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Er Mar 18, 2019

I thought I would pay a visit to the new Ross in Clinton because it's new and it's in the area. I've never really been Ross fan, now I see why. It's terrible how the store wants to treat us... the shopping carts have long poles attached to them (a nuisance and awkward), there's a guy posted at the entrance wearing a shirt with Loss Prevention on the back in large letters and on the front above the pocket area (greeting people) when you come in the store, there are a million surveillance cameras all over the front portion of the store, at the dressing room they physically take your items and count them then issue you a number hanger going in and when you come out, and at the checkout area there are signs posted by each register that read "We check bills" only in the Black/Brown areas do you see this type of treatment. I feel offended and disrespected. This is a brand new store in Clinton MD that just opened a little over week ago in an area that has new developments in the range of $400K and up. I don't appreciate this type of treatment, I don't tolerate it, and I won't be patronizing this Ross Dress for Less again or any other for that matter. It's a shame that's how things are done by the store and district managers and that they think/believe its alright. When I spend my money in an establishment I expect better! Very disappointed and angry.

Ross Dress for Less
Ross Dress for Less

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