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BH Cosmetics Complaints & Reviews

BH Cosmetics / wrong address! (hong kong customer)

Mar 02, 2019

I just use the tracking number for track this order today and the status is returned item left for place of origin!!! I called the local post office to find out whats happening today and they said the address is wrong! I have really no idea that what the hell is going on for your service!...

BH Cosmetics / they didn't type the correct address when sending the products

Jan 23, 2019

It is extremely bad to shop bh cosmetics. I ordered it and it needed to ship internationally. I shocked when I saw that the post status is "incorrect address and going to send back to the sender." I called the post office and they told me that the building name an street name was missed so...

BH Cosmetics / eyeshadow palette

Oct 09, 2018

I wish there was a zero star review button 🙄 I am so upset with Bh Cosmetics!! I had ordered a bunch of stuff from their website such as, eyeshadow, loose foiled glitter pigments, foundation, conclear, pro makeup remover, and a marble case to hold my brushes in. When i first opened the box...

BH Cosmetics / scam

May 06, 2018

my order number was 105106466. I told the company to give me back my pament as they did not process my order for 20 days. They told me my order is canceles and i'll get refund within 2-7 working days. It has been more then 10 days and i still did not get anything No order and no money. I...

BH Cosmetics / carli bybel makeup palette

Apr 04, 2018

I have just received my carli bybel deluxe eyeshadow palette this morning. I am extremely angry about the state of the palette most of the eyeshadows were smashed to bits. I would like a full refund and also another palette sent out. This makeup palette was bought to be sent out to my...

BH Cosmetics / bh cosmetics overcharging me

Feb 26, 2018

I have been contacting bh cosmetics via email several times to solve my issue. But i had no response from them in a while now. Considering i had emailed them a lot. i have made some orders through bh cosmetics (order number 104977322) My total came to $25, 47 and since i am located in...

BH Cosmetics / half of my order missing

Feb 22, 2018

My order # is 104977692 I made a purchase through your online site several days ago that consisted of about 16 items and only 9 of those items shipped. I was told I would receive a refund. However I'm extremely concerned of the fact that when I made my order, ALL of the items added to my cart...

BH Cosmetics / brushes not delivered

Jan 04, 2018

Bh 7200-001 po number 104835695 for olivia guardala order received today short of the brushes that have been paid for!! Not happy please let me know when to expect brushes or I would expect a refund asap this is very bad service not happy at all I would like an explanation and my contact...

BH Cosmetics / neutral eyes 28 color eyeshadow palette

Dec 26, 2017

I purchased a few items as Christmas presents on December 14. I was eager to receive my package, I was constantly checking for tracking updates. I'm extremely disappointed there was never any updates in tracking history. What's the point of tracking if there is never any updates? Finally...

BH Cosmetics / eyeshadow palette/ brush sets/etc

Dec 22, 2017

I order my items on November 28! They were super fast to withdraw the money from my account yet I haven't received my package and it's December 22... I've tried to contact them through email but no answer from them, I've called and they're always closed, at a point I waited a whole hour on...

BH Cosmetics / more than a month and no news

Dec 19, 2017

I ordered a brush set and a palette on november 15, its december 19 and its not here yet. I got a confirmation email a few days after i ordered and another few days after i got another email saying that shipping is slow because of the holidays and i would get an extra product in my...

BH Cosmetics / the worst company ever.

Dec 19, 2017

I ordered from this company well before the holiday i'm talking the beginning of november. Did not get my package until the end of november, exactly 3 weeks. Although they took my money immediately. Said they were going to include a gift in my package because they were so late. Opened my...

BH Cosmetics / my order took 2 weeks to ship & customer service is horrible

Dec 11, 2017

I ordered a set of brushes and 2 other items. They took the money out of my account instantly and took 2 weeks to ship my package. After the first week of placing my order I emailed their customer service departme to ask for a refund since the package had not been shipped yet. They...

BH Cosmetics / product and service

Dec 01, 2017

I recently (well not so recently) order a few items from the bh cosmetics website. I am very upset to say that my products have not come in yet nor have they provided me with an eta or shipping conformation. The money has been takin out of the account but seeing as i ordered my products on...

BH Cosmetics / so disappointed

Nov 15, 2017

I. Am. Terribly. Tired. Of. Dealing. With. Them. I am sorry for typing like that, I just wanted to show that I am exhausted. My order isn't big, I ordered one small Studio Pro Ultimate Brow Palette at the beginning of September and paid for an express delivery. It never arrived. Frankly, I...

BH Cosmetics / take me back to brazil palette

Oct 23, 2017

Hi, my name is Ayla Medina I recently ordered from you guys and usually I have no issue with your products. This time I'm not impressed. I ordered a palette and 3 brushes I did not receive one of my brushes and my palette looks used there are finger prints all over the pressed colors and...

BH Cosmetics / always cancel the international order

Oct 11, 2017

I ordered 2 times in BH cosmetics and they canceled all my order because they said that they can’t provide the stuff because of the third company and I still see all the stuff I want to order still available on website. I tried to email to every mail they have and no one answered me. I’m so...

BH Cosmetics / my package has not came, and i’ve tried tracking it and it says “not found”

Oct 07, 2017

So I made an order on Sep.29 and it’s Oct. 07 and I tried not to get worried, But then I did because they said it takes “ 8 days “ and it’s been 9 days and still no package, I”be tried tracking it and it tells me “Not found “, it’s a waste of time, never buying from here, They play you . Don”t waste your money . So many emails, no response..

BH Cosmetics / never again

Oct 02, 2017

I know they have some issues with delivery time. it always takes too long, but when I ordered for the last time (it actually was the last time I ordered something from them), it took forever to deliver. I mean my items never arrived. What the heck is that? I asked them to see if there'...

BH Cosmetics / damaged package : (

Aug 15, 2017

Order #0104219944 Placed on 08/05/2017 I received my package today, and sadly it came damaged. Product: BH-1000-007 : 88 Shimmer - eighty-eight color eyeshadow palette. The box was smashed, and the package itself was covered in broken eyeshadow. I opened it to see the damage, and sadly...

BH Cosmetics / shipping is very slow

May 10, 2017

Ordered some products from BH Cosmetics and it is now over 6 weeks and still no sing of my order. When I contacted BH Cosmetics support their rep said that my order was shipped and asked me to wait a bit longer. How much longer do I have to wait? The worst thing is that their support...

BH Cosmetics / terrible support service

Mar 15, 2017

BH Cosmetics is the worst seller ever! I bought many things from them and half of my order was damaged due to poor packaging. I contacted their customer service team and they said that was not their responsibility. Their rep wasn't nice and was quite pushy, he said that if I was not...

BH Cosmetics / wrong color

Jan 09, 2017

I have purchased a foundation from BH Cosmetics and received the wrong color one! It was way too dark for my skin. I contacted BH Cosmetics and told them about what happened and all they said was sorry. My bad that I did not check the bottle when it arrived, I opened it and tried it on and...

BH Cosmetics / create online shipping label but don't ship!!

Nov 08, 2016

They are a scam!!! I ordered more than a week ago from Australia and they sent me a tracking number 2 days later. However til now, USPS has not received the package, so apparently they just make an online shipping label to get the tracking number and tell us that our package is shipped...

BH Cosmetics / bad experience

Aug 17, 2016

I've purchased an eye shadow palette from This was my first time ordering from this site. I decided to buy something because I saw a lot of positive reviews, but unfortunately my experience wasn't so great. My palette arrived completely broken! Eye shadows were damaged a...

BH Cosmetics / product is coming so late/never came

Aug 09, 2016

So I ordered my package on Wednesday, and today is the following Wednesday, ALMOST PAST the 2-6 business, mark and my package STILL has not arrived. BH cosmetics promises prompt shipping, but this is in no way prompt. I hope that I am not one of the people who just got scammed by paying...

BH Cosmetics / never shop from there if you are in the uk/europe!

Sep 15, 2015

Its been over two weeks, a fake UPS tracking number, no answer to three of my emails and now I had to open a Paypal dispute to claim my money back.. still waiting. I have lost over 100USD and I paid over 20USD on shipping. I have called UPS with the number BH cosmetics gave me and they...

BHCosmetics / scam


Scam scam scam They charged my credit card, sent me an email confirmation with a tracking number that doesn't work at all. I have been calling for over 7 days & left several messages. No one answers the phone & all calls go into vm. I have sent 5 e-mail to &...

BH Cosmetics / rip off and fake


Bh cosmetics is a fake website cashing in on peoples credit cards and not sending in the products they are stealing and nedd to be stop i suggest anyone a victim of this crime complain to the fbi internet police. There are a number of complaints and they even are frauding through up...

BH Cosmetics Scam! / charged never received order


This company is a scam! They processed my child's visa gift card, e-mailed her a phony tracking number that was never active.I then actually spoke to a supposed employee on Christmas Eve after the item never arrived and was told it was sold out, the website stated that(it does not...

BH Cosmetics / have not recieved product


Hello, Ive ordered to products and have not recieved anything the charged my card immediately and have no info on where my order is. If any one can help me out on how I can get my money back I will gladly apperiacte it.

BH Cosmetics / scam


They are a scam for the person that pays and never receives their product, so please don't add an insult to me by saying they aren't .You are fortunate that's all and since they have countless complaints filed against them(mine included) with the government entity that...