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I work at one of the Ross stores in Tucson, AZ. I have been reading the complaints expressed on this site and I must agree with most of it. Speaking as an employee, I have to say that there are many issues that go on behind the scenes of our store which makes it a little difficult to smile all the time. There are many so- called customers that steal, switch tags and return worn, disgusting, clothing... it is so irritating. For the lady that was disgusted by the dirty boxers... here's the thing, Ross has a just say yes policy now that we all have to follow... so no matter what that customer wants to return, we have to take it back and the managers will put it on the floor... I'm grossed out when I touch this stuff to return it. I know how you feel, but we have no choice and the corporate office doesn't tell us anything about tactics and reasons. To go into the man that talks about how long the lines are and the plumbing... Ross or any corporate store shutting down for bathroom troubles is not going to happen... also the reason why the lines are so long is because so-called customers come into the store and ruin it... they throw stuff all over the floor, take things out of the package and leave it anywhere and people are just filthy, we don't have enough people to run the registers and clean up after grown men and women... maybe if people weren't dirty and nasty and inconsiderate of Ross employees, you'd be able to get out of the store faster. People like this only look at situations from there own point of view, not anyone else's. Know one has a clue what Ross employees have to deal with on a daily basis, I know someone might just quit, but I'm a college student and they work with my school schedule. The main problem with the stores that I have noticed is the managers and the choices they make... so if anyone has a major complaint with Ross, call the corporate office and express your grievances because nothing will change if they know... I also hate this damn F.A.S.T program, it is the complete opposite of fast. It's ridiculous that they force us to bag and scan there way... Get it together.

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Aug 03, 2018 10:49 pm EDT

Ross is terrible for everyone. The management team is not concerned about the satisfaction of the customers or the employees. The only thing that matters is that there's a profit. I had to leave two hours past closing time/my scheduled time every single time. I was locked in and my manager wouldn't let me out until the store was completely recovered. I'm 19, 5'4, 100 pounds, don't drive, and live in Pacoima, an extremely unsafe city. I was scared for my life walking out at 1:40 am and when I told my manager about my issue she laughed and said I needed to get used to working. No, I am accustomed to working. I've worked for everything that I have but I can't get used to being disrespected and harrassed. I was forced to worked off the clock and without a break for the first two weeks. This was unacceptable and resigned after another two weeks. My manager went beserk and put a stop payment on my paycheck which led to a return deposit fee that she refuses to pay.

Feb 25, 2016 1:39 am EST

When I was at Ross, whew, the store was constantly in upheaval. After restoration it would only last so long. I've always liked Ross and for a while I liked putting in my time there but the caring element was zip. Creepy par excellance too, another check mark why I finally jumped ship: things just didn't feel cool, if you know what I mean, after dark. I heard firsthand from a female coworker two women had actually made her cry with ego reducing jibes. Really? I thought this excursion was about shopping. A bit after I and the MOD one late night got cussed out and harassed by an out of water addict, I resigned. Breaks are often missed, skipped, overlooked with workers...OVER worked. Bills have to be paid. We all know. Some are in college or jave to support their kids, and Ross had flexible scheduling. But in the long burn I think this environment does nature's job of clearing them out and away. Retail's steel hard. Its tough but Ross could be a lot better. Customers hiding out past closing time in the bathrooms? Crank callers? Shudder. "Scary."

Feb 24, 2016 7:10 pm EST

Yeah, I worked for Ross too. I loved shopping there, I like Ross, but a few things were out of place: dirty- ditto, got that right off. We had a lot of folks, really, shopping for a babysitter or therapist! AND dirty returns; toothpicks on the floor. Constant picking up, or refusing to. LOTS of trash tossers. Which is beyond creepy, especially when its a liquid who you can't define. Don't you shudder at those people who ask to (which, why? they're determined to do so anyway) leave their belongings somewhere up front- no question. I'm already worn out: sorry, I can't work without a break. And I "missed" mine a few times. PLEASE get more than one person slaving in the fit rooms or up front. Support makes a HUGE difference. Ross is a great place to start out or as a less complicated POS but the easiness disintegrates real fast, or later if not sooner. The shoplifting is beyond creepy. And at night alone by the registers? Ummm- no thanks.

Sep 08, 2015 2:52 pm EDT

I work for Ross in Peoria, Illinois. Ive been with the company for two years since we first opened. Yes...there are many downfalls..but that is with any company. It all starts with the management team. They must lead in a positive manner and set the same expectations for everyone. Payroll does need to be better...but if you are sales floor...pick up the clothes off the floor while u are working and not leave it. We have never stayed 90 min or more past closing. If u work hard throughout the day there shouldnt be any excuse why you should still be there. And by have the right to leave at your scheduled time to leave. We leave 15 -30 minutes after closing. For the person who said they only got a .5 cent raise...are you explaining why so little? Your work ethic? Call offs? My first raise was .28 cents and my second raise was .43 cents. Your raise depends on your job performance.
You should not be returning anything that has be worn, washed or altered. I have refused plenty of returns knowing it was worn and used. The only few times i gave in was when the item was under $10 and then just marked it for MOS. Ross has its any other company...but when u have a strong mgmt team...its a decent place to work (and i have physically helped two stores raise their customer service scores up) if u dont wanna do yr job...quit and let someone else who will work hard and smile.

Nov 17, 2013 7:44 am EST

The ONLY reason I am working at Ross is because I need the extra money. I could and should have looked elsewhere. The pay is extremely low only $7.25 an hour. Management is poor. Often times if they do not meet their sales goal they'll start cutting people's already extremely low hours. I'm trying to get back into doing something in my field were I am appreciated however; with the job market I had to take what I could get to help make ends met.


I work at the Ross in Miami Lakes, FL. I have worked there for 7 months and I hate it. The two main managers are disrespectful, unprofessional, disingenuous, rude, and laziest people I've ever worked for. I wish customers knew how we were treated, but I doubt even if they knew, they'd respect us at all. The schedules change and no one phones or notifies you. They call you on your day off and practically demand you come-in (I no longer answer my phone when I see its them on the caller ID). They do whatever they can to say "yes" to the customer. There have been days where I've worked 9 hours (and mind you, I'm Part-Time) and I only was "allowed" one 30-min lunch. I've been called a "###", "a little fat girl", "dirty", "whitey" and many other lovely names by customers while working the returns. I've had to stay late into the night to clean up a disaster of a store (thanks impart to filthy customers), as late as 2 1/2 hours. One nights when one of the two main managers are closing, I've seen them unfairly extend hours a couple of times in hopes of meeting or exceeding the goal for the day.

This is not my first retail job. I am a fed up with the way things are done in my place of employment. I spoke to a fellow employee whose worked for the company for more than 10 years and she only makes $1.85 more than me! Are you kidding me?! Is that remotely fair or ethical? Hell no! And to make matters worse, they recently hired over 10 new people and after an couple of training videos- they throw them onto a register. Real training is non-existent. In my past I have held positions of management, and because of that, I feel it my place to assist the "newbies" and train them while preforming my own MANY duties demanded of me. The lines on the weekends become so overwhelmed and long, due to the fact the Store Manager under-staffs us all of the time! Just the other night we closed with 8 people! And that includes the Manager-on-Duty and Front End Supervisor! Insanity! I only took this job because I needed something close to my home and something that would allow me to not commute far from home.

We are often working, individually, the job of 3 or 4 people. And yet, we are paid $7.25/hour. Ross only has 2 Full-Time employees, everything else is Part-Time. I've been at this location over 6 months and still have not received my review. We are given so much work and in such little time. Money is not shown in gratitude for the hard work we sweat and toil over, - no. Only the Store Manager and Asst. Manager are making more than everyone else. Money is all this company cares about. No insurance, no fair pay, no professionalism or ethical behavior- nothing. The vending machines eat our money and sell expired sodas. The bathrooms are among the most disgusting I've ever seen anywhere. I've seen cleaner facilities on a camp grounds and that's saying something. Avoid Ross. Yeah, maybe you'll find a great deal on a pair of shoes or necklace, but whatever you do, DO NOT apply for work here. Its hell on earth in the form of Retail.

Worst place I've ever worked in my ten years of retail experience. Congrats, you take the cake, Ross.

May 30, 2011 1:52 am EDT

Ross is NOT the place for employment. Ross does have a DARK SIDE to the company without a doubt. I would not recommend or refer anyone to work at Ross. Ross does not appreciate their employees and that I do for a fact. When it comes down to raise time you don't get a decent raise. A decent raise is 25 cents or more. Ross wants you work your rear off and don't pay what you deserve. There are no benefits for Part-time. The hours are very horrible. Texas Labor Law is 4.0 hours or more for Part-time should be worked.
At Ross in Houston, Texas Lunch and breaks are being taken or given like they are suppose to be because of Management and Third Key Holders. This should be looked into by Corporate because this is a violation of Texas Labor Law and you will be fined. Ross Records are being falsified by Management especially with the Sizing Process and so forth.
Ross is a racist company and your sexual or sexual orientation of your personal spouse relationship. Degrees matter with this company. If you don't have a degree get ready to get mistreated. :( This company should be investigated for all the violations they have. Watch out everyone!

Mar 21, 2011 6:41 am EDT

I think if you have a job you should be glad. There's alot of prople can't find work or simply can't work due to disabilty. We that have jobs need the be thankful, after all we all have a choice to where we choose to work.

Sep 21, 2010 2:38 pm EDT

I work at the Ross in Nashville, TN, and I have hardly any complaints. Our store is one of the cleanest stores in the district, we are damn near spoiled when it comes to the sched. and we have a true team spirit going from Management - all the way down. Yeah the customers may be some of the most craziest and inconsiderate, but when you have a great Mgt. team behind you - well you can brush all that off. As far as the return policy yeah, we do take back just about everything, but there is MOS, and if you have a Great Mgr. who knows what they are doing, thats how you handle that. And you should not be taking back any UNDERWEAR/CLOTHES, that was on a Today Show undercover investigation, again your Mgt. should be in the know of return policy. Just like you can say "yes" - believe me you can tell the customer "no". (and normally if the customer has a problem w/ it - tell them to call the corporate office - LOL)...I love my discount, I love my double discount... and yeah when I can get something for .99...well that doesn't hurt either. Stop complaining..."you" said "yeah" when Ross asked you if you wanted the job, if you don't like something about it ...DUH!

May 15, 2010 5:53 pm EDT

I work at a Ross in California, and I've been reading all these complains about Ross and how dirty and rude employees are. If you feel that way than take your money else where! Do you think we like staying well past midnight cleaning up and straightening [censor] that customers have destroyed and misplaced just for it to happen again the next day? It is very frustrating picking up clothes off the ground just to come back to see an even larger pile of clothes on the ground! How hard is it to put back something the way you found it? I see a lot of customers who drop clothing and merchandise on the ground in front of me and they just walk off like it's not a big deal. Yeah you might think it's my job to pick after you but I sure don't go to your house destroy your belongings or treat it like [censor] and have you pick up after me! That's why most employees at Ross look unhappy and rude because they are tired of picking up [censor] from lazy and rude customers! And why are the lines so long? Well, why the hell do all the customers decide to make a purchase at the same time? There's been many instances where there's 6 cashiers and no one in line and then BAM! Everyone in the whole entire store wants to make their purchase when there's like 2-3 cashiers. And don't go blaming management for the scheduling because I am pretty sure they don't have psychic abilities to predict how busy/slow business will be when they are making schedules. Now let me go on to customers and their return, everyday we get customers wanting to return an item with no tag or receipt, well hello? How the hell do I know if you bought it here you don't have proof. For all I know you could have got that free at the local shelter. I can not just put a price on it; maybe you should save your receipt and tags?!? And my favorite (sarcasm) returns are where people try to return their washed/worn clothing that smell like weed and drugs so they can get their money back! I've had a lot of people trying to return jeans that they "just bought yesterday" but on their receipt it says they bought it 3 months ago and there are creases on the jeans and stains! And they expect to get cash back but instead will receive store credit, that's when all hell breaks loose because they want cash for merchandise returned over 30 days which the policy is printed on the back of their receipt and they claim no one told them. I hate customers who try to change tags on items, HELLO? we are not dumb when we scan them there are descriptions on them! Come on it's Ross the merchandise is already cheap stop trying to be cheap!It's so funny when I tell customer's that the price is marked wrong and "someone" must have changed the tags they get embarrassed and frighten and walk out with out buying the item.

I hate Ross and the customers that shop there! But I love the people I work with and my managers that's why I am still working there!

Jul 21, 2009 2:38 am EDT

I work at a Ross in Greensboro, NC. I was started out with $6.75 an hour! This would be the lowest paying job I have ever had. I have been working there for almost a year and I finally got my raise which was 5 cents! I hate my job so much!

Feb 04, 2009 11:01 am EST

I also work at a Ross store. Their scheduling constaints force the evening closing managers to have to stay well after all other employees have clocked out and left to make sure that the store is up to par so they can get an "A" close. If they don't get and "A" close they get yelled at by upper management. One of my managers ended up leaving the back office in tears and later had to go to the hospital due to stress. The upper management that is yelling about it doesn't even work the nights and weekends and doesn't even know how rediculously filthy the store is by the end of the evening. And when they are in the store they sit in the back office the whole time. WTH? I don't think people should be able to manage something they know nothing about.

We are not allowed to call ourselves a department store... but yet they want us to sort bras by size and then by color. Are you kidding me? We hardly have enough time for normal recovery... much less sizing and colorize bras at the end of the night.

89% people that come into our stores are rude, inconsiderate and dirty. They think because I am working a minimum wage job it is my job to deal with their attitudes and their nastiness. I'll have you know this is a second job for me... and in my day job i work with an engineering staff for a biomedical company. So rethink your little "you're beneath me so I can treat you like crap" attitude.

Nov 16, 2008 9:42 pm EST

I agree with you, I've been working with ross for a year now just as an after school job and Ive had enough. not only is the recovery ridiculous when you have to recover 4 stations by yourself with no help by any associate or manager but the whole system is just horrible. Not to mention ross does not care about their employees, for example, I tripped over a box after getting a large pick up from customer service and I got written up because " I should have watched where I was going".

Aug 22, 2008 12:58 pm EDT


Anyone thinking about filling out a job application at the clothing outlet ROSS, where you allegedly “DRESS FOR LESS”, might want to reconsider as the following are only a few of their problems, none of which the Ross Corporation gives a damn about!

First off, Ross Executive office won't allow its Ross store managers to hire but one or two “full time” employees. Why? Because the Ross chain is too cheap to pay for the insurance full time employees are entitled to. In place, Ross hires “part time help, ” where Ross doesn't have to pay for that insurance, but the employees do, if they want any insurance. Cheap, cheap ###! What Ross Executives are doing, is disallowing their managers to hire but one or two full timers, with 90% of the others part time, all to save the company hundreds of thousands a week in insurance. I know of no other company that employees this pitiful technique. Shows how much Ross cares for their staff and families.

The next valid reason for NOT wanting to work at Ross is, they start people out at $7.00 an hour. McDonald's, Burger King, and everywhere else starts higher than that. That is the rock bottom starting pay and when you compare the amount of work one has to do as an employee at Ross, one would realize what a sick place Ross is to work. The intellectual level and class of person $7.00 an hour buys, is the lowest on the totem pole, you can believe that. His directly effects customers requesting assistance in the store, as this type of employee has to have help getting there in the first place, let alone helping others locate anything within the store, isn't possible. Expect to wait a long time if shopping there and requesting assistance.

One of the Ross largest injustices, is their scheduling. Where they specialize in only hiring part timers, and to fill the schedule, Ross has to hire several dozen part timers, to fill in the gaps each week. This means to the employees, they might work one day, and not again for four, literally! And even then, as few as four hours a day. An average week totals up to anywhere from 12 to 18 hours, hardly enough to support a family on, or even help as the second job income. And where the store managers make the largest amount themselves, per week, by having to pay out the least, they'll only have working, the bare minimum of part timers so that the workload is indescribably unbearable on those working. One assistant manger is quoted recently as threatening to quit themselves, the work load was so pathetic.

Another of the very embarrassing (for Ross) and pathetic situations the Ross chain ALLOWS to take place is, throughout the day clothing gets dropped to the floor from hangers. This naturally piles up on the floor under the clothing racks and by nightfall, there's a good 15 to 22% of the rack clothing laying on the dirty floors, where people step on them, some risking slipping and falling. As to what happens to this clothing, is just another insidious injustice the entire ROSS chain subjects its employees to, AFTER the store closes for the day, and the employees are totally beat from the days work.

What is this injustice? All remaining (and tired) employees must remain in the store AFTER THE STORE HAS CLOSED, from ninety minutes, to two hours, (depending on how much stuff on the floor) picking the up droppings and rehanging it all. Imagine working at your job, naturally, becoming tired and wanting to go home, only to be told you can't until another two hours. Fun and games! So what's the alternative? It's simple. Ross rips someone else off (another $7.00 employee) by having them do absolutely NOTHING all day and night long, but picking up and rehanging clothing, and MAKING CERTAIN there is nothing on the floors. This would completely eliminate this problem, but as well, make the Ross chain look so much more respectable, it's not even funny!

This isn't just clothing however. The shoe department often looks like someone has tipped over the racks: there's more shoes on the floor (separated from its mate) than on the racks. Same with belts, hand bags, toys, and everything else the Ross chain sells. I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of everything they sell, has seen the floor before being slipped into a Ross bag (or shoplifters pocket). From sunglasses to thongs, Ross floors has worn it all, and will continue the next time you enter one, if you even want to after this.

Will Ross hire a person to just pick up merchandise? Of course not. Makes too much sense! It's too feasible! More importantly, customers would get the impression they're not buying FILTHY CLOTHING that has been on their dirty floors if they were to walk in and see none laying all over the place. Who in their right mind wants to buy any clothing, that has been on the floor and stepped on all day, and probably many days? This is the Ross Executive intellect. Do they know these problems exist? You better believe they do! They have lower ranking district managers who frequent these stores, checking out everything, the floors no exception. They know! They see this - day in and day out, but like most Ross employees only wanting to pick up a check, Ross district managers could care less. As long as it doesn't get to the big shots at Ross, who cares! Is every Ross store like this? Just as sure as you're sitting there reading this. We went into four of them the other day, and all looked like a tornado went thru just prior to our arrival.

Another of the massive injustices, the Ross managers and assistant managers have the gall; the nerve to call OFF DUTY, part timers, at home, (when they are relaxing and LIVING THEIR LIFE!) and strongly requesting they come in right away, as if they were a doctor or nurse “on-call”. First of all, everyone has a life and OFF DUTY – FREE-TIME away from where they work, doesn't mean they are ON CALL. And that is not a time to be called in, on an every other day basis, as Ross does, primarily because another employee called in sick. (Yeah! Sick of putting up with all this mistreatment!)

This is taking place due to 3 things. 1) They're only paying $7.00 an hour, so they can't get good help. 2) The help they do get, can't establish any real interest in working at Ross, due to so few hours. Twelve to eighteen hours a week, isn't worth going there, especially with gas what it is these days. 3) The management, in only hiring part timers, won't schedule any of the employees on a hard copy, paper schedule, that actually means anything. They change it daily. Others don't show up. for one reason or another. This could all be cured by hiring FULL TIME employees, giving them something to look forward to each week: 40 to 44 hours pay.

Having known and talked to numerous Ross employees, everything you just read, is as factual as it can be, and there is much more I could divulge, if I felt so inclined. The Ross chain is the #1 worst and messiest in the industry, and I expect it will go out of business in the near future. It needs to. Even the Ross brass don't care in the slightest.

Now, do you really want to work at Ross? Or buy clothes there?

Also, check out this link if you want to read additional ROSS complaints.

Jul 29, 2008 8:52 am EDT

I was also an employee, an area supervisor, and the thing I heard a lot was "not enough payroll" ugh! And the store managger didn't know how to seperate personal from professional and hired friends and moved them up before others that have been there longer and and gave them more hours. It was so poorly ran! My 10 year old could do a better job and be more mature about it. But when I brought it to HR's attention, they came and talked to everyone but it did no good, just made the enviroment worse. I feel if every employee that feels this way would put in a complaint, maybe then something would happen, but I doubt it. It is a corperate world and the workers in the store are just little ants! As long as money is coming in that is all that matters to them. There was no way to keep up with cleaning up after the public! They are awfull! But because of "payroll" there are not enough people to do what needs to be done, and there is a lot of pressure! All my employees complained all the time and got to the point that they just didnt care any more and just worked thier hours out but dreaded coming back. I couldn't take it anymore, it was not worth it.

Jul 06, 2008 3:08 pm EDT

you are right on, im also a employee and it is unbelievable what goes on in Ross Stores. Corp needs to get there head out of the sand

Jun 15, 2008 8:12 am EDT

I just wanted to say that I agree with you. I work for a Ross store in Texas.
It is just unbelievable the things that I see in the store.
I don't understand how people can be so nasty and expect great service.


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