Ross Dress for Lessmanagement

G Aug 15, 2018

I was currently in the ross store at 3501 mchenry a ve. In modesto ca. The other day and was very dissatified and upset about the way the manager ***** (alma)**** was treating her employees, very disrespectful and rude yelling at them and embarassing them in front of paying customers. Very unprofessional behavior from a so called manager of a department store. If i was an employee at that location and if she treated me the way i saw her treating people, the hr dept and labor board would love to check this out with a complaint, who knows maybe i will file one for just experiancing ing this behavior while i was there, i just thought someone should know, so she could be enlightened of the laws in the state of california!! i also know that alma and the district manager frank are really good friends and have each others back, maybe thats why nothing is ever done about this. So what i am trying to say is that this has to be investigated asap or there will be a law board claim filed soon!!!

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