Mac Cosmetics Customer Service

767 Fifth Avenue
New York
New York
United States - 10153

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 588 0070(General Inquiries / United States) 5 1
+1 800 866 6464(MAC Pro Customer Service / United States) 3 1
+61 180 061 3828(Australia) 2 1
+43 800 006 184(Austria) 2 1
+55 113 716 1661(Brazil) 1 1
+1 800 387 6707(Canada) 1 1
+86 400 821 1308(China) 1 1
+33 821 236 276(France) 1 1
+49 800 901 0200(Germany) 1 1
+30 210 659 5700(Greece) 1 1
+972 180 020 0350(Israel) 2 1
+39 800 801 323(Italy) 1 1
+81 120 950 113(Japan) 1 1
+52 180 0110 3131(Mexico) 1 1
+47 80 069 799(Norway) 2 1
+7 495 225 1491(Russia) 1 1
+34 180 0588 0070(Spain) 1 2
+41 800 200 377(Switzerland) 1 1
+90 850 211 9852(Turkey) 1 1
+971 80 062 223(United Arab Emirates) 3 1
+44 800 054 2999(United Kingdom) 2 1

Mac Cosmetics Complaints & Reviews

Mac Cosmetics / foundation, eyeliner, mascara, powder

Oct 21, 2019

Got Mac products from Inorbit mall during last Diwali.Looks like the products are expired, getting pimples n eye infection after using the products.On the products box there is no date mentioned . please help out how with a resolution to my problem. have paid 14 k for it expecting great...

Mac Cosmetics / customer service

Sep 29, 2019

Yesterday while shopping in the Mac Store. I asked for a Mascara. The customer service attendant went to get my mascara plus 1 more for another customer waiting. The attendant told the other customer to put the mascara in her pocket without paying. This really offended me, since I am paying...

Mac Cosmetics / m.a. c. absolutely it. pro longwear lip pencil.

Sep 21, 2019

Mac CosmeticsIm a 42 year old Australian woman. While applying the lip pencil to all over my lip, which is what i do, the crayon product fell back through into the pencil (how should this even be possible, is not the pencil full?) and the wooden tip then punctured my lip leaving a splinter. It's quite...

Mac Cosmetics / mac shop services

Aug 30, 2019

In turkey, whenever i go to any mac stores they dont give me samples all they say is it's finished. Today, at forum Istanbul mac store, i asked the lady to give me a mini sample with my purchase of 3 products she refused. She said it's finished and misbehaved with me. I asked her to calm...

Mac Cosmetics / gift card

Aug 28, 2019

I purchased a Mac online gift card two months ago, of £90 value, and they haven't sent me the pin yet, so I can't activate and use it. This situation is ridiculous! I sent numerous emails to customer service, but apart to receive an automatic response, I received nothing. I'm really...

Mac Cosmetics / service at the mac mirdif city center store and mac arabian center store, dubai, uae

Aug 17, 2019

Mac CosmeticsHello, This is in regards to the issue which I had to face yesterday (16/08/2019) in your two different stores, Arabian center MAC store and Mirdiff city center MAC store. Around 8pm I visited Arabian center MAC store to buy some stuff which are: prep + prime highlighter - bright...

Mac Cosmetics / makeup samples

Aug 13, 2019

Mac CosmeticsI have been filling this out for over a year now to get mac samples and I never received any can you please find out why or please send me my samples. Cheri cosner. 5 swallow lane henry virginia 24102 I really love your products and do buy them and everytime I fill out the request form in...

Mac Cosmetics / incompetent customer service

Aug 03, 2019

I ordered items online 8/1 and later received an email stating my items would be shipped to some unknown person in CA. I'm in PA. I contacted the toll free number and explained. I further recalled that I did see this unknown name and address on my account and clicked to change the billing...

Mac / sales lady gave me the wrong product

Jul 21, 2019

Hello I was in Gold Coast at the airport and bought Mac NC15 and got home to Hobart to see the lady HD in fact given me NW15 which I am unable to use I have the receipt however when I went to exchange at Myer in Hobart where they sell Mac they advised this was not possible and to contact...

Mac Cosmetics / mac store - macy’s, newport mall

Jul 10, 2019

This is regarding a purchase that i made on June 10, 2019 at MAC store - Macy's, Newport Mall. Product - MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I got it for my mother by checking the shade on her, so I don't remember the shade name. On coming home I kept the bag As-is. Later when I opened the bag to give it...

Mac Cosmetics / mac store credit

Jun 30, 2019

I have been a MAC Cosmetics user for 20 years, and recently, when I returned an item to the MAC Mall of Millenia store, I was given a MAC Store Credit (plastic card). When I attempted to use this card online, it would not let me. When I attempted to use this MAC Store Credit card at a MAC...

Mac Cosmetics / damaged product

Mar 22, 2019

Mac CosmeticsMy husand was in Chicago for work so ordered a mac delivery to the Ritz hotel in Chicago where he was staying. Box arrived with makeup in pieces and damaged. My husband called MAC and they said they would re-issue label to send box back and replace goods, no label arrived. I rang customer...

Mac Cosmetics / it's been over 3 month and no communication

Jan 12, 2019

May Name is Sandy Whitaker and I am a customer for the past 15 years buying products and wearing them. I am very please with the products and proud wearing them, however the customer service manager at our store in the Cayman Islands main store down town is not courteous and helpful. All...

Mac Cosmetics / customer service at macy's towson

Jan 06, 2019

I am from Trinidad and Tobago but I normally visit with family in the USA for Thanksgiving or Christmas I have been saving up my empty containers and didn't realize I needed six I had five the rep was very short she was like no you must have six I said to her I traveled all the way from...

Mac Cosmetics / exchange/return

Jan 03, 2019

Tried to make in store exchange with an online purchase. I was incorrectly informed by an associate that was behind the counter. She then spent 30 minutes on the phone attempting to make an exchange. The associate then told me that I cannot keep my products because the exchange request wa...

Mac Cosmetics / studio fix compact c4

Oct 24, 2018

I purchased a compact 7/29/18. It started to crumble from the middle. I have a MAC brush set and never dropped it. I was never able to carry it in my purse because it was falling apart. Impossible to get help at Dillard's where I purchased it. They make me feel stupid. Loyal to MAC ! Not...

Mac Cosmetics / case id: [protected] return products for exchange. no email lost products.

Sep 21, 2018

Return products via reply paid address thru Australia Post. Sent on the 6/9/2018. Emailed customer service 4 times no reply or email back. Called customer service number 10am Perth time no answer and cannot get thru, Stupid voice and hangs up. Mac makeup is so expensive and you would think...

Mac Cosmetics / mac makeup

Aug 26, 2018

Mac CosmeticsHi, I traveled yesterday from Oslo to Belgrade and as alway I stop at the Mac store for some make up . I asked her to give me the best coverage one and she gave me the product with name ( next to nothing face color ) . The product is oily and I told her that I have oily skin and today I...

Mac Cosmetics / waterproof mascara wand breakage

Jul 15, 2018

I have now had 5 to 6 of the mac waterproof mascaras (black & teal packaging) all that i have had the wand starts to crack where the threads end. Since this is very expensive mascara i have tried everythjng to save the product from drying out. I have used tape and super glue to try and...

Mac Cosmetics / service was horrible

Jun 05, 2018

I went to the local Macy's that had the Mac cosmetics. The sales lady was so beyond rude and so worried about texting on her cell phone she would not assist me. Mac is the only makeup I use and I'm beyond upset as I left the store so upset i never even purchased anything. The foundation...

Mac Cosmetics / foundation eye makeup service

May 27, 2018

Mac CosmeticsI purchased over 1000 cedis worth of mac makeup after a persuasive rep gave me a complimentary make over On my way home I started to itch My eyes became very red and the face was swollen I had rash I wish to return the products I am entitled to a full refund right ? None of the...

Mac Cosmetics / careless

Dec 07, 2017

Mac Cosmetics is not what it used to be... No, the products are fine, but the service became worse. I don't know why... maybe I am unlucky. It took them 4 weeks to eventually ship my order. You know, sometimes it seemed like I was dealing with [censored]s from aliexpress, then I would not be...

Mac Cosmetics / mac lip gloss

Nov 17, 2017

Mac CosmeticsPurchased lip gloss at Atlanta airport USA .when package opened later that day the lip wand was broken rendering lip gloss unusable...very disappointed in both quality and the fact that exchange at store purchased proved impossible due to can I exchange please? Lip glo...

Mac Cosmetics / absolutely terrible

Nov 15, 2017

I am aware of their popularity, but it doesn't mean they have to behave like a crap. I ordered a very famous item (not going to advertise it here) that was very popular. I have an idea that maybe many girls would want to order the same item and that some delays were possible. But after one...

Mac Cosmetics / I will never order from them again

Sep 12, 2017

Too expensive to fail. I spent so much money on their products knowing ho good they are, but they have let me down. My order was sent to another person by mistake, they confused our addresses. I ordered without signing up, so it was kind of unofficial, but if they provide this opportunity, it...

Mac Cosmetics / bad experience

Feb 13, 2017

I have ordered some cosmetics from MAC Cosmetics online store and when I received my order and tried it I was disappointed. Their products did not match my skin and the whole thing looked terrible. I contacted MAC Cosmetics support service and asked for a refund, but they claimed they did...

Mac Cosmetics / i'm extremely disappointed with this store!

Nov 11, 2016

I have ordered a lot of things from MAC Cosmetics and was very happy when my order arrived. I liked everything I received and seemed that everything was fine, until I opened my new powder and saw that it was completely broken! I contacted MAC Cosmetics right away and told them that my... / online purchase

Mar 04, 2016

www.maccosmetics.comThis site is criminal!!! I have order a 137€ on cosmetic products, and after I verified that they were´t even MAC certificated products I canceles the order. The money was taken from my credit card and since 31 January 2016 that they don´t replay to any of my e.mails! only this email...

Mac Cosmetics / unethical behavior

Oct 24, 2015

Product taken - 22.10.2015 I took 21 lipstick from kolkata MAC showroom out of which one came broken and as I stay at Rajkot(Gujarat) so i cant get this product and cant exchange this product here. And the MAC team is so reluctant that they are telling cant courier it to me. Is this the...

Mac Cosmetics / damaged product

May 06, 2015

Mac CosmeticsI bought a MAC studio fix powder plus foundation shade C4 barcode number AA4 M51061773602047864 from the 78 ave des Champs-Elysées 75008 Paris France store of MAC, while I was on a holiday to Paris. I am a frequent MAC user and hence I did not check my final product before buying it...

Mac / fake

Dec 02, 2014

i had purchased a few mac products from the website called this site was selling the products at a wholesale rate which were considerably low as compared to the original mac products prices.. when i recived my delivery i was totally surprised as the product shown on the... / seller provides bad-quality cosmetics

Nov 10, 2014

I don’t advise to buy from the company I ordered mascara and cream from them, but the quality of the cosmetic was awful. I tried to return it, ‘coz I couldn’t use it at all. The rep refused and wanted to offer some other crap. I refused and told that...

Mac / customer service


Love Mac, hate this store and many others. I'm not sure what the philosophy is to blast music to the extent that you have to yell to be heard, but this seems to be Mac's at Time Square and Macy's. I would buy much more makeup at Mac if I could stand the noise, but it drives me...

Mac Cosmetics / slowest shipping ever


i recently placed a $100.00 cosmetic order online with mac cosmetics and it qualified for free shipping. The website said shipped-however upon tracking, the package remained in limbo (received shipping info-but not acquired by UPS) for over 24 hours. then finally said when item would be...

MacCosmetics / stay away


My older sister had made an appointment for the two of us to have our make up done at the MAC counter for our younger sisters wedding that morning. We arrived a few minutes early for our appointments and were fine waiting since we could see it was busy. My sister informed one of the sale...

Mac / oh baby lip gloss

Last week I purchased a tube of my favorite lip glass Mac's Oh Baby. When I first used it, it had a funky smell and left an odd taste in my mouth...I thought it was just me. Then the next day I got this weird feeling in my mouth like fuzz was all in my mouth! This morning I get up use... / shelf life is over of products


The product I purchased in Kolkata from Forum Mall... MAC lip glass color - CHai... The product which shouldn't be on shelf after being too old is still getting sold, the store is just 12 days old. Although the lip glass i have bought if you try putting it on it stinks like clay which...