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Complaints & Reviews

jontue cologne spray

I purchased Jontue Cologne spray off of Wal-Mart website. I have been buying Jontue for 20 years but this bottle smells like White Shoulders perfume and the color of the product is darkers also. Was there an error in packaging at one time? I will look for a different place to purchase my Jontue because I really love the product.

Sue Callies e-mail : [protected]

mitchum roll on flower fresh deodorant for women

I have purchased the flower fresh roll on mitchum deodorant from asda spondon, when I went to use it I shook it lightly to coat the ball before using. When I opened the deodorant it exploded everywhere on my floor, bed, shelves and my clothes/me. When I looked inside the ball component was missing and is unusable. The deodorant liquid had stained my carpet and i'm now without the money or a deodorant to use. I have told the asda store and they have told me to complain to the manufacturer.

mitchum roll on flower fresh deodorant for women
mitchum roll on flower fresh deodorant for women
mitchum roll on flower fresh deodorant for women
mitchum roll on flower fresh deodorant for women
mitchum roll on flower fresh deodorant for women

hair color

I have been using revlon hair color for the last several months on and off and have received the same affects every time. My head itches constantly and the back of my ears get all scabby and itch, too. Don't know what's in there that causes all these irritations, but I will never use your product again, not ever! I am tired of being in so mulch pain after using your product.
I will never recommend your product to anyone.

revlon eyeliner 216 beige - hyper precise microliner

I recently purchased the above product at CVS Boston, Hanover St on Thursday, January 23, 2020.

The first issue is that the pencil would not stay retracted. Each time i pressed the pencil on my lid, it would retract.. it wouldn't stay in place.

I pressed the pencil on my eye and the pencil tip broke off, right near my lid. Luckily it dropped down my face--but it could have gotten lodged in my eye.

I would like my money back pleasel

revolt one step hairdryer

Recently purchased this item and am very pleased with the results it gives me, my only suggestions would be if you could make the end where you grab it a little longer to keep your hand away from the barrel and a textured coating on the end so it's not so slippery when your turning it especially if your hands are so clean after a shower they just can't grip as well. Also as a woman the area where you grab below the barrel is a little large for small hands. Otherwise, thanks for a great product.


38969 I brought a Revlon Colorsilk shampoo... says it won't colour your hair on the bottle. I used it yesterday and it has Turnt my hair blue. My hair is originally blonde and now it...

photoready rose glow hydrating + illuminating primer 1 fl. oz

Hello. After seeing very good reviews, I purchased Photoready Rose Glow Hydrating + illuminating Primer (1 fl. oz) yesterday. The instructions say to "Place a few drops into...

revlon hair blower

38969 I spent $40 on a Revlon hair blower and the on and off switch in on the hair blower is on the inside palm hand of the handle so every time I'm blow drying my hair I turn the...

revlon one step hair style dryer

Hi, I live in UAE and have purchased the product - Revlon one step hair style dryer from Amazon US. The dryer is not working now, it worked once after the purchase and now it does not start. I would like to know the service center for Revlon to repair the product in UAE.
Please provide appropriate information to fix the problem so that I can start using the Revlon one step dryer.


revlon photoready perfecting primer - packaging fault

I love this product but the container is in my view faulty. You are unable to use all of the product and the pump mechanism does not access all of the product. If you could screw off the top it would be okay but you cant.
I thought that this may just be a one off the item I purchased but now I am into my third lot and experiencing the same issue.
I would estimate I am loosing around 1/6 of the product each purchase

after sale services are pathetic

Sir/mam I am a retailer in north delhi pitampura with name Master Of Cosmetics situated in harshVihar pitampura delhi-110034. I purchased an order of rs [protected] in last june...

this complaint is regarding your branch in india, kerala, cochi lulu mall

The staff working in Revlon counter in lulu mall Cochin, Kerala named Ananthu Sudhakar is violating the customer rules he is sexually verbally abusing his customers in Revlon . Kindly take immediate action . He is not even professionally trained to be in the cosmetic section. He works full day in the counter due to which regular customers including me refrain from purchasing from Revlon. This is really bad experience. Please throw him away from the job. Enclosing the address of your respective branch where the action has to be taken.

Lulu mall, cochi
Kerala, India
Expecting immediate and severe action.

  • Updated by Miya7777 · Jul 04, 2019

    Expecting immediate action

discontinued items

Revlon Matte Balm lipstick #225 (Sultry) was a perfect lip color and consistency for me. I have used it for a few years, replacing my more expensive Clinique lipstick. But, now have found it to be discontinued. What has replaced it? I have bought and thrown away two other colors that appeared close to it, but were far too bright. I need exactly this color (#225).

Please advise. I am very frustrated with cosmetic companies discontinuing successful items for the sake of novelty.

mens series 2-in-1 hand and feet clipper

I had submitted a complaint concerning the above mentioned nail clippers. I was only expecting a reply about the handles falling off and the pins falling out, but you went above and beyond by sending me replacement clippers. The new ones were smaller than the type that I had purchased, but will suffice. I have THICK nails as a result of my mother being a sasquatch and my father a yeti, but I can force these suckers over the nail. I wish to send a special thanks to Kimberly Horton (Senior Consumer Information Representative) for the expeditious replacement. I guess that this is no longer a complaint, but a follow up to a question/complaint. Once again, thank you.

hair dryer, revlon 1875

I purchased the revlon 1875 to have on hand when my old hair dryer gave it up. That happened about a month ago. The last couple of times I used the unit, the coil lit up and it smoked when I turned it off. I am not comfortable using this unit any longer. I have only used it about a dozen times. There is no hair build up in it and it has not been dropped. I am attaching photos so that you can see that it is new and clean. I am very dissappointed.

hair dryer, revlon 1875
hair dryer, revlon 1875
hair dryer, revlon 1875

gel envy nail polish

This is an awesome product and I loved the colors when I could get them. Now all the stores I used to get them at- grocery stores, pharmacy's, etc, don't carry them or only carry a couple colors. It's so disappointing. It was a phenomenal product. Will it ever come back with all the colors and even more colors available? It was a great product and priced well.

colorstay lipstick

I had been using this colorstay for awhile when suddenly, my new one (i'm going back 2 years now) left my lower lip with a blister that eventually became a blood blister and a discolored lip. It is in the spot on my lip that I always start the application of a lipstain/lipstick/gel. I did research then about it, and a lot of people said you changed the formula. I cant seem to find anything online about it now but i'm having major issues with my lower lip now. It is permantly discolored and becomes inflamed and bleeds almost every other day. When it does bleed, it is ALOT of blood that cannot be stopped right away. Now, I am concerned. Do you or have you had others with this issue?
Please get back to me
Thank you

mitchum men roll on antiperspirant unscented

I am 64 years old and have been using this product for literally decades. During the last 2 to 3 years I have been very disappointed in the rolling ball not rolling. I have had at least a dozen of them not rolling at all. I opened a new one today and here we go again. I should not have to roll the ball with my fingers just to get product out. After all the frustration I am considering trying something different

raglan colorsilk beautiful color new look ammonia free 3-

38969 A problem that I'm having I explained it to a representative Mary E Mitchell seniors claims representative /003551388C I just To bring to your attention that .. June 04, 2019...

product : revlon new candid antioxidant concealer “040

Beige. My complaint . I always use Revlon base. And changed over to the new arrival base. Anti-pollutant. 22ml. Colour no 240. I was and still am happy with that. But I do have skin issues so I also bought the antioxidant concealer. Photoready.
Colour medium 040. I am always a medium in base. To my absolute horror it tinged orange. What a disappointment. How can a medium be "orange". I am a struggling lady. Of course I tried to return it with no luck. So I look at it everyday to remind me not to make that mistake again. I am now concerned to buy another one. I am hoping I can return it to Revlon direct and be given a voucher to buy another one. A colour that you could recommend would suit me.
Na-Anna Bakker

product : revlon new candid antioxidant concealer “040

foundation causing rash

About a week ago, I purchased one of your foundations, but after using it for a few days I found it gave me a rough, dry, bumpy rash all over my chin, which then spread to my lip and cheek area. I am sure that it was the foundation that caused it because I really only use the product on my chin, and that's the only place where the rash appeared. My skin has never done something like this before, so I'm convinced it has something to do with your product, "Revlon Colorstay 24-hour wear" for combination/oily skin. (the product is in the shade 110 and has an SPF 15). If possible, I would like a refund for this product, as I am no longer able to use it. If not, it's completely fine- I just wanted to let you know that your product causes rashes like this.
Thank you for your time

charlie original cologne spray

I have used Charlie Cologne Original spray since it first came out in 1973. Only cologne I use! Have never had a problem until now. Purchased a big bottle, 3.5 fl. oz., and have...

pink happiness crush on you

This is now the 5th time that I've bought this product where the nozzles is broken and every time I spray it the deodarant is running down my hand and does not spray out of the nozzle like it should be. This is unacceptable because deodarant is expensive. Please look into this matter. The code on the tin is S18X11A can't make out the rest. See attached photos

pink happiness crush on you
pink happiness crush on you

2 in 1 angled kajol eyeliner

38969 I sent photos but they will not upload. I have brand new ones that fall right out of the applicator when you take the cap off coal tip. I love you! I love your products! But half...

revlon perfect heat® fast dry travel styler

Revlon Perfect Heat® Fast Dry Travel Styler
Model RVDR5005F
UPC [protected] 3

Dear Revlon

I bought one of your hairdryers (through as a gift for my wife.
It should have lasted for years, is still almost new, but it has stopped working.
It will not turn on. Clearly this is a defect.

This item was a replacement for another of the exact same model which she
had for a couple of years but which stopped working when the on/off switch

It seems that this particular model is prone to failure.

Copied below is the proof of purchase.

I hope that you will do something to help out in this matter and await your reply.




Final Details for Order #[protected]
Print this page for your records.

Order Placed: May 4, 2018 order number: [protected]
Order Total: CDN$ 50.11

Shipped on May 5, 2018

Items Ordered Price
1 of: Revlon Ionic Ceramic Folding Handle Travel Dryer 1 Count
Sold by:, Inc.

Condition: New
CDN$ 24.99
1 of: Godiva Chocolatier Dark Chocolate Lava Cake Dessert Truffles, Approx. 19pc Individually Wrapped Chocolates
Sold by:, Inc.

Condition: New
CDN$ 12.50

Shipping Address:

Shipping Speed:
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Item(s) Subtotal: CDN$ 37.49
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Payment information
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Shipping & Handling: CDN$ 7.85
Environmental Handling Fee CDN$ 0.40
Total before tax: CDN$ 45.74
Estimated GST/HST: CDN$ 2.29
Estimated PST/RST/QST: CDN$ 2.08
Grand Total: CDN$ 50.11
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Visa | Last digits: 5775

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mitchum ultimate gel for women

38969 I usually use Mitchum for men 48hr control. Today the Women's Gel caught my eye, I don't know if this a new product or I saw it as I was not in my usual supermarket. I just want...

revlon colorstay liquid liner

38969 I have always purchased and been happy with this eyeliner and have used it for years and years. In the last yr and half ive noticed my liner turns liquidy meaning the colour...

settlement due

Dear Sir I am RK Distributors from Delhi. I have given good back to company on Modi mundi address but from last 1 year they are not doing my settlement even though they gave me...

coil hair ties

Generally I love these hair ties. They don't get too stretched out as fast as the plastic kind you find with other brands. I have A LOT of very long, very thick curly hair and they hold my hair in place the best BUT they break easy. More than most hair ties. I was dealing with it until I found myself buying them quite often. In the 2 last packs I bought one hair tie out of each broke the second I put it in my hair. I didn't even get to wrap it around once before it snapped and fell to the floor. I wish you could improve the strength of the glue you use or maybe sow the ends together instead cuase everyone knows the glue on the black hair ties break A LOT. I'm very upset with the amount of money I have wasted and the quality of this product. One minor fix and you would have yourself the best hair tie on the market.

revlon colorstay eyeliner

I have used colorstay eyeliner for years but have noticed lately the tips break off very easy. This has been a problem with the last 3 I have purchased. I don't know if you have...

nail enamel removal

38969 I tired the revlon nail enamel removal "extra gentle" and the product dried my finger skin so hardly that my skin started to stretch and peel off . I already sent an email to the...

colorstay gel envy nailpolish

To whom it may concern With my recent visit back home ( Cape Town, South Africa) I bought a few cosmetics including Colorstay Gel Envy Longwear Nail Enamel number [protected]...

revlon photoready color correcting pens & revlon youth fx concealer

Color correcting Pen
After purchasing this pen I was able to use it 3 times before it stopped working, no more liquid would come out and the 3 times I used it were only minimal amounts.

Youth FX concealer
After opening straight out of the box it will not work at all, absolutely nothing.

I am extremely disappointed with these products. I chose to buy from Revlon as I believed they were such a large and reliable company but after 2 out of 3 products being faulty I will not be purchasing from Revlon again.

reading glasses price 19.95

I purchased a pair of revlon reading glasses at a price of 19.95. I had read reviews about this product and they were very good. After one week on wearing them, the glasses broke...

revlon photoready insta-filter

38969 i purchased the revlon photoready insta-filter (240 medium beige) at walgreen's for $17.99 in July. I couldn't get the first one I purchased to come out of the bottle so I...

colorsilk beautiful colour

38969 My mother and I have been using Nice & Easy Hair Die for many years. We switched to Revlon Colorsilk a few months ago as it is more cost effective. Our hair has become extremely...

revlon flex ultra strong hold non-aerosol hairspray

I have been searching all stores for the above product but cannot find any stock. Even in KZN where we recently were on vacation. Please let me know what the problem is or whether the product has been discontinued. I tried Clicks, Dis-Chem, Checkers, PicknPay, Spar, but to no avail. I can unfortunately not use any other hairspray on my type of hair.

photoready concealer color deep 6

38969 I'd like to know what happened 2 these concealer colors. I've read all over the Internet how not just the Deep 6 but other colors seem to have been changed. Is there a bad batch?...

revlon colorsilk #10

Yes I had purchased # 10 and had an awfully bad reaction to your haircolor.. I did it on a Friday afternoon for a date I had that night did everything I was supposed to do . I HAVE BEEN USING YOUR COLOR MONTHLY FOR ALMOST 15 YEARS ...Anyway within 3 hours of coloring my head started itching bad I immediately went and shampooed my hair and blowdryed as usual. Didn't think much of it . By morning time I woke up and the swelling set in, I was kinda freaking out it started in my forehead almost Frankenstein looking by 2 that afternoon my Face and eyes were so swollen and disfigured .. I went to the emergency room and there they kept me for observation and then sent me home with some pills Prednisone.. ( It also burned my head and neck and behind my ears. As it still kept oozing yellowish stuff from my scalp and then harden like I have never seen before) They didnt kick in for at least 2 days and not by much. I lost some hair in patches smaller than a dime, it took nearly a week for all the swelling to suffice .. Please can someone contact me about this issue I do have pictures and hospital papers for proof .. my number is [protected]
Thank you, Sabrina Hales

revlon colorsilk #10
revlon colorsilk #10
revlon colorsilk #10
revlon colorsilk #10
revlon colorsilk #10
revlon colorsilk #10
revlon colorsilk #10
revlon colorsilk #10
revlon colorsilk #10
revlon colorsilk #10

nutri color cream

I purchased 812 and 713 color cream from adore beauty website who claim they sell genuine products and I was assured by a sales rep at Adore that it was genuine revlon product.
A few months back I put the 812 in my hair and. It turned my hair red and rinsed out green. Today I thought maybe I'll try the 713 as I thought maybe it will be better- it's not! It was red and rinsed green again. Fortunately I rinsed it straight as I saw it, on application, so it didn't stain my hair.
I would like to forward the rest of this color to you as it may need more investigation? I really don't think it's fair that things like this get sold to people

nutri color cream