards to win, which are a ripoff as the prizes are not worth what they add to your income for-so how is that winning anything? The Manager reaps all the rewards, the trips, prizes ect while the employees that won those things for the manager get NOTHING. People realy should boycott this company and teach them a lesson.


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    b32 May 26, 2011

    I worked for Sally Beauty Supply for a year. The manager ALWAYS chooses mornings because they control the schedule. That means that you will always get stuck with evenings and weekends.
    Girls stole hairspray and used products. They did coke in the back. Found out one girl had a venereal disease and I shared the restroom with her. They talked about nasty stuff all the time.
    My manager was nice but moody, as was another manager I worked for. You get in trouble when it is inventory time. See there aren't any real cameras so when the gangsters steal the goods, you can't do anything about it. So you get canned for other people stealing.
    Oh and if you get caught sitting down because you've been standing for 6 hours and you are finished with all your work you get fired. Sometimes if you eat in the back room for your break, you will be asked to do stuff even though you aren't getting paid. Try to go somewhere else for your break. I had to fill in for people all the time and when I needed someone to cover me they wouldn't. Pay sucks even for managers.

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  • Na
    Nancy T May 26, 2011

    I cannot believe the stuff you both are writing, I have worked for Sally Beauty for over 16 years!! Most employees always complain about the pay and of course everyone would love more. There is not even a 10 cent raise, your raise depends on how you work and how much you have been willing to learn. If these things are really happening in the stores you worked in then the employees, managers, dms and above are not doing their jobs, and if you had these problems you should have reported it to someone. I have 7 managers that have been with me for over 10 years and 4 for over 5 years. Also I have over 13 employees that have been with us for over 5 years. Also you are entitled to a lunch when you work over 5 hrs and no one bothers you on your lunch, we do not expect you to work whenon your lunch or break.
    Sally does care about their employees, part time employees can get health benefits, paid vacations, discounts and free product everyy month! Also the Beauty Club card offers more than a discount on products, they get extra coupons and free products when they renew. Our products compare to some name brand products and we stand behind our products 100%.
    I believe you must have been terminated for something you have done or you would not have written what you have.
    Sally's is a great place to work and a very growing stable complany!!!
    Managers can not change some ones payroll punches it is against company policy, there are guide lines for the thermostat but they are allowed to be set to make the customer happy.

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  • Sh
    Shavonda White Jul 26, 2017

    @Nancy T I'll have to agree with you...I have been employed with Sally Beauty Supply for the last five years. I can only say good things about the company. Considering the fact that I have an amazing store and district manager, nothing but good has come my way. I volunteered to help out at a store that was short staffed, not only did I receive a dollar raise, I was paid .50 cents per mile for the distance traveled to that store which totaled to be $53.47 a day! Not to mention the mileage reimbursement was paid in cash, each day. As far as IOM's and EPP's go it's all in what you make it! Of course every company has specific quotas and goals to meet...that's what keeps the company making money, it's all business. As long as you show up to work on time, know what you talking about, and take the initiative to get things done, you have nothing to worry about! The company would love to have experienced workers who enjoy what they do. After all, there's nothing worse than having someone continue to call out, leaving all the responsibilities on other workers. If you don't want to be there then give up your position. There's always someone looking for a job and don't mind getting it done.

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  • Vt
    V.T Dec 09, 2017

    @Nancy T Please offer contact information to someone an employee can contact about issues with time abuse. sick time off requests being denied do to being on probation on my last month of the 6 month probation. also, not given the 15 min break. Please help

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  • @Nancy T YOU are an idiot. You have no idea what happens in another store. If you stood there and watched your immediate manager criticize another employee and then, when the employee starts crying, offer her a raise? You might not be too happy with Sally either. YOU are an idiot to even begin to think the employee was terminated and is writing this in anger. YOU are an idiot in thinking that because it's "against company policy" that time punches can't be changed.

    YOU are an idiot.

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  • Ad
    A DM DOORMAT Sep 13, 2011

    I agree some what with the complaint. I was manager for 2 years and I agree its low paying and its easy to steal from sally's when there is no one watching the customers or if employess work alone with no manager. I never bothered anyone while on there break so its a manager issue with that. If you work at a lower volume store with less hours it can be very hard to get a day off as a manager. I agree that the short staff in 90 hour stores get asked to cover for call outs and its up to the employess to cover for eachother. As for the standing Im sorry but you should get a break in between but standing is what retail is. I stand 8 hours a day or more with one break. Its part of working. Get comfortable shoes cause I wouldnt allow any of my employess to sit while on the clock.
    I left sallys because of upper management. No support and constant harrassment from my DM even when my store numbers/quotas where the best in the district. I found out real quick that my DM has her favorite managers and if you are not a pet you are left to deal with issues on your own. She rarely called back when you left messages and she spent most of her time in her her favorite manager stores. If you had a problem and it was bad enough to make her look bad with her TM, she would make sure to write you up on anything trivial to get even. I worked for a month with not a single day off due to employees getting fired for stealing or leaving or being transferred to another store, yet no help came my way. Her answer to my call for help was call around and see if any other stores can spare an employee, which was always a no since all stores run on a tight schedual. It got so bad I called HR to complain and I was told she should not be doing this. After my phone call she let up a bit. But was of no help when I had issues needing her to help me.
    Personally I cannot manage a store affectively if you are being harrassed and bullied and given no support. So I left for another retail industry that believed in a balance of work and home life. I am much happier and get the training and support to affectively manage my store.

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  • St
    stopsouthcarolina Nov 04, 2011

    Sally's beauty supply is one of the worst places to work. yes the abuse employees, they discriminate against men in our district because the dm says men steal. this company is run by men but yet she doesn't hire any. and yes managers do edit times even though its against the law.they make you clock out and still count down drawers and work. An employee at our store had to ask the dm in front of customers to stop asking her about other employees personal lives. she gossips about employees with other employees. if you are not part of the clique you are treated like ###. this dm doesn't hire any minority managers. shes discriminates against minorities and gay people. Managers in her district are all related or know each other, . So yes its true, in south Carolina yes the dm is racist and discriminates against several people. this is fact and not opinion. Sally's beauty supply allows all this as corporation because after countless complaints is still around.

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  • Di
    dia3766 Mar 20, 2012

    sounds like to me the folks who are complaining were the ones who got in trouble at work and are looking for revenge

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    A DM DOORMAT Mar 21, 2012

    Informing the public of unfair working conditions and legalized slavery of managers would not constitute someone as looking for revenge. I understand that not all Districts are run the same way and there are most likely very happy managers and employees out there that love there job and have supportive upper management, however I also believe the company turns there heads to problems in there company they know is going on. There are TMs and DMs that are terrible at there jobs and do the bare minimum of what is required to earn there paycheck. This causes a spiraling affect that spreads all the way down the management chain. This company has no system to regulate TM and DM job performance towards lower management. They are free to harrass, terrorize, threaten, and intimidate all lower management as they see fit. Even though my numbers where best in the district I was not one of the DM's pet Managers and so I was subject to all the nastiness she could dish out. These are the facts and there are others out there that are afraid to speak in fear of losing there jobs if they do. I am the voice of those who cannot speak themselves.

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  • Aw
    A. Walk Apr 10, 2013

    I can say that I would 110% agree with the complaint against Sally's. I was a manager there for 2 years.. I only worked in the Sally's company for a total of 2-1/2 years. It was, by far, the worst working experience ever. The only reason why Sally's is still around is because they treat their customers REALLY well. Employees are another story. My DM was a two faced liar. Her work ethics were beyond unethical. She had favorite managers that she would allow them to do whatever they wanted and would "look" the other way on their behavior but would fire the other employees for the same thing. One time, I had an employee text my cell phone saying "not coming into work".. my DM instructed me to call HR to get that employee fired and to not mention anything to the HR rep about the text message. I did as I was instructed.. oh and trying to get ahold of HR is a joke since there is only ONE rep for ALL 5, 000 Sally Stores... anyway, days later my DM shows up at my store with a write up for ME because I was not forthcoming with correct information and it was unethical to not mention to HR about the text message. I was like "DUDE YOU TOLD ME NOT TO" and of course she says "i have no knowledge of that". Oh how convenient is that?!? I have A LOT of stories like that involving the DM lying and "not knowing" about things she either told me I could do or told me to do. The employee hotline that's suppose to be anonymous, to help employees out when they are having trouble with their supervisor is a flippin joke. I called that hotline numerous times on my DM for her unethical behavior, and come to find out that the DM is the one who gets the report.. so not only does the rep on the other line ask your store number, name, what position you work and a phone number to get ahold of you at, they send the WHOLE complaint and that information to your DM. My DM was already a ### to me so it made things 10x worse for me. Getting a day off is out of the picture, smaller stores are only allowed 90 hrs in a week to disperse between 4 other employees and if one of those employees were sick the manager HAS to work those hours if the other 3 refuse to take up anymore. I rarely had a day off because of this, I was tired and stressed all the time from working. Sally's expects your life to be that company. The pay is ridiculous as well. I was a manager and my full time employee was making more then me. It's really ### to think about that I was making more as a full-time employee then a manager. Also Sally's does yearly reviews on their employees. You are scored from 0 to 5 on how well you are doing in that category. It is frowned upon when managers score their employees high on this eval. Their words not mine "you can always improve something".. one of my employees complained she never got a raise.. come to find out, when we called payroll, that the raise she received was $0.05. What kind of ### is that?!? We're not allowed to give employees good scores for raises they deserve because there is "always room to improve".. So my employee is working her ### off for $0.05? That makes no sense. After awhile I couldn't handle the ### anymore so I quit.

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  • Te
    Tebowa Jun 09, 2013

    Attention Dist. Mgrs. If you have stores that get robbed at gun and or knife point and employees fear for their lives. What are you trained to do or say for the protection of all employees. I hear in Texas in there is a Dist. Mgr that Black Balls any Employee that quits for fear of their life. I think you need to fear for losing your job and avoid company law suits. San Antonio, Texas ex employees here.

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  • Co
    confused at sallys Jul 16, 2013

    all i wanna know is does the new regestors have cameras in them to record u

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  • 1g
    1girl1 Sep 27, 2013

    I also would agree with these complaints. Anyone standing up for the company must still work there and be afraid to say something negative. I was promised 30 hours per week if I would quit my job as an assistant manager so I did it. They put me in the system as a 10 hour employee. So when I took my two vacations I was only able to take 8 hours per week even though by the time I took my vacations I had over 100 hours accumulated. I was working 32-38 hours weekly. I got fired for giving someone a professional discount. She saved $1.50. My boss told me to my face that I was not the only employee who had given the same girl a pro discount (she had a pro card that wasn't flagged) ... But then I got fired and no one else did. One time I had to have oral surgery, I called my boss to see if someone could work my shift and she told me to pull up a chair at the register that night during my shift because she could NOT cover for me. I've worked there for ten out of the last 15 years... And these pieces of ### fire me over $1.50. It's bs and I would never recommend anyone working there. Ever.

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  • Ca
    Cari69 Oct 01, 2013

    ..very informative. I'm a hairdresser and I worked for Sally's part time for two weeks to gain more income, and I am afraid this complaint sounds legit. I still own and run a customer satisfaction company that calls to see if their customers are satisfied for large companies and I know complaints. I am convinced that this job won't work for me because I have seen facts that reinforces this complaint only in the short amount of time I have been there. Off to another journey, but I won't put up with this. My manager has been very sweet, but I can see that the employess are not valued appropriately.

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  • An
    anonymous 10/2013 Oct 18, 2013

    I recently quit working for Sally's and it saddens me to know so many others have had the same experienced the same problems I did. Every person working in that store was miserable and too afraid to do anything about it. I tried to report the manager to human resources after she told me she was cutting another employees hours and treating her badly to get her to quit. Needless to say she found out I had contacted corporate and decided to make my life difficult, so I quit. I thought these corporations were suppose to protect their employees and be held accountable for their managers actions. Guess that is what I get for trying to do the right thing. I thought if nothing else corporate would want to know that they had a manager behaving this way, boy was I wrong!

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  • Sa
    Samanthan Apr 16, 2014

    Right on the spot, I've been working here for 8 months so far and I hate it because all the reasons you are saying.
    It's spot on, and ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!
    I cannot wait to get a better job and leave.

    I work 12 MISERABLE hours a week, and in separate days 3 hours a day, my off days are one day yes one day no, schedule is always late, I always have to call on my day off to know the schedule.

    No benefits, always being threatened to get a write up, and get fired for stupid things, not signing a receipt, not selling enough ioms, or club cards, going to the restroom after clocking in, taking a 11 minute break instead of 10, not taking a break because you forgot, or are too busy, etc.

    Everything you said it's true I ended up here because I was about to look for a phone to contact the company about some questions of the manual that gets rubbed on my face whenever I do something "wrong".

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  • Mi
    Mikaylah May 03, 2014

    Wow...I do not work there, but I do go in there on occasion. I am a licensed cosmetologist that also holds a Manager's license, so I do know a thing or two about hair and nails. I have been in the industry for over 23 years. The girls that work there are uninformed ###s. I would NEVER ask for advice on hair color from any one of them, because they do not know what they are talking about. I went in there just this past week for a hot sock diffuser...the foam ones that have elastic that holds them onto the blow dryer. I was told by both girls working that they have never had anything like that in the store ever. I told them that I have bought three of them there so far. She told me to go to Target, they have them there. I looked a little more and pointed out that they were "right here" and she just shrugged her shoulders. Their hair care products are cheap knock offs that do not work. They carry OPI now and I think something is up with that too, as it is very streaky and leaves big brush marks, which in have never had happen when I have bought OPI from other pro beauty supply stores. Probably black market OPI from some underground mafia sale somewhere...I'm not impressed with Sally at all. The biggest offender is that every time you go in there, there's always a new manager and new ###s working the floor that know nothing about hair or anything they sell there. One time an older lady was looking to buy a curling iron, so I let her use my pro card to get my cost. I know the sales girl was pissed, but I didn't care. Gouging an old lady for some piece of ### curling iron that wasn't worth half of the pro price was too much for me to handle, so I let her use my card. These girls don't need to ask me if they can help me when I come in there either...they are useless wastes of skin that don't have a clue what they are selling anyway. Leave me alone, I will find the ### myself!! After reading these reviews, I thought that I would lend my experience as a customer. I have been called an "outlaw woman" a few times...I wear Harley clothes and my hair is a hot mess at times and I always get the look when I hand them my pro card, like 'wow, I never would've thought she would have a pro card'. In my mind I'm like 'f you and just ring my ### up so I can get outta here'!!!

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  • Em
    employers Jun 11, 2014

    I could say this is the worst job i ever had, been there over a year now working another job 46 hour then 15 hours at sally plus being mom, my manger is lazy she stay in the back to eat be on the phone or say her stomach is hurting then pop pills, but i guess it's ok she's getting pay for it, i needed a day off few days later but she told me if i dont show up because i cant find some one to watch my child I'll be terminated from my job and thats coming from becky the Dm

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  • Je
    Jessica tells the truth Jul 13, 2014

    Sallys is the worst company I have ever worked for! I recently quit because
    My boss is a nut job! Sallys lies they threaten their employees and have done things that give me the right to sue and win! Oh and they treat all customers and employees like they are all stealing! My boss would always say all red headed professionals steal! They accuse everyone of stealing and when she saw a large Mexican mafia looking man stealing she said I would be fired for not confronting him! I'm a small woman and this man was 300 pounds 6''4 at least with tattoos all over and she wanted me to risk my life for a two dollar product and there's no cameras no security just 2 small woman and why didn't she confront him? She saw it not me and she's the manager!!! My boss also illegally did a pat down on me without my consent and touch my boobs butt and all and why? Did she find anything ? No !!! I'm not a theif it was so degrading oh I was told next time I don't answer my phone when called on my days off that I would be fired! I was told if I don't come in when the call on my days off that I would be fired! Like wth I'm not an on call employee am I getting paid to be on call? No !!! My boss acted like I was stupid and would always criticize my customer service (she said I was to nice and spending to much time with customers)!!! Oh and my sales reports we get daily are always the best I always have the highest sales and largest sales per transaction but apparently I'm not doing my job right! Every employee I worked with was rude to the customers and they gossiped like crazy one of the employees talked about how she was arrested because she had drugs in her car but they weren't her and age said it load with tat least five customers I. The store!!! Sallys is so stupid that they don't let you return hair scissors aka sheers but the will let u return hair clippers and even if used the will put them back on the shelf!!! It's sick!!! My boss has no compassion what so ever she can call in or ask you to come in for her but when you so you get threatened to be fired ! Oh and I have a problem with the fact they take returned hair color and put it back on the shelf! Anything could be in there it could have been left in a hot car and ruined and yes that can ruin your hair!!! The employees don't know what the hell they are talking about and I was a pro so I was shocked when I heard them telling a girl to sleep over night with permanent hair color in !!! Never take color advice from anyone but a pro ever!!! I saw a lady who took their advice and when she came back she had bald spots hair falling out and breaking And burns all over her head because some fool told her to mix her color with a 40 vol peroxide abs leave it in for five hours!!! I was shocked and I wouldn't have beloved it if I hadn't heard them tell another woman to sleep over night with her color!!! Sallys I've warned I will sue you! And to the person who said they can't change your hours ... Your a liar!!! They can and the do my boss told me I went over my hours so she had to adjust it!!! And I never got paid for it !

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  • Bo
    boobear2613 Oct 27, 2014

    This is the out most worst job I've ever dreamed of having. I got hired when I was 10 weeks pregnant. The manager knew I was pregnant but told me I wasn't allowed to tell any CO workers yet because the DM absolutely could not know she hired me pregnant. I was there for two terrible years, to the day actually. This past Friday was my last day there. I, just like everyone else and their mother who has worked for sallys got accused of stealing product. Honestly, I'm SO relieved that I don't work there anymore. I didn't want to quit for the simple fact that I was comfortable. The manager was okay, just lazy and cranky. The dm sucked, and the TM was terrible. When I had my baby, I wasn't even allowed to stay out of work for my 6 weeks. I got about 4 weeks out, without pay of course. You can't call out at sallys, they WILL adjust your hours, and do threaten jobs over stupid thing like not selling iom's or bcc. I have so so so much more to say about that place and the people I worked under, but it's not worth it to me. Just know it is probably the or st place for employment ever.

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  • At
    AttentionSallyBeautySupply Dec 02, 2014

    Horrible store manager! Don't know if the district manager and her are in on this or what but the company needs to get it together. According to those training videos, they take harassment and equality serious but I have not seen any changes at all at this specific Sally Beauty Supply location. Store manager leaves early and adjusting hours whenever she wants, when she wants! Opens the store late and does not adjust employees hours making them look like they were the ones who opened the store late. Basically, she's stealing hours and claims that she works a whole 8 hour shift when really, it was only a 4 hour shift. Purposely calling employees thieves in front of customers because of bad training in the first place from the store manager herself. Playing favoritism by having another employee treat other employees like crap. Store manager's mother had to call her in because she was sick! Who the f does that? Your own store and you're going to have your own mother call you in? Wow, I am so done with lazy, slackers, and idiotic management at that location. CEO of Sally Beauty Supply, please if you see this, do something to help the management team get better and have equality for employees too so they don't get treated unfairly like this.

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  • Su
    Suarezn Jan 17, 2015

    Well to the managers, are their cameras in loss prevention because me & my current coworker was suspended all because loss prevention man came down & said my cameras so you guys have been stealing my cameras shows you two counting money at the front! Which is a lie why would I put my job on the line like that? And my thing is, you they think we stole something why couldn't he bring it to our proof? See it doesn't add up! I agree with everyone else they accuse you of stealing. The pay sucks & only the mananger gets to leave early. Most employers are stuck with closing & working every weekend.

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  • St
    Store #2070 Feb 14, 2015

    I currently work for Sally's and let me start of by saying every comment I read I could agree to it. And that's a shame first of my manager is a liar she has her favorites that runs back & tell her everything which is messy! She acts childish and has a bad body odor problem. She always claim like she's catching up on "paperwork" she very unorganized she even admitted to almost taking another managers position! So what did that tell me, she really doesn't want to work there anymore. They treat their employees like crap, threaten to fire you if you don't sell enough IOMs or BCC! Excuse everyone of stealing. You will always get stuck working at night. No good benefits and I argee Walmart sells way more CHEAPER products. I can't wait to find another job

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  • Je
    Jessica Soares Feb 15, 2015

    I strongly agree with what everyone's been saying! Makes me even feel better to be reading that I'm not the only one going through this. I am just enraged at how my manager deals with things. We're going through a snow storm and this one time out of the whole time it's snowed I wasn't able to snow up because my dads car was broken down and I told her the day before that I wouldn't be able to make it... She texted me very confrintational telling me 'oh my mom said I shouldn't go out like this either, and it was her anniverssery' SHES the manager! Pretty much guilt tripping me and making me and feel bad because I CANT go into work in these blizzard conditions?! When I first started working there it was my dress code that was always a problem, once I was having a family emergency and I asked her if I could take my 10 min to check up on my mom, and she said no! She's even gone as far to tell me to 'go cry to my mommy' ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I just don't even know what to say anymore. My co worker called in sick and got the response from my manager saying 'see you at 11 than!' Making Her come in no matter what! You can never be sick and you're always stuck with every weekend shift EVERY weekend! You have to show up to work even if the worlds falling apart, they don't CARE! you get yelled at all the time for not making your numbers! I even get yelled at for crossing out anything on the paperwork! IM HUMAN I MAKE MISTAKES. She acts like we work for this president! This is Sallys! It's not do or die.

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  • Ch
    CheyenneK Jul 10, 2015

    I have to agree with all of the complaints. I still work for Sally's because I need a job until I finish with school but my manager is the worst. She makes the schedule around herself. She will never give any of us our request off, she always leaves her "scheduled" shifts early and leaves 1 girl in the store alone for about 4 hours, she always makes us close by ourselves even though it's a Sally's policy that we can't for safety reasons, she's constantly out of dress code, she will never talk to us face to face she will only leave us notes telling us what she wants to tell us, she leaves us note telling her not to bother her ugh any calls or text when she isn't on the clock, she is constantly changing posted schedules without telling any employees, when we are off she will text us telling us we have to come in.. Not asking us.. She demands it from us, she will never come in and work any extra shifts especially if someone calls in, no the list goes on. I was sick with a respiratory infection and had. Note to be out for 2 days from my Dr and she went and was trashing me on Facebook talking about how she was going to fire me and what not. I have repeatedly gone to my district manager and she does nothing. I have gone to my territory manger about this and she does nothing and I have gone to HR and still nothing has been done. I am currently working through my externship to become a medical assistant and I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and I talked to this manager telling her my new schedule and that I can only work 6-c during the week but I could work whenever for her on the weekends and she refuses to work with it treating to fire me if I don't show up for shifts I'm scheduled so she intentionally will schedule me to come to work at a time when I'm at my other job. Needless to say this company does not take care of their employees. If they did they would have taken all of this more seriously and she would have been fired a long time ago. I bend over backwards for this company. I make sure the store is ran correctly I make sure it's set correctly I have regular customers I do store orders I do correction counts I do the daily paper work I come in when I'm needed and extra when people call in and I work lot of other people's shifts. I run the store like I'm the manager and the other employees have mentioned all of this to the territory and district manager and when I got a raise it was 19 cents. Sallys is a horrible company and should be shut down for the way they treat not only employees but customers as well.

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  • Er
    Erin85 Nov 04, 2015

    I am a store manager and while I realize that not all management behaves ethically you must take into consideration that this is an individual problem not a company wide one. The iom, bcc, and epp ratios are easily attainable if you make an effort. There is no such thing as a .05 cent raise... Most of your raise is dependent in your ratios. I find it humerus that most with the biggest complaints claim to be the best at their job. That right there should tell those reading that there is bias. Am I a good manager? Yes... But I am not the best even though I consistently meet my monthly goals... Only missing one in the past year. There is always room for improvement and when you start to feel entitled it shows in your jobs performance. And the managers who can't keep employees and claim there is no work/ personal life balance... I call bs. A major part of your job is to hire appropriately. If you do so this should not be a constant problem. Yes people quit, but just today I has this happen and the first thing my tm told me was to be sure not to overwork my employees or myself. As a whole Sally's is a great company. Free full sized products for all employees, accumulates points for items sold which can be used for gift cards, jewelry, hand bags and even televisions. Full tjne employees and employees working 30+ hours get insurance and if you work 24+ hours you get vacation time.

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  • Fl
    flaming red Jan 07, 2016

    The person who wrote that there must be a reason why people were fired, and insinuated they are liars or thieves must be a CEO lol...Sally's is the absolute WORST company to work for. One girl I worked with had an injury to her ankle that required her to be off of her feet for two weeks. She was told she could not get leave because she didn't give 30 days notice lol. She was told by the store manager "we don't do that, so come to work or we have to let you go". Nice company. Girls go to work sick and infect their fellow employees and customers alike for fear of losing their jobs. This company is a disgrace.

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  • Fl
    flaming red Jan 07, 2016

    To Erin85...YOU may be a great manager, but they are few and far between. Please do not insinuate that I feel "entitled" to anything because I am complaining, or that it's "humorous" because I consider myself a good employee. I am a conscientious employee who shows up for work and does my job. Read my comment below you want to defend that policy? Free full sized products and accumulating points for prizes does not take the place of a secure working environment. No one who has not abused sick days and has an injury that only requires a week or two of home rest or a damn COLD for that matter should lose their jobs, or worry about losing one.

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  • Kj
    Kj55227 Jan 27, 2016

    This complaint sounds legitimate. I've been dealing with the same issues for the past three months! It's the most uncomfortable and stressful situation. I've been having problems with my manager too. It's just as stated above about getting getting in trouble, gossiping behind your back, constant threats of being fired. It's ridiculous! I've never in my life worked for a company that cares so little for their employees. There no one you can turn to for help. It's just frustrating. I'm planning to leave and seek employment elsewhere because it's not worth it. Horrible horrible company!

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  • Lo
    Loveone Jan 16, 2017

    @Kj55227 Omg I'm right there with you I even think I'm hitting depression

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  • Cb
    Cbradshaw2011 May 25, 2016

    I can't believe I didn't find this board sooner. I ABSOLUTELY agree with the complaint. I was an assistant manager for Sally's for 3 years and these all sound pretty accurate. I have so much to say, I don't even know where to begin or if I'll even feel like writing it all. I'll try to summarize. I sued Sallys when I quit and won my case because I was able to prove all of my accusations. ALWAYS have a paper trail (document everything)! It's the best way to go against these kinds of companies.

    Ok I'm rambling, so basically my first year with the company I had a descent manager. Our DM at the time was childish and it took me to inform my manager that they were about to let her go. Yes, I had to tell my manager she was being fired. How did I know? Because the childish DM came in telling us all about it instead of being professional and addressing the person she should've addressed.

    Anywho, the following 2 years we got a new manager that was exactly what the company wanted. EVIL, PURE EVIL. Not only was she rude to us, she was sooo rude to customers. I was constantly apologizing to customers for her bad attitude. She would make up rules as she talked. Would deny valid customer returns because she didn't want our numbers to look bad. She would talk about race, religion and politics on the sales floor and to all of us. She played GOSPEL music in the store on numerous occasions. She would always make me adjust her time, schedule was always late, told me "I don't work Sunday's, that's the Lords day!" I'm guessing Saturday's were too being that she never did weekends. Lied on other employees, no raises, high turnover. Employees would call me on my day off to ask questions that they were afraid to ask her how to do. List goes on and on.

    Her and the DM were best friends before the DM even became the DM so there was that. I contacted the DM by phone and email to voice my concerns and she would run back and tell her everything I told her. Because the second I would get back to work, my manager would ask me about it which made working together uncomfortable. Finally after lots of emotional stress and no upper management to listen, I quit. But not before cashing all my IOM points I accumulated. But oh, of course they cheated me out of my earnings. They took over a month to fulfill my order and told me I wasn't entitled to them since I no longer worked for the company. Even though I cashed them in a week before I put in my 2 weeks notice. Smh

    Anyway I sued them for all of my missed breaks/lunches, and stress they put on me for 3 years. I encourage you all to get familiar with your state labor laws. The rest of my co workers left the following weeks. And I finally heard they let the manager go because once we all left the numbers went way down. And demoted the DM after our entire staff proved our accusations. Checkmate.

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  • Fo
    For Real Tho Jul 24, 2016

    I've been at Sally Beauty for almost a year now. This complaint is accurate. I applied for the assistant manager position, there was a sign posted on the window asking for managers. I had about 3 years supervisory experience and overall 13 in retail. I'm pretty qualified. I was hired and left my job of 8 1/2 years for the opportunity to be an assistant manager at this store. Assuming since I wrote the position I applied for "assistant manager" on my application where asked what I was seeking and was then promptly hired, wouldn't one assume they were the new assistant manager? Wrong. I applied for the chance to maybe become the assistant manager. Nowhere on their posted sign did it say such things. So off the bat, I have a bad taste in my mouth. Regardless, I play ball and stay thinking they'll "train" me for a supposed manager program...I was there 3 months with no word on that mentioned. As months went by, I realized this just wasn't happening. I regret ever applying to this company. They are unethical. Nepotism is acceptable there as well apparently. My ex SL left for another store while her best friend became my new SL and my old SL's daughter was hired very soon after. New SL promises to "treat her like anyone else"...yea right. DM clearly dislikes certain employees. And as of April, decided she didn't like me and cut my hours from 35 to 15...which is devastating especially since the pay is so God awful. As of now, I'm 10 hours a week but still in system as 35. The KPI nonsense is just that...nonsense. If you're a good employee who is on time, in her uniform, always helpful to customers, willing to do whatever is asked to best of her ability and unloads trucks better than anyone and comes in on her day off because she was asked to on many occasions by a manager who just wanted th night off...she shouldn't have her job threatened because she didn't sell enough packets of bad conditioner. That doesn't make her a bad employee. Maybe I'm nuts.

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  • No
    Noell Aug 19, 2016

    I have worked for this company for about 14 yrs. this company is a disaster to its employees. I was a DIst manager and manager. Finally went down to a PT employee. I have seen this company cover up sexual harassment time and again. I have seen employees being tricked into saying they were stealing goods. I have seen district managers, VP's and Teritory managers, engage in not such good side manners. Human Resources is a joke as well. They cover up so much stuff it's not funny! They have an employee concern line that's supposed to be private...but nothing is confidential with this company. Once you complain they are the hunt to get rid of you. DMs pad their store inventories by putting stolen merchandise in the damages. They also take damages, and give them to their favorite employees. They steel time from the company! When I was in DM training in Tucson the DM would leave me to read to take her daughter to get her hair done, shop for school, etc. One DM is pathetic (think of xmas) She is a miserable cow who thrives in causing greef to her employees. They threaten, manipulate, take advantage of, and just are a bunch a pathetic ingrates! They all belong at the dollar store! Sally is the KMart of beauty suppliers! They

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  • Si
    SidSid Sep 13, 2016

    Sallys is AWFUL to work for! I have worked here for just over a year now and it is amazing to me at the bull I have witnessed! Only reason I am still with the company is because I need the money while I finish school. Once I graduate I am out!!! My co-workers are amazing so if I was just basing this review on them and the store I work at I would say I love it! We have great customers. But it isn't like that is it? No it's not! Upper management is pure evil! Our District Managers (we have 2 of them) are shady lazy liars! I swear they lick each other on the side because they are just the best of friends lol. But on a serious note they lie a lot. When the president comes in and the other big wigs our DM is always rite there making sure no one is saying anything bad to them about her (guilty conscious much?) She also lies and says she does all this and that for us when she doesn't. Example: Day the president and ups came in and she came in and started cleaning the store and back stocking. Something she NEVER does. I just looked at my co-worker like what is she doing? She mouthed to me "Helping?" After 2 minutes of that she stopped and I realized holy crap this lady is a piece of work. Acting like she does all this extra for us... It was really pathetic. So they lie and take credit for work we do which is beyond messed up. They lie and say they do all this and that and never do! They cause major drama between employees, gossip about employees and threaten employees. Our DM reamed this one lady a good one because she went above her to get an answer for something. She told the employee there is a chain of commands and what she says is final. That they are supposed to trust everything she says! I was like screw that...knew rite there she was shady. They constantly accuse employees of stealing when they aren't, yet won't take decent action when customers actually do steal. We have 18 mirrors in our store and you think they would just install a damn camera in there. We are not aloud to call out a customer we knew stole because we didn't "actually" see them do it, but you know when you know someone stole...yet when they think an employee is stealing they make managers empty purses before an employee leaves. That has got to be illegal as hell!!! We get NO compensation when we work way over our hours. If a boss is out on a lengthy leave we have to work the open to close shifts which are 8:15am-9pm at 8 bucks an hour. Maybe if we are lucky get 1 day is that even rite? To the manager that commented above (probably a DM lol) yes we do get free products a month, but what is funny they are not always "full sized". Also many times the employee free code doesn't work. Those scratch off tickets are a joke and part time employees get NO health benefits or vacation time for a very very long time. So there are no exceptional perks of working there. I would gladly trade in stupid IMO points for some actual commission. Sure they may offer T.V.s but you know how many points it takes to get one of those? Instead of working my ### off for months to get a toaster for 20, 000 points I think I will go to Walmart and whip out a $20 for it -_- Give me a break!!! Something needs done about this company and how it treats employees for sure! Something needs done about these shady DM's...we should take a stand and get these pieces fired!!!

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  • Ne
    Neutral Employee Sep 26, 2016

    I am truly sorry these things that has happen and you guy have experience. I just started there and still in training everything I have read on these comments has really open my eyes while I am in training, what I have learn was a lot about the situation that has happen to you guys. See I take my train serious because I want to know what I am getting myself into. I wish you guys the best in everything you do. I also want to tell you not every job we get is for us nor were happy with and we have to fine and do what make us happy not just work to work, but to work and be happy with what every we decide to work in. I'm going to tell you that my manager is not only a chief she is also a Indian as well she also open and closes stocks shelf swept and mops. Let get back to the training it speak of the counter items as promotion that need to be sold and sally card there just products yea but really look at it the company makes money and you get an incentive as well, that not so hard when your customer is happy and you feel awesome to help someone that needed your help. Well the pay its about how much experience or knowledge you have in hair or nail. For example if you a cosmetology of coarse your going to get paid more. If you just starting with no knowledge your going to get paid STATE MIN WAGE how can you expect more. I believe it unfair to expect more if you don't have the experiences or knowledge. Camera are put in our store and they turn on automatic for our safety and to prevent theft you all know that. The best way to avoid issue with miss understood camera viewing is to always be in clear view at all time. Remember no matter how much training we receive there's not enough to learn. What I see is a lot more greed and pointing fingers than excepting what is really our anger about not getting our way, so you guys have felt it easier blame the company and bagger the company. Instead of realizing that what you guy choose as a career was your bad choose because your not happy in working there. Iam just a neutral person not here to judge nor tell anyone what to do. What I do know is if we treat people the way we want to be treat we will be treat in the same way even though we come across some people that like to treat us like crap. Don't get me wrong I don't like to be treat like that either, its that we have to try hard with them because we don't know if they have been treated like crap all there lives and see that is normal way of life for them.

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  • Lo
    Loveone Jan 16, 2017

    I'm currently an employee with Sallys beauty. I find my reason for writing on here is because I feel I can not say anything to anyone higher such as district manager because it seems that she's more friends with managers then a serious one. Anyway I'm on here because everything that that person said about Sallys is so on point. My issue is though my manager is constantly put me down and sometimes the other employees I'm 31 years old and get talked to like I'm 10 there's never ANYTHING nice that comes out of my manager mouth . Everything and I mean everything is negative the smallest thing turns into something huge . She's NEVER wrong and if she is she will NEVER take responsibility for it. I have NEVERA BEEN Trained for anything I have taught myself everything I know and I also have learned from other stores I would help out sometime . I love working for Sallys don't get me wrong but this manager is seriously pushing some depression on me and how I'm not a good assistant manager and she regrets even promoting me. I don't know what else to do with out having to lose my job I'm just writing here maybe because I'm just tired of holding Things in now. Been with the company 4years and I'm tired now but I need a job and the money just sucks that you really don't have anyone that has your back and we work hard at Sallys and yes the managers get all the credit while we get points that we can redeem after three months for prizes but we get taxed on so we still bought them ourselfs. Anyway I'm done venting now

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