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Just walked out of a Sally's store number 03156 in Spring Texas. Never have I received such poor customer service. The cashier (who claimed to be the manger) made a very simple mistake as she rung up my order. When I pointed it out to her, she became very noticeably upset and argumentative. I had to ask her to pull out the calculator and count each item one by one to show her where the mistake was made. Finally she realized what she did, but I never received an apology after 25 minutes of disputing the charge. I finally requested a full refund for all my purchases. I am never going to shop at Sally’s. I am choosing Ulta or Wal-Mart for all my beauty purchases in the future.


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    SW14 Mar 19, 2015

    I went into Sally beauty Supply to purchase hair care products with my student cosmetology card. I had been there 2 days prior using the same card. The employee Brandy Kristie stated my card was inactive although My card clearly had been renewed at another sally store and active was right on the front of the card. I asked for my card back so that I could call and verify the information myself and I was told no, my card was snatched back from me and thrown into an unknown location behind the counter. I told her that I was concerned with my privacy because the card contained my personal information. She then proceeded to tell me that she had all of my personal information in the computer and turned the screen around so that myself as well as other customers had a clear view of my personal information and then told me that was why I was too dumb to finish beauty school. I was then told to " get the hell out of her store" and that she would not be ringing me up. I called Sally customer service several times and they refused to hear my complaint. Amanda in customer service said you may take legal action so we cannot help you. I literally cried I was so afraid and I am still afraid that this person has access to my home address and could harm me and my family. Sally Beauty supply seems to be comprised of gangsters and thugs not employees. If I could give them O stars I would.

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  • An
    Angelina Beyerl Sep 07, 2014

    This note is for the purpose of complaining about the inventory and customer service at Sally's Beauty Supply at Beaver Run Road in Surfside Beach SC 29575. I use the Clairol Cream Hair Color (5AA and 5N). Every time I go to the above location, the shelves are empty. Their excuse is one of the three "The Truck hasn't come in", "The truck is in but not unloaded" Come back Sunday and the product will be available". We go back on a Sunday when the store opens, and the product is gone. I understand that this is a popular hair color, but why does the store manager not order more of the product. Common Sense tells you that more is better and the store will make more money. When my husband told the clerk that he was tired of coming in any hearing the same story over and over again and why doesn't she order more of the product, she made a facial smirk, which did not sit well with my husband. This is not a laughing matter and something needs to be done about this situation. I have heard several complaints in our neighborhood regarding the same matter and different matters. I trust that we will hear from you regarding this situation.

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    beautyshop9587 Jun 06, 2014

    If the threat/harassment took place inside the store and I am a customer, and the person who threatened and harassed me during a visit was the store's general (main) manager, where can I report this? I was a customer and was polite and respectful during the visit. This started when I asked the manager to adjust an issue for me which a staff member caused earlier. The manager was very ghetto and started showing attitude and cursing saying this is very inconvenient for her to adjust (she just had to scan the receipt and credit me the adjustment amount). I remained polite while pointing out the error, but she got down to using offensive curse language and when I asked her the name so I can have it for reference and report it to the supervisor for cursing and the language issue, she threatened to steal my personal info and credit card info from the store's computer and also threatened police. This was too much and I wanted to report this. I contacted Sally's customer care /corporate office by emailing them, however got no reply. When I called corporate a day later, I was told this issue is forwarded to their "Legal department" and someone from there should be contacting me shortly, its been almost 2 weeks since my email, and I called them 2-3 times in between but they keep saying they don't have a direct line for their legal dept and Ill just have to wait to be contacted. But nothing yet. I don't even think the corporate office knows what to do in this situation, they still have the employee there who is actively stealing customer's information from their store computers but they are clueless and keep stalling from having to address this issue.

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    Fed up after three weeks?? Mar 30, 2014

    So I got hired at a sally's location in Calgary Alberta Canada about three weeks ago and I have never been so offended and outraged from working at a small retail location ever in my life. I have been there for three weeks and already do not think I am going to have the patience to work there much longer. The first incident which upset me was during my second week of work when I was called into work early because one of the girls ( who was the assistant manager) decided she didn't want to show up again and this happened a few times a week, so I get to work and there are people lined up at the till almost to the door and people up and down the isles asking for help. I try and get as many customers as I can through the tills while trying to direct customers to what they were looking for in the isles only to go into the back three hours later and find my manager and one of the girls I work with sitting there chatting so I asked of help and my manager said one minute. Half an hour later when it was busy again they were still chatting in the back and this happens all the time. I am new but every day I work the other girls sit in the back on there phones talking one of them even took a nap one day like a freaking nap?!?!?! And today one girl that had been there over a year yelled at a customer today because she was paying with a gift card and cash and she heard wrong and put it into the debit machine and when the girl corrected her so she freaked out and threw her gift card at her. Then because I let someone run to an isle and grab something they forgot which took about 30 seconds a few minutes before we closed she swore at me in front of the customer and then while trying to grab something in front of me from the till shoved me into it!!! Then when I closed and locked the door and went to the back to grab my jacket she freaks out at me and says I need to kick customers out of the store five minutes before close or else the cops will show up?!?!?! I apologized and left but I have never been so poorly treated by fellow staff in my life especially when I work eight hours without a single break because there all lazy and SO RUDE! I am not going to have the patience to work with those kind of people and it is outrageous because the manager will take returns and sell them on kijiji! It is not just America that has horrible sally customer service it is Canada too. I have had customers come and ask for me because I treat them with genuine respect and kindness while there in the store after only three weeks of working there. That alone should say something is seriously wrong. The only nice hard working girl that I work with works six days a week for minimum wage does not have her own set of keys for the store when the last assistant manager who calls in sick four times a week told me that the girl who took a nap in the back while the store was crazy busy yeah apparently her and another girl who I replaced had bullied a different girl who worked at the store so much that she was forced to get human resources involved because she was afraid to go to work. Like sally's is supposed to be all about customer care but from working there and from what ive seen, all these girls need a serious attitude check and soon. SALLYS IF YOU WANT YOUR STORE TO STOP LOSING CUSTOMRS STOP HIRING ### LITTLE LAZY ###.

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  • Lo
    Lovesuicidee Mar 23, 2014

    Sallys beauty supply is awful !! They workers always have an attitude or a stuck up attitude and they dont do or know ish !! Especially the one i go to in east windsor new jersey ! Horrible store wont go there ever again!!

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    pariapsara Mar 15, 2013

    Everytime I am in the Sally beauty supply store in longbranch in NJ ( home depot Plaza) the employees are always complaining about their boss and talking about her. One cannot avoid hearing what they say, because they are talking to each other across the store-- I always wondered why the employees would be so disrespectful.
    Well now I know why--that woman (the boss ) is the rudest salesperson I have ever encountered. I was standing by the nail stuff, and looked at a package that was hanging open even before I touched it. I looked at other items--put them back----did not line them up like soldiers, like this OCD manager obviously wants done.
    When I went to the counter to pay, she went to the nail section and let out a shriek and said "'somebody left a mess, and went on and on about it, she even said "'this is my store and I can say anything that I want".
    It was obvious that she was hinting that I had made the mess, although the packages were hanging open,
    before I had even touched them.
    I told her that I worked in retail and when customers moved stuff around, no one would be so rude as to accuse them of ""making a mess" --we the associates would just go back and straighten stuff.
    I hope the Sally management looks at this complaint. This is not how customers should be treated.

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    Phillip howell Oct 29, 2012
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    Verified customer

    I was in the store early today in mccomb Mississippi . The cashier did not give me the chance to tell her where I put the cheap worthless hair straightener . As she kicked me out of the store without even asking where it was . I was wearing skinny jeans and a v neck shirt . I own and Che one of the top of the line straighteners invented . So I laid the other one in the back of the store in a random spot . As I proceeded to tell her where the straighter was she kicked me out of the store then chases me out grabbed me and harassed me . I then proceeded to take my jacket of so that she could see that i didn't have it . She then stood behind my car and would not let me leave, I'm very upset and will be writing and article in this weeks paper about your poor customer service .

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  • Ax
    AX7 Oct 26, 2012

    Thank you, calling in and emailing the customer contact center was my first attempt. They offered me 20% off, but as i stated 20% off isn't going to make my hair grow back or even compare to the amount I've spent trying to remedy the situation. I would love to say a twenty percent discount would make things better and that I would want to go into any sally's establishment again.. But it really doesn't. I appreciate your sincerity. And thank you for reply.

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  • As
    ash/mar Aug 08, 2012

    To all the people that went to sallys and had a bad experince im so sorry it was bad!!! I know that the company would not approve of this!! I work for the company now for five years and i know they would like to here about this please call there coustomer line at [protected] they will fix the problem asap!!! Not all sallys are like this im just sorry it happend to all of you!!!

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  • Ax
    AX7 May 05, 2012

    I will never shop at Sally's again. The sales associate knew nothing about hair. I tried to dye my blonde hair brown, and the girl sold me hair color with no developer. So what ended up happening was it blew my cuticles wide open and thus wrecking my hair and my brand new 20 inch extension. My hair started breaking off halfway down the strand, and some even falling out at the roots. I had to cut off the majority of my hair and buy a partial wig. I contacted their customer service and all they said basically was that they were going to contact their manager. I sent my sister into the store about a month later to talk to the same woman, and the sales associate suggested the same product. I contacted the Sally's contact centre again, and they told me the same thing but this time offered me 20% off.  This whole experience  cost me around $525.. I'm sorry but 20% off isn't going to help my hair grow back, or get the money I've spent back. I used to buy lots of products from Sally's.. Needless to say, I don't anymore. The sales associate actually turned out to be the manager of the Sally's beauty supply store in medicine hat Alberta Canada. She needs to educate herself before she ruins more people's hair. 

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  • Mr
    mrs.Vidaca Mar 06, 2012

    I don't understand why no one does something about this people or this store, is it really that bad? Do, they really don't care about us the customers ? When we are the ones that make this store possible, is there any thing that us customer could do or somewhere we could complain and actually have something done for us, am a customer from sally and love this store, but today I really had a bad experience with the manager, in Merced, Ca her name is Denise withends I believe she wrote her name in a way that is pretty hard to understand, gave us the worst customer service and also threatening us the she was the manager and we can't do nothing about it and that we did not knew who we where messing with, I ask for the customer phone number which she gave me the wrong number, I will really will like to know what can I do or complaint and actually have something done for this mistreatment.
    Thank you

    gave me the wrong number, it's

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  • My
    myties52 Mar 02, 2011

    Sally's beauty is no beauty, rude uncaring people that work behind the counter. Granted not all are like that but most treat the costumer like they are an accident waiting to happen.What has happened to a pleasant hello can i help you, rarely does that happen.When i walk in there they treat me like i am up to no good defensive when i need to return merchandice and pracially turn there backs on me .I will shop at walmart and other stores that have weekly deals on haircolor and hair supplies . And maybe when i get desperate i will shop online. Who needs sally's people .not I

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  • Sp
    !spyder Feb 18, 2011

    Well I am unhappy with the store on hodges and beach. The sales girl with a por attitude for the client's . I have been going to saly's for 30 year's. Professional stylist today was my last trip inside of the sally store. I purchased a pair of electric clippers. Failed to work not even two day's. Went to return for another and was going to up grade spending more money. So the sales person said it came with 9 gaurds. It didn't came with 6 was missing one. I said that I would purchsae new ones to put with the return. She said no. I will go find the missing guard return it all get my money back. Go to cosmo pro for new clipper;s. Thank's Sally's for being not to care for your clients

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  • Ma
    mayra gomez Dec 19, 2010

    I went to the sally's in Oceanside address 825 college blvd, and i had gone in on Dec.18 2010 because the day before Dec.17 2010 i had gone in to buy some hair extensions and i purchased $80 hair extensions, the problem was that i actually picked out the wrong color and i went in on Dec.18 to see if i could get an exchange (even though i knew they didn't return hair) but the extensions were still in the box and not even opened at all, i didn't want to keep extensions that weren't my wrong tone. Right when i went in the cashier gave me the dirtiest look and made me wait a long time for her to even consider that i was waiting to get her attention. She finally gave me the look and with an attitude said "what do you want" i was really suprised with the extreme attitude she gave me, but i just let it slip and didn't tell her anything and i just told her what i was coming in for...she said "fine whatever" and told me to pick out the ones i wanted. she then went to the back and asked me for my recipt and i let her know i had left it in the salon, she said she couldn't do the exchange without the recipt and i told her that it was fine that if i brought in my recipt if i could still do the exchange she replied that it was stupid and just started being really rude...the whole time when she "supposdly" was going to do the exchange she was with the biggest attitude. i was very apawled with her service then i told her if i needed to get a lawyer just to get the managers number because she was being very rude she then said "get your stupid lawyer" laughing and just walked away. i was shocked the whole time there were customers in the store and she was talking to me in that way. i was keeping my calm with her, then i just stood there waiting for her to give me the number...she kept looking at me with a attitude rolling her eyes and not wanting to give me the number. she then calls the other very rude associate and in front of the other customers starts talking about me really loud and laughing while im still there waiting for her to give me the number. they start saying bad words about me and start being really rude. i then finally say something to them and claiming that there being extremly rude and in front of customers she then started being racist and starts claiming im harrasing her when im clearly not i had witnesses i then tell her i just need the number of the manager and she just blows out and throws me the paper with the number and i leave as i hear her call me a "[censor]". i had never been disrespected in that form and im defenitly taking this to corparate she was extremely rud for no reason and worst customer service ever. she didnt want to give me her name but i defenitly know who she is and make sure she is fired.

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  • I'm much rather going to go to Ulta and Sephora, ya know the real place were they treat their customers with a little bit of respect! I hadn't been to sally's in forever and when i finally do, these little kids that work there, are un-proffesional and think they are un-touchable. they pretty much laughed in my face when i asked for the corporates number. like i said they think they are un-touchable and corporate don't do anything about situations like this anyways. thats why they feel they can act up and walk over customers! that not correct! i e-mailed them my complaints and haven't heard back, its been two days! THEY DON'T CARE! its ok, because i buy lots of beauty supplies because i'm a beauty junkie. they lost a lot of money from me.

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  • I’m one UNHAPPY customer! Last night, (December 14, 2010) I had called the Sally store in Irving by Story and 183. in Irving, Tx. I'm a busy lady with a hectic schedule as most people and to go to this Sally's store is simply out of my way. I called around 5 & 5:30 (close to when I was getting off work) I asked to make sure they had a hair shaper # 107. I asked her to please check so I don't have to make the trip all the way over there. She told me yes. So later before I’m about to leave, I call Cynthia again (who also answered the phone again) I told her I was the same person that called her earlier and I just want to double check because I’m on my way. She was giggling like she was playing around with her friends and I found that so rude and annoying. I had to wonder if I was calling a business or calling her at home where she was playing around. So she said yes again, and I told her fantastic, "I'm on my way". Once I arrive not even 30 minutes after I spoke to her, I was in the store and in a hurry trying to purchase my item that was supposed to be there. The ladies get Cynthia who was on her lunch break in the back and asked her about my razor comb. (They couldn’t find it) She comes out with a smart allick attitude and says “Opps, sorry, we just sold it!" and kind of laughs (like it was funny to her that I drove out of my way to hear just that) she had a fake smile (like oh well! bye -bye now) I felt like I got slapped across the face. I just stand there in complete shock because this girl knew I called her and I explained over the phone (which she wasn’t probably listening, since she was giggling and playing around) I was in my car heading towards the Sally’s store when I called her the second time to confirm if she still had what I was looking for. I rushed over because I was in a hurry and I called TWICE! She shrugs her shoulders and says "we just had one left" so check in tomorrow.
    I've worked in customer service for 10 years and still work doing customer service and I’m not sure if this Sally's is about customer service, but wow! I thought sally’s was a better business than that and not like some rude places where you EXPECT to be treated like that.
    I was upset and asked why didn't she tell me there was only one left and if she knew #1 I was on my way and called twice she could of offered to save it for me since she knew I was calling twice to make double sure (don’t that mean I’m serious if I’m calling twice???) or at least let me know there was only one. How am i supposed to know? I specifically called twice so that I wouldn't have to make an unnecessary trip up there. I get the manager ERICA, (who was just as rude and didn't care for my experience) she was rude and gave me the same (I DON'T CARE ATTITUDE) then to top it off, she tells me " look, it don't matter, we have plenty of other people who would come in and do business with us and will buy from us" So- basically saying, ( we don't care for “my” individual business and if I’m upset, then oh well, who cares?, we have plenty of others who can replace you. )Nobody took care of me and of course I felt disrespected as a customer for what was said by the manager herself and how I was treated. She gave me the customer service number like she had nothing to worry about. I’m hoping this will get handled and somebody will call me or e-mail me back. I’m still left with a sour taste in my mouth and couldn’t sleep from being so upset! My experience was completely unacceptable and i shouldn't have been treated the way I was. This could have been avoided and there was no need for me to go through all this rudeness from Sally’s employee and manager. It’s awful. And I’d expect to get great service! The manger Erica needs to tell her employees to quit goofing around over the phone while customers are calling and be more understanding, she looked more annoyed that I even had a complaint.

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  • Am
    Amber Issac Nov 19, 2010

    I just left the Sally's store in Fairview Heights, Il and the employees were very rude. They talked about me to each other while I was standing right there. Ruth, the clerk that "assisted" me was incompetent and racist. I am highly intellegent and I cannot stand for people to talk to me as if I have a learning disability. So, I asked for the number to customer service. O called while standing at the counter and this lady kept asking me to sign a void. I refused. The first problem was I was on the phone and she was interrupting the disscussion I was having with Diana(the lady in customer service, that I waited 20 minutes to speak with), next she looked at me as if I disgusted her.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Love Nov 11, 2010

    Aweful Customer two nasty women working at this location Sacha and a coworker. 11-10-2010
    New location nasty people who hang up you, display bad attitude while helping others and
    has no regard for respecting the mature women.

    2770 Eastern Blvd.


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  • Jo
    jo crane Sep 23, 2010

    i have lost my card how do i get anotherone

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  • Fe
    fearless26 Aug 27, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i was at a sallys beauty store. in la puente cali. i wanted to buy eyeliner brush. so she told me they have it behind the counter. so i said okay she asked me what kind i wanted to buy. i told her. then she said is this the one u want. im all does it say this name on it. i wasnt trying to be rude. i was trying to be sure. she then says well it says it on here. i was thinking to myself. why is she acting rude with me for no reason. i just notice everytime i go there. the chicks have an attuide. their so full of themselve's. i wanted to slap that chick. i should have. then i leave the store and they start laughing. their lucky i didnt stick that brush in their eyeballs. lol

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  • Mg
    MG_2010 Aug 07, 2010

    Just left a sally a couple of minutes ago, the one in Indio, CA. My mom which is a frequent shopper of beauty products sent me there for some color developer. Im not too familiar with these type of products and needed help. I asked the nearest associate, which i found out later happened to be the assistant manager, for help. In a very rude way she told me that she was too busy doing inventory even though when i walked into the store she was busy chating up with the cashier about her vacation and marriage life. Ive worked in retail before, and this lady is a joke. Doesnt matter what your doing the customer is always #1. Ill be sure to mention this on the letter im about to send to corporate!

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  • Jean73 May 02, 2010

    I worked for Sallys Beauty for 2yrs. I was also the last licensed hair stylist there. Sally Beauty does not pay well or treat their employees well. They work us likes slaves. Managers do not do anything in the store, they take 4hrs breaks. When manage do come in the store, all they do is seat in back room and talk on the phones talking to friends. Most sally beauty enployees do not know anything about hair color or most products in the store. Because manager do not train their workers.

    Sally Beauty Supply Company is so cheap. They will not put in cameras to catch shoplifters, that is why they want workers follow customer around the store. In my opinion the workers are the one that are stealing not the customers. Because one time an co-worker told me that at the end of night to leave $100.00 in the drawer for next morning, but it was suppose to be $150.00.
    The co-worker said that what the manager wanted to do from now on, so I counted the money sure enough there was only $100.00 in the drawer. I called the manager to ask that is how is supposed to be, she said no the store is missing $50.00. The next day manager came in to look for the money there it was back in the drawer. I believe either the manager or co-worker took the money because the co-worker is the one who close the store the day before and they manager is the one who open the store the next day.

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  • Le
    leana Mar 05, 2010

    I am a hair dresser and went to a supply store on prairie ave in pueblo co i was not greeted and was in the color isle i overheard a girl with a very loud voice telling a customer to use 30 volume developer and a neutral color to get blonde hair we all know it will turn orange, i beleve her name was rita, I can't believe sally beauty is still selling these harmful products to people off the street even after the terrorist they showed on tv buying massive amounts of developer and bleach, I will never shop there again the manager was a white haired lady that did not seem to care if this girl was right or wrong as she screemed from the back of the store, lillian do you think this will work she screemed back yes, i left and went to state beauty supply, you can't even get in the door there without a license thank goodness, poor customer service did not even know I was in the store to much chatting and terribly bad advice, no service and there were boxes everywhere hazard, if I were not liscensed, i would advised people to buy out of the box instead of trying to do in yourself or go to a shop if you can afford it. Don't trust the advise of these associates they don't know what they are doing!

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  • Db
    dbeg Feb 04, 2010

    Here's a fact for you... Attending Beauty schools are not cheap. There is a reason that you are required to have a license before performing beauty services on people. We are there to help and assist you when it comes to determining the difference between brands and general instructions. We are not teachers nor is our job to educate you in these things. You must already know the basics and if you don't ...well's the risk you wanna ask yourself if you want to take. Bottom line ...if you want it bad enough then just suck it up...put on your big girl panties and SEE A EDUCATED PROFESSIONAL.(If you go to Autozone, do you think their going to talk you through repairing your fuel injector or replacing your muffler...good luck cheap ###)YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID

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  • Jm
    JMluv2332 Feb 04, 2010

    Okay, Veronica0667, just because one person treated you like that does not mean all employees of sally are like that. I work there, all we can do is give ADVICE of what to do. Yes, it was that persons mistake to gurantee it but don't call all sally employees "nonsense spewing [censored]es". If you are unsure of doing the color, goto a salon, that's why they are there.

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  • Hi
    hiimLP Feb 01, 2010

    They do not have a public bathroom. Their bathroom is in the backroom where things can be stolen. Most Sallys are next to Walmart or Schnucks or some convenience store. You can use the bathroom there. Like someone said above, Sally employees are under so much pressure every day and not all of the employees are licensed. They may have an esthetician who only knows about skin, or a nail tech that only knows about nails, etc. A lot of the customers, especially the ones who claim to be "professionals" are extremely rude to the employees when they are doing their best to help. Also note that their computer systems are EXTREMELY outdated and sales will not ring up all the time, and it's hard to memorize every single sale. It is ALSO hard to memorize every single product in the store and impossible to know everything. As far as clippers, most of them ARE all the same, some just have different features and are more heavy duty. It's hard to explain a lot of these products. I understand some of the complaints but as far as the return policy, the employees have no control over it. Like someone said before it is their JOB to enforce it. I've seen and heard customers screaming at the top of their lungs at the employees for ridiculous reasons. Like how they were out of a product even though they would probably receive it in stock the next week. I just think that these people are wasting their time and energy and it seems as though they haven't worked a day in their life and don't know what the "real world" is like.

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  • Be
    beautyindecay Jan 28, 2010

    The Sallys beauty supply stores in San Diego have the worst customer service,
    Im a beauty school student who used to frequent the shop to replenish supplies, but not anymore!
    As a regular customer I have been treated with the utmost horrible customer service, Today I went to one of the stores to purchase a mannequin head, I forgot my student discount card and the girl working the counter gave me an attitude, I told her that I was a frequent customer and if she could make an exception as the other store usually does when i forget my card. She told me rudely that I should go to the other store instead. She said that there was no way to tell if im a student without a nametag, she than went on to say that i could be purchasing the doll head to practice at home instead of being a student.She tried to pull a bait and switch saying that I could purchase the dollhead for regular price and than bring my discount card and they would return the difference, Im pretty sure that they wouldve not done that saying the dollhead was final sale or some garbage.
    The lack of basic beauty knowledge also is irritating to me as well.
    Ive repeatedly asked for certain products and had to look for them myself because they are either too lazy or don't have any clue about what im taking about.

    Im am not going to return to a sallys in this area ever, Im going to Armstrong Mccalls or Maley's, as I would reccomend to all students and professional hair dressers.

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  • Sh
    shirley eason Dec 15, 2009

    I was just at the Sally's in Grand Blanc Mich, 48439 and needed to use the bath room. I was told I could not. I understand if I was not a client of Sally's, but I spend alot of money at your store and this is not the way to take care of your clients. I HAD TO LEAVE and come back to finish my purchase. I used to go to a other beauty supply store that did the same thing to me about 5 years ago and I used to spend thousands of dallars a year at that store. I have not been back sence. I know I won't be missed, but is it worth the simple use of the bathroom to lose a client. I am a salon owner and hairdresser and I take care of my clients if they need something.

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  • Sa
    sallys_employee Dec 01, 2009

    Wow, I guess my Sally's must be a good one. I work at Sally's and love it. I actually left a very good job to be with Sally's because they were offering me more hours. I'm sorry all you guys had bad experiences. I feel like a lot of times, though, people don't understand that we are not the people making the rules. We are the people who have to enforce them, so people get very angry with us for things like non-refundable clipper blades. It's the return policy and it's on the back of the receipt. Also, a lot of people come in and expect the employees to look up their card number every time they come in. The reason two cards are handed out is so you will bring it in. The card is not always found, because the only way it can be looked up is by the phone number you signed up with it with and a lot of people forget. We will look it up if people forget. You paid for it, so you should get it. But a lot of people take advantage of this opportunity, because their card is expired and they don't realize that when we call for the card number, it tells us the expiration date as well.

    It's sad to hear people taking this out on all Sally's, though. Every company has it's weak links, but not everyone is responsible. It's not fair to take that out on every employee and it's sad to see myself and my coworkers do our best to put our customers first. You guys are doing the right thing by voicing this, but maybe try getting ahold of someone who will get something done.

    Try to understand, there are people out there trying to scam Sally's every day. The associates get a hard edge to them because of it. I've never seen a company with so much attempted theft and various other problems. That is no excuse, but a lot of these situations seem to have gotten out of hand by negative attitudes from both parties.

    Lastly, sorry you ex-employees had bad experiences too. Unfortuneatly, Sally's is a place where customers need a lot of help, so keeping up with everything is strenuos. The rewards program is very good though, if you try to sell products that are on there and that you know work very well. There are things you may not see as far, but it is a job, and jobs require work ethic. If you don't have it, then don't get a paycheck. If you want something different, try going to school and getting a degree. That helps if retails not your thing.

    I love the customers I get at work. This is the only retail job I've ever had where I actually like going to work. I'm not going to be here forever, but I will be sad when I have to go! We have great cosmetologists on staff and the rest all know their stuff, so we have loyal customers we see just about every week. I hope your Sally's comes around too and you're experiences will hopefully not be so bad next time.

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  • Ci
    cillythatgirl Nov 30, 2009


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  • Df
    DFARMER5 Nov 21, 2009

    I've shopped at Sally's for over 10yrs after receiving one of their professional cards and have spent over $3000 at one time at the Dallas TX location. Now I'm in San Antonio, TX and I was at the Sally's located on West Ave. and Blanco Rd near the HEB shopping center. I had purchased "the heat master curling iron" they were cheap. They lasted only a few months before the spring broke in the curling iron. I took them back for a refund for an exchange and had paid for them with my credit card. All of the customer service knew me very well, but I didn't have a receipt was the resaon they decided to lose a customer that could not produce a receipt BUT have taken my business to them. Needless to say I willl never go back to Sallys again...neither will my family or customers. I will spread the word about the poor products and customer service that they have there. I believe that Sallys will need the next "BAIL OUT". I WILL BUY FROM " ARMSTRONG MCCALLS " they will treat their customers with or with out their receipts because it is easier to keep good customers rather than trying to get new ones. NO MORE SALLYS FOR ME!!!

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  • Ca
    carmen1980 Oct 28, 2009

    I know I try my hardest not to ever by anything from Sallys like another poster said I just go to Walmart where sometimes the prices are cheaper. I had a bad experience with a Sallys in Newport news va on Warwick Blvd and Paylesss . The girl told me to not go into the hair or someone wont by it. I said okay well do you have a sample out. She said no you will just have to look at the ponytail through the box. Then I went to the sallys by
    bland blvd and Kohls and looked at some braid hair. I asked her if the brown braid hair will look good on me, she said I dont know, but dont take the hair out of the package I said I wasnt taking it out of the package. i was just looking at the ends of it. This girl had this ugly contacts light ha zel and she is a deep dark brown and you can tell they are fake as hell they look hard in her eyes. My conclusion is everybody at Sallys is ignorant.

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  • An
    annabell Sep 18, 2009

    To whome it may concern:

    I just left Sally's beauty supply here at the city of Orange in California. The clerk and a customer were speaking in spanish. I asked the customer if she knew english and she said yes. So why then did they have to speak spanish in front of me. I thought it rude and made me feel like what do they have to talk about that I cannot hear. I think the sales clerks should speak enlish in this english speaking country unless the customer cannot speak english. It is understandable if a customer cannot speak english otherwise; It is rude. I have noticed whenever I go to Sally's in my neighborhood now; even the sales clerks and the employees are all speaking in Spanish to each other. I feel like a stranger there now, after being a customer for 18 years with Sally's. They might as well say that all english speaking customers don't belong. I am so sad to see that we still have to have these divisions. I lived in this neighborhood for many years and I will find another beauty supply where they have some respect for english speaking Americans. After all how can we overcome racism when this stuff goes on all the time. I mean what are we the tower of babel where on one is allowed to understand each other. How can we get along if some us are uneccesarily made to feel left out. I won't be back again. I have listened to this for a couple of years now I am done. I am too old to learn spanish, but they knew english and out of politeness could have made a concession for me, or anyone else standing there that did not understand spanish.

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  • Ve
    Veronica0667 Jul 08, 2009

    I recently had the same experience at Sally's Beauty Supply. I wanted to bleach my hair (and had done so many times in the past) and was fine with just a kit but I asked the clerk just in case since I'm no professional. She recommended some pricey products but ensured me that they'd work for my hair so I bought them went home and tried them out. I followed the instructions word for word and my hair turned out some funky color. I went in for just a refund on the products that I didn't get to use due to my destroyed hair but had opened. I went in and asked for a refund and the clerk, Cindi had the nerve to tell me "Its not our fault you're not satisfied with the product; you're not getting a refund" and then she threw the reciept at me! I am probably the easiest person to get along with and would have probably just cut the losses if she was nice and simply explained to me the return policy (by the way it says nothing about not returned an unsatisfactory product), but she didn't and was EXTREMELY rude and will no be going to the ULTA down the street! And to some of you immature people leaving comments, why don't you go work for Sallys? I'm sure they need more assanine, nonsense spewing ###; you'll be management in no time ;) ShutItHo, real mature; don't get your pampers in a bunch! =)

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  • Jean73 Jul 01, 2009

    I am a hair stylist. You are going from dark to light. Color does not lift color. You should have decolorized your hair first and then but color on top of it.

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  • Ed
    Educated Person Jun 30, 2009


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  • Ro
    Rosa Najera Jun 28, 2009

    Sallys Beauty Supply in Indio, Ca.
    Store Manager is a Phsycotic ###! And thats exaclty what I called her after she refuses to take my purchase and tells me to leave the store and refuses to give me the number to corporate!!!
    It all started when she roodly told me i couldnt walk through an ile where she completely had a mess of product but was yet standing there with a client and I actually turned around and apologized after her comment saying in a loud tone of voice after walking right next to her she says " you really shouldnt be walking through here" I went up to the register ready for my purchace she was the only one out there completely ignoring me and when she finally walks up there I tell her that if she didnt want customers walking through there she needed a sign suggesting that! she says back "I do" she we argued about it and she tells me I didnt have to make my purchace there she then refused to help me and got another emplyee to do so. The other employee was ringing me up, the manager was mad at the fact i called her out on her ### and I was telling the employee wich happens to be an old class mate of mine what had happened, the manager didnt like it and told her to stop my purchase and told me to leave!!! Ands thats when I called her a you know what ands then asked for corporates # she denied it to me and told me to leave again!!! She is the worst representative of Sallys making bad business to the company and the people being discriminating, belittling customers, being high tempered, unprofessional and having no people skills... I have been in retail for ten years and had never came close to dealing with someone such like this and to allow this to happen to alot of other people will be a lose for Sallys
    Beauty Supply!

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  • Sh
    ShutItHo Jun 07, 2009

    You're ###ed. You should know that all Sally Beauty employees are not even supposed to formulate color for customers at all, and you're lucky they bothered to help give any advice at all. And if you're willing to ask and follow color advice from people who are getting paid minimum wage or slightly higher then you deserve it. Quit throwing a fit and next time do some research before you decide to to dye your own hair, because clearly taking advice from other non-professionals isn't the way to go. And I pitty the clerk that had to deal with you, i wouldve said whatever needed to be said to get you out of my store too.

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  • Sh
    sheeko May 03, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sally's use to be one of my favorite places but entering a store in irondale, alabama has changed my mind, my husband and i had lunch on that side of town so while he was in one store i told him i would go into sally's to kill time, what a big mistake the females in the store was loud and unprofessional, they were talking about what kind of quick weave they were getting and where they were going that night, let me remind you one was in the front of the store and the other was in the back and they both were employees and i'm sure one was a manager, my biggest problem with people in general is not being professional, i don't make a lot of money but i try to remain professional because you don't know who you will run into and may offer you a better job! Sally's stores really need a makeover with the staff, all of your loyal customers may start looking into the chinese stores and they don't know anything about our products but they will give great customer service because the only thing the see is green!~

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  • Ch
    chapman Mar 15, 2009

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    Sally's in Summerville South Carolina:
    The worst! There were 2 girls in the store working. They could not find my discount card and refused after calling the manager. One girl was completely rude, the other ran out of the store screaming and crying over me disputing the prices on the shelf. One manger and the screaming girl reappeared after I threatened to call the police when I could not find my credit card.

    The manager had no words of apology. Other customers were in the store watching, in fact one customer at the beginning of the fiasco reprimanded the rude girl and told her she would speak to the manager herself. It seemed she was a beauty professional herself. Girl #2 began to scream after another customer stepped in and agreed with what I was trying to point out about the pricing.

    I have been told that the prices are actually excessive. I will go to Ulta from now on even though it is 25 miles away. My husband was present and said that he has never seen people hate their job so much.

    Sally needs to know who keeps them in business. Was this worth the $3 savings to them? They probably don't care.

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