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Complaints & Reviews

Miracle lightweight foundation

I love my Rituals light weight foundation in Golden Beige and to horror pump mechanism of the bottle stoped working half way the bottle. As I live in Finland where Riruals cosnetics aren't available, purchasing a new bottle isn't an option before next travel to a country with a Rituals shop.

Can I swao the broken bottle for a new one?
Also, please consider a Rituals shop in Helsinki, Finland or on the ferries travellig between Finland, Sweden and Estonia as the non-make up products are already available.

Shea Beasley


employees of rituals in utrecht at train station

Last Wednesday, on Feb.5th I was at the Utrecht train station and decided to step into the Rituals store to buy a gift for a friend. I found a product I was interested in and asked one of the staff how much the item cost because there was a price label only for one item but there were three other items on the table. Her exact reply was 'If you can read, you will see that this is the price for it.' I was very disappointed with her attitude and her response and couldn't believe that she had just replied in that manner and tone. I told her that her response was an inappropriate response in any situation and so much the worse to say to a potential customer in the store. The conversation only got worse when she said, 'You don't have to ask me that question. If you can read and I know you can. I asked to speak the manager and, to my dismay, she informed that she was the manager. I also asked her name, but she refused to give me hers. I'm writing this because I do know that, even in this day and age, there are people who are not able to read and write and that such a response from a staff who has been made a manager of the store is really beyond belief. My reason for posting this online is to hopefully inform the real management team at Rituals to be more aware of the message their employees are providing and to more carefully consider managers they have promoted or hired. In my opinion, that particular rude manager is not suited to first of all be in a customer service industry let alone manage other employees and new trainees with her condescending attitude to customers. Needless to say, I voted with my feet. I left the store without purchasing anything from Rituals.


I would like to make an official complaint about the service in your Leuven shop. On the 18th of December I went into your shop in Leuven to purchase some Christmas gifts. It wa...


I shopped at the store located at Calle Toro. When paying they said that if I made a subscription I would receive a free gift on my birthday. I said that my birthday was on the...

Rituals — himalaya scrub

585970 I purchased the above product as part of a birthday gift for a friend. When it was opened to use the pot was half empty. It was very disappointing to say the least particularly a...

Ritualsreceiving my order

Two weeks ago I ordered 6 items if you spent over £45 you received a free beach bag. A couple of days later a delivery came and only the beach bag was in the parcel none of the items I had ordered. I rang customer services who said they would re send my order as they were having problems with the warehouse. A couple of days later nothing had arrived so I rang again to find they hadn't resent them. So again they promised they would send them again. Parcel arrives a few days later and only two items of the six came so once again I'm on the phone. Today a parcel arrives and another two arrive so on the phone again to Lucia at customer services. I not a very happy customer as I still haven't received my full order I'm still missing two items.

receiving my order
receiving my order
receiving my order
receiving my order

Ritualscustomer service item received damaged

Hi i ordered items in UK online order number UK00189769 - the items arrived damaged - one of the items was a home parfum and it was all spilt in the box on other items too. This was on 10 May. I phoned your customer service and was informed it would be immediately resent. This was confirmed by you on 11 May - it is now 17 May - item still not received. I have emailed and phoned and my last conversation with someone at customer services called "Jim" - he told me he cant make the parcel fly and i can't have a refund and have to wait for the parcel - even if it goes beyond waiting for 2 weeks!
I will not be ordering from Rituals again due to this experience and would at least like a refund of the item i have still not received!

Allia Khan

Rituals — store manager behaviour

Hi TO whom it may concern I went into your boutique on St Christopher, s Street on Gee street London W1 on the 12th April to purchase some items I paid for my products then...

Rituals — rituals luxury amber candle

585970 Bought the luxury Amber candle for £47.50, amongst other orders for Christmas totalling approximately £300. I love candles, they are my thing, so I always do the first burn for a...

Rituals — samurai magic shave

585970 I bought this product for the second time as my husband was really satisfied with it but it has nothing to do with the first product. The shaving cream is so thick that my husband...

Rituals — hand balm

585970 I purchased the hand balm pump today at Berlin Airport. Tonight I opened it and the pump does not work at all. I am very disappointed. I have to try and squeeze the cream (which...

Rituals — packaging

585970 Hi, I've been buying your products in store for a while and recently signed up to your newsletter for a free showergel. Amazing idea, and thank for you the prompt delivery...

Rituals — car perfume

Hello, I bought the car perfume from rituals a few weeks ago. I sent a complaint to them a few days after I bought it but got no reply. From when I opened it to even now, a good 2...

RitualsOrder uk-[protected]

Placed order uk-[protected] with rituals in december.

Order once received was not fulfilled in full with half the order missing. However, rituals debited the full order amount from my bank account.

I contacted customer service to advise about the problem. 4 days later issue has not been resolved and they are now ignoring follow up emails to enquire about status

In summary, products not received, out of pocket and rituals have failed to resolve.

Rituals — International orders/shipping

I placed an online order with Rituals Cosmetics via their web site on February 15, 2016. The order was for 58 euros, which I paid via international bank transfer. The payment went...