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Complaints & Reviews

monsieur big mascara

Hi my husband bought me this for Christmas in a set. It is clumpy and horrible to apply and remove pls advise on replacement. I always use good high quality make up but have found this in less than a month not great. Is there a dodgy batch ? My husband has no longer the receipt but it was bought from boots in a set with a lipstick and an eyeliner. Pls advise

unethical behaviour

I received an email message which stated, "Enjoy a 7-Piece gift with $45+ Purchase. . . . & Enjoy $15% off with code celebrate" and I got the same targetted ad on Facebook. I placed an order for $50, selected my gift and applied the code, which was rejected. I contacted customer service and they stated, "Jasmine: Keep in mind the 15% off and the samples can not be applied at the same time. I do apologize for this misleading ad that we have, we are working to fix this issue right now" (I kept a copy of this transcript which I would be happy to email to you). This is false advertising and it is truly unethical. I would expect that, if you made a mistake, you would honor your offer. It seems it may be time for me to finally search for a new cosmetic provider.

unethical behaviour

mascara lancôme definicils

Dear Sirs,
On Jan 7th 2020 I have bought a Mascara Lamcôme Définicils at the Duty Free of the Riga (Latvia) airport.
Unfortunately it is impossible to use this Mascara at all as it simply scratch the eyes and it herds.
It happened the first time in my life, and therefore I hadn't kept a receipt.
However I do hope Lancôme will decently solve such a situation.
Faithfully yours,
Olga Mazurova

mascara lancôme definicils


I ordered a bottle of perfume because of a sample I received with a order and the perfume was nothing like the sample so I sent it back because it smelled horrible musty and old I didn't receive my refund and I have been contacting customer service for over a month and they keep giving me the run around I sent them the order number and tracking number they have it because it was signature requested when I sent it! Very very disappointed

lancome stall in st pancras train station.

Good morning
I was going through the St Pancreas train station with my girlfriend this morning, (6.12.19) I was thinking very much of my Christmas list, I heard so much good reviews about your new Lancôme perfume so I wanted to smell the product to foreseeably to buy 2 " bottles for Christmas, one for my girlfriend and one for my sister.

I went to the Lancôme stall, there was one of your representatives there opening up. I asked her kindly If I can have a free sample of the perfume in question, she said NO.. I was amazed, she said that they open up at 7.30 am so come back then.

I start work at 9.00am there is no way that I can make it back at that time.

Where is the season of good will? good customer care and service ?
It was not to say that any cash was involved, this was a free sample bottle that I had asked for.

I feel that there was prejudiced on her part which in fact made me feel discriminated against, almost as if to say because I was not dressed that part I did not deserve to be served, this is highly inacceptable.

I really wanted to purchase this perfume but how I was made to feel Lancôme representative did not sell the company, her attitude made me feel disgusted of the company.
No I am not a person to complain, but I felt very upset with the treatment that I received that I asked my girlfriend to write this email for me.

My Name Is Mark Walcott - My girlfriends email address [protected]

  • Ju
    JustMe77 Dec 06, 2019

    If they're closed, they're closed. I don't see where that is discrimination.

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About a year ago or earlier, I purchased an order of wonderful make up. Loved it! However, soon after, my account with credit info was hacked and someone charged 3 orders to my account totaling around $750. I suffered a lot of stress from bank: fraud documents, replacement of credit card and more. When I asked your company to offer any curtesy for my troubles, I was told it would happen. Nothing was offered and I'm needing products but hesitant to use your online site. I've been to Ulta to buy products. Guess I'm asking for special treatment or additional offer before I order from you again.
Update:Because of your online sale, I tried to order products today.
However, my credit cards were not allowed to go through stating a problem with them. ??????? Thanks, Holly

all eye need

3 weeks ago, My husband bought me all eye need travel set from Dammam airport Saudi Arabia. He got it from the duty free shop.

The picture in the package looks totally different than what's inside. Some with different labels and some without. If you notice in the picture attached, the blue eye makeup remover has none! And Lancôme logo flower in the mascara looks different.
It looks unauthentic and I need to know why ??its really suspicious.
I need someone to contact me regarding this issue. I have a picture of it and I need to double check.

all eye need

teint idole foundation

This is the second time this year I've had to replace my foundation because the bottle dropped only once and shattered into pieces!!! Do you offer replacements or discounts so I can buy another foundation. It's ridiculous that such and expensive product is so fragile and packaged so poorly. I have carpet and still bottle dropped only once and shattered everywhere!!!

Lancome Advanced Genifiquecomplaint

Love the product but hate the applicator & bottle. The applicator doesn't go to the bottom of the bottle & you can't turn the bottle upside down & drain what's left in the bottle. I bought 2 bottles, which BTW is expensive & don't get to use it all. I am thinking about going back to Estee Lauder with the medicine like dropper that gets the last drop & you can turn it up to get it all.
Thanks, Sue Tribble
1012 Bay Colony Dr.
Richmond Ky.

  • Updated by sue tribble · Jul 14, 2019

    can't get what serum is left in bottom & stuff is too expensive to not get every drop.

brow shaping powdery pencil in blonde 010 is a very different colour than my old one

I visited the Lancôme desk in Boots store Liffey Valley to see if they could help me but as I had bought in the airport they gave me the customer service phone number. I rang and explained to the girl that the product is a totally different reddish colour rather than brown as per my old one I have of the same product and code. She told me as that is not a fault she could not help me. This is ridiculous as the product is faulty if it is a totally different colour than the sample I tried in the airport and the previous ones I have always bought. The top line is the correct colour brown and the bottom line is this new colour which is reddish. My email address is [protected] and my phone number is [protected]. Thanks, Jennifer O'Connor

brow shaping powdery pencil in blonde 010 is a very different colour than my old one

lancome mascara

526404 The wand has come away from the lid. It is now useless. The design of this wand needs looking at. I tried to take this back to the store but apparently not their policy to...

la vie est belle, fragranced body lotion

I bought the above body lotion at East Midlands airport for my holiday. I only used it twice because it wouldn't absorb into my skin merely stayed white in my skin creases and formed lots of small white bobbles over my body that were difficult to brush off and clung to my clothes. I cannot use it. Have purchased this body lotion before it was lovely and this one is completely different, smell didn't linger either.

L’absolu lacquer 312

I have always used lancome lip glosses and they were nice. But this new one disappointed me very much. I bought Lancome L'absolu lacquer 312 in April 2019. It is very liquid. Like water. It is very difficult to put it on lips to make it look nice! When the lips touch each other it becomes uneven and it doesn't look beautiful. Its high price does not correspond to its low quality. I would like to change it for a previous model of Lancome lip glosses.

L’absolu lacquer 312

  • Updated by Katerina888 · Jun 05, 2019

    Some pictures of its usage

  • Updated by Katerina888 · Jun 05, 2019

    One more picture

  • Updated by Katerina888 · Jun 05, 2019

    And one more trial to spread it on lips

lancome star bronzer intense

On 3rd May I bought this product Lancome Star Bronzer Intense and found the pump does not work. It has barre code which is [protected]
I would like to have a refund please or replace a new one.
I send you a photo with receipt dated 3rd May

I am Deaf and sign language user and unable to hear on phone. Please communicate with me by return e-mail.
Please advise, thank you.

lancome star bronzer intense


I bought the Monsieur Waterproof Big Mascara in Limerick, Ireland. I am extremely disappointed as the mascara is extremely clumpy, therefore rendering it useless.
I am a fan of Lancôme mascara for years. Please issue a refund or perhaps an alternative mascara such as Volume a Porter (which was the mascara I previously had).
Kind Regards
Fionnuala McEnery

oud bouqet

I need help. I purchased this bottle of Oud Bouquet from one of the retailers who deals with original items for sure as I have been buying them for a long time. I need to know if my bottle and box are real or fake because the box code and the bottle code don't match. The box says 62M700 but the bottle says 62M603? Is this normal to have different batches like this or is it a fake?

oud bouqet
oud bouqet

absolue set products are different to the online picture, and different to the package list

The order was placed on 11.02.2019, the bill number is LAC0913071.

On this ABSOLUE SET is only shown as a picture without any description. The picture shows the main product "Silky Cream" including a sample size "Serum" .
After receiving this set, I noticed the main product is SPF 15 cream, same as in the product list on the package. But the Serum is replaced by a oil, which it's not shown in the package list. The oil price is 20% cheaper than the Serum.

If I wouldn't have ordered this set directly from Lancome official site, I definately would think this is a repack or problem product. I contacted customer service and was told to return this set to get a refund.
Considering the fact that this is the only set provided from, this set should be assembled in a workshop.
This series was highly recommended by a friend, so I decided to keep this it.
But I asked the Customer Service for a serum sample for testing as advertised.
The Customer Support agent said the only solution is a return and refund.

I still will keep this set, but I am really unhappy with their solution. If I return this set, for them nothing happened, but my time is wasted and I am left with an unpleasant experience. I thought this set would be a good introduction for me to the series ABSOLUE, it's a pity.

absolue set products are different to the online picture, and different to the package list
absolue set products are different to the online picture, and different to the package list
absolue set products are different to the online picture, and different to the package list
absolue set products are different to the online picture, and different to the package list

bi-facil eye makeup remover


I have bought the Bi-facil eye make up remover before and was very happy with it. Recently i bought a new bottle, and used/opened it 3 days ago. already right after using it, i felt a burning sensation and the next morning around my eyes was very red and dry and wrinkly/dry skin and very tight and painful. That evening i used it again, and it was the same/even worse. My eye skin is now still very tight and actually very wrinkly/dry.
i just want to let you know, because i never had this before with any product and it almost seems like there must be something wrong either with this particular bottle of bi-facil, or the respective batch.. if you like i can send you a picture of the bottle, pls let me know
best regards,
Sophie Kellermann

nutrix 125ml

I purchased a 125 ml tube of Lancome Nutrix in Dublin Airport last November 2018. We spent a month in Spain where the cream seemed fine but on return to Ireland it had separated. I realize temperature change may have a part to play but it never previously affected it.
A squeeze of the tube brings some clear liquid oil interspersed with blobs of cream. The numbers 40R800 appear on the bottom seam of the tube.
I am a Lancome user since my 21st birthday in 1980 when I received some products from my mother who at that time had a beauty salon in Dublin and used only Lancome products.
I use several of your products and always one of your moisturizers. I know them well and have never had this experience before. I did try by vigorous shaking to emulsify the cream again but it gives only temporary satisfaction and will have separated again by the time of next use.
Hopefully you can reassure me that this was a a once off, bad batch or something before I make my next purchase.
Olwen Gill

card enclosed with lancome christmas gift to receive "with our compliments" facial services, etc.

12/17/18 Inside my Christmas present of Renergie Lift products there was a invitation from Lancome entitled "with our Compliments" -- visit your Lancome counter today to receive...

product of crayon khol waterproof eye liner and shaping powdery pencil is keep on break and not even can be sharp

526404 Hi I was purchased a eye brown pencil and eye liner from Lancôme which counter is located and sunway pyramid parkson store in Malaysia. I try to make a call over the counter but...

magie noire

Why did Lancome discontinue making the Original Magie Noire? It is my favorite scent ever!! I have had to resort to spending huge amounts of money, buying it on eBay, and many times it's lost some of its quality over time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring it back in its original formula! I loved the body lotion and cream! Any plans to bring back Magie Noire?


526404 Dear all, Iam a regular customer for lancome products in sephora branches . and I love this brand so much, last time I've bought a "long lasting " lipstick and waterproof mascara...

lancome l'absolu rouge lipstick no. 197

526404 I bought this product from tokiyo airpot on 23rd september 2018. I bought this after seen sample and when i opened product at my home lipstic was totally damaged. This is second...

travel sized perfumes

Was gifted travel sized perfumes by a friend.

Packed the perfumes in their box in my luggage. When I got home 2 of the 5 perfumes were broken and had leaked all over my luggage. Nothing else was broken in the case - only these 2 items. The stoppers in the 2 bottles had completely broken.

How can you design a 'travel' product that you can't travel with anywhere without it breaking?

Items are also ruined in my luggage from the broken perfumes.

travel sized perfumes

hydra zen jelly overnight mask

Hi I use lancome with a few years, its the only product I use on my face, cleanser, cream, foundation, lipstick, etc, so I purchased the new jelly mask last nite, got it yesterday...

defective, renergie night cream 2.5 oz

To whom it may concern,
Re: Defective, Renergie night cream 2.5 oz
I purchased (about six weeks ago) Regergie night cream 2.5 oz. at Boston department store in Milwaukee.
The box had no expiration date. I had no reason to suspect that the cream would be hard and old,
because I've been using Lancome products for over 20 years.
I wanted to return or exchange the product, but unfortunately, the department store closed for ever.
I am very disappointed! I'm hoping that Lancome will take the responsibility and make a rule that none of their old products should be allowed on shelves anywhere.
Please provide me with an address to send back the "damaged cream" for an exchange of a new one, or compensation.
Thank you,
Chedva Federman
2515 W. Michael Dr.
Glendale WI 53209

rouge in love lipstick

I've used this product for many years without issue. However this lipstick I have is unusable as it is so soft and is a sticky mess. It comes out in clumps in my lips and is basically a mess. As said, I've never had an issue with the product in the past so was quite upset when I went back to Boots in Newcastle they wouldn't replace it as I didn't have a receipt, but to be honest why would I need to keep a receipt for a lipstick which is a non returnable item! I was told I had to contact yourselves

rouge in love lipstick

ridiculous customer online customer service

I have been a Lancome customer for more than 20 years but have had enough!
Since I've had to go on Disability several years ago I've had to resort to doing 98% of my purchasing online.
I have placed 4 Lancome orders since July 31, 2018 and 3 of them had a problem!
The one placed on 7/31/18 was during a 15% off promo. I not only did not receive the discount, I was sent a double order! When I called Lancome and spoke to one of your agents, she assured me that she had issued me the 15% discount and sent me a pre-paid return label.
It is now 9/3/18 and I have yet to receive the discount nor the prepaid shipping label. I made 3 calls after my initial call in an attempt to have that shipping label emailed to me. And yes, I have been checking my spam folders!
Now I have items from 3 orders to send back and am still waiting for the shipping label AND my 15% credit that is owed to me!
It is obvious that your website has issues and your customer service needs major attention.
I have NEVER gone through this amount of trouble with any other retail website EVER!
My days with Lancome are over.

Cathy Buschur

trevor la unit eau dr parfum 75 ml

I purchased the above bottle of perfume from a store whilst on holiday in Benidorm, the bottle has been placed on my dressing table for the past several weeks with no problems but...

customer service

Hi I'm writing a complaint regarding lack of service at the Lancome counter on numeral occasions in Westfield derby centre ..I went in for the third time to buy Lancome foundation...

Lancome Department John Lewis Norwich — lancome foundation

Hello, I would like to let you know about the poor customer service in Lancome department in John Lewis On Sunday22/7 2018 I went to your store in Norwich and made a purchase in...

grandiose liner

526404 Dear Sir /madam, Yesterday I purchased Lancome eyeliner(black, smudge free, Matt finish) costing Rs 3200 from duty free shop at Mumbai international airport. The lady handed over...

empty foundation sample

526404 The sales guy at Lancôme in debenhams dubai mall (united arab emirates) said that he will give me 30ml of foundation when buying a perfume. He gave me 3 empty bottles of 10 ml...

renergie lift multi action day & night cream moisturizer

I purchase these creams as a set in December 2017. I started to use in January 2018. I used them together for about 2 weeks. My face became itchy I turned red along my jaw line, around my eyes & my eyes became swollen. I went to the doctor & my doctor put me on a steroid. I thought that because of the time of year & my skin was dry i was having a reaction. So i stopped using the creams. So now it's July & I thought I would try the creams again but Yet again I am having a reaction. I'm so disappointed because I really like Lancôme products especially the mascaras. Now I'm out $120 because I can't use the creams.

online purchases


I have already spent hours on the phone with your company. I signed up for auto refill of my foundation only to have my account hacked. over 100 dollars of charges were made on my card. I called in to place an order and my card was declined for my own order (I checked and the card was fine) but that is when I noticed numerous charges for items shipped to an address in Texas! These were not mine and the work of a hacker. I spoke with an associate and she said that they would research the issue. Meanwhile I tried to order my foundation. She took the order but either forgot to submit it or it was declined because my account was under review. Basically your policy seems to be that only the hacker can make purchases, I cannot! So the associate never even contacted me and I did not get the foundation. Finally I have to pay full prices at Lord and Taylor and no one is even trying to recover the $100.00 that was stolen. I am outraged - your customer service is horrible!

free gift not available and I have been sold a gift item at full price

I visited Debenhams earlier today and purchase a new foundation, Teint Miracle. The assistant encouraged me to purchase a primer, to use with my foundation, which I did. I wa...


526404 I am here to say that i am completely disappointed and irritated with Lancome. My first purchase i Just fall in love with foundation When i made the second purchase the color wa...

hypnose waterproof mascara

I purchased a 3 pack of regular sized mascara last July from an airport in Rome. I opened one recently and it was completely dried out. I did not want to open the other two until I spoke with headquarters. I was informed that since I bought them over a year ago ( but they were never opened), and I had no sales receipt that they could only reimburse me for the retail price of one. So, lesson learned. NEVER BUY THEIR PRODUCTS AT AN AIRPORT - and switch to a company that stands by their products no matter what. I have used mascaras that were over a year old and they were not in this condition. They must have been sitting in that airport for years! I offered to send them all back to them, but they said they were a corporate office and couldn't accept them. No more Hypnose for me. You have lost a customer of over 45 years over this.

lancôme mascara

Dear Sirs,
I purchased a mascara recently, shown below, whilst in Switzerland. I bought it on a whim because, if I'm honest, I was attracted by the design of the lid! It's not my usual brand. After a couple of uses I liked it and thought to myself that I would definitely switch to this one. However, I travel a lot. Quite quickly the strangest thing started to happen. First of all I had mascara each time in my makeup bag . The mascara expands exponentially! First few times it settled down and was useable but now it doesn't. It stays like a viscous foam on the brush. Clearly I've used hardly any of this mascara, there's loads left but it's unusable. I'm rather disappointed. It hasn't been subjected to any extremes of temperature, any extremes of treatment at all. It's a well known brand and not inexpensive!

lancôme mascara
lancôme mascara
lancôme mascara