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Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] store management

Sally Beauty Supply In Batesville Ar is under very poor management. I am a salon owner and have been in the store several times recently and could not complete my purchase and had to leave the store. The computer is always down or just won't take my discount pro card. Tonight the whole register locked up after my large order was rang up and I had to leave it.
The store is under new management and can't keep employees and new employees are often left alone in the store and have no idea what they are doing. The store is also very poorly stocked.
I have had to leave the store several times and drive 40 miles to Searcy to their Sally store.

  • Updated by Tinak2 · Feb 02, 2020

    They are not my competition. I'm a small country salon owner and I buy my supplies from them. You are very confused.

  • Resolution Statement

    Please allow me to withdraw my complaint. I will be speaking with management tomorrow.

customer service

On Monday, January 20, 2019 around 545pm, I entered into the local Sally's. I was on the hunt for 3 Different items. When I first opened the door someone yelled "welcome...

karol the manager

My daughter worked there and had to quit along with two others. The manager was very rude and unprofessional and even made a video about them calling them f* idiots and put it on...


Manager treats employees extremely rude and unfairly. As I walked past the back room, I could hear the manager yelling at 2 of her employees and cussing at them. The manager...

unprofessional manager

I bought a foot file from the store and wanted to exchange it because it fell apart after the first use. I brought it in and told them I didn't have a receipt but I had just...


On Wednesday (11-6-19) I went into Sally to get a few items that I needed. As I walked past the "employee room" I could smell marijuana. There were two employees working and I...


3986 Me and my family went in to have a good night dying our hair and got accused of stealing a hair brush and had the cops called on us and were told to leave. No one stole anything...


3986 I can provide imagines of the incomplete nail polish visuals. The associate instead of giving me an alternative option to test out polish she said for me to buy them try them on...


Sally beauty supply in old bridge nj the manager Amy is very rude poor people skills they need to find new mangement. The place sucks and I will never bring my business there again. I was in the area and I stopped there to look for some items that my hairdresser suggested but I'm very disappointed I honestly don't know if I would give another of these stores my business after this

management's refusal against my medical condition I was born with.

3986 In the past I have some issues while pregnant going to Sally's in Bellevue / crossroads. I explained to them at that time I was pregnant in a type 1 diabetic high risk pregnancy...

store manager awful customer service

I already did one complaint, but I guess it disappeared! I recently visited Sally's in search of a flat iron and more beauty needs! Upon entering I was greeted in a not so...

employee service

Young girl with long red hair. Gave me a dirty look as soon as I entered the store. Then walked around to everyone to help them but ignoring me. Stood around quite a while to get...

customer service

I purchased a Chi Lava flat iron and Chi Lava curler this past weekend online. The current promotion is buy a flat iron and receive a curling iron for free. I put both items in my bag and checked out.
A confirmation email was sent to me on Saturday for my order. I was very excited and have been checking my order status for the last few days awaiting a shipping date.
Today I open my email to see that customer service has cancelled my order with no explanation as to why.
I called customer service to ask what had happened and they let me know that they had run out of the flat iron and, therefore, could not ship my curler either because it was the free item.
I asked the lady with customer service if they could please put me on a wait list so that I can get the items once they were restocked. She said no. What?! I do not understand that. Surely Sally's would want me to spend my money with their company versus one of their competitors. Correct?
I am very taken aback by the lack of communication and unprofessionalism from Sally Beauty customer service. Someone should have reach out to let me know why they decided to cancel my order.
Secondly, if the item was sold out or unavailable, I should not have been able to purchase the items at all.
I have loved Sally Beauty for many years and have never had a bad experience. This is very upsetting to me.

store entrance

I live in Reading PA and there is a Sally beauty supply store on 5th Street highway this store pisses me off cause I'm a frequent customer of Sally and this store is not I repeat is not handicapped /disabled friendly this store has a stand right at the entrance that prohibits any handicapped person from entering with a motorized scooter please look into this matter I'm sick and tired ok having to find a sale person to move this stand the ppl in Sally at this store have a attitude Everytime I visit this store that table should not be right there at the entrance prohibiting handicapped people as myself to enter why must that table be there ? It's already a small store please again I ask to look into this matter thank you

associate accused me of stealing

I was shopping at your Howe Ave location on 7/27/19 when one of your very rude sales associates accused me of shop lifting. I had responded to a text from my daughter & put my...

employee tye

We live in Chula Vista, CA. My wife shops at your story located in the Eastlake area. There is an employee by the name of Tye. Every time we go to the store she is very unprofessional. She never greets us, and on the last time we went to the store she was very rude towards my wife. We have noticed that she greets other customers yet she is very cold and rude towards Hispanics. My wife chose what she needed to purchase and she was going to pay with a $100 bill. Tye told my wife that she had no change and she asked her to walk over to the Vons store in the same strip mall in order to get change. By this comment, my wife was upset and asked to speak with the manager. The manager was able to open a cashier and gave my wife change for the $100 bill. Tye has always shown a distant, disconnected, cold and uncaring attitude during all the times that we have walked into the store. She should realize that we are not there to socialize nor to make new friends with her because we are only there to purchase the beauty product that my wife requires. Your employee should realize that it is the name of the company that she represents and by not giving us the professional assistance, it is your whole company that is looking bad. Your employee is receiving a salary from your company and it's not doing community service hours. We know that she must have been properly trained in the customer service field yet she is lagging friendliness customer care and basically the inability to properly greet and treat those who are shopping in the store. Her facial demeanor is of a person who is not happy working there who perhaps does not feel satisfied by what she is doing in her role and clearly she makes us customers feel asked if we were bothering her or upsetting her by our presence in the store. Maybe she should not be placed in the front of the store where there is customer interaction. Maybe she should be working in another area of the store like in the back where she only opens boxes and has no interaction with other human beings. The sad part is that she has treated us this way for the last 5 years now, as with other former employees there. My wife and I and other neighbors who are Hispanic has stopped shopping at that particular store due to the poor service that we receive. My wife and I have begun shopping at another store. Please have this employee take training regarding Hispanic and other ethnic group customers. It is sad that she is unable to treat us with dignity and respect. We were her clients and we never asked for anything free. All the time we paid cash for the products purchased. I hope that you realize that many companies go broke when inefficient and unprofessional employees stop treating customers with respect. Once the customer feels that she is not treated with respect, the customer stops shopping at that particular store. Then the store begins to lose revenue and eventually that specific store will close. And if one store closes and another store closes then your company is basically in bankruptcy and disappears. do not allow this to happen because you carry very good beauty supply things in your store and you are losing clients do to your bad employees. My wife and I prefer to drive 10 miles to the other store than to go back to this specific store in our neighborhood. Thank you very much and I hope that things will change for the better. Nicolas and Veronica Maldonado.

sales clerk

[protected] Store # 497. I've shopped at this particular store for several years now. On this day, I walked in and the sales clerks greeted me and also started giggling, for what reason I do not know. I knew what wanted so I went straight to the shelf to browse a couple of items, meanwhile I'm being watched. So once I gathered my items I decided to go down another aisle to browse just to see what will happen. Well she stood watching me again acting like she's not. I felt very uncomfortable so I just paid for my things and left. 1st time happening and I want to address this. Just because my hair wasn't done and I was not dolled up like normal, don't symbolize me as a thief. You know nothing about me. Treat me with the best customer service you have. Please talk with your sales clerks.

  • Ac
    Accused thief Jul 29, 2019

    I was shopping at the Howe Ave location in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio on 7/27/19. I was being watched like I was some kind of criminal. While shopping, I responded to a text from my daughter and put my phone back in my purse. At that point, a sales rep came over & accused me of stealing. I was horrified & embarrassed to say the least! Every time I tried to show her inside my purse, she refused to look saying she was not allowed. I told her, several times, that I was only putting my phone back in my purse. She continued to state that she "saw me place an item in my bag through the mirror". I was (and still am) extremely upset about this whole incident. I have been shopping here for years & I have been watched while shopping there before. But I have never been accused of stealing. I have sent 2 emails to the customer service line with no response yet. Hey Sally's, if you are going to accuse your customers of crimes, you better have the evidence to prove it. That employee should be terminated. I cussed her out talked to the Manager (who was hiding in her office the whole time) and left. This is not over!

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unethical behavior

[protected] company #3367 I'm complaining about the Service there the lady was very rude to myself and others asked her about her color told me that I needed to wait because...

help with work supplies

I Chelsee Snyder requested help for work tools down at my local Office Of Vocational Rehabilitation and was approved and the Sally's store that they went through is North Hermitage Rd, Hermitage Pa I chelsee have recieved my approval and balance amount paper the store is stating they have not recieved it their is no personal manager email for the financial director to send it. I emailed a copy of mine she was waiting on her district manager to get back to her IT HAS BEEN ALMOST 2 WEEKS AND STILL NOTHING! I NEED MY TOOLS FOR WORK PLEASE HELP ME!!


amelia henry

This woman is the manager of the sally beauty in Athol, Mass. I was informed by a worker that she has lied about me to her employees stating that I have stolen from the store...

store manager in athol ma (amelia henry)

The store manager in Athol is rude and gossips like she is still in high school. She talks about customers and even spread slanderous rumors about my sister being a shoplifter! The unprofessionalism of this woman and the fact that she lied and said she saw my sister steal things from another store is disgusting. Her behavior is unacceptable on a daily basis and her employees have to apologize for her on her behalf. So much poor leadership and lack of integrity in one person.

  • Th
    TheManager Jun 03, 2019

    Tell your “sister” to stop stealing. Lmao

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  • SubSquirrel Jun 04, 2019

    You and your sister posted the same thing. The manager is an Athol errr asshole . She must have a reason for saying this about your sister.

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  • As
    AshBashhh Jun 23, 2019

    I work here & she’s completely right with her statement. The customer she’s referring to is one of our loyal customers & is usually in and out. The manager here is pretty clueless in most situations..

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sales clerk

I have shopped at sally's since the store opened and felt it was one of the best sally's I don't know what has happened in the last few months but it is not for the good. My Last three times in sally's the sales clerk Stormie has been setting behind register reading a book doesn't even ask me if I need help, the one time she did help me she said she had to answer her phone and walked away. I love shopping at sally's but feel I have to go somewhere else. You will not have a store long if you let this continue.

titanium pro curling iron damaged my hair

I've been using heated hair products for many years and never have I had such a reaction or devastating result as I did from the above mentioned product. I can prove the condition of my hair prior via extensive photos before and after. The thing changed the molecular structure of my hair and broke it off in two uses. I returned it, have documentation etc. The sales clerk insulted me, blaming my not using heat styling products with the curling iron. 1. It does not state that heat styling products are required for using this product. 2. I have heat styling products. I HAD GORGEOUS HAIR. Now, I have a wirey, confused mullet. I haven't made claim of these tragic events of my mane, due to the sheer annoyance of having to put up with some ridiculous dismissal of my claim, excuses, and unsatisfactory results. I'll be spending my time and resources to WARN ANYONE AND EVERYONE that you can't trust the safety of your hair with your company or it's styling products, aka Ion, finishing solutions. I've included a after, and several before photos. I have to wear a hat everywhere I go practically.

titanium pro curling iron damaged my hair
titanium pro curling iron damaged my hair
titanium pro curling iron damaged my hair
titanium pro curling iron damaged my hair
titanium pro curling iron damaged my hair
titanium pro curling iron damaged my hair

employee behavior

I went to Sally's last night and arrived at the door of Sally's at 8.54pm. As I was walking up to the door the employee was locking it and walked away. I knocked on the door and...

horrible customer service, unethical behaviour

To whom it may concern: Hello, I don't normally feel compelled enough to make a complaint.. However I'm unable to ignore how I was treated at one of your locations lastnightt...

hired someone with a criminal record.

I was there in Worcester Mass training as a manager for another store. I found out one of her employees just got out of jail. She told me no one knew and she hired her knowing...

service - racism

On Friday 1.25.19 my husband dropped me off at the front of Sally's less than a mile from my house. I am a recent survivor of an attempted murder attack and as such have issue...

overall store management and millennium management attitude

I worked at the Viera store in Melbourne Florida or store #3999 to those in the know. The job and fellow beauty advisors were great to work with. However the manager Stephanie i...

poor customer service

Today I went to the Sally's store in Allentown on Mill Creek RD. My daughter and I were the only ones in the store. No one asked if they could help us find anything. Once we got...

complaint against tonya, store representative at store 3727, vicksburg, mississippi

Sunday, December 9, 2018 at approximately 3:15 - 3:30 pm Tonya, the attendant and Denise is her supervisor. My wife and I came in to buy to hair rinse, texturized, color and hot...

employee knowledge

I usually purchase hair products from Sally's. Usually a good experience. However, on my most recent visit to the store located in North Brunswick, NJ I was very dissatisfied. I...

sally’s store in morehead nc 5136 us-70 suite g

Hey I was at the Sally's yesterday doing a delivery and the employee who goes by the name of Spirit made it very clear she didn't like my presence and waited the other delivery...

unethical regional manager & employee

Recently one of the best supervisors I've ever had the chance to work with was terminated because the Regional Manager Jake Bell believed Tracy Richardson from the Maize, Ks store...

brentwood towne square 15227

I was in the Brentwood Towne Square Sally Beauty location yesterday 10/2/2018 at approximately 5:30pm. I was the only customer in the store and waited in line for approximately 10...

customer service

I have received such awful customer service at the Victoria, Tx store. The one in particular I'm speaking of is Catarina Rene Rodriguez. She is very VERY unprofessional. Very rude...


Ive come into the store a few times in the last week or so, theyve got a new hire who is doing everything she can, and this last visit may be my last. Usually the new girl i...


Employee's have no idea what they are doing. They do not know anything about the products or how to correctly use it. Hilo is a small town and I have heard from many people about...

poor customer service

This is for the store in Austin Texas on Anderson Lane. Actually all your Austin stores. My family and I have never had a good experience in any of your store. Alway...

manager of live oak fl store

To whom it may concern, my name is shantia evans, im a licensed cosmetologist that shops regularly at your store. I normally have a pleasant time shopping there at the store in live oak, but today made me question if I want to spend anymore of my money there or not. My visit today at store 2502 was a surprisingly unpleasant. Witnessed the manager heather speaking unprofessionally, disrespectful and down right unacceptable to an employee in the backroom. The door was closed and the level of her voice was so loud I could hear clearly the words she was saying to her, she was scolding her. As a manager she should never talk in such a manner to her employees. Im sure the employee felt degraded. Having held a managers position, I well know how a corrective action should be held and that one was ultimately improper! Also very upsetting to hear. She will not only run her customers away but also her employees. Maybe she needs more training. Something should be done because she starting to affect business. Self control is something she needs to work on especially being a manager. If she would do her employees that way she could very well treat a customer the same. Golden rule should be displayed in all circumstances, today she didnt display that. Very disappointed in her actions.

customer service from a so called manager named “erin” at 1836 e. ridge pike #112 royersford, pa. 19468 store!

I have been a stylist for almost 30 years, had always been a customer of the chain store, but was told I needed an email, my liscence, my Sally card and possibly blood from your...