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Sally Beauty Supply - Predatory credit card sign up

In February my Mother-in-law, who is 73 and doesn't speak English well, went to Sally's Beauty to buy some beauty products. She rarely shops here, maybe 1-2 times a year. The cashier asked her if she wanted to sign up for the rewards card, and she thought it was just a free rewards card, not a credit card. They swiped her debit card to get her information for their credit card, and she thought that she had paid with her debit card. When she received a billing statement, she called customer service to ask what it was, telling them she hadn't signed up for a credit card, and asking them to close the account. She was told there was a charge when it was opened and to just send in her payment and her account would be closed. She sent a money order for the amount they said she owed for $47.42 on April 4th. The payment wasn't processed until April 17th, and then she was sent a new bill for $39 in May for a $37 late charge and a $2 interest charge on that. She called again to dispute it, and thought it was taken care of because the customer service agent said her account was closed. Now in June she has a bill for $80. When she called today and asked for me to talk to customer service, the gentleman said we had to speak to dispute resolutions and transferred us to someone named Casey. From there it was a nightmare. This lady was beyond rude, she cut my Mother-in-law off several times in the middle of her explanation, I tried to explain that she wanted me to speak on her behalf, and before I could finish talking, Casey said "No YOU want to speak on her behalf! I'm talking to Lillian!" She was abrasive, called my 73 year old Mother-in-law a liar when she said she thought she was being signed up for just the Sally's rewards card, not a credit card, and that she had swiped her debit card thinking they had used her debit card to pay for her items. I said it sounded like she was fraudulently signed up for the card. Casey went on to tell us what she thought happened, and when I told her my mother-in-law doesn't take out store credit cards, again she cut me off and said "were you there?" In a loud and argumentative voice. I said no, but Lillian was, and she yelled over me "Were YOU there?!" I said no, but you weren't either. And she went back into a tirade about what supposedly happened. When I brought up the previous customer service calls, and that over $100 in late fees was excessive for a $21 charge on a card she didn't realize she signed up for, Casey said she shouldn't have been late on her payments and she needs to pay what she owes.

Needless to say, there was no resolution and I hung up on her before my Mother-in-law started crying. Beware of Sally's predatory credit tactics and the lender's unscrupulous customer service agents who treat you like criminals. We'll need to dispute it directly with the credit bureaus and will never shop there again.

Desired outcome: Remove the late charges and fees. She's already paid twice the amount for $20 worth of products on a credit card she was unknowingly signed up for.

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